Interview 1530 - Vinnie Caggiano Spreads Love Not Fear

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Musician Vinnie Caggiano is in the midst of the California lockdown, but he's not taking it lying down. Instead, he's live streaming a new video series from his apartment: Love Is Contagious: The Live Stream Home Concert Covideo Series. Today he joins us to talk about his effort and the importance of spreading love, music and creativity in the time of coronavirus.

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Love Is Contagious: The Live Stream Home Concert Covideo Series

Vinnie on The Corbett Report

The Band With Kaleidoscope Ears: Going Deep Into The Beatles Music (Vinnie and James' Beatles Analysis)

The Weight | Featuring Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr| Playing For Change / Radio Venice YouTube Channel

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"I Will Survive"

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  1. Put out the songs and the videos will happen.

  2. SuperMom Belle says:

    You say ‘Everything you Know About Conspiracies you Learned From The Beatles;’ I learned it all from “King of The Hill” … still extremely relevant today, for example: Toilet Paper Panic Buying “What about quilted Aloe Vera?” or “Guns don’t kill people, the government does.” or “This is a fight for freedom…for America!”
    (not the best quality but better than nothing with limited equipment, posting (copy)rights.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Dale, the NRA is based out of Washington D.C.
      Are ya telling me that you support Washington D.C.?”

      Dale: “That’s a thinker.”

      There is a strong of taste of west Texas to that show.
      I better go stock up on propane while it is still cheap.

  3. fer67 says:

    Excellent interlude, unfortunately the propaganda is not ceasing. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the number of people now posting videos of empty hospital waiting rooms? I just read the Globe and Mail this morning, a reference to how Elmhurst hospital in NYC was so backed up, all ORs and ICU etc full, with corona virus patients waiting in the Emergency room to get in — yet yesterday there was a video posted of that very hospital with zero evidence of anyone at all in the Emergency area. Why is the propaganda campaign this intense and what is going on? Are they seeing how far they can go with mass lies during a lockdown? How much will people believe and how much will they spread online without knowing any facts? I saw people repeating that bodies were piling up in the streets of NYC and no sign of that. Seems to me that they are testing to see how easy it is to get the political alt media types to repeat the propaganda, because they are among the worst. And now there is also the ‘China lied, millions are actually dying’ story coming out from unknown sources. The propganda seems to be coming from all angles.

    • Libertydan says:

      It seems to me that most of the crazy claims of dead bodies in the streets are being spread through Alt media. Since the CIA is the biggest promoter of lies and deception, it seems to me that they can set up an unlimited number of fake Alt “News” sites and then get websites you might trust to pick up on this. Some might report the crazy numbers of deaths, and others might take note that these numbers are BS and thus conclude that it’s all BS. The bottom line is that the CIA would be doing a good job of undermining Independent media. (Note the CIA will know that they are successful when everything the American people believe is a lie).

      As an example of how the CDC in the USA works (elites that know how to manipulate the masses for their own good), is that they are now (April fools day) reconsidering their former recommendation that people on the street not wear Face Masks. Yes, the CDC recommended that Americans not wear Face Masks up to this point. Common sense would tell you that this is beyond stupid, but no, they had a reason. The reason was (and still is) a shortage of Masks), so they wanted what Masks there were to go to Health care workers. (you saw what happen to toilet paper). The reason the CDC is changing it’s recommendation is because American Companies are producing Masks now and will soon catch up with demand. It is not because Face Masks (if available for all who wanted them) could have done 100 times better job of containing the Virus than these draconian lock-downs, that the CDC has told us that we did not need Face Masks. It is because Face Masks were not available for the general public, and the CDC sill does not want the public to see how unprepared they were. So, now, we are supposed to believe that the CDC did not know, from day one, that simply having enough Face masks for everyone that wanted one, could have prevented 3/4 of the people in the USA from being confined to their homes.
      One could compare this situation with that of the beginning of the French Revolution when Queen Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat Cake” in response to “The people on the Street do not have bread to eat”

      Here I was saying “the people on the street do not have Masks to Wear” and they said “shut this up”.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        “Yes, the CDC recommended that Americans not wear Face Masks up to this point. Common sense would tell you that this is beyond stupid, but no, they had a reason…”

        Sometimes common sense, is not what it seems to be.

        If you watch this video by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, he will explain to you why face masks would not work to stop the spread of a virus, even if a COVID-19 virus were to exist.

        SPECIAL REPORT: Humanity is NOT a virus!

    • kim.b says:

      My daughter is a phlebotomist in the Denver, CO area. She travels around to the different hospitals for work and she has confirmed that the hospitals are not full. In fact there are fewer patients than normal. Also, one of my neighbors fractured her hip and was hospitalized. Her husband is not allowed to visit her. I live in the San Diego area.

    • rick.z says:

      I have an aunt and niece working in an Illinois hospital getting overwhelmed now because of prison population being put there. Trying to get some moved. Daughter has two close friends in the system one in Seattle and one in NJ very overwhelmed. They message at crisis levels.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        rick.z says:
        …an Illinois hospital getting overwhelmed now because of prison population being put there…
        …one in NJ very overwhelmed. They message at crisis levels.

  4. Recalcitrant says:

    Very good video yesterday from Jeff Berwick the Dollar Vigilant yesterday, the best work I have seen from him, really worth the watch.

  5. troymc says:

    Fact, Fiction, and Credibility

    Hospitals are empty? Yes. there are many reports and videos of empty hospitals and empty emergency rooms. This cannot be taken as an indication that there is some sort of hoax factor involved with this illness.

    Hospitals have cancelled all elective surgeries. Also, people are staying away from emergency rooms for fear of the illness, when faced with non-threatening situations that might otherwise take them to the emergency room. Parking lots are empty because hospital officials, not deep state operatives, have chased everybody away, as much as possible, from the hospitals, in preparation for the possible coming storm.

    Just the flu? No. It is not just the flu. It is 5x to 10x more deadly than the flu. It is very likely more easily transmissible than the flu.

    Only old people who are already sick get it? No. From ER doctor I know: “I have spent most of this week seeing an unusually high number of people (young and old, with and without comorbidities) in severe respiratory distress from this virus. Have never seen anything like it. ”

    Does this mean the media isn’t hyping it? No. The same propaganda techniques / fear porn is being employed.

    Then whaaat? Why fear porn if it is actually real? The illness seems very real and is a scary one (as was SARS, for example). Imo it should be taken as a universally accepted fact that this is so. Problem, reaction, solution, as James would say. The purpose of the fear porn is to induce a shock/awe emotional response, so that when the solution is presented, people just accept it without thinking. In this case, the solution is quarantine, the War Act, martial law, economic destruction, listen to your government.

    Then where does that leave us? If it is a real and scary virus that does warrant quarantine, then what is going on?

    Question: Is the strategy being presented to us as the solution to the problem the only viable strategy? Is there any evidence being presented by national governments that they are/have considered other strategies, but economic shut down is the only viable one? Are we following a strategy that was arrived upon by government in time prior to the crisis? Who decided upon that strategy? Were they idiots, as can be the case? Is this the best strategy to solve all the problems, economic, social, etc, not just the medical?

    Are there other strategies that could work? Like, antibody testing. With many many trillions of dollars on the line, and hundreds of thousands of lives, and with trillions of new money being printed, how many resources are prioritizing tests to see who is already immune, so these people can be mobilized to keep things running? Is ‘stay home and hide’ really the best strategy? Would controlled immersion of healthy strong people, like measles parties for kids, be a good idea as a way for the population to get through it? How many of us are already immune, ffs?

    Basically, are there a hundred different possible strategies, and ‘stay home and hide / martial law’ is the only one being pushed by government.

    A strategy with no exit plan……Oh! This is how Iraqis and Afghanis must have felt!!

    • cu.h.j says:

      troymc, I agree with some of what you say, but we don’t know all the facts, so we can’t make any presumptions yet about the virus. I work in a hospital, no surge yet. I have seen only 1 person without pre-existing medical problems get sick and need to be hospitalized. Only one. Most of them in my area are old with medical problems.

      We don’t have reliable data or accurate testing thus we cannot make solid conclusions. My thoughts are that there are a lot more people who already had it with mild symptoms that aren’t tested, so the mortality rate is artificially high.

      I’m not saying it’s not dangerous in some people, even young people but people could take precautions like masks and washing their hands without shutting down the economy and draconian government takeovers. I think we agree on those points.

      But I don’t think we can conclude this is dangerous in all individuals. I think it’s different from the flu but I don’t have any reliable data to conclude this is as dangerous as SARS. We should never want all people to think the same thing, that’s not how a free society should operate. There are scientists in Germany who don’t think it’s as dangerous as being reported, they should be included in finding out more so we can learn more about it.

      This is not to discount your view or what some doctors are experiencing. To come to conclusions with a few cases is a mistake.

      • troymc says:

        Yes indeed, part of what I expressed was on account of not knowing I couldn’t edit the comment! I would have worded some things differently.

        I was trying to get across, I think debating whether or not it is dangerous is going to be lost breathe, considerinng the msm is showing bodies being loaded onto trucks with forklifhts.

        At the same time, I think it is very important to establish, asap, a baseline in terms of the threat of the virus. Even if there is some degree of inaccuracy, but does it matter if the real mortality rate is 0.5% or 1.2%? In terms of what is going on, what needs to be addressed.

        I suggest, we acknowledge it is a scary illness (‘scary’ is exact word my ER doctor friend used – I would love to have Corbett interview her, she would cut through a lot of crap in a few minutes)

        From there, attack the current gov strategy not as a matter of ‘conspiracy’ but incompetency. By 1) accepting it is a dangerous illness, that may require some form of quarantine, even if only quarantine of old folks’ homes, that 2) can be dealt with using other strategies that do not necessitate the destruction of our economy.

        If enough medical consensus builds supporting other strategies that allow people to pay their rent, and this is made known to people, then for sure the pot is going to boil over.

  6. Libertydan says:

    Google app that will track you and allow you to and rat-out others.
    Now, I am hoping that no one here actually thinks that this is a good idea, eh!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The new Google app “Corona Waze” asks users to “tag” individuals who sneeze, cough, are sweating or have a runny nose.
      You can also tag people who do not use soap or wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, or for other social distancing violations.
      People can also be tagged for not wearing gloves or masks, or hoarding toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

      Facial recognition systems deployed through nationwide security cameras will be used to identify offenders who are not carrying cell phones while Google’s Fitbit will automatically report unfavorable biometrics to alert emergency services. Google’s Android phone camera will utilize thermographic temperature fluctuations while taking selfies or pictures of others to alert medical marshals of potential fevers.

  7. pearl says:

    Lots of good stuff in this video. I enjoyed several of Mr. Caggiano’s tunes already; “I’m So Tired” was excellent!

    Thank you both for this respite from the doom and gloom.

  8. zyxzevn says:

    I spread jokes/memes:

    To spread our freedom

    More stuff at:
    Feel free to add

  9. manbearpig says:

    The word “love” and some sort of luke-warm simulation of it is so often hijacked for enslaving

    touchy feely gratuitous conformist feel-good BS like clapping on your balcony because everyone else is, which like self-rightously voting once every four years assuages your unassumed guilt for not doing something real for your community

    the teary-eyed communal self-congratulatory, missionary condescension of ONE Campaign-sponsored colonialism plastered telegenically across screens worldwide that sends humanitarian soldiers into communities instrumentalizing the good intentions of brave and unwitting young people whose ultimate unspoken mission is to reinforce dependence on the very same murderous forces that have pushed colonized poverty-stricken heads under the water, down through generations, drowning them in poverty, raping, destroying and pillaging their lands and people…

    This kind of “love” makes it difficult to accept the genuine expression of well-being and good-will of those with no manipulative hidden agenda…

    The evident pleasure and skill of these “I Will Survive” musicians sent joy into the ethers, both organic and digital.

    I have a particular weakness for “Play that Funky Music”! (that I believe I’d posted a while back on these boards?) Must check out the Caggiano version.

    A truly pleasurable and appreciated interview and performance.

    • capt zilch says:

      music, with feeling, is the cut to the chase, is the flux that drew solder into the join,, Musicians have a big job at the moment. It is always the artists job to inspire, perhaps that is to lead into lightness, or just remember us to what is always there, If we can only get the right riff-rythym pulsing, it will unify, will ignite, a force far more infectious than any main stream marketing to dominate pretense. In italy and Germany we are singing from the balconies, may the usic avalanche proceed.

      oh, a detail for you James: I doubt one can “model creation” (a phrase you emphasized 2 or 3 times). social engineers try to “model society”, and clearly they cant get it right. Physics trys to model the origin of matter; I just heard that the big bang was an imploding black hole, but I had always assumed it was a try at modeling an orgasm.

      for any musicians, at whatever level, please share that gift, every day. and by the way, recorded vs live, both are fun to play with, but like frisbees vs. flying saucers..

    • lizzie says:

      Yeah, I agree, well said. It is stealing our feelings. I was thinking of starting a counter action instead of clapping, thinking something like bowing ?‍♀️ every time we are told what to do, or feel like we are being humiliated. We could bow in any style we like, at any time we choose and If we see a fellow bower then we could clap!!! Whaddya think?

  10. scpat says:

    Loved that song at the end. It is true, we can all benefit from a greater connection to our humanity, especially now. Music does that for me. I play the guitar also and it’s a way to express myself. I haven’t watched many of Vinnie’s videos but I support what he is doing. He gets my tip money.

  11. JadeEyes says:

    Continuing gratitude to you, J.C. — I benefit from all your video interviews/explorations and articles.

  12. lizzie says:

    Hey! Much love to all.
    Here is my anti pop band Tit Modern, think I’m the only person who listens so my music, but you welcome to join me!

  13. Libertydan says:

    Vinnie must be smoking some good stuff, eh. I heard him say that the CIA plan to push wide spread LSD on Americans Back-Fired, because it ended up bringing more of us closer together. Indeed, there may be something to that, however it was people getting together in mass protests that actually brought about the end of the Vietnam War. In those days young men were conscripted (Drafted) into the armed forces, and sentenced to jail time if they refused. Cassius Clay/ Muhammad Ali did time rather than go to Vietnam (I don’t think he did any LSD)

    It may be interesting to note that if we had not been so into drugs at that time we might have actually did something about the Coup that took out JFK and supplanted the United States Dollar (backed by Silver since 1792) with Federal Reserve Notes. The chaos of the day was created by the CIA to distract attention away from the Treasonous Coup they had committed, and I think they were successful at that.

    None the less, the drugs pushed by the CIA (while the Government pretended to have a War on Drugs), did bring about massive gatherings like Wood Stock, along with an untold number of Concerts. The theme of the day was, everybody get along, and/or anti-war. Bob Seger’s anti-war song “2 + 2” was a major hit here in S.E. Michigan in the 60’s but the Record Companies were afraid to touch it,so it went nowhere.

    Although the Beatles may have brought more people together than any other Band (the Rolling Stones would dispute this), with songs like “Let it Be” and “All you need is Love”, I think “Won’t be Fooled Again” by the Who expresses the under lying problem that continues to haunt us. Yep, we keep getting fooled again, and the new boss is the same as the old boss, eh!

    • Octium says:

      So true. I believe the reason the CIA gave up on LSD was not because it was backfiring, but because they could achieve the same level of mind control through television and media without the complications of making sure every man, woman and child was on the right drugs.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      The vietnam war did not end because of the 60’s movement. The war ended because the troops couldn’t take it anymore and they started to turn on their superiors.

      Soldiers were blowing up their commanders left and right through out the war and that is what stopped the war – not some protest movement. That is the bullshit they feed people about the 60’s to make them feel that protest make change – protest are just mob conscious at work – the real revolution is in freeing ones mind and peacefully in concert withdrawling from the control system and that has nothing to do with waving plackards in the streets and chanting shit in unison.

  14. Jake Lemay says:

    This report is almost as good as seeing Justin Trudeau in jail (or dead of covid bla bla 19).

    Thank you James.

  15. wylie1 says:

    James and Corbettreport community, If y’all and others don’t know these posts of mine and others, some rather pointed, come from a place of love and the CreativitY that we are capable of at the moment… then time to re-evaluate what love really is.

    Is a real friend someone who tells you what you want to hear or someone that tells you something that you might want to consider or need to hear?

    Most everyone dislikes some form of music and consider it to be noise. Considering all those folks, one can easily conclude that it is all noise.

    I’ll take some beautiful song birds while outside or other of natures sounds, over distracting myself with man made noise(even though there is some I like) —>

    —> WHEN folks could be doing something ActuallY useful and organizing with their community and others to dictate to their governments what will be and what won’t be. If they can listen to some music they like at the same time, fine. But that is rarely the case.

    People use music as an ESCAPE from what they could or should be doing. How many letters written and ideas sketched have been subverted by music and television?

    If people will listen to a song but not the same or better words of wisdom without the music, then what does that really say?

    Yeah, I know all you music addicts will be offended. I once was a music addict many years ago. When you can take it or leave it, whatever it is, indefinitely or permanently, then you are free. Some people wean themselves off of cream and sugar in their coffee (reduce calories). Others wean themselves off of coffee altogether and decide to wake themselves up and get going.

    A humorous older fellow that is no longer with us told me: It took me a long time to quit smoking and coffee was tough too …but I thought it was better that way than having to quit cold turkey when I kick the bucket, that would be Really tough.

    What is a good comedian? A better story teller than a musician. They don’t need the musical beats and sound Drug to keep the audience.

    Yes I love you and wish the best for you all 🙂

    • completelycookie says:

      Love is: life has nothing to offer me without the love of my life (40 plus years) by my side. I consider myself truly lucky to have known such love. Music included.

    • Music can be extremely valuable for helping you to experience feelings & states of mind that you need to experience but otherwise may not.
      Feelings & states of mind that help you see the world, or something in it (including yourself) from a different point of view.

      It can also heal you; it can put you into a state where your brain can repair and organize thoughts and the images, sounds & information it has taken in.
      Similar to the healing that takes place during unstressed deep sleep, or a peaceful solo nature outing.

      Music can also be a great motivator.

      There is undoubtedly some music that will just perk you up when perhaps you shouldn’t be perked up, or just irritate you, or even make you a bit dumber, but that isn’t reason to discard all music.

      Try listening to more music. Maybe use a service like Pandora that helps you find new music. I think you’ll find there is music out there, that you didn’t even know existed, which will have a lot of use/value for you.

      Maybe start with music that doesn’t have vocals — or has foreign language vocals that you can’t understand — so that you’re getting only the feeling of the music, without the interference of words.

    • Noahsark723 says:

      Music is a message and at the same it can be a distraction for people. But man I can run you a line of songs that will bring you a message and a teaching if you know how to listen.

      Music has something to do with our “evolution” and opening up our shut down minds and connecting us to our hearts, it helps to open the vegas nerve that is closed down in so many in left brain trapped individuals.

      Music is theraputic on so many levels and cathartic in helping one touch a deeper place in oneself.

      On the other hand I agree music can be a distraction as well for people… see all of the hidden hand created “music” acts out there poisoning the minds of the people and leading them astray.

      Here is a musical message if you want to follow it through:
      Music Lesson – Bob Marley and the Wailers

      Bullet in the head – rage against the machine

      Follow me on through here to:
      Mass Manipulation – Steel Pulse

      The on to:
      Global Warning – Steel Pulse

      Who Responsible – Steel Pulse:

      Babylon System – Bob Marley

      Brave New World Iron Maiden:

      Pat Metheny – Last Train Home:

      and I can go on…

    • manbearpig says:

      music, like the rest of it, is a double-edged sword. Can be a stupifying drug, can be a galvanizing catalyser, unifying or isolating, healing or infecting, enhancing or dulling messages and resolve.

      and not sure about that part:

      “They don’t need the musical beats…”

      comedy definately requires a sense of rythmn. I shall resort to wikifying as a feeble illustration:

      ps: Just saw AnimalsArentFood already said what I just posted. so, I’ll leave my message as a reiteration of that commenter’s post.

      • wylie1 says:

        Since this seems to be the last response, I’ll cover all the above from here:

        Exactly as expected. And my point for posting it.

        What makes y’all think I did’t know all those things you wrote? Haven’t heard all those songs? Didn’t consider comedic rhythm? What music can do? Etc.

        Chuckling… a good friend said about another’s comments regarding something I said: “and he didn’t think you had already considered that?”

        Keep in mind where we are in time and place. Knowing certain aspects and tendencies of people, unfortunately too well.

        We are at a time and place people can act as usual… by avoiding what they could and probably should be doing, via their preferred escape and diversion methods.

        Rather than just being irritated or angry and then looking for an unproductive outlet… making or listening to music does what to solve the big brother noose tightening problem we are in?

        Did all those songs from the day the earth was formed until now, prevent this?

        Why get mad or resentful at “them”? Why do you need music therapy in the first place? Why not get even(so to speak) instead?

        I know people will make almost ANY excuse and do almost ANYTHING to avoid lifting a finger, even their littlest finger, toward resisting or pushing back or fighting the things put upon them from the corpro-govt-media complex that impact them negatively; even severely impact them.

        People can spend their time listening to Corbett and others, then listen to some music or make some (or whatever), then get resentful all over again at what is coming their way, repeat.

        Or they can actually go outside take a deep breath, see that getting resentful of “them” only hurts you. That part of that resentment is at yourself for Not doing something that could actually make a difference in the situation people find themselves in.


      • wylie1 says:

        People in numbers equals power. But people avoid that like the plague 😉

        And to make sure, you are told avoid others, groups of 10 or less. And told you may catch some disease if you do. And if not that you may get police harassment or worse.

        That is because they know that only a couple out of a hundred will lift that finger to do something. Unfortunately I know that only too well. Hence the reason I’m more resentful at the do nothings than the weasel powers who are just acting like weasels.

        Plugging into an existing group, making an offshoot, or starting from scratch(a bit harder but doable), is the way to change what is coming our way.

        20k people x $50 = $1mln
        That is enough people power and money to accomplish a lot. Not that difficult, except for human resistance to lifting a tiny finger to act. Merely to spend a little time having a group meeting online or in person.

        Why not create that? Instead of being overly occupied with music or whatever your thing is? That is my point.

        Why didn’t I explain it as such from the beginning? A new friend in one of those groups from a past fight with corpro-govt project impacting our property and the usa as a whole (you’re welcome by the way), said it this way: Sometimes you have to XXXX …on second thought I just leave it there.

        Good luck in creating and having your group meetings while listening to music.

        • Noahsark723 says:

          I understand what you mean by people in numbers – but it can’t be in some collective thing for collectives sake. Mob consciousness never is productive it is only destructive.

          Individuals have to make that happen and they have to be aware and on the same page for it to be productive. If not the powers that be will infiltrate the group and derail it in some way.

          I also understand what you mean about music – but man look at Bob Marley and the way he moved people. I have learned as much from Bob Marley and his music as I have learned from researchers and reports on this grand conspiracy.

          I kind of see the football games and all the other circuses out there in the way you are here with music. But music man is something else, it uplifts and empowers one on a deeper level and that is needed.

          …anyway, what is your plan? I want to hear your idea – put if forward.

          Iron Sharpeneth Iron

          So I say this to the elite – “when you go and dig a pit, don’t dig one always dig two” Why? Because when you seek to do harm to another, you harm yourself. So go and dig a pit for yourself too.

          All of those elites better know – Those that lead into captivity must go into captivity – in due season the fruit is going to come ripe!

          Judgement in Babylon!!!

  16. Venteke69 says:

    Lovely, …really

    But frankly, as a 50 year old father of a 19 year old I find myself feeling like an angry teenager again, just like my kid. I find myself listening to my ANGRY MUSIC music collection a lot the last 3 weeks. I notice behavioural parallels in my kson who suddenly decided to pick up the Fender Jaguar which I bought for his 17th birthday and he’s jamming aggressive riffs on it, ALL day long. But I just let him… he’s still full of life and he needs a release. Small blessings coming out of this scamdemic is that his guitar technique has have improved 100%:P

    Anyways, I usually listen to reggae (proper stuff like Studio 1, Wackies, King Tubby’s…name it). Especially the mid’70 Rockers stuff is full of messages which properly resonate in these times. Case in point: “Hurt Not The Earth – Little Roy”. Or listen to Peter Tosh’ Get Up Stand Up. (“You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool All the people All the time”… “So now you see the light, stand up for your rights”.)

    But right now… seething with anger. I have a responsible corporate job in a software company who deliver contact centre solution (yeah, yawn…) and they keep me mega busy in my wage slave job because all of them suddenly need us to reconfigure shit so their agents can WFH. But usually the picture of zen-ness when another frustrated IT guy asks me for the 20th time how to capture Google Chrome browser logs… NOW i want to fucking yell at them. FUCK OFF with trying to make money with your silly washing softener twoferone deal outbound campaign.

    In this situation i put myself on Mute, i put on my noise cancelling headphones and I listen and skank to songs like these to exorcise the demons for a while:

    I’m So Sick (T-Virus remix) – Flyleaf
    All Wrong – God Lives Underwater
    Let’s Dance To Joy Division – The Wombats
    The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson
    Loser – Beck
    American Idiot – Green Day
    …random stuff from Nirvana…

    Anyways,… hang in there. I have the feeling that the seeds of revolution have been sown now. I detect doubt in pals minds who only 2 weeks ago called me a “conspiracy theorist” in the pub.
    the 1% satanic pedofile assholes might have finally stepped over their mark and woken up the sleeping tiger (US)!

    Greetings and hugs,

  17. Fawlty Towers says:

    Speaking about being creative…
    I’m thinking about writing a stage play called:
    “Death of the Door-to-Door Salesman” 🙂

    I too am a Beatles lover.
    Here are a couple of recordings I made on guitar, one a Beatles tune.

    Wes Montgomery composition – Mi Cosa

    The Beatles – Something (Guitar arrangement)

  18. capt zilch says:

    music, with feeling, is the cut to the chase, is the flux that drew solder into the join,, Musicians have a big job at the moment. It is always the artists job to inspire, perhaps that is to lead into lightness, or just remember us to what is always there, If we can only get the right riff-rhythm pulsing, it will unify, will ignite, a force far more infectious than any main stream marketing to dominate pretense. In italy and Germany we are singing from the balconies, may the music avalanche proceed.

    oh, a detail for you James: I doubt one can “model creation” (a phrase you emphasized 2 or 3 times). social engineers try to “model society”, and clearly they cant get it right. Physics trys to model the origin of matter; I just heard that the big bang was an imploding black hole, but I had always assumed it was a try at modeling an orgasm.

    for any musicians, at whatever level, please share that gift, every day. and by the way, recorded vs live, both are fun to play with, but like frisbees vs. flying saucers..

  19. AmViL says:

    Please use the Dsus2 chord 🙂

  20. Noahsark723 says:

    LSD didn’t back fire on the cia is was part of the plan – the whole 60 movement was a rockefeller contrived color revolution of that time.

    Drugs were always fed into societies to reshape them and prepair them for future operations. They induce sociaties with drugs to destabilize them – see the china opium wars to prep the minds of the east for the coming communism that was funded out of wall street 50 some years later.

    and LSD never went away it was around when I was in high school in 93.

    All of the drugs of the 60’s chemical labrotory lsd and so forth just turned into the coke of the 70’s crack of the 80′ meth and so on down the line.

    Herb – is another story all together but I have seen people use it to escape as well – which I don’t have respect for that. Natural so called “drugs” should be used as the shaman’s have and to seek inner wisdom and to seek thyself – not as some joke business.

    Then the drug created “problem” became something that allowed them to restructure american society with the drug war – destroy lives and most importantly destroy the african in america so it would destroy any chance of a positive movement developing to address the truth of their conditions. Lsd or no lsd in the ghettos – but most of the people i know who used lsd were not thinkers and searchers of truth – they were at best just looking to escape – not awaken.

    As far as the beatles are concerned they were one the first contrived boy bands – music written by Theo Adorno, adorno dies in 1969 and beatles break up – none of there solo work comes close the kind of writing that was done as the beatles – maybe George but he was the more talented musician of the group, he came close but still not on the level the beatles was written at

    See this link here and go listen to the songs listed:

    You will here were adorno took the music from and adapted it.

    Paul gets knighted for his service – lennon got wiser to how he was used and they knew he was going to eventually spill the beans because of the things he was saying – so they had him killed using some of their new mind control techs.

    • capt zilch says:

      for a decent historical slice of the influx of LSD into USA culture in the 60’s read the “electric koolaid acid test”, the beatles being extra commercial is described in there. and the “Tricycle” mag. (from the early 90’s i think?) special edition on psychedelics summarizing Buddhist and other notable minds perspectives on them and the era.

      I’ve also heard that various strains of LSD were used in mind kontrol efforts, perhaps it was used in cocktails to amp up confusion or distraction? it also can be a gate opener for less desirable energies, which then will go on to haunt the host and us all. That’s why real-deal entheogenic work/know how is passed down over generations and/or includes extreme trials and copious nurturing of beneficent interdimensionals. without a capacity for Profound respect, the risks are huge. To mess with a master plant is to diverge onto a steep shortcut; we’re all going up the mountain. Though some seem to be taking an awful long swim in the swamp.

      There are groups of subatances that we can ingest, at certain doses under certain conditions or circumstances they can empower or maim or kill; so enjoy your poison by degree; and I’m not sorry to say, but there is preparation and prerequisite for ingesting the more “potentiated” ones. what we call Master Plants. The short of it is They aren’t for everyone, and unfortunately as you alude to, a rough copy of one (LSD) was made available to huge numbers: (from the tricycle edition,, 5% had a “religious” experience, a merging or connection with the overmind of the planet, 15% had a marked improvement in their life tragectory or creative flow, better career moves or miraculous works of art/music, day by day got richer,, 80% had an “oh wow” experience that was completely or nearly unrepeatable, a bit like forgetting an intense dream, nothing changed in the day by day sense for the majority, there were no after effects; and then, its said that less than 1% just kept on tripping.

      I wonder if those stats fit to our response to the situation today?

    • Duck says:

      ‘…Then the drug created “problem” became something that allowed them to restructure american society with the drug war…’

      I read an olde book ‘What Prohibition Has Done To America’ and it basically described the drug war that started with prohibition – listing EVERY social evil that happened

  21. mik says:

    A lot of optimism in the air
    I won’t spoil the mood

    let me add some brass to the mix

    Dizzy Gillespie Y Machito Afro Cuban Jazz Moods Lp

  22. I Shot Santa says:

    Last comment here. Fluorida is going on lockdown. I’ll have to sneak back to the river (some 20 miles away) at night. On foot as I may need to hide quickly. Haven’t seen this video, but my emotion is rage, not love. And the people agree it’s for the best. They deserve their fates. As for me, living as a slave is unacceptable. Martial law is being imposed. Any more intelligence than that is just wasting my time.

    Jimbob; might be pushing 60, but that’s nearly 60 years of experience at being an outlaw.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Lockdown is tomorrow at midnight. I thought today was Thursday. At least I can ride my bike and don’t have to travel at night. The whole world is being locked down and people think it’s necessary, or just another stage. Me? I know better. If you’re not prepared by now, you are fucked.

      • manbearpig says:

        guess you won’t get this message, doesn’t really matter.
        Thanks You Shot Santa for coming back to warn. And thanks again for calling me a manbearpig back in the day…nosoapradio’s grateful. Take care of yourself, you wingsuitfreak.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I’ll see ya when I see ya.
        Enjoy those quiet nights along the riverbank.

  23. Mr.Mike7704 says:

    For if a r3VOLution is to be truly successful “two things would be required: young people would have to be involved and you would need music.”
    ~Ron Paul~

  24. dubrey says:

    If your going to do what Vinnie is doing, there’s no better place than Venice Beach. So cool. I’ve been there numerous times.

  25. Octium says:

    I’m really double plus un-happy with the idea that we should just all learn to be happy and let ourselves be herded into being in online happy communities of happiness where we have no privacy and the government can happily control every aspect our happy lives completely.

    I’d rather get on the balcony (If I had one) and beat some pots at 8am to celibate the nurses and doctors, because in the long run it would have less negative impact on me.

    If I need to fill in time during the lockdown, I’d rather stay at home and learn to play the Bazooka.

    As for using facebook against the system, give me the root administrators password for their network and I’ll be with you!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This is a spot-on Jerry Day video which exposes how faulty the Coronavirus Tests are and how the statistics don’t hold water.

      Next time, write more of a descriptive for the link; or if an article, include “excerpts”. This helps to inform folks about what is behind the link.
      It helps us all notice important material.

      I “Bumped” your post which is further north on this Thread.

  26. manbearpig says:

    I love you! HA! April Fools!!

    what better way to show your love for your citizens than to track them and their contacts everywhere they go (without infringing on their privacy OF COURSE!)

    “1 APRIL 2020 / 17:32 / 14 HOURS AGO
    Coronavirus: Research in Europe on an application for monitoring infected people
    by Douglas Busvine

    BERLIN (Reuters) – A group of European scientists and technology experts on Wednesday announced the launch of a programme to jointly develop an application to monitor people infected with the new coronavirus while respecting their privacy.

    This group of 130 researchers from eight countries, including France, intends to launch a platform called PEPP-PT (Pan-European Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing) by 7 April, which will make it possible to design applications using “contact tracing”. This method consists of tracing the history of a patient who is ill with Covid-19 and identifying all the contacts he or she may have had in one country and elsewhere…

    …The ability to more effectively track potentially infected people could help lift containment measures that are greatly affecting the economy…

    “The PEPP-PT platform, which is open to others, incorporates an anonymous digital proximity tracking tool that preserves confidentiality, is fully compliant with the EU Data Protection Regulation (DPR) and can also be used when travelling between different countries,” he added.
    To circumvent the problem, the PEPP-PT platform will use the Bluetooth technology of mobile phones on an anonymous and voluntary basis, thus complying with the GDMP and avoiding intrusive use of location data.

    It will store via strong encryption the history of connections between devices in the smartphone

    A group of Berlin-based startups, led by data management company Via and the fintech Wefox Group, have separately stated that they plan to launch their own “contact tracing” application called Healthy Together next week. The group said it was with the PEPP-PT group.

    Russia decided last month to develop a system to track the movements of people who have been in contact with coronavirus-infected patients via the geolocation of mobile phones…” (but weren’t the BRICS supposed to save us??)

    You see where this is going, don’t you?

    Covid Virus: trojan horse for the REAL INFECTION:

    the Social Health Credit Tracking System!

  27. manbearpig says:

    April 1st! The joke’s on us!

    1 APRIL 2020 / 19:27 / 13 HOURS AGO
    Philippe talks about “voluntary” tracking
    Reuters Staff

    “These systems do not exist in France because they would not be legally permitted,” said Edouard Philippe.”


    “We could perhaps, (…) on the basis of a voluntary commitment, use these methods to better trace the circulation of the virus and the contacts made by (…) everyone, but we don’t have a legal instrument,” added the head of government, who was speaking by videoconference.

    “Voluntary tracking is an issue that is still open at this stage,” he added…”

    Elizabeth Pineau, edited by Jean-Stéphane Brosse

    Don’t worry Phil: the EU will ordain it from on high.
    For our OWN GOOD of course!

    Why do I suddenly feel like running to the balcony to clap?

  28. manbearpig says:

    Here’s the Big Brother Corporation’s rendition of this oh-so-liberating app:

    “Coronavirus: UK considers virus-tracing app to ease lockdown
    By Leo Kelion
    Technology desk editor
    31 March 2020

    A coronavirus app that alerts people if they have recently been in contact with someone testing positive for the virus “could play a critical role” in limiting lockdowns, scientists advising the government have said.
    The location-tracking tech would enable a week’s worth of manual detective work to be done in an instant, they say.
    But the academics say no-one should be forced to enrol – at least initially…

    …It proposes that an app would record people’s GPS location data as they move about their daily lives. This would be supplemented by users scanning QR (quick response) codes posted to public amenities in places where a GPS signal is inadequate, as well as Bluetooth signals.

    If a person starts feeling ill, it is suggested they use the app to request a home test. And if it comes back positive for Covid-19, then an instant signal would be sent to everyone they had been in close contact with over recent days.
    Those people would be advised to self-isolate for a fortnight, but would not be told who had triggered the warning…

    “Therefore if you have the ability with a bit more information and the use of an app to relax a lockdown, that could provide very substantial and direct benefits.
    “Also I think a substantial number of lives can be saved.”
    To encourage take-up, it is suggested the app also acts as a hub for coronavirus-related health services and serves as a means to request food and medicine deliveries.
    The academics note that similar smartphone software has already been deployed in China. It was also voluntary there, but users were allowed to go into public spaces or on public transport only if they had installed it.

    We’ll need it to SAVE THE ECONOMY, and SAVE LIVES of course!

    I mean, seriously;

    What do you prefer:

    Socio-Economic Armageddon or

    a teensy weensy little tracking device monitoring all your contacts with other people??

    C’mon! You’ve got nothing to hide, right? You’re not in contact with conspiracy theorists!

    Are you??

  29. manbearpig says:

    Israel: always on the forefront of Humanitarian Initiaves has of course already implemented this innovative new system that has fascist tyrants going back to the dawn of human history rolling in their anointed tombs with envy:

    1 APRIL 2020 / 16:12 / 16 HOURS AGO
    “Coronavirus: An alert application downloaded by 1.5 million Israelis
    Reuters Staff

    TEL AVIV (Reuters) – An application to warn people when they pass by someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus was downloaded by about 1.5 million Israelis last week, the country’s health ministry said Wednesday.

    The smartphone application, dubbed “HaMagen” – Hebrew for the Shield – is attracting interest worldwide, including Germany, Italy, Britain, Australia and Chile, said Morris Dorfman, a senior official at the ministry.

    According to Dorfman, the application, developed at the department’s initiative with open source tools (free and open source), can be deployed quickly and inexpensively in other countries.

    “The question we get asked the most is not about the technology,” he said. “Rather, it is whether users voluntarily download the application and how do we convince them to do so?

    Personal and location data remain in the phones and are not available to others, making it impossible to track a user without their knowledge, he explained.

    Users are also free to report whether or not they have been infected with the coronavirus.

    In the first week of deployment of the application, which is available in Hebrew, English, French, Arabic and Russian, 50,000 people have reported placing themselves in isolation.

    At this stage, Israel reported 5,591 Covid-19 infections and 21 deaths in the country.”

    Tova Cohen; French version Claude Chendjou, edited by Jean-Michel Bélot

    “The question…is whether users voluntarily download the application and how do we convince them to do so?”

    That is indeed the question.

  30. James says:

    First of all, truly enjoyed this episode. Thanks, James!

    Moving on…I def think that there is a virus circulating and yes, causing a variety of health issues globally. But like many who follow James @ The Corbett Report question the scale or rather the reaction being played out in the mass media as to what’s needed to deal with the situation…and now, as mentioned in comments above, is being played out in the alternative press. Case and point: yesterday, I saw a post from Soapbox on how somewhere in NY State, that as ordered by Gov Cuomo Inc, the digging of Holocaust scale (my words) mass graves to accommodate all of the deaths. I was immediately sceptical of this post. Which surprised me, because before this “pandemic” I had thought of Soapbox as fairly credible in it’s reporting. But then, what I found most surprising were the comments made below. It seems that ALMOST no one was buying this story. The responses were quite hostile and people seemed very angry and not wanting to take the situation laying down. I think that this is happening because people are fed with up blatant and obvious misinformation being pushed down our throats. Perhaps, this is also now happening due to the fact that so many having their lives disrupted and uprooted making the effects of this propaganda upfront and personal. People are seeing the physical manifestation of a society that is bombarded with misinformation. I hope that this is a sign that people are ready to DO something. Also since they can’t go out shopping, or too broke now, they have something else to focus their energies. Peace to all.

  31. robert.t says:

    While CNN reports against a background of ambulances going round in circles and bored “victims” in queues…

    Today at a NSW rural supermarket a near-blind woman was constantly stumbling and colliding with other shoppers. So much for distancing. What was going on?

    It turns out that carers, at least in this state, are no longer allowed to approach their clients, let alone assist them. Supermarket staff have to watch themselves also. The blind woman needed food, and this was the only way she could get it.

    I was able to sort this particular lady after telling the supermarket staff what I was intending to do. But there must be hundreds like her just in my small rural area. Care has stopped.

    I have a sort of mantra-thingy. Goes like this…

    Stop globalism. Do tradition, neighbourhood, family, privacy, property. Stop globalism.

    Stop globalism. Turn off their putrid media. The OFF-button is our life, our sweetness and our hope. Do tradition, neighbourhood, family, privacy, property. Stop globalism.

    Stop globalism. You know the media are lying because their pixels are moving. Do tradition, neighbourhood, family, privacy, property. Stop globalism.

    Stop globalism. Never expect an inveterate liar to break suddenly into truth. Do tradition, neighbourhood, family, privacy, property. Stop globalism…

    And so on!

    (By the way, stop globalism.)

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s April 1st Interview 1530 – Vinnie Caggiano Spreads Love Not Fear

    This interview (with great music!) was a nice respite, and with a message of value for these times.
    It gave me pause to reflect and tweak personal objectives and routines.

    Actually, prior to watching this, I was out in the yard and garden doing what I like to do.
    Sunny skies with 70 degree F weather (21 C), the ground had finally dried out from recent rains.
    Neighbors were out and about, many taking walks and us waving/smiling to each other as they passed.

    I finally come into the duplex – dirty, sweaty, smelling like garlic and dirt, and played this Corbett video as I put things up.
    The sax and guitar! Wow! I was amazed.

    I enjoy the yard stuff. For me, that is my ‘creativity’.
    Along with my garage projects and experiments.
    After I finish some other projects, I hope to go out with my metal detectors. I like doing that kind of stuff.

    The Weight
    That song sure flashed to the days of ‘Easy Rider’ and hitchhiking from Texas to Dakota and Minnesota for a few weeks…on less than $50.

  33. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 1, 2020
    Downtown Vancouver, Canada – Dan Dicks
    CIVIL UNREST IS COMING As Retailers Board Up Their Shops!

  34. robert.t says:

    Still not buying. They said they would “flood the zone” when they (the Undead) were just practising last October. That meant censorship and propaganda to drown out all doubt, all contradiction. They didn’t mention just how Biblical the flood would be. I’d give it a Genesis+++.

    Reports of hospitals overflowing, body bags, freezer trucks, someone’s cousin who actually knew someone who actually saw, Donald who actually saw…


    One good musical interlude deserves another…

  35. cas says:

    hey all, always lovely to hear humanities souls come through. we need our creative expressions now more than ever. awesome vid…as ever, x

  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The smell of the morning air.
    It is cleaner.

    In fact, 2 hours prior to sunrise, the cleaner smell of the air is what woke me.
    It was noticeable.

    (At night and during the day, I keep my backdoor open with the screen, and a fan blowing.)

  37. Anika says:

    This petition initiated by a German lawyer has been circulating in Germany for a few days. It is accessible both in German and in English and can be signed by people worldwide:
    Her concerns are our concerns and so please feel free to sign and share widely. You can sign as “not public” if you don’t want your name displayed.

  38. upuaut says:

    “this is going to be extremely important for what kind of humanity is emerging on the other side of this ‘global transformative event”
    yes, it’s not about being falsely happy or hiding our rage: it’s about nurturing those parts of ourselves that will be much more needed in the (probably) dark future that our masters have envisioned for us; it’s about expanding our consciousness, deepening our insightfulness, sharpen our minds. And arts can be of great help in doing this, in bettering ourselves, strenghtening ourselves.

  39. nexangelus says:

    Thanks so much for this James! I am over my angry, ranty period (although it comes in waves) and on my long walks in the evening have been thinking about painting and poetry and writing. All things I loved to do and put aside for other time-wasting, meaningless mostly and less creative, soul fulfilling stuff. A reminder to feed the soul and give out that positive energy. Oh, I totally forgot about your band, just had a good listen have loads of brilliant stuff bookmarked now : ) Must dust off the ‘leccy guitar and get some more learning in.

  40. mik says:

    About spiritualism

    I’m not denying spiritualism, just not particularly interested in.

    Some offspring rooted in spiritualism is outright dangerous, like idea I’ve heard once: children of rich people will realize money game is stupid and they will give out their riches and we will reach salvation. WFT

    Also idea, spiritually raising yourself will raise and save humanity. Although one cannot deny influences individual-society goes both way, still you cannot use the same tools for fixing society and individual.

    During our age of Aquarius we’ve heard a lot about love, good vibes, peace. There has been some black outcasts of spiritualism, voodoo, black magic, all of them denounced by decent people.
    And things are going progressively worse for humanity, opposite direction how they should go in the age of Aquarius.

    Maybe we are missing something important and therefore Aquarius didn’t brought what is promised.

    What about spiritual self-defence? Physical self-defence is ok, therefore voodooing some mf like, for example bill gates, should also be ok.

    I guess spiritually inclined should be the first and say: “Lets try it. We will get rid of leeches and also we will get proof spirituality is real.”

    (Few weeks later: some sources say bill is incapacitated)

    • Duck says:

      “‘…..During our age of Aquarius we’ve heard a lot about love, good vibes, peace. There has been some black outcasts of spiritualism, voodoo, black magic, all of them denounced by decent people.
      And things are going progressively worse for humanity, opposite direction how they should go in the age of Aquarius…”

      The Age of Aquarius is (as constance Cumbey has written extensively on) is a Lucifarian/satanist conspiracy to upend culture and replace christianity…. it goes way way back to Gnostic cults and has popped up in various forms again and again in things like high level freemasonry, (why do you think a confederate general and alleged war criminal and founding member of the 1st KKKlan has a STATUE in washington DC that has seen zero protest?)some political groups and secret societies

      • mik says:

        What is the aim of your scribbling?

        Want to say Constance Cumbey is telling the ultimate Truth about Age of Aquarius?

        “…..Lucifarian/satanist conspiracy to upend culture and replace christianity….”

        Holy shit, you are standing behind this words??????

        • Duck says:

          Yes… I am standing by those words.
          Without a doubt if you look at the history of secret societies there is a steady thread of religion in there.
          If you do not know that it is likely you have not read on the matter since even actual academics like Dr Richard B Spence writes about british intelligence and the heavy use of masonry as an aside to the Golden Dawn stuff and Crowley’s links.
          Why would such a conspiracy be less believable then the creature from jekly island?

        • Duck says:

          As I was saying about the religious nature of some of these people

 the “lucifer publishing company” is a (self admitted) lucifarian organization related to theosophy…. they help out at the UN, and happen to be ‘related’ to the foundation of “Occupy”

          “..The Earth Charter itself rests in the “Ark of Hope,” a literal ark that was constructed specifically to house the original document in an obvious reference to the ark of the covenant. The ark was unveiled on September 9, 2001, and then carried 350 miles to the United Nations in the wake of 9/11…”

          UN Creepy meditation room

          You know that Kinsey- father of the sexual revolution- took a huge interest in Alistair Crowley to the point of trying to find his sex diaries?

          You know the sex magic group Crowley headed (not founded) the OTO is still around and collecting famous people to add to its collection?

          And you really should look up ‘strange angel’ for the fictionalized links between the space program and black magic?

          What part of a religious drive to upend society and replace it with a new value system is unbelievable?

  41. anoush.n says:

    I love this uplifting message and James’ advice to model the act of creation. When people don’t create they destroy. Artistic expression is absolutely necessary to achieve a peaceful existence. I agree, there is no better time than now to share our gifts.

    We need some sort of compilation of artistic creations made during quarantine. I’ll start collecting.

    Meanwhile, here’s a song by Moby that he wrote while trapped in his NY apartment after 9/11:

    In addition to Vinnie’s series, we also have the Quarantunes series by Lukas Nelson.

    Other examples of work created in isolation: Isaac Newton developed calculus and discovered gravity while in quarantine. Shakespeare wrote King Lear. While in prison, Paul wrote parts of the Bible…

    We’re in uncharted territory with endless possible outcomes. So much potential!

  42. groave09 says:

    Thanks for this James, I really needed it. I guess a lot of other people also (maybe even including yourself.) When we lose sight our humanity, the “powers that shouldn’t be” are closer to achieving their agenda of wold domination. Thanks also for all of your prior and future work!

  43. manbearpig says:

    Wow! Talk about a gesture of Love! Musicians throughout France are going to play TE DEUM this evening at 7 on their balconies! In honor of my Birthday! (Well also they (the national conservatories of Lyon and Paris) say it’s also to show confinement cannot isolate us) Maybe I’ll even clap afterwards! (if they don’t end at 8)
    Thanks Guys!! I’m really touched!!

    rythmn is love!

    • pearl says:

      You say it’s your birthday? Happy Birthday to you!

      • manbearpig says:

        Of course it’s YOU! SMOOCH! I Danced (like they say in the song)! while crushing cornflakes to make the spicy breading for the chicken nuggets, fried mozzarella and zucchini sticks! Gorgeous sunny day! My personal nationwide birthday concert’s starting in under an hour! Stocked up on Campari and Bordeaux!

        May be the best birthday yet!

        Thank-you dear Pearl!

        Gonna repost for you a song I’d happened upon and posted a while back that plays in my head even as I open my eyes in the moring:

        Porque ME GUSTA MUCHO!! XXXOOO

        • pearl says:

          That’s a gem – gonna add it to my playlist!

          A couple years ago you posted the following song featuring adorable animation which I searched for in vain, but this is just as good. Don’t kick off those dancing shoes yet!

          • manbearpig says:

            “…just lookin’ for clues at the scene of the crime…”

            You’re such a Gem. Please don’t change.

            Love this song.

            “it’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door…”

            • pearl says:

              My earworm is,

              “it’s hard to leave when they weld shut the door.” 🙂

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              MBP. Trimeara alliteroti. see how they say Happy Birthday to Inspector Clueso ,
              ” Are you ready ? Are you ready to play the game?” Ahh Haw!
              Happy Day After your Birfhday! Take the rest of the week off. Pamper yourself. I got cup cakes for everyone!


              • manbearpig says:

                perfeck pos pahty pikup

                now off to virtual teaching…

                I feel…virtually human today so… should be a smash…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP, perfeck lassy ous ‘ound like ‘uos kin unndurstan th’s blowk.
                Say Whaaat?


                English a most un-understandible langue. But he sure sounds convincing to me. Im all in.
                Far’ s uos go’s uos go’s an gettum.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                I only have One thing to say, cause I don’t feel like talking today.
                Say why you looking at me that way, I told you I have nothing to say. So take this
                bit-o-advice I’ll be on my way. Try to be nice while Im gone. Paris is not that far from Lyon. No I don’t treat you like a toy, listen to me No? Then listen to Lilliboy.


              • manbearpig says:

                Wooowwww, almost missed this!! Like, Goosebumps!!

                So that’s it babe?! We’re in a

                “a fast-paced, uber cool, pseudo-sexy, nowheresville” ??

                Yum! but…

                “Is Virtual Love (really) Sexier Than Real Love?
                Can we ever be as cool in real life as we are on text?”


                Here’s this unrivaled masterpiece to celebrate:


                …actually prefer the one that followed:


              • manbearpig says:


                got me again:

                Endless Forms Tulsa, Oklahoma …

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP; preamble; [ what was Lillyboy singing about?] I’d pay to have it translated into a language a person could understand. Here I have some of the new currency .Say will 10 of these new $3.00 Bills cover it. Look how pretty their are, they have Bill Clinton’s picture on them. Weird huh?
                Gawl-lee Sahzam that post you left was a breath of fresh aire. That made as much since as that foreigner encouraging Mkey to burn the 5g poles in town. Inturperating the world today is going to get expensive. That must be why The Endless Forms of gratuity Mayor Bynum plans on handing out include sack fills of Clinton $3.00 Bills. This is such a great country. Why did you ever want to leave such a weird place? Clapping on balconies, singing tedious songs? I wonder.

              • manbearpig says:

                Who knows what lilli boy really meant.

                I actually ended up liking that lungs song.


                Classes starting early tomorrow.

                be well anyway.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Ok MBP; call off the dogs, Im indisposed. Rest up,

              • manbearpig says:

                One of my favs.
                and unfortunately quite…timely.

                Full Moon (Super Moon) 8 April 2020 04:35:36

                curse of the manbearpig.

              • manbearpig says:

                Oh! The Vallon des Aufes! A fabulous little district of Marseille with incredible views from quirky apartments and tantalizingly terraced and tasty restaurants niched into vertical rocky slopes hugging a quaint little cove that opens onto the vast sparkling Mediterranean …that I adore.

              • manbearpig says:

                “Oh, my God, I see your style and the way you do stuff.
                I hope you’ll never get old.
                The credits of my life suddenly flash before my eyes
                As soon as you stick the words together.
                It’s beyond me and yet
                Of all the people, the people who I hear
                are supposed to be bad guys,
                It’s the exact opposite, in fact…
                You’re the best thing since butter!
                And the birds sing in unisson…

                Smooth talk runs in your veins,
                You go from love to hate…
                Vaccinated against shame,
                You can make every effort
                To irradiate me with your ??
                I’ll still cling to you.

                I’m not sorry
                For ruining everything.
                With “ifs” this rotten world
                wouldn’t be any fun.
                Been ten years that capisce niente
                But smash tutti,
                incomprehension and flowery rhetoric
                in an infinite loop.

                On your separate thing

                You’ll be able to invent yourself
                A whole profession of knowing how to charm
                a lost ear.
                On the one hand the pathological liar,
                On the other, the megalomaniac;
                My heart is rocking
                And I fall into a trance
                Eating up all your words.”


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP , .MERCI, Merci BEAUCOUP ! The experiment has come to an end. Now for your evaluations please.

              • manbearpig says:

                Jury’s still out. Need more empirical evidence. 😉

  44. Fawlty Towers says:

    Who would have thunk… Paul Simon has a Youtube Channel and is still going strong/crazy, after all these years. 🙂

    He’s recorded a few tunes very recently.

    The Boxer

    All I Have To Do Is Dream

    Wow he’s really pushin’ the ‘social distance’ envelope here!
    Testing the tolerance of these innocent young folks.

    Shame on you Paul.
    Where’s your face mask? 🙂

    • pearl says:

      “All I Have To Do Is Dream”, absolutely endearing. Their close proximity reflected the spirit of humanity that prods me forward when most everything else tells me we’re screwed. I recognized Woody, but the young ladies?

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Yes that is Woody Harrelson, together with Paul’s wife Edie Brickell and their daughter Lulu.

        While we’re at it, let’s continue to have some fun/horror. 🙂

        I was thinking a couple of days ago about the possibility/probability of forced vaccinations.
        And a method to check those who comply/don’t comply.
        I thought about color-coded wristbands that identified people who were vaccinated, colored for age grouping, sex etc. which were mandatory to be worn in public.

        Also very convenient for public shaming.

        And yesterday I discovered this song by Paul Simon…

        Paul Simon – Wristband

        “The riots started slowly
        With the homeless and the lonely
        Then they spread into the heartland
        Towns that never get a wristband
        Kids that can’t afford the cool brand
        Whose anger is the shorthand
        For you never get a wristband
        And if you don’t have a wristband, my man
        You don’t get through the door
        You don’t get through the door
        You don’t get through the door… “

        • pearl says:

          That’s what I’d call an amazing coinkadink, Fawlty! Very troubling to contemplate. No doubt they’re going to turn those screws; I pray I’ll be able to maintain my revulsion to the in-crowd:

          I’m in with the in crowd, I go where the in crowd goes
          I’m in with the in crowd and I know what the in crowd knows
          Anytime of the year, don’t you hear? Dressing fine, making time
          We breeze up and down the street, we get respect from the people we meet

          They make way day or night, they know the in crowd is out of sight
          I’m in with the in crowd, I know every latest dance
          When you’re in with the in crowd, it’s so easy to find romance
          Any time of the year, don’t you hear? If it’s square, we ain’t there

          We make every minute count, our share is always the biggest come out
          Other guys imitate us, but the original is still the greatest, in crowd

          Any time of the year, don’t you hear? Spendin’ cash, talkin’ trash
          I’ll show you a real good time, come on with me
          Leave your troubles behind

          I don’t care where you’ve been, you ain’t been nowhere
          Till you’ve been in
          With the in crowd, with the in crowd, in crowd

          I prefer the instrumental cover:

  45. Alchemist says:

    Hess is More – Creation Keeps the Devil Away

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