Interview 1525 - James Corbett on The Propaganda Report

03/13/202011 Comments

via The Propaganda Report: The Corbett Report’s James Corbett joins us to discuss critically thinking about the news, the coronavirus agenda, how global power operates, the WWI blueprint for modern propaganda, how to fight back, and much more.

"Conspiracy Theories" by Cass Sunstein

We Need to Talk About Search

Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease

You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid

The WWI Conspiracy

China and the New World Order

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  1. manbearpig says:

    What a really great discussion!
    Love that Monica Perez and her NYC accent! Glad to have learned of her existence!

    Yea! You can get more out of limited hangouts than they get out of you!
    And if you abstain from criticizing the messenger and criticize instead what they’re saying, you can’t go wrong unless there are faults in your own logic and argumentation.

    That’s why I don’t criticize Noam Chomsky or more recently Caitlin Johnstone for example. I pick apart what she writes… about climate, conspiracy “buffs” and Julian Assange…

    Some deep insights about the inner and generational workings of ideologies and propaganda.

    Thanks a lot!

    Will keep an eye on Propaganda Watch!

  2. AustrianBuddha says:


  3. wylie1 says:

    Question for Corbett:
    Which will get you to where you want to be MUCH faster while living in a community of almost any size
    a. Stop voting, resist what you can while not getting yourself jailed
    b. Actually enter the political arena in a big way, actually make the changes (cut, cut, cut) you want to see, by gathering and acting to screen and nominate honorable decent voluntaryists and/or big govt cutters?

    Playing whack a mole with the govt?
    Much better to be the one in there with the club whacking govt than govt whacking you when you pop up here and there.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I enjoyed listening to this.
    Both Monica Perez and Brad Binkley seem pretty sharp and well grounded.
    I liked the way Monica rolled with the interview.

    5 minutes of good grins!
    James Comey is interviewed by Brad Binkley

    Watch the expressions on Brad’s face.
    By the last part I was on the floor.

  5. Terraset says:

    What do people have to say about the Report on Iron Mountain being admittedly fictional by its own author?

  6. Arby says:

    James, and many others, talk about the coming world order. I disagree with that idea. I think it’s here. It may be that he thinks it’s here too, but looks harder at what the powers that shouldn’t be are doing to consolidate their already existing power and simply expresses things the way he does. They are always tightening things, no question, and I have no problem with taking from James and other progressives their info and take on moves made by the powers that shouldn’t be (tptsb?) in the course of their ongoing addrandisement.

  7. Arby says:

    I heard James talk about he stays away from engaging us, we commenters, because it’s problematic and he has other things to do. His position is logical, but I’m not sure that I would have said it out loud. It comes across as anti-social. I was wrong about James’s attitude, telling someone else that James is someone who will engage with his supporters in the comments section, unlike others. (My belief that that was the case, was one of the draws for me when I signed up, which isn’t to say, at all, that the site isn’t a great resource whether James engages us or not. I see a little engagement by site owners elsewhere and, in one instance, a lot. Also, I’ve had about a 50% success rate in contacting authors, bloggers, etc., and I’ve contacted many such.) I’m sure that James still notes what we are saying, even if he can’t follow our comments religiously.

  8. fer67 says:

    Thanks for a reasonable voice. I heard a former Chief Health Officer on CBC radio getting cut off and silenced when he made valid points about the Director of the WHO making bizarre, fear provoking statements, and stating that the information that is coming to officials is not the information they need about how many deaths are from the virus vs other causes, etc. That the reporting of the stats is wildly misleading. They cut him off as soon as he said that the infection rate in the worst areas was 1 in 20,000 and that the death rate of those who were infected was 1 in 1000. Then suddenly he was gone. Who knows what he was going to finish saying. But the interviewees who spoke fearfully were able to finish their discussions. I have also found news reports in other languages where doctors are saying it is being blown way out of proportion by the msm. Something like 99% of people are going to survive it. The fear porn coming out of Italy is something that I used to see all the time working in the hospital system — when people get sick they scream like banshees about their pain and suffering, like the Italian woman with the oxygen tubes in her nose, appearing to have extreme stress in breathing — but as we used to say in the hospital — if they are shouting and complaining, they’re fine. Europe has undergone massive austerity programs in the past ten years or more — so of course the politicians would rather hype up the virus, and very typically of the Italians to be the most dramatic about it, than to admit the politicians f ed up. That’s my perspective. I am sure the hospitals are doing the best they can with the media frenzied drive.

  9. fer67 says:

    I have been cynical about all corporate media from day one. When the internet first came on the scene, and all the radio and tv stations started pushing their websites, I knew it was just going to be controlled by big money sooner or later. And like all advertising campaigns, they give you the sweetness first, the freedom and the creativity, and then they clamp down on everything and all that is left is one giant advertising platform. Just an electronic phone book with colourful flashing lights and sensationalism of every sort. Fear porn, child porn, revenge porn. It’s all porn and propaganda. I watched as people went nuts over facebook and twitter, posting all their personal information and family photos — I have never given real information or posted photos of my kids or whatever. These sites are ego driven advertising platforms. No discussion of any substance is going to happen on a platform that only allows 140 characters. And now no one bothers to read anything, they mostly just cruise the eye candy, and that’s exactly what is being exploited by the .1% in this pandemic. Most of the fear porn on msm is eye candy, not factual responsible reporting. And yes it is all for police state powers. Let’s hope that reason prevails and we take apart the msm, the global banks, the globalist organizations, the bioweapons labs that should not even exist, and return control to our communities, not to international billionaire perverts.

  10. niamh says:

    Hi James, interesting headline here from the Irish Times:

    Coronavirus: All inquests deferred because of outbreak
    Coroners and Department of Justice agree move in order to limit exposure to Covid-19.

    How will we ever know the real numbers?
    Will next year’s flu be cov20?

    Also, where are all those social media freaks filming themselves sweating and coughing? It usually filters down to MSM.
    I’m not on SM but I’ve asked others and they’ve shown me nothing so far.

    Thanks for all your work James.

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