Interview 1518 - Dan Dicks Fights the Canadian Media Crackdown

03/02/202052 Comments

The Canadian government has recently considered a proposal to require all Canadian media to be licensed by the government. The proposal has been rejected for now, but how long can independent media continue to function in the increasingly draconian Canadian police state? Dan Dicks of joins us to discuss the issue.

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  1. jackbc says:

    I hadn’t seen Mr. Dicks “” until now. As a Canadian I can attest to the fact that few were outraged when the Trudeau regime openly offered hundreds of millions of dollars of bribes to our Media Establishment. Even less shocked that media trash might line up, begging bowls in hand. There is no shame left in this craven culture of ours. Years ago,I enjoyed long discussions about political corruption with a buddy, who was a retired Vancouver police detective. He would spin scenarios like this one – “Imagine you are a policeman having coffee in a restaurant. You spot the mayor of Vancouver sitting at the back of the room, deep in conversation with a high ranking crime boss. You observe them for a time, and realize they are discussing something of great importance to each. A thick envelope slides across the table, and you prudently leave before their meeting has concluded. WHO are you going to tell?” The answer is, of course, NOBODY. There is no one at VPD Headquarters, or at any media outlet, or even among the mayor’s political opponents who will touch it. This hypothetical example pertains to all of Canada. Those who rock the boat are the first to get soaking wet.

    Yes it is rotten that a corrupt media colludes with, and protects our governments. Yes Canadian society is riddled with liars and thieves, and certainly corruption (moral and monetary) taints our military, our spy agencies, our health boards, our school boards – hell, even our NGOs. If “Alternative Media” is silenced through de-platforming, shadow banning, or even prosecution under cutesy “Hate Crime” laws, few in Canada will care. Decent people can dig up dirt on the surveillance state, corrupt politicians or even the sociopaths running our universities, until their busy desks collapse under the weight of evidence. You will always find eager readers among your peers, but the mindless millions do not crave actionable knowledge.

    Sorry to be a sour pickle, but I am 9th-generation Canadian, and now past my prime. My tolerance for political institutions evaporated long ago. I can’t help thinking that if Winston Smith had a Blog, instead of a diary, his ugly fate would remain the same. Hell, if all the hard-working heroes of the “Truther” resistance were to retire, ‘Big Brother’ would create pseudo-Corbett Reports, just to entrap the next generation of malcontents.

    All of the “democracies” are choosing totalitarian methods for defeating political opponents and rubbing out domestic dissent. What is to mourn? Who wants to save “Democracy” anyway? Won’t we thrive in the anarchic morning after? James, Digital Samizdat will certainly survive in some form or other. I for one, will continue to subscribe to the best of it.

  2. Arby says:

    Geeks’ alternatives are not very fun. Geeks are cliquish. If you don’t know what they know, then you’re inferior and not deserving of plain English assistance, which you don’t get from them ever.

    I can’t use D Tube, because it works with Steemit, which I registered to but cannot for the life of me figure out how to log into. In any case, I can’t understand any of the bitcoin and blockchain stuff and if geeks don’t want to explain it in plain English, that’s fine. I have other things to do besides beg for help online where there’s zillion people with the answer and no one able to explain it or even willing to.

    As for the show, it was much appreciated. I think Dan’s promotion of weed is not classy, but otherwise find him to be a decent person whose politics I have no issues with. I am not an expert in Dan Dicks, but I will subscribe (re-subscribe) to his Bitchute channel and see how it goes. Speaking of Bitchute, It’s dying and no one’s talking about it. A few members complain about it, but whoever is running it is missing in action. Ray gave some interviews and then disappeared. If he’s still talking to us, I am unaware of it, while BC vids often don’t play, the search feature remains broken, etc..

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I have noticed an accelerating trend, which seems to be magnified in Canada (and on the West Coast in the U.S.).

    Governments are coming up with more and more rules which suppress the creativity/ability of the average person or business.

    I like Dan Dicks.
    He long has been a scrapper.

    “Scrapper” definition – A person who fights doggedly, who exhibits indomitable will.
    (e.g. He’s a real scrapper, even against impossible odds, he always keeps fighting.)

  4. mkey says:

    The problem with many of these platforms is that they don’t offer much visibility. Pocketnet seems to be doing something different, but otherwise I’d say you’re better off hosting your content on private webservers and possibly torrents.

    Having a dozen platforms where most mirror content posted elsewhere doesn’t make much sense in my view and wont hold well in the long run.

  5. fer67 says:

    I am going to have to agree to disagree with some of Dan’s stuff. I checked on Dan’s page and I have problems with some of his ten propositions. Sure we don’t have to agree on everything but it would be nice to find a Canadian indie journalist that could free him/herself from homegrown Canadian sexism. I haven’t watched every single Corbett Report, I did see Catherine Austin Fitts, but I would like to see some more input from people like Whitney Webb or Megan Murphy here, or Sonia Poulton, other journalists that are doing good work and have different directions.

  6. Libertydan says:

    This is a nice little promotion for a fellow Canadian Independent Journalist.
    The attack on “real journalism” is world wide. Having a website and subscribers is the way to go.
    I access “The Corbett Report” at and I wouldn’t even think of commenting on a youtube video.

  7. Fawlty Towers says:

    In principle using alternatives to Youtube sounds great.
    In practice, it’s a whole different ballgame.

    When I click on a Youtube link, it just works, (albeit with commercials and other junk thrown at me).

    I resent when a site requires me to log in to view their content.

    steemit requires login requires login
    bitchute never worked for me (Firefox & Chrome) works in Firefox but not in Chrome

    If a reliable, accessible alternative to Youtube presented itself not requiring logging in (tracking), with good content, I would use it.

    In other words, as much as I hate to admit it, we’ve got a long way to go still before we find a good alternative to Youtube.

    • phreedomphile says:

      Fawlty Towers,

      There’s something to be said for making a stand on Youtube against a push to herd us into online ‘free speech zones’ as social pariahs, anti corruption ‘conspiracy theory’ lepers.

      Also, it seems few question why the alternatives are using block chain, a system that’s the backbone of the NWO control freak centralized data collection project. Plus, it’s concerning at least some of the new block chain platforms feature monetary rewards for content and comments that appeal to populist upvoting habits which hints at early conditioning for social credit scores.

      It’s been reported that Bitcoin mining uses more energy than the entire nation of Switzerland. And the globalists are moving to transition ALL of our ledgers, banking, medical records, and communication to block chain. How on earth is that “sustainable”? Humble apologies for the digression and tangent here, but sometimes I wonder how many people are paying attention to these details.

      Regarding Youtube ads, a word to the wise, I’ve found Ad Block and Ad Block Plus take care of that annoyance – at least for now. FWIW, I understand reviewers say the former came out first and is the better option.


      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Thanks for the info phreedomphile and tips on blocking ads.

      • manbearpig says:

        “…it’s concerning at least some of the new block chain platforms feature monetary rewards for content and comments that appeal to populist upvoting habits

        which hints at early conditioning for social credit scores…”


        In Mr Corbett’s vein and as a repeat of what’s already been said; the coronavirus has been monumental in creating new-paradigm precedents; children are getting schooled in the Oise department of France at home via the internet, telecommuting for workers, increased video conferencing to replace business travel, plans to cut dependency on China for medecines and medical equipment meaning to relocalize industry, also adopting sustainable behaviors such as Germany’s ecological system for sterilizing and reusing hospital clothing, a student mentioned seeing how the virus has re-spawned the idea that robots are much more hygienic than humans so we need more more more of them everywhere and

        as someone here already posted, blockchain and crypto-currency have been lauded as helpful and hygienic in managing the crisis:

        “..China has also started disinfecting and isolating used banknotes , aiming to stop the spread of the coronavirus…Red Cross: The issues with donations and how blockchain can help…”

        Blockchain Increasingly Leveraged by China to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak
        By Alo Kingsley Feb 18, 2020

        “…Most of the apps have been designed to manage personal data of citizens within the region; this is because a vast majority of the country’s population is returning to work this month.

        Local authorities have noted that blockchain is on guard for the security of medical data, as it has helped with the active tracking of data collected.

        “…For this reason, Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, has been seen to apply this technology in the online screening, consultation, and secure management of data records. Vastchain Technology, a trenching company in Hangzhou, came up with a WeChat-based program dubbed Access Pass, which is designed to generate a QR code that residents can use to enter restricted communities…”

        just blathering before frantically scuttling off to work to pay for my vacation like the good little highly-conditioned rodent that I apparently strive to be…

        Have a good one 2Ph!

        • phreedomphile says:

          Hey There, MBP.

          Thank you, you posted several important nuggets! I have come across the same information and much more as related to the big coronavirus psy op. I’ve been standing on the shoulders of Jon Rappoport ( and several other super sleuths sometimes using my medical science expertise to help guide me through the labyrinths.

          Have you noticed the emphasis on military participation in containing the virus? Did you also happen to catch the recent news that Bolsonaro replaced his cabinet with military officers using the excuse he doesn’t want to work with establishment types? Reading the tea leaves globally, I am increasingly convinced all nations have shifted to a formal military takeover with a facade of the usual [s]elections.

          A couple of years ago Dr. Steve Pieczenik said on Infowars that the election of Trump “was a military action” and there are military officers overseeing every US region. He described the situation as one where the military and US intelligence, as the ‘white hats’ opposing Hillary, took over the US govt with Trump overseeing all of it. Of course it’s absurd to suggest Trump is in charge of it all but it fits the Q psy op and it also includes some truth as a C.O.G. shift after 9/11 transforming into something even more authoritarian.

          Sorry to drop this heavy theory on you. Just wondering if you sense this is also taking place in France and the rest of Europe. Macron ruling as Jupiter. Yikes.

          Thanks and kindest regards.

          • manbearpig says:

            well, can’t say if the C.O.G. has actually been sudden or if it has taken place slowly but surely over several decades via the deep state of course and the secret services

            However I’d say that 9/11 and its “war on terror” has normalized the fact of brandishing the police state in everyone’s face with increasing “vigipirate” squads (kids walking around in army fatigues and automatic weapons), state police and more and more helicopters and drones floating around.

            This is supposedly to make the normies feel more safe and secure from boogeyman threats (produced by essentially the same entities professing to protect them obviously)

            whereas this same military show of force is akin to the militarized deep state baring its teeth and growling at any dissidents and conspiracy theorists (denialists, negationists, skeptics and other such bothersome marginals)

            which explains all the eyes and hands (and even lives) lost by such outspoken rule-breaking rebels as the yellow vests.

            end of coffee break, gotta hamsterize now! (can’t even edit, rats!)

            ps: and sure, I have no doubt Bolsonaro is part of the overall psyop that is establishment politics, there to play a boogeyman, everything you shouldn’t aspire to be these days…anathema to the smart sustainable and well socially-scored hero of the future!

  8. candlelight says:

    It’s a pity about Canada. Maybe the Canadian Government has become bipolar. Or schizoid. Or both? Alas, the Queen of Canada is none other than the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Is Canada truly independent, or does it hold some strange fealty to the United Kingdom, remaining as it is, part of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom?….Who knows.

    All I know is that 50 years ago, Canada welcomed with open arms, thousands of young Americans dodging the military draft imposed during the Vietnam War. Would it do so today? Highly doubtful. It would seem now, that whatever its relationship to England is, the Canadian Government have become miserably kowtowing lapdogs to their big brother south of the border. It’s a damn shame.

    On another note:

    I couldn’t help noticing at 5:33 mins, the infamous 9/11 “truther”, Charlie Veitch, in the short snippet of that horrendous G20 meeting in Toronto that Dan Dicks covered. Wow, he was something else. But, what that else is, or was, is a mystery.

    If anybody is interested, you have to check out Veitch’s three part self expose, Charlie Veitch exposes Veitch. I hadn’t seen it since he put it out, but I remember being rather nonplussed by it.

    Many of you may know that Veitch, sometime after these expose videos, changed his mind about 9/11. I’ve included a article discussing his “conversion”.

    Also, prior to his self expose, he was interviewed by Alex Jones where Veitch talks about his G20 Toronto experience. Please note Jones’ lunatic, ranting, insane behavior, making various outrageous,incendiary and fraudulent claims. It’s a pure display of the classical cartoonish Alex Jones in his prime….When it comes to Alex Jones, I’ve got a big question mark as to the nature of his psyop, because be definition, that’s exactly his shtick, a psyop for lack of a better term. It smells more than simple performance art, to be sure.

    So, here’s the Jones’ interview:

    Here’s part 1, 2 & 3 of Veitch EXPOSED:

    And, lastly, the Slate article on Veitch’s change of mind concerning his stance on 9/11:

    The most bizarre link is part 3 0f 3, with Veitch showing his ties to his military background and his working for a Rothschild banking concern. Verrrry, verrrry, odd, indeed.

    You have to wonder, dear fellow subscribers, what in hell it’s all about? Correction: I shouldn’t say all, but there’s a substantial amount of very questionable stuff, in terms of the players and in terms of the “information”. When it comes to covering up the false flag attack that occurred on 9/11, there’s since been as much (psychological) warfare, or more, than the day of.

    • alexandre says:

      Wow, man. Didn’t remember this Charlie guy at all. He went about hugging people, right?

      Remember when I said that, after watching Jones on Rogan, I was ready to give up the McGowan position and agree with you? That’s at least one effect of such torrent of stuff. You simply give up. But if you look at the torrent, you’ll find very little actual documentation, evidence etc, and much more things like “Going from a paranoid mindset to a less paranoid mindset.” – as Charlie said. Psychoanalysis of the one who “believes” in conspiracy theories and all sorts of emotional stupidities. The conspiracy is not that complicated, so they have to deluge the area with “the torrent” so the “viewer” just gives up. Charles would be one of those, or he simply saw something terrifying during the time he was arrested. What I call “the little room”. (I believe there’s a little room where they take every elected official – or anyone that needs it – and they show them something, and the guy comes out of the room completely changed. I thought of that after Lula, who changed so much after being “elected”). So Charles maybe saw the little room. (Hey, would that be Room 101? Hmm, I guess so).

      Now, curiously I was just watching a Max Igan video that starts with this quote from Michael Hoffman’s …”Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”(?):

      “This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiator procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us. The meme that constitutes our essential structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is exposed.”

      Let’s chew on that one for a bit.
      That for me promises to explain (not that it does now) why so much information was suddenly made available to everyone on the internet when the internet itself was created by the monster we want to expose and destroy…with the internet? Hmmm, walking on thin paper…like Kwai Chang Caine.

      By the way, just found this one, which looks interesting…?

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Very nice grasshopper! I missed this the first time around. You make a good point here. I will think on this a little bit. And get back to you.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Alex, this is a brain tweeker to say the least. The cause of this here site can be found in this article. Being Played?
          Mirroring? Aping? Why oh why is the question. This may be above my pay scale. Knowing will come from so far inside us it becomes a mirror of the infinity of the space that surrounds us . It is in that void between the innermost depths and outermost limits that the adept operates and applies the science( the accumulated wisdom of the ages) to our enslavement. Im going with MBP, and this does not mean willful avoidance of A Truth, but that ” I too am a lumberjack and I will be OK!

          This is like jazz in its purest form Maestro. Nice find. Gonna have to leave it to the editor and chief head thinker to sort this out.
          Oh great and powerful Oz!…Say my name!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Kung Fu Rice Paper SUCCEED
        (45 seconds)

        When I was married, I often told myself:
        “When awound wife, won must walk on wice paper.”

      • manbearpig says:

        “…release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiator procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us..”

        I often wonder to what extent I’m helpfully participating in predictive programming…

        but when all is said and done…i don’t care, ’cause:

        I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK! despite the rude awakening…

      • candlelight says:


        If I’m interpreting you correctly, you’re saying there’s a system in place to sort of deluge the realm of “conspiracy theory” with a “torrent” of stuff, with the further aim of creating ever more confusion and obfuscation? That’s an interesting concept…. An interesting zinger, if you will….So, we now need to wade through a “torrential” sea of bullshit to see the light, or any light. Bad enough dealing with the internet of things (IoT) Now we have to deal with the torrent of things (ToT)! Damn! And my waterlogged boots are getting awfully heavy!

        Though, I suppose it’s all good shit, interesting shit, if not very strange shit…. In checking out your Mr. Michael Hoffman, I found this interview he did with Bonnie Faulkner discussing his book. I happen to like Bonnie Faulkner. She covers some rough stuff, stuff that is anathema to Mainstream, such as the Palestinian crisis, as seen and felt through the hearts and lives of Palestinians, not through the point of view of their Zionist oppressors. She’s straight forward, and in this insane world of the 57 layers of truth and mirrors, as you rightly pointed out, I find Bonnie to be pretty well balanced. Here’s her interview with Hoffman:

        Curiously enough, Bonnie’s interview starts with the same quote as did the Max Igan video you mentioned you were watching.

        Actually, that’s pretty funny. It reminds me of the video showing all the MSM news outlets around the USA and Canada blurting the same Associated Press(AP) scripts on any given news segment, word for word….Granted, this is totally different than Igan and Faulkner starting their respective discussion and interview with the same Hoffman quote. But, funny nonetheless.


        Is it really so totally different? Is Alternative news and Mainstream news part and parcel of the same matrix? Where exactly does the influence of Freemasonry end and, better, where does it begin? Is there an end? Isn’t this the serpent that eternally eats its own tail?

        Wow! I’m wondering, do we get to exit the matrix alive? Will we? Sucked as we are, into this unholy vortex?…. How does one see the forest for the trees, when the sky darkens, and the torrent comes down?….

        I do find it on the curious side, though, that such a tremendously informative and mind expanding book, such as “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”, designed to enlighten and open our eyes, to expose the hidden manipulations, gets published four months prior to 9/11…. The snake eating itself? Once again? Perhaps simply a nice scholarly researched piece of predictive programming unto itself however funnily or appallingly, coincidental? But, somehow conveniently served up courtesy of the matrix, via an unconscious cosmic Jungian synchronicity? In other words, more of the torrent?

        Landing on square one, again, I think I’ll take a breather.

        However, I’m not lighting up any fag. Maybe if I was in the jazz club?

        • alexandre says:

          Well, there you go. This will be in two parts.
          Part I
          I’m reading a book on musical structure and design. When I was studying with my teacher, he said “can you imagine yourself writing a 300 bars piece?” If I opened a Mahler’s symphony score, it was something like what you wrote. A mass of mazes within mazes within labyrinths. After studying form and counterpoint – not much but enough for me – I eventually did compose 300 bars pieces, almost without noticing it. Teacher showed me Beethoven manuscripts to show me how hard he, Beethoven, worked. The famous 5% inspiration and 95% work. He said “You have more creativity than Beethoven, and yet, he was Beethoven and you are you.” (tough teacher, but I loved it). He made me see the light for myself and how, without studying counterpoint, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, I would never understand, say, Stravinsky, Prokofiev or Bartok, which was what I really loved. I could decide not to study classical and just continue playing jazz, but I wanted to know classical music as much as I want (or need) to understand how the world really works.

          So…form and counterpoint. Structure. I limited my sources to Corbett, Patrick Wood, Icke and TruthStreamMedia to focus on what could give me, in terms of this “grand design” (as E.G.Griffin said), form and counterpoint, or “structure”. The way the world works, politically/conspiratorially, is a structure, it has a form. That is my personal point of view in all of this. I’m seeing “the grand design” as a symphony, a sonata or a symphonic poem. So naturally I’m trying to figure out its form, its structure, without getting lost in styles, ornaments, orchestrations, dynamics etc. What does the skeleton look like? You have main themes and developments of these themes. Once you figure out the main themes, you can understand what the development is, what the introduction and codas are and how the composer is more or less thinking. You get the structure and don’t have to worry about the “beauty” details. And you say “aha”; look how Beethoven, having reached Emajor, with a simple little phrase, went right back to Cmajor, the root key. Wow. And so on. Trying to figure out big structures like these just by the sound or by “I like it” or “I don’t like it” is useless. The grand design is not a little kids tune or a simple blues in F, it’s a symphony within a symphony, AND maybe it’s currently being re-written, or re-composed by a enormous gang of thugs. Maybe Technocracy is not re-composing, but just another theme in the structure that no one knew about. We thought it was a sonata form, but hey, it’s looking like a rondo, shit. We’re still studying the piece and Corbett specially (because of all the sources and links he provides and by the way he thinks), is for me a central source for the study of the structure.

          • alexandre says:

            PART II
            Up to now, for me, the composer would be Ahriman (or some demonic grand shadow entity).
            The main themes, as an example:
            a) Eugenics
            b) Secret societies
            c) Technocracy/Scientism
            D) Digital (could be a codetta of scientism…)

            And so on, each theme with it’s own inner structures and developments.
            Try to make a list of the main themes and, whenever reading or watching something, don’t lose sight of the main themes because everything, every single note that Beethoven wrote, comes from the main themes – often one single idea. The famous 5th symphony starts G-G-G-Eb. Everything else in the entire symphony is a development of that idea. What I see in the truth arena is people often getting lost in details, not remembering the main themes and not understanding that it is indeed a big symphony, i.e. complicated, big, vast and done by experts in structure. Like Beethoven, with a simple little phrase, they can make us all go this or that direction.

            One can decide not to see it like that and focus more on the details, but in terms of what it is and the effect it has on our lives, it’s kind of inescapable. If you want to understand Mahler, you have to study these hard things, just like if you want to build a cathedral, you have to study and learn complicated stuff. The conspiracy is a giant symphonic poem violently thrown at people that can understand only “The ABC Song”. So now we have to become Beethovens to be able to understand and have a chance in fighting it.

            Don’t know if this answers anything, but it’s what I saw in your text and what I see all around. This is the picle we’re in; having to figure out Richard Strauss without any knowledge of form and counterpoint. So if Corbett is a source, use it. Go back, watch again, do the search, read everything, go to the links etc. There’s enough material already to figure out some big main themes. And of course the comment section is where we share our confusions and studies.

            • candlelight says:


              I very thoughtful and sober approach, drawing an analogous parallel between the intricacies of classical composition, and that of….I don’t even know what to call it….?

              And here is my confusion….

              This “it” I cannot name, I also cannot structure into a) b) c) d). My “it” I cannot theme. I cannot put “it” in a structure for I don’t know what “it” is.

              Let me explain.

              Whatever it is, it possesses a quality of vagueness – little understood (by me)- yet is an all encompassing matrix, a deep amorphous structure with undefined edges and borders, sensed at times as if through an opaque lens. This opaque reality, that can sway this way or that, be tweaked here or there, by the power gods we summon, can be at times, understood with clarity, only to then once again, at other times, devolve, and become mired in fog, recalcitrant doubt and unsettled belief plagued by the perceived ubiquity of obnoxious and obsequious dogma, the marriage and mirage of lies and half-truths, the spouting of opinion passing as the religion of knowledge and authoritative truth, with a soothsayer under every rock. It can be a torment. Yes, I’d say we are witnessing – tongue-in-cheek – The Torrent of Arhiman.

              Maybe I’m making it out worse than what it is. Maybe I just need to stop fretting and learn to love cherry picking my “truths” out from amidst what I deem unfounded pronouncements and/or other absurdities, that are joyfully pandered to the crowd…..Ah, I ought to say – jus’ fugeddaboutit!

              I will say your solution of structuring and sorting out into themes is potentially a helpful tool. Only care must be given to also keep in mind whilst keeping chosen themes in mind, that any such themes so ordered, may be by default, artificial static constructs and potentially stultifying artifices, applied to what on a whole is a much more greatly intertwined, free-flowing, organic psychic phenomenon, that we human beings are subject to and, unfortunately, prey for.

              Anyway, equally unfortunate, I’m afraid I haven’t shared a lick of studies here, but as for sharing my confusion….?


              By the way, alexandre, I thank you for your double post above this crappy chicken scratching of mine. In terms of your post’s composition – it is magnifique! As in flawless.

              My problem is I’m a rueful skeptic 360° around!

              Be good.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Candlelight. You are on par( since there’s no boggy here) with Benny Wills of Joy Camp in that poetic lay down . Very delightful and timely. Enjoyed it greatly. Keep em coming.

                Carry on. { quote from Pearl } as an aside, I never knew there was a dictionary of 1984 terms. From which I learned JoyCamp was one .


              • pearl says:

                Yes, what GBW said (except that I’ve not heard Benny Wills [yet]), but your description, Candlelight, brought to mind a verse from the first book of Corinthians:

                “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

                Alexandre, you are a maestro of words as with notes.

              • alexandre says:

                Please, Pearl. Maestro is way too much. I studied about 30% of what I should have studied, so I more or less got the idea and learned some, but far far away from the word “maestro”, let alone with words. Many times I failed so miserably that I can’t call myself “a composer”. I don’t know if I can post here a link to the only piece I wrote that came out more or less how I expected. It’s a 7 movements suite illustrative of my trip to Atacama desert in 2005. But I don’t know if this is the place for what could be seen as arrogant self-promotion.

                It’s a very difficult thing – “classical” (for lack of a better term) music – and that’s kind of my point. We’re dealing with a very difficult thing (apparently). At the end, replying to Candle’s beautiful poetic reply, it’s about power, nothing more, and it’s been like that since the times of Gilgamesh or before. In a way, Candle, you answered yourself. That “it” is the opus, the piece, whatever we may call it. Then you have the main themes – eugenics, one main theme that is beyond question. It’s their ideology, as pointed out by maestro Corbett. Then there is Technocracy – Agenda 2030, the action plan and so on. It’s not too complicated. It becomes confusing when you get lost in the secondary details, as I said, having lost the main themes. Vaccines could be put in the Technocracy theme? Or in eugenics? So you try to organize the confusing secondary themes to see where they could fit in the main themes, something like that. I totally agree about caution and possible artificial constructs, and will take it into consideration. But the main themes become main themes because, after studying, we can clearly see they are beyond doubt, they don’t change, and they have many visible tentacles. Maybe it’s only one theme: eugenics. That alone would take care of the rest almost. Then we should never lose sight of these as we go along. Whatever I’m reading or watching about “it”, these themes are in my head all the time. Otherwise we get lost, specially with so much information coming out by the gazillions every second. We have to summarize, encapsulate, reduce, epitomize, abbreviate (I’m checking the dictionary).

                I’d say we know it already. The “it” is both 1984 and Brave N.W.; one is the “it” seen from the perspective of the individual (1984), and the other from the perspective of the collective. Both are the same “it” only viewed from different perspectives. So voilà, we have our opus, and we can finally react to it by saying “shit”.

              • pearl says:

                I don’t know if I can post here a link to the only piece I wrote that came out more or less how I expected. It’s a 7 movements suite illustrative of my trip to Atacama desert in 2005.

                Ah, the Atacama desert! Was it in bloom when you went? Your willingness to share your creation with us, what a gift! Yes, please!

              • alexandre says:

                Thanks, Pearl, that’s very kind. Bloom? Well, that’s a big hell of a desert. I went to San Pedro de Atacama (lovely little town), near Calama (ugly town) and it was not blooming. It was … how to say … the most living place I’ve ever seen, even if there was “nothing” there. Truly amazing and the effects are still with me. There was the “salar” (Sal = salt, so sal-ar it’s a big area made of salt) with flamingos and so on. It was paradise and, after smoking a fag at a 4.000m altitude dark blue lake surrounded by a white sort of beach made of salt, I knew I wanted to be buried there. It felt like my true home.

                Maybe a page explaining the trip and the movements would be an idea, sort of a libretto, so the listener can follow the music better. It’s really descriptive music – “program music” they call it – each movement being one important moment of the trip. That would be cool. Yeah, I’ll do that (in English) and then invite my Corbeteer pals here. Unfortunately the pictures were taken on Ektachrome film (35mm, remember?) and I didn’t turn them to digital. How old-fashioned is that?

                Sounds good?

              • pearl says:

                Yes, even better! Your mentioning “program music” is remarkable since my daughter was telling me about that just yesterday! Still fresh in her mind from her music appreciation class last semester, she made alive for me Vivaldi’s “Spring”, describing his intention to convey the birds’ chatter, the storm and lightning, etc. Knowing that is pivotal! Years ago, we attended the symphony during a special day tailored to appeal to kids. The conductor introduced Bedřich Smetana’s “Moldau” by first telling the story of the river (which I’ll lift from wikipedia since my faulty memory won’t do him justice):

                “In this piece, Smetana uses tone painting to evoke the sounds of one of Bohemia’s great rivers.[4] In his own words:

                The composition describes the course of the Vltava, starting from the two small springs, the Cold and Warm Vltava, to the unification of both streams into a single current, the course of the Vltava through woods and meadows, through landscapes where a farmer’s wedding is celebrated, the round dance of the mermaids in the night’s moonshine: on the nearby rocks loom proud castles, palaces and ruins aloft. The Vltava swirls into the St John’s Rapids; then it widens and flows toward Prague, past the Vyšehrad, and then majestically vanishes into the distance, ending at the Labe (or Elbe, in German).[5]”


                Thanks to that wise conductor providing the intent of Smetana, it’s my favorite piece to date:


              • alexandre says:

                Great to hear that – and that someone still has music appreciation classes during these weird times. Fantastic.

                Ok, then, here it goes. I ain’t no Smetana, keep in mind, please. The piece I think goes further than tone-painting, being almost cinematic. Of course it’s still just music. What caught the attention of my teacher was from the 3rd movement on. There is where he saw something genuinely “mine”, the first two movements being more derivative of Shostakovich etc. (Damn, it’s never enough for teacher!)

                It’s so deeply personal that I think may be too personal, meaning…it means a great deal to me, but maybe nothing to others. Those tone painting pieces by the masters are more generic – “wedding by the river” and things that are not so personal. So maybe that’s why my piece didn’t provoke any interest from the orchestras I showed it to. On the other hand, it’s all so political that, me not being “someone”, hardly any orchestra will play it. Oh well, still it’s something dear to me, as was the trip, which incidentally was in a (the) turning point in my life. After that I left the city and came live in the country. Everything changed.

                There are explanations for each movement and a note at the bottom about the recording.

                (Please bear in mind that it’s done with samplers and just some real instruments, so it’s not a real orchestra. One should imagine (like A LOT) how it would sound with the real thing).

                There are buttons to each individual movement (links to SoundCloud), but if you click on the first, the others follow automatically.


              • pearl says:

                I’m stunned. Words fail me. Simply exquisite, Alexandre. Your descriptions of the landscape and your mindset (with the added benefit of our getting to read your thoughts here) made for such a profound listening experience. Earphones are a must! I could hear the breeze, the chimes (was there water too?). For each movement, I entered the specific locales into DuckDuckGo’s image page. Of course, mere images can’t begin to approach the actual majesty, but I do have my imagination.

                Thank you so much for sharing your labor of love. I’m in awe of your incredible talent.

              • candlelight says:

                Bravo, alexandre, Bravo! Bravo!

                Really beautiful. Yes, definitely headphones, pearl….And I close my eyes and I see dancers, both classical and modern dancers, and as I listened, I watched their emotive rhythm, an emotional journey. I saw two lovers, arising from slumber, stretching, waking up, then dancing about like you would see on stage. At times a troupe of dancers, lining behind one other, forming geometrical designs….I felt like I was at the ballet, and enjoying the music as much as any I’ve heard.

                Your music is actually as good, if not better than any I’ve heard performed, either at Lincoln Center, or anywhere else I’ve heard world class, top performances.

                Again, bravo, alexandre.

                My hat’s off to you!

                I’m taking the rest of the night off, my friend, from conspiracy theory. No need. I’d much prefer tonight to revel in and about the ancient, primordial salt sands and trails of the Atacama!

                Cheers! And…BRAVO!!… ENCORE!!! 🙂

              • alexandre says:

                Well, fellers, that’s very nice to hear. That thing played by a real orchestra should sound pretty good, eh.
                Incredible to read your reactions. Dancers? Lovers arising from slumber? Wow. There you go.
                Good idea to look the photos, Pearl. The place changed, I think, and Ruka Zen from a small house became a big hotel. Yuk. San Pedro must be very different from my time there. I didn’t know the lakes were so high. Man, 19.300 feet! That’s why Lucio, the guide, was very surprised when I lit up a fag, he said “are you gonna smoke here?!”. I said “Are you kidding?”

                The piece came out just like I thought, which is not usual. The drawings I did of my nightmare also came out perfect, which is very unusual. Usually they come out completely different, really frustrating. But this time everything came out just right. That’s why it’s the only piece I could present as “a composition” of mine. Even though it needs adjustments, you got the feeling and that was great. Thank you so much.

                Unfortunately in this business (orchestral music) the substance matters much less than the pedigree, so if you didn’t climb the right ladders and walked the right paths, no chance of having your thing performed. Orchestras are expensive and very political.

                I’ll see if I can find some graphic thing I did for it including some footage of the recordings. If I find it, I’ll send you the link. It’s just for the two first movements – I was trying to do something visual with it, but it’s very hard.

                Now let’s talk politics. This is not the place for all this music talk. Back to your desks! “What is this mess? An empty desk is an efficient desk!” (from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil)

            • manbearpig says:

              Shoot! I missed all this!

              For heaven’s sake! I was busy for only about 24 hours and the place runs amok!

              wow. That was some treatise on the musical interpretation of the Grand Conspiracy!

              Jeepers Pearl! You certainly seem to have a knack for making things happen!

              Gosh Alexandre! At least I know what I’m doing with my lunch break. The Atacama desert indeed! You know how to seize folks by their sentiments (a ridiculous word for word translation of a French expression).

              Damn! the incongruity of it all with the prevailing preoccupations of the moment (maybe that’s why it’s known as the CORONA virus) Heck! this is all kind of a nice remedy in fact!

              Golly! I’ve exhausted all my expletives! guess I’ll have to regress back into hamster form now!

              (hey! first time I’ve ever used the word “expletive”!)

              • alexandre says:

                Hey, MBP, welcome back from your 24hs break. “This place runs amok”…very good.
                Loved the French expression. Now in French, please.
                Didn’t get the CORONA joke.
                Expletive …. expletive….(flipping pages sound fx)
                “an oath or swear word.”
                “a word or phrase used to fill out a sentence or a line of verse without adding to the sense.”
                Man, you’re too difficult for me.

                Does the musical treatise make any sense?

              • alexandre says:

                Now that I think of it, that was my World Premiere of Atacama for an audience of two. How about that? I’m a happy feller.

              • alexandre says:

                Hey fellers, my Atacama audience here… some more of Atacama. A video showing bits and pieces of the recording sessions. I was going to make something of a short movie, mixing 3D and video footage, but it didn’t work. It was too big of a plan, so I just edited together the footage I had to show more or less how it went. It’s just the raw footage put together without any order or “script”, but you see the real people recording etc.


              • pearl says:

                I’m watching it now! So cool!!

              • pearl says:

                I love to see how things are made so this was a rare treat. And how neat to get to see our beloved Alexandre!

              • alexandre says:

                Thanks, Pearl. Fifteen years younger, that is. I was still almost alive then. Now I’m in quarantine for 15 years, “and loving it” – as Maxwell Smart would say.

                I was going to say “back to Corona” because I still fear this is not the place for such non-news stuff, but now that I think of it, it’s a kind of statement for the current pan-hysteria. Sister talked to some Portuguese doctors, and people in Italy etc, and they say that this stuff going around that “it’s just a simple flu” is making people not worry and continue circulating and spreading the virus etc. The confusion is so complete that Corbett is right in not having a firm position for lack of information – or the overload of it – and I kind of got tired of the whole thing. So Atacama is a good way to say “look over here” at least to take a break from this current psy-op. They sure play us like violins. We’re the violins and they are the Paganinis.

              • manbearpig says:


                stop comparing unscrupulously pathologically lying, thieving, murdering manipulators with Paganinis please! these entities that would equate human consciousness with sophisticated machine calculations have the means to glean and puppateer human nature, not the sensitive genius.

                Anyhow, I once wrote a really really stupid play in order to pass a university playwrighting class

                but the feeling of watching/listening to actors reading my text, enacting what I’d imagined first in my head was utterly indescribable, extraordinary, unrivalled…

                I can only imagine that listening to live musicians interpret the music that played first in your head must be comparable…but even more sublime…

                as already mentioned by Pearl you also express yourself in a foreign language in a most captivating way.

                your video was more than just Mimi… it was… it actually made me uncomfortably jealous…

              • alexandre says:

                Thanks MBP. You’re absolutely correct. I will NOT compare the insects to Paganini anymore! In fact I won’t even call them insects, not to cast aspergions….espergions….aspargus….damn…what’s the word… on insects, which show much more integrity than those bastards.

                I know exactly what you mean by people playing stuff you imagined. It is amazing and very scary. Big responsibility. I always think of the musicians whenever I write something. Imagine them getting out, in the car, going there, with the instruments etc etc, and about 20 guys doing that…for you? You better have something very good to play, specially in this case where I didn’t pay them. I asked if they would do it for free and they said yes. (The rip to Paris was paid by the studio guy!) The brass section was a surprise. I never imagined I could have the whole section for free, but one of the trumpet guys said “leave it to me”. Really a precious gift from them. Now watching it, it made ME uncomfortably jealous. I’m not there anymore. Neither is São Paulo, or Paris, apparently.

              • manbearpig says:

                ya know, so here I was just squeamishly rereading my inebriated interactions of a few hours ago, of last night…

                me loving the feeling of seeing people act out my silly theatrical texts

                you orchestrating devoted artists to conjure your desert masterpiece into existence

                casting asparagus on insects who have the means to write the future and force the pygmees to play that score…

                and it dawned on me

                … that humanity is locked in some sort of global scale pokemon-go game

                that existed first in the heads of aspiring PTSB who are now revelling at watching us all crash into each other in the streets, offices and schools as we run after chubby yellow hallucinations that pop up here and there like whack-a-moles before

                the silver hammer comes crashing down upon our heads:


                Saturday morning! time for some caffeine…

              • alexandre says:

                Well, pig, lovely lines, and whack-a-mole made my day. I love these expressions. I hope they’re not expletives.

                It dawned on you right, I think. It has its good side, like reading whack-a-mole at 4AM from someone on the other side of the planet, but it’s the globalization to which my spirit said “no” the first time I saw it. Getting old is agony in this sense, cause most of what’s normal now is actually unthinkable in the real world. Or real life. That life where we meet in person in some cafe and enjoy, or share, the incarnation for a while.

                Sounds pretty corny, but the “question”, the main theme in Atacama’s trip was “who am I”. I didn’t give “the audience” the context of the trip, but it was a very dark and heavy turning point. I’ve been trying to answer that question since, but reality turned into this absurdity to such a point that the question doesn’t seem to make any sense anymore. First time I saw “http://” was the first clue that the big ship was turning to a direction we didn’t want to go, at all. And here we are. “Now what?” – seems to be the new question.

              • manbearpig says:

                who am I…

                this is the underlying question, I imagine, the impetus of absolutely everything anyone does in life… the trembling wonder our brain experiences at the perception of its own existence, resonates in all our actions, the very quality silicon valley would like to digitalize…

                you can feel good about that question as you help beauty to thrive in the universe

                even as the corona is the king of all current preoccupations in seething populations around the world…

                indeed, the pandemic paradigm shift has everyone a little on edge it would seem…

                yesterday evening, my sweet, shy and mild-mannered business student Emmeline suddenly erupted with something like:

                “anyhow, I’d be happier if the chinese would all just stay in their own country and die there! Now we’re all paying for their lack of elementary savoir vivre, can you imagine!? eating bats??!”

                but she didn’t really mean it. it had been a long, nerve-wracking week…

                and now I’ll stop blathering… at least until I’ve made another cup of instant coffee…

              • alexandre says:

                6AM, Time to go to bed. Later I’ll reply Shakespeare style. HA…I wish… or was it really … Bacon? So many conspiracies, so little time.

        • alexandre says:

          Hi Candle. Having said all of that in the two parts treatise -as mbp calls it – I’m reading more closely your M.Hoffman link (I’m a slow reader, remember) and man, that’s a ton of stuff. “Processing of humanity”, “Tridentine Latin Mass” and so on. I haven’t finished it, but already a thought came. I wonder how much longer will it be for us to start thinking David Icke. It’s getting closer and closer, if anything for lack of alternatives. I never bought the reptilian thing and all that samba, but the more I see stuff happening, the more it makes sense (or nonsense). My mind is still on “metaphor for madness”, so you call it reptilian, I call it insane, but the problem is the herd thing. One guy, say a king, going mad and wanting to conquer the universe, ok, it’s just one insane guy. But when you have a whole “elite” equally insane, meaning all with the same madness, it becomes the ant thing, the herd, the hive-mind…the…insect? Reptile? (Don’t know if reptiles are group animals, so insect sounds more like it). So if you just let it go and think “alien insects”, strangely it all fits. But then you have to go back because that’s a no-no, after all we’re not mad and we have to keep it down to earth. See what I mean? Reality is getting so absurd that the only explanation would be a crazy idea like that, because politics, elections, financial systems, corporations, malevolence and greed just doesn’t cut it. The bastards have more money, power and control than any insane maniacal ruler from the past could ever imagine, so WTF? I don’t know, I’m just throwing this out here. Now we would have to see if Michael Hoffman can be trusted or if he’s yet another confusion agent. Will continue reading. Just wanted to properly thank you for the link.

        • alexandre says:

          Hi again, Candlelight. After reading the whole M. Hoffman interview, I found the audio version. (That would have been better for my eyes, but I learned some new words, such as yeomanry and foray. UFA!)

          Man, that was great stuff. Thanks Max Igan! And you. Many people will find him maybe a little too much out there with the Freemasonry occult stuff, but man, there’s something there.

          PS – You said somewhere you were gonna debunk Patrick Wood? Don’t you mess with Mr Wood, man! Achtung! Ok, waiting with anticipation.

  9. Octium says:

    I see a lot of people debating Anarchy vs Government and coming out in favor of Government.

    They may give many reasons such as a belief that government is needed for roads, health, security looking after the aged etc. Or they may believe there is some kind of natural tendency in people to seek government anyway or maybe people are not “ready” for Anarchy yet.

    The fallacious part of the argument is that they are always comparing Anarchy to how they perceive the current state of how the government is now (or in the past)

    As Dan Dicks story shows, government is always in a never ending slide towards tyranny.

    Never ending, because it’s not like that one day the government stops and say “OK, We have reached the ideal level of Tyranny now, we will stop and keep it on a level”

    No, that never happens. The slide to tyranny continues until either something happens to eliminate the government or the government eliminates the population.

    It’s not academic for me, as I live in an island on which the government in the past killed off most of the population to the point where the survivors could be counted on one hand.

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