Interview 1517 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/27/202029 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Posting Anti-Vaccine Propaganda on Social Media Could Become Criminal Offence

Zero Hedge Suspended On Twitter

Outrage as YouTube Reportedly Blocks History Teachers Uploading Hitler Archive Clips

UK Police Deny Responsibility for Poster Urging Parents to Report Kids for Using Linux

Story #2: UNESCO Claims Climate Denial To Be Criminalized And Prosecuted

Jerome Ravetz on The Corbett Report

Story #3: Foreign Interference In Elections Is Unacceptable. Congress Must Make It Illegal.

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  1. Arby says:

    James Pilato seems to have drank to quid pro quo Kool-Aid, sadly. Conservatives get this one right, while progressives stumble over it badly.

    “Progressives -part 5” /

  2. manbearpig says:

    all the world’s a stage and the scroungelings have set the theater on fire to brand the sizzling scorching desertification of our once cool Green Gaia! Quick! Whip out the freedom extinguishers!…

    …I once mentioned Trump was elected as a way of proving that “The People” couldn’t be trusted with democracy… so we’d beseech elites to pick “our” rulers for us… preferably smart al gorithmic ones in silicon…

    That Trivial Pursuit game hovering next to Mr. Pilato’s right ear made me think there should be a special Truth edition with questions comprised of Corbett trivia:


    -Famous false flags
    -Requiem for the Suicided
    -Technocratic Tidbits
    -Premonitory Film, Literature and Predictive Programming
    -Propaganda, Fallacies and Mind Control
    -Super Star Scroungelings

    pyramid dice, eminent bankster institution squares with special debt-for-nature-swap cards and a big all-seeing eye inside a pentagram at the center of the board…


    • pearl says:

      What a great idea!! Seriously!

      There’d have to be a solitaire version though. 😉

      pyramid dice, eminent bankster institution squares with special debt-for-nature-swap cards and a big all-seeing eye inside a pentagram at the center of the board…

      Too funny!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I’m grinning.

      • manbearpig says:

        Aw c’mon Pearl! No one really KNOWS the answers to that game, they all MEMORIZE the cards in advance! (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what my Mom did…?)

        Wait! WAIT!! I’ve got a BETTER idea! The Trivial Pursuit Conspiracy!:

        We REPLACE NORMIE sets with CORBETT TRUTH cards!! Everyone buys a Truther edition and then surreptitiously SWITCHES their existing normie cards with conspiracy ones!! (you’ll have to spill a little coffee and dog-ear them a little in advance) That way everyone inadvertantly learns the REAL history of WW1!

        I’m really tired of the solitaire version…

        TGIF!! (now I’m late)!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Whitney Webb did a good job with that story.
      The bond market…on pandemics…who would have thought?
      The power assigned to just one word (“Pandemic”). Geez!
      I wonder which Pension Funds were conned into buying derivatives of those bonds.
      Webb’s article demonstrates how corrupt the WHO and CDC are.
      Funny how just one word is assigned such tremendous monetary value.

      Thanks Dave.

      • nawk says:

        HomeRemedySupply It gets even better:

        According to Ms Webb’s article:
        “In June 2017, the World Bank announced the creation of “specialized bonds” that would be
        used to fund the previously created Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) in the
        event of an officially-recognized (i.e. WHO-recognized) pandemic.”

        Guess who is current Director-General for the World Health Organization? That would be Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was appointed on 1 July 2017. [an interesting date – no]

        You may remember that he was the Ethiopian Minister of Health, who managed NOT to notice a major outbreak of Cholera, that killed thousands of his fellow countrymen during his tenure as Minister of Health.

        But that couldn’t be the reason he was appointed, could it?

  3. Drazen says:

    I may agree with the statement that those who “promote false information that endangers lives” should go to jail.

    OK, which one of these government officials is going to round up George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain (Oh, wait! Not him.)…

    Hmm, the political class seems to be in serious panic mode.

    • wylie1 says:

      Great point. Voluntaryists will have to virus themselves into the political arena to make those arrests happen… among any other dismantling they want done.

      • Drazen says:

        Hey wylie1,

        My comment was to point out the hypocrisy and double standard that the political parasites operate from, but this is not news to anyone here.

        Of course, they’re always the ones that get to define what is “false information that endangers live” and nothing they do comes under that definition.

        The fact that they are voicing opinions to “Ban Everything” shows that they are backed up against a wall.

        We’ll see what happens next.

  4. ben.r says:

    Thanks for your thought-provoking broadcast about the totalitarian tiptoe.
    For an insightful analysis of the “corona virus” publicity, see Jon Rappaport –

  5. Terraset says:

    Really wanted to point out that the article about
    UK police wanting parents to report kids for using Linux was specifically about “Kali” Linux, a distribution specifically designed for IT security work, which means its literally designed for illegal hacking. Although I don’t think its necessary to call the police just because your kid is using it, chances are your kid isn’t doing a security audit of a hardened server with sensitive information via penetration test. Chances are, that kid heard that Kali is the distribution to get if you want to be a hacker, and downloaded it because that sounds cool. And yes, its quite possible that they could inadvertently do something illegal or damaging with it even if they’re not intending to because some of its tools are pretty easy to use and quite automated. So yeah, I’d say some caution is warranted just from a kid having Kali Linux installed period.

    Just wanted to point out that the article was a bit more nuanced than JEP implied.

    • wylie1 says:

      Thanks. That makes much more sense, now. Not that calling the police on kids would ever make sense when one could simply pull the plug if need be. El govt wants to make everyone they can into a criminal.

    • Duck says:

      Parrot Linux is better then Kali for people who just want to run privacy stuff… they have a Home Version if you dont need the tools.
      Looks nicer too

    • Octium says:

      I would be more concerned if I found a copy of Microsoft Word on a kid’s computer.

      It’s obvious the little thug is planning on writing a ransom note.

    • thomas.j says:

      Yeah I would say that simply learning linux, Ubuntu or similar variants would make more sense.

      Discord however is used very much for gamers to communicate so I can’t see that as reason for alarm.

  6. asavetmd says:

    James and James this link goes to the US Patent for COVID-19. Note that tHE DATE IS 2015:

    The Vaccine is in testing to be released soon. There are HIV genes in the Genome of the Virus and it mutates into a HIV-like virus.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Doc. Interesting.

    • Duck says:

      Corvids are crows, ravens and magpies… ill omen birds associated with death due to their munching the corpses after a battle.
      On the other hand “…. the raven’s intelligence is possibly its most winning feature. Indeed, these birds can be trained to speak. This speaking ability leads into the legend of ravens being the ultimate oracle….” Which I guess is why I like the ‘Corbett’ report.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I like Ron Paul’s take on things here..

    Wednesday February 26, 2020 –
    (After the U.S. stock closed)

    Ron Paul appears on RT’s “Boom Bust”
    hosted by Christie Ai and Ben Swann.
    Ron Paul discusses the stock market, the Coronavirus, politics, The Fed, The Repo Market (NOT QE), Gold and (BIS) the Bank of International Settlements.

    Regarding the coronavirus, Ron says: “I just can’t get as concerned as the world is right now….”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thursday Feb 27, 2020

      (Japan is mentioned in this video.)

      “Boom Bust”
      Market Bloodbath Rages On

      Probably, the winners today were those who held cash or physical gold, unless one was shorting markets or betting the VIX.

      I was surprised about gold today.
      Within the last 10 days, gold has gotten into a higher range.
      Despite this, a lot of gold/silver mining stocks, ETF’s, and even the very profitable gold Royalty and Streaming Companies…their share prices declined.
      But the physical gold price hovered in its stable, higher range.
      It is ironic that share prices declined…because mining gold is much more profitable now with higher gold prices and lower energy costs (natural gas and oil).
      I guess folks are really panicked across the boards.

      • wylie1 says:

        Back in 1987 when that serious “stock market crash” was only 500pts or about 7percent? Gold mining stocks took a big dive while physical gold held. Reason at that time:

        If you are buying on full margin like a number of people did, or worse, like far too many institutions allow their traders to do, during a tumble they have to sell the next thing to cover as much of the losses they are taking on everything else. Mining stock seemed to hold okay the first day, took the hit on the second day.

        Another additional explanation:
        Some tend to call a mine a hole in the ground with a liar on top. Hard to have confidence in a greater fool coming along when everyone getting hammered. If you have shiney stuff in hand rather than paper promises, much easier to have confidence in that.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        For the record…
        Friday February 28 – Market Meltdown Continues
        For the week, the Dow lost 12%, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 11%.

        Gold plunged on Friday. Gold prices dropped as much as 4.2% to $1,574.8 an ounce. Early this week the precious metal has reached a seven-year high of $1,688.6 an ounce.

        European Stocks Drop Over 12% on the Week.

        “Boom Bust” – Christie Ai and Ben Swann Report
        Jefferey Tucker talks about the market panic.

        On an upbeat note, the last segment was about alternative health regimens.

  8. wylie1 says:

    Imagine if no one listened to any major media. Who would these govt talking heads be freely speaking to about new laws stopping free speech?

    Now if YootooAreBooted and Faceboot are private companies who can do whatever they please. Tongue in cheek: How could it be possible for it to be illegal for a private citizen posting whatever they want to a private space on a storage device at a private corp? If other private people privately decide to choose to access that, what biz is it of the govt? Seems they would have no jurisdiction.

    And if they do have a say, then it seems they must adhere to free speech laws and force those so called private companies ginned up with taxpayer dollars in silicon valley, to stop their practice of blocking free speech, right?!

    It isn’t like the vaccine informers were bullhorning it from vehicles past your house and work, or spreading it on “the major media news” like the govt does, pretending to be protecting you.

    Still chuckling at “the what are you going to do about it if they take your free speech away?” “Using your free speech while you still have it…”

    Until folks see that they will have to get involved, virus themselves into the political system to dismantle its power and authority, then there is little hope. If a voluntaryist worries that they will just become part of the problem, was Ron Paul part of the problem? Not that I can see, just needed more like him.

    If you start out in your smallest political subdivision such as a county in the usa and start spreading that virus to the next county and next… When your counties stop rubber stamping everything the state bureaucrats send down; stops it all and collects its own means of support for what little it needs, then your state will have no power. Then you can continue to dismantle the rest.

  9. thomas.j says:

    A couple of good climate change introductions. Great channel they come from by the way:

    “Hide the Decline”:


    • manbearpig says:

      Yes! Thank-you for posting these links! I really enjoy this group’s videos!

      I realize also, from listening to the second about the utterly misleading “97%” consensus figure that

      I believe there’s a misunderstanding about the word “significant” between what scientists mean and what the layman understands that is intentionally exploited to manipulate opinions and create confusion.

      I mean: what normal people understand by the word “significant” and what scientists actually mean by “significant” are almost diametrically different.

      If I say a significant number of my Friday university students are absent the week before school vacation, I mean “a lot” of my students are absent, say 50%.

      When scientists say that something is statistically significant or that “man has had a significant role in global warming” this means something closer to “detectable” or “warming’s enough above normal to imply man’s had some role”.

      At least that’s my impression and I haven’t got the intellectual chutzpah right now to test it with more research… but it seems significant…

      p.s.: I had trouble concentrating at some parts when they had the guitar music playing in the background as my mind strained to identify it: YES! FINALLY! I did! It is, I’m fairly certain, from the Wag the Dog soundtrack!

      Happy Saturday Night thomas.j!

  10. AlainBos says:

    I think these giant governing body’s are increasing the subjects that will be used in the mandatory EU-upload-filter-software.

    There are already are multiple laws concerning ‘terrorist’acts – not including the invasion by America & Israel in Syria off course – and these criminalisations you both talk about will also have to be implemented in the upload-filter.

    I was watching your documentaries on Propoganda-Watch and WW1 yesterday (still have to finish the 3rd) but as you both were speaking, I just couldn’t get the images of Millner’s gang of Elite-Inner-Circle-Thugs and the Billionairs who make these “orange-blue colored”-movies out of my head.

    I’ve decided yesterday that I cannot watch a movie (contagions) which main-character has got such a croocked tooth – I would get nauseated if I would have to watch a whole movie wherin this actor has an impossible ugly tooth – nobody has a tooth like that, not even you Mr. Corbett ! (b.t.w. I like the almost freshly shaven look of Mr. Pilato !-)

    Mr. Corbett and Mr. Pilato have you seen/read the simple, yet elegant presentation of the Guru Maitri ?

    This young man hasn’t eaten food or dronk liquid for many years now and has a very compact, modest website I think you both should explore – if not to be presented as news-item but for your own spiritual development 🙂

    I tell you this because the closing down of the internet and the increasing control of the elite-thugs have the appearance of being quite absolute and rigourous but the message and 11 principles of this Maitri Guru created a lot of hope in me – perhaps hope that’s non-tangible but hey :”the revolution will not be televised !-)” (only 14 minutes) (a 3 to 4 minute read)

    Thank you for reading.

    greetings from the Netherlands
    Alain Bos (humanist, animist)

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