Interview 1547 - James Corbett Discusses Bill Gates on Press For Truth

05/27/2020118 Comments

via PressForTruth: Who Is Bill Gates? is a documentary produced by James Corbett that explores the life of Gates, his family background, his rise to power and how a software engineer eventually became the trusted face of global health. In a four-part series this film covers his plan to monopolize global health, to vaccinate the world, to create a population control grid and how his eugenics ideology has shaped his world view. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about the making of the film, life in a post-COVID-19(84) world and, most importantly, what we as individuals can do to help stop such a monolithic threat to society!


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  1. Ethan Hunter says:

    Hey James!

    Excellent interview!

    I just want to reassure that the main takeaway I got from this docuseries is that it is the ideology of eugenics that is at the heart of this and that this is what the public needs to understand.

    Alex Jones in his magnum opus “Endgame” communicated this very well…yet because of his rambunctious, over-the-top personality and presentation style it gets lost on a more sophisticated audience that has evolved from the era of the 2000s.

    I would suggest an updated, lucid, well-put-together appraisal of how eugenics has evolved to what it is today.

    I know, I know…I’ll get the ire of my fellow Corbetteers (and have already) because you indeed HAVE brought together some very well-put together segments on eugenics throughout your past works…most notably in How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World.

    But, a series that focuses on this malignant, malthusian ideology that some STILL believe died with the Nazis and somehow never again resurfaced is what I believe is of prime importance for the 21st century.

    A tall order no doubt…but worth it if you still get some who think your documentary on Gates was that he is a cartoonish supervillian who must be stopped, jailed, or deceased so we can all sleep better at night…when in reality it is the ideology itself that the public needs to be more aware of.

    From the bottom of my heart I deeply appreciate you and Broc’s work.

    P.S. The video on Paul Ehrlich Pseudoscience Charlatan I thought did an excellent job in this direction…the chicken-little pronouncements of overpopulation is at the heart of this cancerous ideology.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Not that I’m endorsing eugenics, but between youboob comment sections and all the morons wearing masks (in their freaking cars!), I do have to admit they have a point!

    • Nukes says:

      For some of the depopulationists, the matter is, as you say, a matter of philosophy, of ideology. For others, theirs is not simply a pseudo-rational depopulation ideology against which one may argue with facts and logic. Theirs is a millennia-old genocidal creed, a matter of deeply-ingrained religious conviction, unshakeable and invincible by mere facts and logic, an obsession to kill and control.

      What fraction are these among the depopulationists? How influential? Many may reflexively argue otherwise (and are certainly Skinner-conditioned to do so), but I think the evidence is clear that the religious faction is the most dangerous, most-heavily-armed-and-funded core of the genocidalists—Yes, even better-funded than Gates. Bill Gates is likely considered a “useful idiot” or “fellow traveler” by that core. Here is one of many available compendia, I think a damning indictment:

      It is, of course, the proverbial “third rail” to broach such a subject, but there it is, in the light in full view.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I think it is dangerous to label an entire group of people as having the same thoughts on a subject. However, you do make some valid points which I would hazard many powerful people in the tribe do ascribe towards. However, you can say similar about all groups. For example, here in Merica!, we believe our loving God only asks us for one small favor: just wants us to kill more Muslims. Or our Christians, who are taught to hate gays, different races, nationalities (especially those with furrin idears), to worship the state, and to kill non-believers. Think Muslims on the last. Crazies are everywhere. Israel is going to have more of them, because they piss off their neighbors and have lived under a quasi martial law as long as I can remember. Are there bad Jews? Fanatical Jews? Are some of them powerful? The answer to all is yes. But I’ve been to Israel (80s) and met many wonderful Jews and Palestinians. Whenever I find a site which focuses on a hatred for a group of people for racial or religious reasons (except for the worshippers of Baal) I know I am dealing with a mind incapable of nuance. I dislike a lot of people, but I do so on an individual basis. It is too easy to take the opinions of a few and smear the rest with their filth.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Jim Bob,
          You hit on a good point.
          There’s two kinds of people I can’t take much of…
          …Prejudice People and People born in Georgia.

          Watch out for those characters…they’ll shoot Santa Clause in a heartbeat.

          We need more Comanches.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I only shot Santa because I was aiming at Rudolph while I was drinking moonshine! Did score some cool toys which made up for all that meat just flying away like that!

        • Nukes says:

          I appreciate your supportive thoughts.

          That said, I carefully used the words “some” and “fraction,” but even your somewhat supportive response mentions “dangerous to label an entire group of people as having the same thoughts on a subject.” Why?

          Since my post said no such thing, I think it is one indicator of how conditioned the world has become that even the most tentative and carefully delimited observation required your tactical deployment of the “all Jews” straw man fallacy.

          Too, I mentioned NO emotional state, carefully acknowledged “fraction,” and posed NO action. Why then the mandatory mention of “hatred,” “incapable of nuance,” “smear the rest”?

          How did incontrovertible FACTS about the doctrines of Orthodox Judaism warrant a discussion of EMOTION? Further, if we choose to explore “hate,” who is the hater? The one who teaches that only Jews are human, others are satanic animals, and “Kill even the best of the Gentiles”? Or the one who dares to note the existence of such DOGMA?

          If you want to divert into a discussion of EMOTION, I’ll go on that ride with you:

          Meditations on Hate
          by Andrew Joyce, May 18, 2020

        • Nukes says:

          Darn those “haters,” “racists,” “little minds,” and “antisemites,” including those at Ha’artez and the Jerusalem Post!

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Guess you deleted your reply. Just as well. Seems like you got triggered. I don’t care. You can find just as much crazy crap in the bible, Koran, and every other religion. That doesn’t mean all of those are evil. As you claim all Jews are. But just for the record, I have zero respect for minds as dull and petty as yours. Don’t worry though, I’m not emotional about it. You’re not worthy of the energy. So I’ll just ignore you from now on.

        • Nukes says:

          Your ritualistic name-calling and repetition of your “all Jews” Straw Man says more about YOU, than it does about me.

          See: 05/30/2020 at 3:41 am

          • I Shot Santa says:

            You’re a racist. Deal with it. The site you referenced was idiotic. Stay triggered, I don’t care. Why should I? Now eff off.

            • Jed says:

              Great book recommendation 1Shot, I’m pleasantly lost in it.

              • Jed says:

                “Empire of the Southern Moon”

              • I Shot Santa says:

                It’s one of those that saddens me when I’m finished with it. I’ll read it many more times, but the first read of a great book is always the best read. Glad you’re enjoying it.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Also, I’m reading a couple of other books of that time that are outstanding. I read a dozen books at a time, and these are my guilty pleasures. As was the one you’re reading now. I highly recommend The Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace by John C. Duval. Big-Foot told the story himself. It is riveting!

            • Nukes says:

              In a nanosecond you went from my “valid points” to frothing serial name-calling, and you insist it was I who was “triggered.”

              “The 25 Rules of Disinformation”

              #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 19 & 19

              • I Shot Santa says:

                That’s you putting emotions in my words. Little minds are prone to such. The site you were so proud to reference told me all I needed to know about you. And your own words confirmed it. Cherry picking information to justify your hatred is a sign of intellectual cowardice. Go ahead, hate anyone you want. I don’t care. It’s your childish hate that makes you not matter. But hey, great job on falling for the old divide and conquer routine. All you have done is to choose to not matter. Great decision making there. And now we’re done. You’ve exceeded my petty b**** limit with your constant denial of your own words.

    • Pickles says:

      One might argue that the Nazis secretly won WWII…fascism certainly never died.

    • matthew.s says:

      They are going to use block chain to keep records of vaccination — Baseline protocol on Ethereum is going to be wht they use. Look it up — and FYI Microsoft is one of the players.

  2. parzival says:

    James! Excellent as usual, and thank you.

    One of the most important questions of our lives, Who is Bill Gates? is equally as important as:

    Who Controls the Gates Family?

    This is a perfect tie in with your work James. You have to check this out!!

    Best wishes!

  3. wanderer says:

    Great interview, James.

    Quick question: You had mentioned in the interview that there was a NY Times obituary for Mary Maxwell Gates that stated that she was instrumental in connecting her son Bill with the CEO of IBM via the United Way board. I wasn’t able to find that link in the documentary transcript/notes.

    Will you please provide/upload that link/image? Thanks!

  4. BorisaMan says:

    Errr, what video, I see a video of two people telling each other how great they are, but NO video about a banker puppet?

  5. Jed says:

    Good interview, should push most anyone who hears it to watch the Gates documentary.
    – his Ma was a Maxwell, wonder if any relation to Epstein’s Maxwell?
    – Ma Gates sat on the board of the United Way, there’s one of those humanity-saving entities I mentioned the other day.

    • Nukes says:

      Insightful question. Same Maxwells?

    • manbearpig says:

      “– his Ma was a Maxwell, wonder if any relation to Epstein’s Maxwell?”

      huh. Though a very common name, I was wondering about any connection to Ghislain Maxwell err, as well…

    • Mark K. P. says:

      Robert Maxwell, the bloated pedophile Ghislaine daddy, was a name-change Jew ; almost all the east european jews change the name when they slither westwards. In this case a czech jew surnamed Hoch by birth

    • Jed says:

      Apparently the name Maxwell is Scottish, meaning great well, or big pool. And like Mark K.P. says and as per the cia’s wiki, Robert’s original surname is “Hoch.” I don’t know if “Hoch” has any meaning, but I do recall an expression, to “Hoch a luggie”, as in, “yo dude, clear your throat, go hock a luggie”. Said hocked luggies are indeed “little pools,” so I don’t know why he used a name meaning “Great Pool.” But I will from this day forward think of a great pool of lung-butter when I hear the name Maxwell.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I’ve always liked Dan Dicks.
    He has clean flows…his heart and intentions are out in the open.
    A bastion of freedom in western Canada.

    Dan Dicks Twitter

    A beautiful nature video shot as Dan gives a tip about phone use and “Big Brother Nazi CT Snitches”.

    • debra.b says:

      I like Dan Dicks too. I watched that nature video this morning. That site he was at was really beautiful. It looked similar to a place I went to in Vermont with my brother years ago.

      I never cared about having a phone, even back when everyone was first getting them. After about 5 years without I got one so my kids could reach me when I was working. I used to travel quite a bit for work. After I got sick some 16 years ago, eventually I got rid of the phone, as well as many other things and stopped driving altogether for several years. Recently, I started driving again, on a good day, keeping within a few miles from home. My daughter insisted I have a phone in case of emergency. I can’t really say she’s wrong, given my health risks and such. She got one for me. I always honestly forget I have it though. My daughter sends me pics of my grandson and I haven’t turned my phone on. She’ll call me on the landline and say, “Mom, I sent you new pictures of Logan!” I drive her nutty. She did end up bringing me some print photos of my grandson on a recent visit. So, I say, score 1 for grandma! 🙂 lol

      • lovetodust says:

        I’m the same debra (and I like actual photos rather than seeing them on a phone!)

        I am going talk to someone about whether I can block my phone from any type of tracing/tracing app. If not I may consider getting a flip phone.

        I succumbed to a smart phone after years of using a small tracphone just because it was actually more convenient and had better coverage.

        We’ll see.

        • debra.b says:

          hi lovetodust,
          They really have set it up over years time so that people who were out there navigating through life were gradually forced to accept the phones. When I first didn’t bother with them it was mid 90s. Those were only flip phones. I remember before that, in like 1990 the teens and some preteens were getting beepers. I thought that was ridiculous and it made no sense at all to me at the time. But, it was all the steps that were taken from every angle. Removing pay phones, cordless phones, offering family deals, free phones, moving landlines to ISP to ditching landlines altogether, etc.. Until, we were surrounded!

          My mom doesn’t have a phone, she’s 72. Has no intention of having one. But, I recently got an email from the diagnostic imaging testing type place here on how they will function now that they’re “open”. Basically, the parking lot will act as waiting room and you need to text them when you arrive and they will text you when it’s your turn to come in for your test. So, there it is, I thought. This is a step they will take to force any remaining holdouts to have a phone. Ughh!

          All we can do is the best we can. If I was still out there working, I without doubt would be using a phone regularly. If I’d never fallen ill, I may likely have never discovered the truth as I have now. The hardships in my life are what brought me to this place. I try to remember that when I attempt to inform my family. We all have individual circumstances. And, we all need to do whatever we need to do as things happen. In my experience anyway, you can only plan so much. So, as you say….

          We’ll see. 😉

  7. colosseum says:

    And on the topic … “Gates tentacles are everywhere”, we missed the important aspect of “quarantine management”. Well, rest assured that that hole has now been filled:

  8. micah.r says:

    Thank you for the great documentary James! I’ll share it as best as I can.
    Just a thought and some info to share concerning the claim about population being reduced by effective(if not a measure of sterilization) vaccination; there’s an insightful piece of writing from 2018 by Obianuju Ekeocha, a Nigerian born biomedical scientist working in the UK, she wrote the book called Target Africa: Ideological Neocolonialism in the twenty first century, which seems to do a decent job of discrediting this idea about effective vaccination creating healthy children and therefore disinsentivising parents from having more children. It doesn’t broach vaccines so much as deal with cultural norms that are being undermined by the globalist “family planners” and their unending resources to push abortion on demand and the like. The B&MGates foundation makes a strong appearance; she references them on at least a dozen different pages in her book. Check it out if you can.

    Here’s a great nugget: I’d never heard the term before reading it in her book – philanthropic racism.

  9. I Shot Santa says:

    Just had a thought. I know, they’re so rare! But I just thought about Gates and Jobs both stealing from Xerox. I’ve never read any gate bio as I’d already read enough of John D.s life to know they were close in type. But did they really steal? Did they buy it cheap? Or was Xerox as helpful as many think IBM was helpful. Has anyone any clue? Not pressing enough for me to actually look up. Though it probably took me more time to type this than it would to find out with a search engine.

    • отец says:

      Xerox didn’t invent the computer mouse, Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute did. The Xerox Alto was the first computer to use a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse well, but they did not hold the patents to these technologies. By the time the computer mouse became a marketed product, the patent held by Stanford Research Institute had expired.

      Microsoft and Apple did not steal anything from Xerox. Xerox freely shared this technology, which they themselves did not own, with anyone who was interested in it. It is not theft when it is freely given away.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Thanks. I find it interesting that the word steal is attributed to Gates in this story. Not saying he said it, just it being told that way. It says a lot about who did choose that word though. The computer industry certainly has had a wild ride. Much ado about ones and zeros.

  10. I Shot Santa says:

    Ok, just had another obtuse epiphany! The only kind I like. James, and everyone else, always say “They will this or that.” Direct quote. They won’t. We will. Both lead to rejection in the end, but the differences are profound.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    It’s Wednesday the 27th.
    There is a lot of stuff happening around the world.
    Riots in Minnesota (cops snuffed a guy in a press hold), Hong Kong and China aren’t getting along, neither is Twitter and Trump.

    Wait…I smell smoke… oh well, it is only smoke.

  12. I Shot Santa says:

    Just found a lew Rockwell link about covid being a genocide of the elderly. Disturbing. Regardless of whether by design or stupidity, it only offers one more proof that people who demand a master are evil.

    Dammit! My dumbphone won’t paste his site.

  13. misfit says:

    1st timer here. Sitting here having some wine and pizza. The future is so damn depressing I can’t bring myself to watch the Gates series yet.
    Old song “don’t bring me down, no-no-no” comes on and I smile with nostalgia and the timing.
    I don’t know any of you but you all help keep me sane (and the wine).
    I’d sure like a t-shirt that says “what could go wrong?!”
    Only fellow CR listeners will understand. Take care, m

    • pearl says:

      I’d wear that shirt!

      You’re in good company, misfit. Being in a funk myself, I started the video the morning it was posted but could only manage fifteen minutes. I finished it yesterday afternoon.

      • manbearpig says:

        Please don’t be in a Funk Pearl. I mean not the bad kind.
        Please do tell me what I could do or say to help.
        Finally learned the French lyrics to that song I sent you once way back:
        Now I’ve learned the refrain in Spanish but for the moment the rest is too difficult.
        It’s not a happy story for the Gypsy but such a voice and ambiance…
        Got any o’ that peanut brittle of yours hangin’ around?

    • debra.b says:

      Hi misfit. Welcome. It is depressing. I have a very difficult go of it as well. It does help to feel understood. This is the place for sure. Enjoy your wine! I can’t drink wine anymore. I take comfort in a cup of tea. I truly look forward to the few times a day I have my cup of tea. Whatever works! 🙂

      Pearl, good days and bad days for sure. It’s rough. I hear ya. I often have to turn it all off for a few days.

  14. Alchemist says:

    Maybe the lack of censorship has something to do with their need for the fake alt media to spread. This strategy has been very effective in pacifying the resistance. Some of our best freedom warriors have gone silent, because they “trust the plan.”

    • I Shot Santa says:

      They might also want to know how many people are curious about the whole narrative. While a million views is an impressive number; there being some 7 billion people makes it irrelevant. The prey also needs to be drawn out as well. Social credit scores certainly won’t be raised by visiting this site. It is curious; and certainly is the lull of the battlefield before a new offensive is launched.

    • debra.b says:

      “Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?”

      Yes. Interesting and disturbing!

      There’s always connections. Vile bunch. I like Polly’s videos. Thanks for sharing!

      • CQ says:

        Aha! Now I know where my neighbor got the scoop on Fauci’s wife, which I later found verified by a Corbett commenter over at the Gates Vaccine thread. (I responded to illbenice2u2 there, if you want to understand what I mean.)

        Well, it turns out that this neighbor also told me that she watches Amazing Polly. But she did NOT tell me that Polly was the source of her scoop. So I was in the dark as to who first discovered this hot news.

        Then, debra.b, when I saw your comment about “Polly’s videos,” I decided to check out this “Calling the Shots” episode, brought to our attention by pmcclain. Before I even started watching “Shots,” though, I quickly scanned its comments. Lookee what I found: “Denise Dennis 15 hours ago: When you [Polly] asked the question who this woman is married to, I guessed Dr. Fauci. My jaw dropped in shock that [my] guess was correct! You’ve done awesome research and connecting the dots.”

        Similarly, I’m enjoying the satisfying feeling of having connected all of the dots between first hearing about Fauci’s wife this afternoon and discovering tonight where this news came from: Amazing Polly. I feel as if I just solved one of Sherlock’s murder cases. And I do mean “murder.” Catch my drift, debra? I know you do!

        • debra.b says:

          Hi CQ!
          Yep, I do. Sadly, I do. No matter what happens, getting to the truth is important. The truth is far too often harsh, but I’d still rather know it. Not knowing and being smacked in the face with it later is far more harsh than any truth.

          I saw your post on the other thread about your neighbor. I’m so glad you have someone close to you to share with. It helps a great deal I’m sure.

          I hope your family here in the nutmeg state are doing alright. Your sisters’ health especially.

          • CQ says:

            debra.b, how kind of you to remember my nutmeg family. Yes, they’re well, thank you. The tales you tell (you’re the Connecticut version of Texan HRS!) keep me up to date with yours.

            And I’m glad you’d already read my post on the other thread, so you could make some sense of my dizzying narrative here!

            Come to think of it, debra, I’m fortunate to have more than the usual number of “woke” neighbors. Another is fully; a third somewhat.

            And then there’s the married couple, former neighbors, who recently returned to (a different part of) Houston after spending a year working in Yokohama. They’re new Corbett fanatics, so you can imagine when they come over for dinner next week the bent our conversation will take.

            Recently they asked how to spread Corbett material on social media. My suggestion: Join a Corbett comment thread and ask all of you for ideas. Got any to share, debra? Or are you removed from the social media circuit (circus)?

            When you’re feeling like a lonely truth warrior, remember all the family/friends/neighbors who are at your fingertips — just a click away.

            • debra.b says:

              Oh wow! That’s a compliment indeed. I don’t know if I’m comparable to HRS. But, thanks much for that! I understand things far more if I experience it personally, so I guess that’s my starting point and it’s usually my ending point too I guess. lol Very kind of you to say. And, nice to know.

              Okay, that sounds like you’ve a got a good group going there in Houston. So much the better.

              Yeah, I’m not on social media. I’d say that this is up to each person to decide whether they feel it would work for them to use those platforms for purposes of sharing or not. Desperate times and all that. Personally, it’s too much for me. I’d also add, despite the reach of social media, personal word of mouth is still a powerful engine that drives it. Making mention in conversation or watching with someone who’s willing, emailing links of a video or article to someone. Seeds of information I think are going to be the best we can do at this point for those who aren’t in a place to want to know for themselves. I don’t know if that’s any help.

              Thanks again CQ! 🙂

              • CQ says:

                Your every sentiment about using social media, debra, from it being an individual decision to there being an even more powerful vehicle, word-of-mouth, I agree with to a “T.” And I suspect when I read them your comment, they’ll see your logic.

                We (they and I, that is) can even do role playing to figure out the best way to approach “asleep” friends with an offer to share Corbett videos. One effective tactic is to ask questions — at an opportune, natural moment, of course — in a sincere, thoughtful, non-provocative way. But no matter what we say, humility and honesty are always the best policies, huh?

  15. matthew.l says:

    First off hats off to James another brilliant documentary!

    Just a few general comments: I personally believe this entire Corona virus pandemic scam is likely to have many aspects that will remain in the shadows for years to come and though I personally see this thing already starting to unravel the weaponization of narratives not to mention demonization of conspiracy are going to be an entirely new game in society as well as the body politic.

    As almost everyone is painfully aware this scamdemic is a gift to the governments of the world to enact increased surveillance further QE controlled demolition of the economy in order to snap up assets for pennies on the fiat dollar.

    This scamdemic is also a phenomenal opportunity to build the agora, branch out into alternative currencies and perhaps even wake more people up, there is nothing like personal self interest to get peoples attention.

    Finally I just have to say and this may just sound overly hopeful but I really believe that the powers that shouldn’t be really screwed this whole thing up and unless things were actually to get back to some semblance of normal which I am very doubtful as authoritarians hate to give up power, the political and economic consequences that will arise from this fit of totalitarianism are going to leave people in the state where they are forced to pick and choose where they want to live and how they wish to do business, this will have consequences.

  16. rachelc says:

    The struggle we face getting this vital informative detail out there amongst the sleepy is being massively hampered by mainstream media, Australia’s ABC news is pounding the path with stories claiming to debunk “misinformation” I can’t keep count of how many times they include the words “Conspiracy Theories” into their narrative.
    Spreading anti-propaganda, however pathetically minimal, by Snail mail is now being reported and media pushed under that same narrative.
    I can see however the stories, as with this one, have mentioned our argument in a warped way, which begs the question, are journalists learning a new method of telling a story, one that both questions and contradicts, leaving hints of what ifs and maybes.
    It’s so terribly difficult to hold an intelligent conversation with even my closest friends and family about this scandemic global economic and socially dismantling plan, without losing connection and trust with them. I’ve even been called crazy, “you need to find a hobby” or “do you feel this is getting to you, do you need therapy” it’s a hard pill to swallow for most, and I find myself cutting the conversation short and leaving them be. No amount of facts seem to cloud out the mainstream conviction. I just hope the masses wake up, and soon, before we find ourselves at the Gates of Hell on earth, tattooed and injected against our will.
    Thank you James for every ounce of fortitude and commitment you have applied to this massively imperative issue.
    The truth is learned and you are undoubtedly helping us learn the truth with every podcast, interview and incredibly articulate documentary you provide. Many thanks.

    Mailbox misinformation: The COVID-19 infodemic battle is taking place offline too
    ABC News Australia 29/5/2020

  17. MagicBullet says:

    James, Please use this reference to debunk that Bill is not correct that better health from vaccines will reduce population in developing countries:

    Women in any country will have lower fertility if they are unhealthy, who can go thru pregnancies if they are ill? This is medical nonsense logic.

    In developing countries children are needed as a labor force and to provide care for their parents in old age. Unhealthy women in these countries can not possibly have as many children as their compatriots that are healthy.

    The CHOICE to have fewer children in developed countries is due to lifestyle associated with economic affluence and the INFRASTRUCTURE of a modern society where higher education and professional careers often mean that women have children late in life. Women in developed countries who are in poor health will choose to have even fewer children than those in good health.

  18. MagicBullet says:

    James, the gates full doc is so important I recommend you substitute the “Corona Virus Coverage” icon at the top right of your hP with a …/gates full doc icon and push the other icons a notch below.

  19. beaconterraone says:

    [YouTube is an] “information weapons system.”

    Yeah, that’s absolutely true.

  20. nexangelus says:

    And so it begins/carries on in the UK (contact tracing):

    On a high note, I heard my neighbours discussing the new virus through an open window (the weather is lush lately). And one was clearly and very loudly voicing the sham and scam of it all. Go my son!

  21. debra.b says:

    WATCH: 9 Local TV Stations Pushed the Same Amazon-Scripted Segment

    Direct Gootube link to compilation video in article, in case ya want to bypass article:

    Not surprising, but perhaps a quick way to spark someone’s sleepy attention. I’m sure there’s a ton more local stations not shown here that are pushing this same Amazon provided script.

  22. debra.b says:

    Some humor. “Being A Social Justice Warrior” JP Sears 🙂

    • mik says:

      some education

      Why equality is unhelpful as a political goal

      • debra.b says:

        Good video. There’s much confusion due to the deliberate politicization of nearly everything. Discussion becomes chaotic and frustrating much of the time. Thanks for sharing, mik!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Debra. It’s nice to have some lightness to balance some of the heavy topics during this era.

      JP Sears – AwakenWithJP
      I really enjoy that guy. His literacy, his command of the language is impressive.
      He studies his art of comedy…you can tell.

      JP is more well informed than most, and I believe he helps better the world by provoking thought.

      • debra.b says:

        I like him too. Yes. Humor is necessary for calming the nerves for sure. Ironically enough I find that crying is too. I need a good cry as much as I need a good laugh. 🙂

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ron Paul says: “I vote for Voluntarism. I vote against Authoritarianism….
    QUEUED VIDEO (citizens reclaim their park)
    (4 minutes)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      May 25th article by Ron Paul
      One Good Thing about the Lockdown
      (Take note of the CDC suggested guidelines for public schools)

      …Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did its part to encourage homeschooling when it unveiled “guidelines” for schools to follow when they reopen.
      Among the CDC’s guidelines are that schools put tape on the hallways, directing children which direction to walk and how much distance to keep between themselves and their classmates.
      The CDC also recommends children do not share electronic devices or learning aids.
      The guidelines even say children should wear masks at school.

      The CDC’s guidelines instruct schools to close playgrounds and cafeterias, and to cancel all field trips and assemblies.
      Instead, students are to spend all day at their desks, not even leaving classrooms for lunch or recess.

      The CDC’s guidelines may not have the force of law, but it is likely most government schools will adopt them in order to ensure continued access to federal funding.
      Schools will do this even though children are at a very low risk of being seriously harmed by coronavirus.
      In fact, by forbidding children from going outside to play, exercise, and get sunshine, the guidelines actually endanger children’s health. The guidelines also harm children by limiting their ability to interact with their fellow students and develop social skills.

      Opponents of homeschooling claim that homeschooled children lack proper socialization. Like many attacks on homeschooling, the claim that homeschoolers are not “socialized” is the opposite of the truth.
      Education researcher Corey DeAngelis recently told journalist John Stossel in a Reason interview that “children who are homeschooled get much better academic and social results than kids in government schools.” Mr. DeAngelis pointed out that “homeschoolers score about 30 percent higher on the SAT test than kids in regular schools.”…

      • debra.b says:

        My sister was talking about these horrific guidelines yesterday during our visit and how she feels it will be too much stress for her kids, 7, 9, 13 years. I’m thinking they have no intention of actually bringing the kids back to school. Why would they? They have the online schooling that we know they want already set up. My sister says the local discussion here is maybe some days home, some days at the school building. But, I said to her that NY has got the billionaire 3 “reimagining education” already. Either way she’s super stressed. She and her husband she says have been often having headaches, feeling “weak”, digestive issues. Her husband is still recovering from cancer. He had heavy duty treatment for stage 3 Colorectal cancer all last year. Had major surgery in December. Still being closely monitored.

        Anyway, I dropped out of high school at 15 because I was pregnant with my son. I did go back to night school when I was 18, but as far as I’m concerned I definitely learned far more out of school.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        High impact flix just put out a video in which he played another video where a woman went to the CDC site and checked the studies they cited to back up their claim that masks were needed. Problem is that those studies didn’t back up their claim.

        • debra.b says:

          Good video. The “official” info is all over the place between the CDC, WHO, all the governors, the office of the presidency, the shadowy government institutions surrounding that office, etc…. Trying to get a straight answer about what the F they’re saying you can and cannot do is damn near impossible. They’re all over the place. It’s driving me insane! Especially watching my family suffer through this BS. I do enjoy my time with my family. And, yet I always come away feeling sick. Okay, rant over.

          I’m gonna check out the other vids and info at High Impact Flix after I clear my head. I’ll pop the link below of the one you recommended. Thanks I Shot Santa!

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Glad you liked it, if like is the proper word for all that’s going on. I really have a hard time believing that SO many just buy into this obvious b.s.. When I was in town, about a week ago, it seemed as if half the town was wearing masks. Which just ticked me off to no end. And thanks for posting that link. My phone is quite suspect in my mind. Of course, I live on a river, so it’s just a toss to make it untraceable.

          • flammable says:

            The part of the video I disagree with is the statements of more research needed as evidence against mask wearing. More research needed is a common in research studies to show integrity and accuracy. You won’t find many studies with conclusions of certainty.

            What should have been emphasized is the lack of studies in different areas. Where are the studies on how to effectively use the mask? What about safety? What about the materials used?
            What about anything to challenge counterarguments?

      • manbearpig says:

        I’ve been meaning for some time now to point out that in hindsight, Bill Gates’ Common Core program that already looked like a way of making public education all about software; software that could be provided by Microsoft for example

        now appears to have been conceived as a software/videoconferencing solution to education for any contrived covid crisis lockdown that might occur:

        Well, now, I wanted and tried to include an extract of the video that describes why Gates’ Common Core seemed to me to be an attempt to reduce education to software that’s easily adaptable to online teaching but my computer won’t play this video anymore and I couldn’t find it on YouTube and the Tragedy and Hope link wouldn’t work either. So… anyhow…

        • debra.b says:

          Hi manbearpig. Is this the one with Ethan Young?

          • manbearpig says:

            Well, I’m starting to think it was my own idea that Gates had come up with an educational system that would be easily and directly transferrable to software… there was something about rfid bracelets or something… can’t quite remember… I’ll have to watch Mr Corbett’s Common Core video again. Unfortunately can’t now, should be hamstering

            but thanks for that video Debra.b, a part of which is indeed in Mr Corbett’s presentation. I had never seen Ethan Young’s whole presentation before and at 3:44 and 4 minutes there are some great messages.

  24. I Shot Santa says:

    Finally got something to paste! About half way down this post, there is a document obtained through a FOIA request which covers the differences in technology between China and the US. Digital payment system is only one of the major issues I find troublesome. The obvious envy of China is another. A deceptively simple document.

    • debra.b says:

      I didn’t know the details of “The Great Leap Forward”. It’s eerily similar to them trying to kill us all now. I had read the Whitney Webb article last month that he refers to. It’s a lengthy article, but a good one And, for some reason I’m unable to get to it right now. So, this is an interview she did with Jimmy Dore about that article where she talks about the US vs China in tech. The US wants to be China. It’s disturbing.

      • manbearpig says:

        oh you mean the Great Leap Forward that a certain Noam Chomsky had defended in 1967 just 5 years after the mass famine?

        “…But I do think that China is an important example of a new society in which very interesting positive things happened at the local level, in which a good deal of the collectivization and communization was really based on mass participation and took place after a level of understanding had been reached in the peasantry that led to this next step.

        Indeed, a recent article in the China Quarterly — which is hardly a pro-Red Chinese journal — compares Chinese and Russian communization to the very great credit of the Chinese communization, precisely for these reasons, pointing out that its greater success in achieving a relatively livable and to some extent just society was correlated with the fact that these methods involved much less terror…”

        • debra.b says:

          Chomsky is a slippery scheming character for sure. So many of these types from all sides to distort and confuse. Took work, for me anyway, to not be fooled. Still does to some degree at this deeper level. Controlled opposition is a clever, devious manipulation. Gambling with one’s trust is cruel. Chomsky never reeled me in for whatever reason, so at least I wasn’t surprised he was a gatekeeper.

          Sorry that wasn’t the video you were looking for, manbearpig. When I saw that the video linked in the transcripts was no longer there I thought that was it. Well, I too didn’t see that full video. He did have some powerful stuff to say. It was a good memory refresh for me reading through the transcripts. I’m looking forward to your thoughts about Gates and his educational system.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Wow. She brought out some points that I didn’t know; like the names of the players. They talk of bezos, but no one talks about Wally world, which dwarfs it. And which I am forced to shop at. This is actually moving along much faster than I had originally feared. Thanks to all the people stupid enough to let the tv think for them. All roads lead to war. Funny how they talk of beating China by becoming China. Something that is obvious in the report.

      • CQ says:

        debra.b., I think this is the Whitney Webb article that landed her on the Jimmy Dore show:

        It came out on April 20th — three days before her interview with Dore.

        I’m going to check out the Ethan Young video now . . .

        • CQ says:

          Ethan is a perfect example of speaking truth — passionately and intelligently — to power.

          Somehow, he turned into a excellent thinker and writer and speaker despite a highjacked-by-technocrats education system that serves neither teachers nor students nor society. Maybe he had a few teachers who defied authority because they cared about their pupils as human beings and refused to treat them like robots.

        • debra.b says:

          Thanks CQ! Yep, that’s it, TLAV site would not load for me last night, so I couldn’t grab the link. I’ve read a bunch of her articles. She does some extensive work. I’ve had to re-read them too because it’s so much information. I usually try to watch an accompanying video interview too because I’m someone who does better with visuals and audio, so that really helps me get a better grasp. I used to read books all the time, but between my health and likely more so the meds they’ve got me on, my cognitive levels have definitely taken a hit. You probably know what I’m talking about since your sisters have health issues. It’s referred to by some as a brain fog. Thank you for posting that link!

          PS Yes, I feel the same about Ethan! I hope he stays this way.

          We were posting to each other at the same time. lol

  25. I Shot Santa says:

    Also am experiencing strange things out of my stupid phone. My phone decided to redo my home screen setup and took a lot of my shortcuts off. Had no problem putting any on again, except for 2. My shortcuts for here and media monarchy. I can put them there, and I can then watch them disappear. No other pages are a problem.

    • debra.b says:

      I don’t know for sure what might be happening, but I work off an iPad my sister gave me when my desktop was done a few years ago. She didn’t like it, so she gave it to me.

      Anyway, I’ve noticed Corbett website not loading while others, like Walgreens load fine. Or, like I was having the issue getting to Webb’s article. Same thing. I mostly don’t use Apps because I find they’re not as functional as websites. I use my safari browser to go to a website. A few times I had to clear my search, watch, browse history to stop that issue of sites not loading. And, this is only in the last week or so.

      My iPad had some updates recently. I thought maybe some of those updates could be messing with things I have set up. I don’t know if something similar could be happening with your phone. There are far more tech savvy ones up here than I though. I’m pretty good at troubleshooting, but that’s about the extent of it.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Yes. I suppose the tech companies are prepping their platforms for the next phase of censorship. Either make it even harder to reach sites like this; seeing as we have 99.99% of the people buying all the lockdown unlogic, the actual removal of all wrong think sites. I heard that Fitt’s site is down, though I haven’t checked.

        • debra.b says:

          Solari report? That’s up now. It may have been down before. I don’t know. Tough to know just what they’ll do to websites. I’d imagine they’ll sweep all away that they don’t want or control at some point. How soon, I think, is the question.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I think it’ll be tied to the legislation Trump referred to while signing the exec order on censorship. Digital id to use the net is just one of my numerous lines. Of course, not many are in nearly the same position I am in which I can just disappear. But I ain’t hiding or running away. I despise a coward. Too many of them have endangered me to respect them. I’ll have my own little plan.

            • debra.b says:

              “Digital id to use the net”

              Yes! Staring me in the face, but I’m not focused in on it. This is how they stay steps ahead. Blurring your sight. Thank you for that line. Sincerely.

              Well, I’m certainly not in a good position, but I’ll have to make the most of it. Either way, I’d wager your plan will take you farther than mine will me. And, I know that you don’t really know me nor I you, but I have a long memory. I won’t forget. So, when it’s all in motion, I’ll be wishing you my very best. Along with everyone here.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I’m pretty sure none of us have a good plan as we can’t possibly know all that is needed to make one. But my plans basically have several layers of lines. Each with different options. For now, I am preparing to learn the whole river. Then it’ll be disappear and adjust. After that it gets ugly. Of course, in that case, yours might be better for survival. Though, as I know my own skill set, as well as my opponents; I’m not particularly worried. I’m pretty good at causing mayhem as you can probably imagine.

                One very bright spot is our enemy lacks imagination. They never create, but utilize what others create. All the deeds of the state arise from contingencies they’ve pondered in group settings. They have a hard time dealing with someone like me. Not saying I’m some super warrior, but I’ll leave a mark. Think how long, and how much impact, the D.C. snipers had. They paralyzed a tristate area and they were idiots. If you live in an urban setting, there are plenty of websites devoted to prepping in them. Just stay away from the ones wearing battle gear and showing their stash of toxic canned foods or MREs. There is plenty of information out there for now, but we are rapidly running out of time.

  26. generalbottlewasher says:

    Executive order for FCC to protect speech? Crazy time? What does this cover?
    Now if the Donald in Chief will do the same in removing the shield the Vaccine Crooks hide behind I might eat my hat down at the corner hangout.
    Donald removing the liability shield.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      This is how they are going to start to take over the net and regulate it through the FCC.

      To deal with this censorship correctly – we do not need the government to fix it for us – we need to migrate to other platforms in mass and just stop using them.

      The fact that he ordered the FCC to do this is a sign of his intentions that this is the first step in the regulating of the internet into the television.

      They will eventually make it, that if you want to have a website you are going to have to become authorized to do so and get a license from the state.

      You won’t have to eat that hat because this is not what it seems.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Here’s Gab’s take. Don’t use them, but they have a useful newsletter they send out. Stuff is coming fast now. Like it always does just before they drop the hammer. Guess all the pieces are in place.

        Noticed no masks in that enclosed room. Only got a glimpse of the reporters, but didn’t notice them wearing them either. Thanks.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Weird double posting due to my technical incompetence!

        • debra.b says:

          Yep, that newsgab was a helpful breakdown for me. I need that often with all this stuff tossed around. I can’t keep up.

          I don’t watch these press conferences, but I’ve caught bits here and there when someone else i check out is talking about it. The mask/no mask dynamics in these media shows to me are just that, shows! Like, Trump, Divider in Chief. I think that’s why he was selected. He’s good at being divisive. Never wears a mask, nor do his mafia admin, I think. Clearly has no idea what he’s really talking about, so reads his script, adlibs a bit. Then the creepy Artificial General Bill Barr steps in, throws around legal jargon. They were amending Patriot Act to extend his surveillance powers, so he probably engineered this with the other mafia bunch. Then Press are like bots and trolls. Most wear masks, camera crew mostly doesn’t . It’s a freak show that serves every day to create division amongst the people. Because all I observe anyone who’s into this do is argue over Trump or the whole right/left BS. Insanity!

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Yep. Of course it’s easy to cultivate division among weak minds. And we have a lot of those. People love to simplify their situation.. It’s the Jews! No, it’s them Darkies! No, it’s the rich! No, we need to “restore” the constitution! Whatever that means. It looked in good shape the last time I saw a picture of it. These aren’t even minds we can approach. Especially now, as everyone is doubling down on their opinions. To include me. Regardless, I have no intention of ever returning to society. I love this river and it’s beautiful, and barbaric, life. Nature’s honest in that she’ll let you know with a quickness that she don’t care. The state? Which is a compilation of how people view the world; not so honest.

      • Duck says:

        “…They will eventually make it, that if you want to have a website you are going to have to become authorized to do so and get a license from the state…..”

        Thats how the Minitel worked- you needed to be a magazine to have a “website”
        That would actually be a good thing if the net gets as boring as TV- people would go back to books

        • Noahsark723 says:


          You stated, “That would actually be a good thing if the net gets as boring as TV- people would go back to books,” in relation to the internet being regulated

          I don’t see how that would be a good thing at all. Under that kind of thinking The Corbett Report would not exist as well as many other sites be they truth tellers sites or not.

          One of the key understandings that I have come to from all of the years of looking into this new world order, is that resource control = control of the people. And the people being the last resource they want to conquer.

          Those who hold the reigns of power also hold many of the resources that we either need or are addicted to in some form or way.

          The internet though is a resources that is in the hands of the people so to speak because of its free and open nature. The ability to communicate, research into the facts and truth, and then convey it online with ones own website makes it such an important tool in the hands of the people.

          Books are important, but books are a far cry from what the internet is.

          If enough people were aware of what was really happening here, the internet could be used as a communication device in organizing ourselves against the new world order and in taking precise effective action against it.

          An example — These guys here got the right idea:

          The net could be used to organize action like this across the country in its respective cities, gun owners could go and guard all of the businesses and stop the looters, diffusing the soros funded shitheads from creating the chaos they are creating that will give the nwo the excuse to activate the police state and possibly call in the un army. Which is exactly what they want – at the end of that kind of scenario; could very well be the way in which they are going to try and disarm Americans; which would only turn over into all out war in America.

          The internet would be an integral tool to conduct such a public operation where everyone worked together. The gun owners along with independent on the ground journalist documenting it all on live feeds.

          Eventually this will have to happen in some way if we are going to turn the tables on their plans. We are going to have to start thinking strategically and tactically if we are ever going to defeat these assholes. We have all of the knowledge at this point to heal this situation but not enough people aware of it and we certainly are not yet acting from any “organizing principle” as of yet. But those guys at the Bundy ranch stand off had the right idea when it comes to backing off the state and keeping them in place. Those guys acted impeccably when it came to protecting the ranch, Bundy and in diffusing the state in what they were there to do… and a free and open internet was part of what made that possible!

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Here’s Gab’s take. Don’t use them, but they have a useful newsletter they send out. Stuff is coming fast now. Like it always does just before they drop the hammer. Guess all the pieces are in place.

  27. Noahsark723 says:

    James and everyone else,

    Let me try and put in perspective what is beginning in America as of late…

    This is the next phase of the operation they are running.

    James just mentioned in this interview with Dan Dicks the strange behavior of youtube letting up on their censorship.

    — George Floyd is murdered by that cop in minneapolis.

    — The riots break out and have as of now spread to NYC

    — In minneapolis the governor is activating the national guard

    — Trump just passes the executive order allowing for “free speech” on social media.

    Now if I remember correctly, wasn’t social media used in Libya during that western intel controlled colour revolution?

    I think what we are witnessing is the beginning of a colour revolution in America being conducted by military intel. Spiro did a report before this corona op started called: The US Military & Intelligence Agencies Are Preparing For A Massive Information Warfare Campaign

    They are setting up what I remember from some time ago that the hidden hand talked about being a “summer of chaos” in america.

    Then there are predictive programming/coded messages about the solar eclipse and the full buck moon on 6/21/20 and 7/5/20 that I posted about on the “Meet Bill Gates” thread:

    This is the beginning of something that is going to climax on those dates in some way.

    We need to do our best to somehow disengage this op from taking hold, I am not sure how that looks though because I am not really familiar with the colour revolutions that they ran in other countries in prior years.

    I know their methods were revealed in someway to those who know the details about those other controlled revolutions.

    Any ideas anyone?

    This is the next stage in how they destabilize and bring down America to prepare it for the UN take over!

    In the end of this I also think that they are planning to assassinate trump, there most likely is not going to be an election.

    In the above referenced video at the end they talk about a mexican drug lord wanting trump killed, that there is the building of the false narrative to the assassination or signs of them setting it up through the cia connected and controlled drug gangs.

  28. CQ says:

    Patrick Wood at Technocracy.News republished an especially interesting article on Thursday ( that he described in his Editor’s Note this way:

    “Social engineering and eugenics go hand-in-hand, assigning value to different elements of society according to their potential or actual contribution to the ‘common good’. The current pandemic that sparked the ‘Great Panic of 2020’ seems to be playing out this evil philosophy.

    “This article was originally adapted by Dr. Blaylock for the predecessor publication to Technocracy News & Trends, The August Forecast & Review. It first appeared in 2009 and was perhaps 11 years early.”


    Here’s a sample:

    “Socialist Edward Alsworth Ross in his book Social Con­trol, makes plain that some, the wise, must create a plan that estab­lishes con­trol over the society and that it is these leaders who must con­trol the behavior and actions of the people. This book, which was highly influ­en­tial among pol­i­cy­makers, was written in 1910. In the chapter on The Need for Social Con­trol he explains:

    ‘Although the social fabric is at first held together by sheer force of arms, time grad­u­ally masks naked might, and moral and spir­i­tual influ­ences partly replace brute force. It is in the com­posite society, then, where the need of con­trol is most imper­a­tive and unremit­ting, that the var­ious instru­ments of reg­u­la­tion receive their highest forms and finish. Here has been per­fected the tech­nique of almost every kind of control.’

    “He [Ross] then goes on to say:

    ‘The only thing that can enable a society to dis­pense with con­trol is some sort of favor­able selec­tion. The way to pro­duce a short-clawed feline is not to trim the claws of suc­ces­sive gen­er­a­tions of kit­tens, but to pick out the shortest clawed cats and breed from them.'”


    BTW, I was pleased to see that in Wood’s new comment section, “Steven S,” the fifth commenter under this article, highly recommends Corbett’s four-part Gates series.

  29. ab17 says:

    A link to a BBC Doco presented by Hans Rosling on population growth on why better healthcare promotes lower population growth.

    The whole thing is interesting but if you skip to the 15 minute mark you can get to the thrust of it. It boils down to: Better public health means lower childhood mortality and that leads to falling fertility rates because a large family is no longer an economic imperative for success in society, particularly as women have more equal opportunities in poorer countries. His contention is based on existing data, mostly from the UN, that shows this happening already across much of the world. I tried to find a published paper or some research basis but I’ve been pressed for time this week so…not yet.

  30. CQ says:

    If you’re looking for more material from Corbett (even two-years-old material, which isn’t stale, but still timely — if anything more timely now than then), Ryan C. at The Last American Vagabond has just reposted an interview he conducted with Corbett in August 2018: “The Social Media Regulation Psyop”:

  31. отец says:

    An interesting point to ponder is that Gary Kildall, founded Digital Research, Inc., is mostly remembered for refusing to license CP/M to IBM, which IBM also wanted to rename PC DOS. It was only after this that IBM returned to Bill Gates, who then acquired QDOS, a temporary operating system written by Tim Paterson that was no longer needed after the anticipated CP/M-86 was released by Digital Research.

    John Opel may very well have had personnel from IBM go to help out Bill Gates at the request Bill Gates’ mother, but some of the software IBM wanted was owned by Gary Kildall and Digital Research. It was Bill Gates himself who sent IBM to Gary Kildall and Digital Research. It was apparently no big deal for Bill Gates to send IBM to Digital Research because it seems that Microsoft would license Microsoft BASIC to IBM anyway, which itself would have been the biggest deal Microsoft had yet secured. As stated above, it was only after IBM failed to secure the deal they desired with Digital Research regarding CP/M that they returned to Bill Gates to find an alternative to CP/M.

    Due to previously working with Tim Paterson at Seattle Computer Products in developing Microsoft BASIC for the same CPU board for which Tim Paterson developed QDOS, Bill Gates was aware of QDOS and that it was no longer needed because Gary Kildall and Digital Research had finally released a version of CP/M that ran on this CPU board (i.e., CP/M-86).

    Even if Gary Kildall of Digital Research had licensed CP/M to IBM, IBM would have still used Microsoft BASIC on their new Personal Computer. Had PC DOS come from Digital Research rather than Microsoft, Bill Gates and Microsoft may have pushed even harder to get IBM to replace PC DOS licensed from Digital Research with Xenix, the version of Unix licensed by Microsoft from AT&T. Whether or not this would have happened is debatable since Microsoft never did convince IBM to abandoned PC DOS licensed from Microsoft with Microsoft’s Xenix. Nonetheless, if this had happened, some of the money that did GOTO (pardon the basic pun) Microsoft and Bill Gates would have been shared with Digital Research and AT&T.

  32. Pickles says:

    I was able to easily find the Bill Gates video by typing in the title into the URL bar. It came up as the first search….I also have wondered why Corbett’s excellent expose of Gates has not been censored.

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