Interview 1540 - James Corbett and Jason Bermas Discuss Coronavirus Stats

04/27/202059 Comments

Jason Bermas has James Corbett on for a discussion about the Coivd-19 numbers. What do we know and what don't we know about the stats and numbers that are being used to facilitate the transformation of our civilization, and why does it matter, anyway?



CDC: Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

England & Wales Weekly Deaths All Causes

80%+ of people being put on ventilators are dying

Coronavirus: Record weekly death toll as fearful patients avoid hospitals

David Stockman on the Real Reason Why the Government Shutdown Caused an Economic Collapse

New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths

Deborah Birx: If Someone Dies w/ COVID-19, We Are Counting That As a COVID-19 Death

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics

The Coronavirus CONSPIRACY - Did COVID-19 Come from America? (by Nathan Rich)

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I enjoyed this Bermas / Corbett episode. The groove felt better than the last one.
    I have been watching some of the Bermas videos over the past month.
    I even threw him a few bucks, but I don’t think he reads his comments from the donors at Patreon.

    Corbett made a good point about “cherry picking data” to fit in with preconceived ideas.
    I find myself doing that sometimes…ya know…looking for supporting information to fit with my prejudicial notion. …Rather than just looking at data and information, period. Just observing.

    Also, I am glad that Corbett again emphasized that we really don’t know what the numbers are (I doubt we will ever really know).
    And, Corbett underscored The Narrative.
    April 17th Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics
    QUEUED VIDEO towards the end

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Past my bedtime correction: “Patreon” should read “Go Fund Me”.

    • Truth seeker says:

      Those 2 ER doctors you talked about said lots of good stuff. However, they are controlled opposition because they are for testing (we didnt need tests for the flu which killed similar numbers), and near the end they are pushing vax. See this video who dismisses they guys as controlled opposition.

      • mkey says:

        I think those doctors did a good job as far as maybe putting some normies on the fence. But other than that, the underlying message is terrible, just a bit less so than the main narrative.

        • manbearpig says:

          mkey HELP!

          Look at this:

          “Dr. Erickson’s Videos Censored
          Posted on April 29, 2020 by tonyheller

          The Ministry of Truth has censored Dr. Erickson’s videos.”

          Mr. Heller Highwater’s losing his eyesight.

          Dy’a really think those doctors got normies on the fence? really?

          Dy’a know any normies personally who’re now on the fence thanks to this video?

          • mkey says:

            I said “maybe”. And no, I don’t know of any normies who are on the fence, let alone any normies who are on the fence because of this video. The grand total of people with whom I can discuss these topics in real life is one. Mabye two. Which is quite a lot, actually. All the others completely shut out everything.

            These doctors are kind of official sources of some authority. They have nice offical looking uniforms. They maybe coild influence someone sufficiently enough to puncture their outer shield of dissonant thoght, for maybe long enough for an original, independent thought to sneak in.

            I’d say it’s a better chance than some jag off comedian has at doing the same. Beggars can’t be choosers, my dear multi species amalgam mythical creature.

      • manbearpig says:

        “they are controlled opposition”

        still haven’t seen their conference but

        with their overdeveloped biceps I suspected as much…

  2. John Blaid says:

    Most researchers out there still believe in the one thing that has yet to be proven, the very existence of the “virus” and since all these statistics rely on that fundamental idea then it makes all statistics useless. Now there are only a few minority who even attempted to challenge that narrative and the numbers are increasing luckily, even David Icke talked about this right before the video was taken down from Youtube and Vimeo.

    Here are some research material to get people started.

    Anatomy of COVID-19 by Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D

    The Real Science of Germs: Do Viruses Cause Disease?

    The Infectious Myth – There are no Viruses, with James McCumiskey

    Dismantling The Viral Theory by Dr. Robert Young PhD

    Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory by David Crowe Health, Environment and Science writer – Living document

    There are more people than this of course that challenges the germ theory but at least this will help people start on their journey. I have written a living article that I continue to update in the comment section with information that challenges the germ theory which I think goes to the root of the problem.

    The existence of ANY “virus”

    If “viruses” don’t exist then what is causing people to fall ill and die and what can we do to find out and prevent it, important questions that will be answered in part by these links.

    • flybyknightusa says:

      Thanks for those links, John. Have been watching quite a few of Andy Kaufman’s videos. Always something new. Just finished his interview with Dawn Lester and David Parker about their book – “What Really Makes You ILL – why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong”, which I’m going to recommend to our library. Also downloaded the David Crowe pdf which has a wealth of info.
      Much of the information I have discovered about the corona virus was subsequent to the London Real interview with David Icke. I set about to verify his claims about the virus. What a rabbit hole. The most mind blowing revelation came yesterday watching the youtube “killertrumpet” interview with Kaufman where he talks about experiments done during the Spanish flu epidemic. In the first one they took sputum, fluid from around the eyeballs, swab samples from noses of sick soldiers, introducing the infectious cocktail into the ears, nose, mouth of healthy subjects. None got sick.
      Second experiment: Same infected secretions, this time injecting them into healthy people. Again, none became ill.
      Third experiment – Reasoning that perhaps proximity to the sick person would cause contamination, a sick person sat close to a healthy subject and conversed for a length of time. If that wasn’t enough, the sick person then breathed out forcefully into the mouth of the healthy one as he/she inhaled. Once again, healthy persons didn’t become sick. There were a hundred subjects for each experiment. Three hundred varied exposures and none became ill.
      When asked what he thought was the real cause of the Spanish flu pandemic Kaufman mentions an upgrade in an electrical grid preceding the epidemic. This info evidently came from The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. However, I have tried to find the Spanish flu study Kaufman cites to no avail. If anyone knows the one he’s referring to I would be interested.
      Thanks again for the links, John.

      • John Blaid says:

        Please check out this one, it will blow your mind too.

        “Experiments to Determine Mode of Spread of Influenza”

      • J-Smoove says:

        Yeah, I bought Dawn and David’s book. I’m really interested in reading the lack thereof evidence for the germ theory. The germ theory never really made total sense to me but I chalked it up to me just lacking understanding. Now, I am trying to immerse myself into this specific subject matter and look into both sides.

      • Truth seeker says:

        A good book about this is called Virus Mania. I hope corbettreport interviews these authors. They said there were many causes for the Spanish flu such as vax they took back then, poisons in medicine, malnutrition, etc.
        They also dispelled everything we have been taught about viruses.

    • Miss Terious says:

      Thanks for posting.

      I think hypnosis is the same as black magic and the placebo effect. It’s all about our beliefs. Same fundamental process.

      The already hypnotised, dumbed down, de-sensitised, brainwashed masses participate in ritual as observers (Hollywood, music industry awards, Olympics ceremonies, TV shows, there are many kinds.) Predictive programming is fed to the zombies. Hush hush, don’t tell! Years later, as the “art” of hypnosis has demonstrated, all that’s needed is a trigger – like the pictures of hospital beds lined up in Wuhan. Bingo, result achieved. Call it flu, that’ll do.

      It is black magic. This is how it works. It’s what MK Ultra was all about. You set the trigger. It’s easy, they are experts at it. Yes black magic is vile but it is permitted (because the law of free will must not be violated) and we have to accept this and understand how to make ourselves impervious to it.

      I think James brought up some great points, and Jason too, but we are being distracted from what is really going on. James knows this, and does what he can.

      It reminds me of arguing about the Pentagon, was it a plane? missile? flyover? something else? Meanwhile the criminals – the black magicians – are hiding and covering their tracks.

      At the most fundamental level, their control is based upon their control over everyone’s beliefs. I think this explains everything, no need for any “virus” or 5G other than seasonal “flu” caused by toxicity, but I realise others will disagree. I’m not ruling anything in or out, but these things would only be adjuncts to the process. The magic – the spell – is at the bottom of it, and should be regarded as the most fundamental cause (and, in my mind, possibly the only cause). This also explains why they need to have everyone with any disease included, why the testing tells us nothing, and why we aren’t dealing with one disease.

    • 9tH says:

      if virusses don’t exist, why is there something like flu? If my kid is sick from flu, 9 out of 10 i will be sick within a week or so. If virusses don’t exist and are something like a reaction of our own bodies to internalized pollution, why is it contageous? Because what-ever flu is, it IS contageous. Just like measles, pocks, etc.
      I find no satisfactory answer in Kaufman’s explanation.

      So, what do YOU think it is that causes a chain-reaction?

      • John Blaid says:

        Two things to consider, first the appearance of a contagion does not automatically equal a contagion and second, if two people are exposed to the same toxins it stands to reason the two will get similar effect where it may be slightly delayed between the two based on numerous variables like nutrition, lack of sleep, stress, mental trauma, beliefs(nocebo/placebo), genes, air quality and many other environmental factors. I will provide here a good article by Jon Rappoport that I think is important that highlight our own inability to think outside of the idea of a “virus”, the other link is self explanatory.

        The Virus first, last, and always in the hearts of our Countrymen
        “In this article, I’m not going to recapitulate all the evidence I’ve already presented about the coronavirus as a fake cover story. But I do want to give you some detail about how the cover story is being deployed, as we speak. Some people are consciously using it; others are following suit, for their own reasons, or out of sheer “addiction.””

        “Experiments to Determine Mode of Spread of Influenza”

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        I’m with you 9tH.

        I have a science background and am also very open-minded.
        I am open to the terrain theory of infection, versus the germ theory.

        However I need good explanations for what you are asking about.

        It’s one thing to shoot down the germ theory, it’s quite another to come up with compelling explanations for the deaths of millions of people.

        Yes those deaths could very well be from multiple sources, but they must make sense, ie. be reasonable explanations and preferably with documentation.

        And as you say, good explanations for simple things like passing an illness to family members.
        And friends half way across the city coming down with the same symptoms/illness and passing it on to their family.

        Dawn, if you are reading this, can you perhaps give us these explanations? I want to become a convert, but if I am to go on a crusade with this ‘terrain theory’ I will need to be able to answer these questions that others will undoubtedly ask, in a CONVINCING manner.

        Right now, I’m nowhere close.

        • John Blaid says:

          Here are 4 articles by Jon Rappoport which I find excellent that highlight much of our current erroneous thinking.

          China “epidemic” cases with no coronavirus—what??
          “Global epidemics solely based on germ-pronouncements, without environmental investigations (contaminated water supplies, open sewage, hunger, starvation, poverty, toxic chemicals, etc.), are industries. They’re business ventures. They’re operations launched to control populations and force them to take vaccines. They’re launched and sustained by professional liars, who’ve refined the old skills of snake oil salesmen through the use of “science,” in order to hypnotize the unwary. And when the vaccine of the moment—as in the Swine Flu epidemic duds of 1976 and 2009—turns out to be quite damaging, the snake oil pros say, “Well, every vaccine can cause rare problems, but all in all, they curb pandemics. We must inject them.””

          People dying equals coronavirus?
          “When brutal air pollution in Wuhan obviously brings on lung disease; and when the primary symptom of the coronavirus is supposed to be lung disease; and when citizens of the city have been falling ill and dying from lung disease long before the virus appeared—does this matter? OF COURSE NOT. IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.”

          How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)
          “When you go back in history—as I have—you’ll realize that fake epidemics are standard operating procedure. SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile, Zika, etc. I’ve written about every one of these phonies in detail…”

          COVID-19 fraud: Researcher Jim West rides again

          For more articles related to current events by Jon Rappoport.

          • 9tH says:

            Rappoport makes it sound as if people are generally too dumb to see the connection between an exhausted immunesystem due to pollution and increased susceptibility to germs and virusses.
            Yes, the people of residential Wuhan were protesting yet another incinerator-plant last year, just like they did in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, Beijing and Guangdong. The CPC was not just confronted with insurrection in Hongkong, i suspect they very much needed something to radically wipe out that ‘contageous’ sentiment of rebellion, more than anything.

            Again i see a slight attempt to nullify the possibility of a lab-made virus. Like David Icke has been doing. And what do you know, West also links him in his article..

            Honestly but with all due respect, it gives me the feel of being funneled into a dead-end.

            • mkey says:

              You only know about the Wuhan “epidemic” because they wanted you to know about it. If the test does not exist, how can anyone be determined “positive”?

              • 9tH says:

                ‘If the test does not exist’

                Not sure if this is meant for me or not. But i personally do not doubt the sickness or the test exist, I know people who suffered from it. Personally. I do believe it is used to push an agenda they have been working on for a very long time though, that they ramped this up in order to mould us ready for their NWO and the ‘panopticon’ that comes with it.
                Saying the (let’s call it a virus for now, shall we?) thing doesn’t exist, sounds to me like saying the earth is flat. And all the doctors and nurses etc.(people like pilots and board-personel etc.) all over the world are in on it.
                All the real people in those pesky numbers died of something else?
                Surely, a big part of them (the real people in those numbers) died because of another underlying sickness or a treatment that destroyed their lungs, little doubt in my mind what that is concerned.

                If, like presumably in the US among other countries, people are being tested for corona instead of covid-19, you will end up with a false diagnosis for thousends of people. I still consider the possibility that these so-called tests may have been DNA sampling as well. But what that is concerned, once they have one DNA-sample of a blood-relative, they can largely map out yours too.

                I am sory, but imo, the illness can be determined properly. Otherwise even those doctors who are critical of the whole charade and out it as artificially made, like Montagnier and his college who are ignored and ridiculed by media, are in on it. They too are controlled opposition? Mind you, i do not exclude that possibility completely.

              • 9tH says:

                I know there are still people who claim the HIV virus is non-existent. Despite the fact that it caused immunity deterioration and a certain combo of illnesses resulting in death for a huge number of people all over the world, especially in Africa.

                An epidemic happens every year, we just never hear about it because seldomly it is a flu that is so destructive for many. As they now are pushing their annual flu vaccines harder than ever, i expect the next wave to be much more destructive too. IF this virus does what flu does, come back with a vengeance. Because that vaccine is known to increase the risk of severe complications with around 30%.

                I honestly have a bit of a hard time accepting that people to this day deny the existence of this illness.

              • mkey says:

                You are completely and utterly confused.

                I’m talking about the TEST. The one into which you put a sample and then it either beeps or doesn’t beep.

                What do you know about the test? If the answer starts with “I believe” you can skip it as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Terri2388 says:

    Hi James!

    I watched the video with you and Jason and realized just how frustrated everyone is in regard to all the “numbers”.
    I’m not sure if this will help at all but I watched a video done by a gentleman John Cullen. Here’s the link.

    Supposedly John set up the maps and correlating numbers we all see from the CDC some years ago and has much to say regarding those mysterious numbers.

    According to him, the normal flu numbers are literally “off the chart” this year and the US is having the worst flu (not Covid-19)
    year since the pandemic of 1918.

    Please check it out. I would love your opinion on his take of what is really happening.

    God Speed to all!

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “According to him, the normal flu numbers are literally “off the chart” this year and the US is having the worst flu (not Covid-19) year since the pandemic of 1918.”

      Terri he’s way off on his U.S. flu numbers!
      They are not off the charts at all.

      The flu numbers this year are well within line with those for the last few years!

      He makes countless mistakes with his charts and numbers.

      I watched the video very carefully. It’s very amateurish.

  4. capt zilch says:

    The returning home mercenary had a dream, which most people, since that dream, have been indoctrinated: “,,,an angel came and told me that the conquest of nature will be done through number and measure” R. Descartes

    and so was the seed planted that became our “scientific” method
    here’s a “numbers” reference:


    Here’s a site that tracks military acquisitions (

    It gives population predictions for now vs 2025.

    example: the USA 2017/327 million people, 2025/100 million people. I wonder which leading “m” with following “odel” they were using?

    It looks like any arms dealer’s/state dept reference. Or some more seasoned browser/tracker may be able to verify it’s authenticity for us,,?

    to repeat how I got to this linked page: start on the home page, put the desired country in the site search bar, this will link to a new page that says “no results”, but you will be in the “equipment” folder, switch to the “country” folder, et voilla.

  5. youza says:

    Hey everyone, from Australia here. I feel there is something interesting with the Covid safe App realised by the Australian Government. All MSM outlets reporting 1 million + downloads and some now claiming over 2.

    When looking at the Goo play store download counter for the last 24 and logging it, it only recently ticked over 100k. This leaves between 0.9-1.8 Million downloads on Apple devices. We cannot see the apple store count, but the sheer imbalance in numbers in a country where there is a somewhat even split in devices ( IOS & Android) I would not expect to see this. Then take into consideration that they have been reviewed 6.5k and 5k respectively.

    I feel this is indicative of some potential number fudging and worth a share.


    • 9tH says:

      an australian i know laughed, saying: the site for requesting unemployment money crashed because so many are now requesting temporary support, but somehow this one didn’t have that prob, despite the supposed huge amount of downloads.

      I think i will agree with him, that this number is meant to lure people over. As in: ‘oh well, if a million have it already, i better do the same, it’ll be safe.’

  6. nexangelus says:

    I posted the full video of the two docs with their points of view on another website, so did another person, in the same thread. Someone commented that they did not like the attitude of the doctor who said that 80 % of people die on the vents (vents are used when it is serious and they are probably going to die, etc)…they said it was unethical to say it in such a manner….I did not understand, but when you are a mainstream media junkie, I suppose the truth hits hard? So cobble up some nonsense and feed it to them sideways?! Anyway, contact tracing, heard those words on the TV where I work today…

    Everyone else is excited for the end of “lockdown” and being allowed out twice a day. I was never locked down but whatever, getting tired of the “we are all in this together” schmaltz too…

  7. Nick says:

    Could someone post a link to the vid they refer to with the 2 doctors?

  8. nexangelus says:

    Excess winter mortality England & Wales database (the files can be downloaded):

    Excess mortality in Europe:

    • senge says:

      The first time I checked the euromomo site was in early march after I’d watched an interview with Dr. Wodarg. At the time of his first interview he was right when he said, that this winter the excess mortality so far was way less then in the years before. Since then I checked in repeatedly and after a while you could see the numbers going up.

      After a pause of two weeks I tried to access the the site again yesterday, but nothing would show on the browser. Tried again today, same result. I began to suspect foul play. But apparently they just overhauled their page and changed the .com to .eu. Funny thing, that they did it just now?! I don’t know…

      What I find particularly puzzling is the fact, that there are huge differences between the individual countries. But it seems to be consistent in so far, that in those countries where in previous years the excess mortality had higher peaks, this year also shows higher peaks. Unfortunately the graphs only show data as far back as 2015. But so far in certain countries, the numbers go way higher than in any previous year.

      Demographics may be one factor, but it would be interesting to know what the guidelines for treatment of COVID19 are. I don’t know, are there any? Are there different guidelines for different countries?

      The German Dr. Köhnlein cited in an interview a case report out of The Lancet ( Especially interesting is the part where he lists the medication (ha, funny typo I initially made there: “madication”) used to cure the disease. Two different antibiotics, cortisone in high doses, two different (as he says quite toxic) agents used in curing AIDS and interferones. Judging from my limited knowledge I would call that “curing the patient to death”. But I understand the dilemma, a doctor doing nothing would be sued, so…

  9. colosseum says:

    In line with what James said about shifting the blame to those “irresponsble” people who “break the law” by going out completely “unprotected”, we are already seeing this trend popping up in Spain:

    As usual, James is a master prophet 😉

  10. 559 says:

    Hi James,
    I’m a data analyst working for an NHS trust in London and watching the above video made me curious, as your videos often do. The total all-cause death count for England would be a great way to see if COVID is actually having any significant impact on the numbers. So I had a look at the ONS datasets from the past 3 years and there is absolutely nothing significant about the death rate over the past few months.

    The datasets that are linked below are current (as of last month) and go back to 2006. If anyone is interested in having a dig into them, I highly recommend it. My MSM driven anxiety has been soothed.

    I hope this is helpful to the community.

    Thanks for the work you do,


    • 9tH says:

      ehm… down the page that opened i saw this:

      “Main points from latest release

      The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in March 2020 was 49,723; this represents an increase of 6,070 deaths in comparison with the previous month and an increase of 5,777 deaths in comparison with the same month in 2019.”

      Does this contradict your findings in the individual papers?

  11. Libertydan says:

    Eye! The Fog of War!

    I have taught Math and Science at the H.S. level (some years ago). Thus, I think I can claim to have a better foundation for understanding “The Numbers” than your average Joe. The first thing I would like to point out is that Mathematics is an Exact “Art” and Science is not Exact. The “Scientific Method” is a Process we use to build a better understanding of the physical world around us. Math is a Tool we use to qualify what we observe, and thus compare one observation with another.

    In the “Real World” (not in the Movies, TV, or some other video screen) we observe certain phenomenon that can be measured and quantified using Mathematics. If the Results of our “Experiments” can be reproduced again and again, we “Assume” that we have “Discovered” something that is true in Nature (The Real world). The Discovery is then used as a “Postulate” for which “Scientific Theories” can be built on.

    That said, some Theories are good and some are bad. Indeed, it seems like all you need in order to get a PHD these days is to put in your time, and write a Doctoral Thesis on some crazy “Theory” that has not yet been published.

  12. Libertydan says:

    Mess with “The Numbers” and they can create something similar to “The Fog of War”. Dick Cheney, and Rumsfeld made reference to “The Fog of War” several times during the Events of 9/11/01. I believe having 5 “Exercises” taking place as the W.T.C. Buildings were being demolished was just the kind of “Diversionary Tactics” being used on us today.

    What could be better than creating false “Terrorists” who can be blamed for anything? How about a “Novel Virus”. A New Virus that no one has yet seen (we see them all the time in the computer software industry). Indeed, people are getting sick from something that attacks the lungs, and at the same time people are being tested to have this CIVID19 Virus. What if these are two different phenomenon, and the scientific community is being tricked into linking them?

    As we have discovered from Reported COVID19 Deaths in Italy, upwards of 99% had other complications that were life threatening when they died, yet the majority tested positive for COVID19. We also see where masses of people test positive and never even appear to be sick (isn’t that convenient). Correlation between a Respiratory related death, and the fact that they had a particular Virus when they died , does not prove Causation. In fact, if people were tested for any number of highly transmittable (yet harmless) Viruses, it would be found that most people have them.

    Viruses are only capable of multiplying in connection with living cells, and yet most of them are harmless.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Narrative.
    That is what impinges on the Public.
    Just like Corbett said.

    The numbers really don’t matter in the long haul.
    Nor do many other aspects about the Cooties (such as bio-weapon, where it started, etc.)

    They Live.

  14. Libertydan says:

    Back to the “Numbers”

    Wayne County Michigan is Reporting over 1500 COVID19 Deaths with a population of 1.75 million. This gives us a Death rate relative to the entire population (most of whom have not even been tested) of .0857% over about two months. (see link to confirm data)

    If you were to multiply deaths Reported over 2 Months by 6, you get a yearly Death Rate of .51% which begins to look significant.
    Move significantly though, is the way Lung illness/Flu like deaths, have spread through Nursing Homes. A Contagious Disease is killing people who have compromised Immune Systems, yet seems to have little effect on healthy people.

    A friend of mine thinks that this Pandemic was planned to take out the old and vulnerable, which it seems to be doing. I would add that by getting whitless politicians to put the working class out of work, it creates a Generation War which serves as a Diversionary Tacit. Yep, they created the idea that young people are under House arrest because old people might get sick. Why not just tell the old and vulnerable to protect themselves by wearing N95 or better Masks when they are out and about? Well, it is crazy, but these Masks are not available.

    I just read in a News Letter that the Owner of a Company based in Delaware was out $4 million because FEMA stole a large Shipment of Face Masks from him. Although the Masks were from China, they were on the way to American Customers, including the State of Michigan. Combine that with another article I saw where the DoD “Gave” 1 million Face masks to Israel, and you begin to see a Playbook that is every bit as big (and corrupt) as the 9/11/01 Events. My guess is that many, if not most, of the Players in this Game are the same.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “Back to the “Numbers”

      Wayne County Michigan is Reporting over 1500 COVID19 Deaths with a population of 1.75 million. This gives us a Death rate relative to the entire population (most of whom have not even been tested) of .0857% over about two months. (see link to confirm data)

      If you were to multiply deaths Reported over 2 Months by 6, you get a yearly Death Rate of .51% which begins to look significant.”

      As a “Math and Science” guy you should be a little more careful with your numbers. 🙂

      The number of Wayne County Covid-19 deaths as of today (Apr 27) are reported to be 672. (from the website).

      This would give a .0384% death rate per 1.75 million population.

      I would not even attempt to get a yearly death rate as there are just too many unknown variables at play.

      Your multiplying your original % (two months data) by 6 assumes that the Covid-19 death rate numbers will remain the same over the entire year.
      That is quite the assumption!

  15. idele says:

    Looking at the excess mortality for NYC in March and April would still not be sufficient evidence of the true impact of COVID-19. Especially regarding the increase of home deaths, we are seeing deaths due to COVID-19, but we are absolutely seeing deaths related to stress and isolation, delay of routine and non-covid-related emergency medical care, poverty, and suicide. These causes are not to be understated, and judging by Cuomo’s enthusiasm to label excess home deaths as COVID-deaths, I’m not sure we will ever have reliable stats about these cases.

    I am in NYC, as is all of my family. Currently many of us, myself included, are dealing with health repercussions that are due to both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 medical issues for which treatment cannot be accessed.

    We are in a very real crisis here, that is further exacerbated by the deliberate lies and confusion we are being fed by authorities, and the inability to acknowledge that every other issue we’ve had since the beginning of this pandemic hasn’t magically been put on hold as a courtesy to COVID-19. All the issues this population has suffered previously, are only magnified now. We are being killed in every opportunistic way imaginable.

    • manbearpig says:

      I don’t know what your symptoms are but can you access stuff like acetylcysteine, echinacea, spirulina, vitamine C, zinc? Take them in the highest doses considered safe? This worked really well for a friend who thought he might’ve had this corona crud.
      Are you allowed a trip to the drug store?

  16. robert.t says:

    A syndicate of the most powerful thieves in the world, after planning and rehearsing at great expense, are ready to steal one single item of immeasurable worth.

    What are the chances they arrive at the scene of their operation only to find a spontaneously formed gang of amateurs trying to pull off a ransacking job at the same place? What are the chances they proceed, despite the fluke of this wild situation?

    So no. It’s not real. There may be a virus selected from the many of this season which is serving as front. Or maybe not. Cheaper and easier to go carrot and stick while being careful of the kinds of lies allowed. The adjectives can be big as you please, the numbers have to be kept small so that there is less to explain and walk back. With a million corpses you really do have to use the public flower beds. With a small number you can still talk about burying people in flower beds, but you don’t have to do it. Can’t get that sort of control with a real pandemic.

    There is no pandemic, because a pandemic has not been programmed and planned. A hoax was programmed and planned. If they want us dead, they will have us dead. Right now, they want us controlled, confused, surveilled, locked down. They want to smash every kind of community, strangle every natural means of communication. And because there has to be some fun in life…they even told us very clearly and in detail last October that they would be doing this.

    Okay, maybe they’ve killed some extra people in NY, possibly with “thunderstorm asthma” technology. But doesn’t the song (almost) say that if you can fake it there you can fake it anywhere? The families of 9/11 victims were a much bigger problem than inventing impossible physics. Do the criminal elites need corpses right now or a mass deception right now? They can make corpses of us in much tidier ways when the time comes.

    We have to stop looking for fragments of truth from “dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie”. (I love that old rant.)

    If they do lay down a truth, it’s a bait. So ignore.

    • Libertydan says:

      What better way to bury the “useless eaters” than to “control the curve” so that the Hospitals don’t get overwhelmed? With the number of “Recovered Cases” coming out of the Hospitals, it would appear that they have been turned into death processing centers. You couldn’t get me to do what these “Health Workers” are doing.
      None the less, the number “Recovered” is about 8200, or about 2.5 times the deaths. Perhaps, people admitted to a Hospital have a 50/50 chance of coming out alive. it could be less.

      Note that according to the Michigan COVID19 website people are listed as “Recovered” if they had tested positive and are still alive 30 days later.
      There is no way to know how many of the “Recovered” were admitted to Hospitals and how many “Recovered” on their own.

      • Duck says:

        ‘Liverpool care pathway’ in the UK’… if the Dr’s did not murder enough old people the hospitals did not get their NHS bonus…. NOT EVEN KIDDING.

        When it hit the news they promised not to murder people anymore….

  17. Libertydan says:

    Another thing to note is that “All Elective Procedures” have been postponed at many Hospitals due to making Beds available for an increase in the number of “Expected COVID19” patients.
    I have been told, by people in the Insurance business, that Hospitals are losing money because they are not able to perform the big money operations.
    Indeed, this creates more deaths among people that are most vulnerable, yet these deaths are not directly linked to “The Virus”.

    Couple the above phenomenon with Bill Gates former discussions about the need to curb Hospital expenses, and thus preserve resources for those who are younger and able to contribute to society, and I think a bigger picture emerges.

    • Duck says:

      Cancelling elective procedures may lower death rates…. I read a long while back that a Dr’s strike had that effect since elective patients dont generally die of their issue but MAY die from the opp or aftermath infections.
      Just going off memory so I may be way off

  18. silvy says:

    This is a long article and a lot of it went over my head but the jest of it is that the test used for covid19 means nothing as it is not supposed to be a diagnostic tool. Hence all the figures about testing positive or negative have no significant value and are just used to serve the agenda of giving frightening and confusing statistical numbers.

  19. manbearpig says:

    You Americans probably already saw this alarming anecdote. It certainly sheds a revealing light on the Covid stats:

    Wife: Did I get fat during quarantine?

    Husband: You were never really skinny…

    Time of death: 24/04/20, 11:23 p.m.

    Cause of death: Corona virus.

  20. Fawlty Towers says:

    Well James may not be a numbers guy by trade, but he sure has got a firm
    grasp of the key concepts and understands them exceptionally well!

    Yes it is the “all causes of deaths” numbers that we want.

    Let’s see if there is a huge spike going on with them now?
    Yes/No? One would think there would be given all the pandemic hype, right?

    Let me cover the numbers James was asking about first, and then I’ll add a few more comments.

    My source for the numbers is:
    CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. I don’t necessarily trust the numbers, but I like to use the most authoritative institution’s data whenever possible.

    James cautions that we should not cherry pick our data.
    I am always aware of this when I do my research.
    Of course we all have our biases, but if I come across data that does not fit with my expectations I will never ignore it!

    The initial numbers I will provide are the ‘All cause of death’ numbers for the U.S. for the following years: 2014-2019

    2014: 2,664,285
    2015: 2,693,027
    2016: 2,725,761
    2017: 2,804,306
    2018: 2,831,836
    2019: 2,841,905

    As one might expect, the numbers do not deviate much from one year to the next. They have increased steadily each year, but not by leaps and bounds.

    Now since we are in the April of the current year, it is probably best to compare numbers from the start of January until the present date (this captures the Covid-19 period). Fortunately I was able to pull up numbers as current as Apr 12, 2020.

    So let’s look at the time period from Jan 1 – Apr 12 for years: 2014-2020.

    2014: 790,409
    2015: 841,548
    2016: 825,308
    2017: 866,478
    2018: 892,029
    2019: 865,238
    2020: 848,042

    What we see here are numbers that remain in a fairly narrow range and that this year’s numbers do not spike as one might have expected, due to the viral pandemic.

    James hit the money on the head when he suggested we isolate the over 70 year-olds and take care of them for the rest of their lives, if need be, seeing as this is the group most susceptible to the virus.
    That would be orders of magnitude less than the devastation being created now with the economy worldwide.

    Did anybody else notice that Jason coughed during the broadcast?
    Perhaps coughs will be monitored by drones of the future and points will be deducted from your social credit score for that.
    Coughing could lead to a visit from the health department to your front door for special testing.

  21. cbsk says:

    why would the numbers be under reported when they want high numbers to justify everything that is happening? anyone that compares this to the flu and can think for themselves can see that everything happening shouldn’t be happening

  22. paul823 says:

    Here a couple of working E.R. doctors in California talking about some real numbers. YT keeps taking it down so grab it while you can.

  23. Control Savvy says:

    Hi James,

    New York is also my city, so here are my 2 cents. Let’s assume for a minute that the daily statistics from the New York City Health Department are correct:

    As of April 28 there were 11,820 confirmed deaths from COVID-19. I am ignoring the so-called “probable” ones. Of those, 73.5% were 65 or older. I am in that age group and am taking all the recommended precautions , but I don’t expect 8,398,748 (population of NYC as of 2018) to be forced to take the same precautions. New Yorkers age 0 to 44 represent only 4.1% of deaths. People between the ages of 45 and 64 represent 22.4% and do have reason to be cautious—especially if they already have heart disease, diabetes, or other conditions that can make them vulnerable. Only five children have died so far. Why are the playgrounds closed? As you said, and I agree, and have said it myself, most of the people who need to be out there working and supporting their families are not at serious risk. Those who are, should be allowed to stay home and given all the support services they need. I started looking at the number of deaths back at the beginning of April when I became totally confused about what it meant to be “positive for COVID-19”. Dead was very self-explanatory, I thought. Now they are even fooling around with those numbers. I doubt very much that this lock down has saved lives. I don’t think it was even about saving lives at all.

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