Interview 1511 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

01/30/202029 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Harvard Chemistry Chair, Two Chinese Nationals Arrested For Lying About China Ties & Smuggling "Biological Material"

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“Operation Dark Winter”: US Military Holds Pandemic Drill Weeks Before 9/11

Story #2: Roundup Settlement Talks Continue As Speculation Builds

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NWNW Flashback: Bayer Study Finds Bayer Pesticides Are Killing Bees (Jul. 6, 2017)

NWNW Flashback: Gates Foundation Ties with Monsanto Under Fire (Sep 2, 2010)

Story #3: French Firefighters Set Themselves Alight Fighting Against Police

Photo: French Firefighters Put On The Corpse Paint Of The Joker

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am so glad that James & James pointed out the “fear porn” of this Coronavirus (nCoV) so called “crisis”.

    Governments, Institutions and Corporations are the ones making this virus into a “crisis”, and they are manufacturing the concept of a crisis to fit their agendas.
    We all know that their concern is NOT the health and welfare of people.

    Rahm Emanuel says: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”
    (12 seconds)

    • phreedomphile says:

      Absolutely, HomeRemedySupply, always fear porn with a purpose.

      Thus Jon Rappoport nomorefakenews(dot)com in his many posts on this developing story reports the US govt is hoping to get a RNA vaccine for coronavirus out in 90 days. Those RNA “vaccines” are very different from standard vaccines given they are actually genetic vectors injected into muscle permanently altering the nuclear genome of our cells with a DNA insertion. What could go wrong!?!?

      It’s interesting to note that the Gates foundation sponsored a training scenario last October, Event 201, involving a coronavirus outbreak in Brazil that spread globally killing 65 million people. What did they know?

      The genetic sequence of China’s coronavirus reveals a genetically engineered segment strongly suggesting China had already created a vaccine and was testing it. Perhaps the live virus was shedding in those who were vaccinated or it escaped some other way. But the vaccine itself puts the respiratory system at great risk setting the stage for an infection as the final blow for some.


      As most Corbetteers have already intuited, what may appear to be a situation brought on by bungling medical scientists could also be a test by globalists to observe how a large population reacts to a lockdown.

    • ledhead1789 says:

      So I think this may be the first time that I take slight issue with James’ analysis of the coronavirus story. While I agree that governments are certainly taking this opportunity to practice its martial law operations, I think this virus is pretty serious. It’s hard to take any data coming out of China at face value, but I fear the numbers are being vastly understated. A few anecdotal pieces of evidence.

      1. Whitney Webb has a great piece on the Last American Vagabond outlining the possibility that this is a DARPA engineered bioweapon. Whitney is a fantastic investigative reporter who has done amazing deep dives on Jeffrey Epstein and many other topics at MintPress News and elsewhere

      2. “Cloud of Sulphur Dioxide Hints at Scale of China’s CoronaVirus Cremations”

      3. Chris Martenson at has done amazing work on the Coronavirus. Not only does he have a PhD in pathology from Duke, making him uniquely qualified to discuss this topic, but I think he’s always very measured and data driven. He’s a great resource in general, but particularly qualified to discuss this issue.

      4. ZeroHedge has had a lot of Coronavirus articles discussing the potential culprits behind the virus and the links to a harvard professor and Canadian weapons grade lab. With anything on ZeroHedge, I take it with a grain of salt. However, I find Twitter’s permanent ban of the ZeroHedge account right after these articles were released to be particularly questionable, given ZH’s immense history of publishing “fringe” articles, if you will. The timing just seems too perfect.

      5. I haven’t spent too much time looking because it’s depressing and the videos are quickly taken down, but the videos I’ve seen on Twitter coming out of China look particularly terrifying.

      Taking a step back, I like to think of this in the context of James’ China and the NWO documentary/podcast. I find it extremely plausible that this virus was released as a way to pit nation states against each other (namely China and the US), meanwhile the true powers that shouldn’t be are doing things such as developing/patenting gene editing vaccines and gearing the population up for WWIII through fear. So much of the media rhetoric seems to be steering us toward World War. Even if that doesn’t happen, the likelihood that the population’s fear will result in further power consolidation at an international level is inevitable (unfortunately).

      Given everything these psychopaths have done, do we really think releasing a bioweapon on a civilian population to facilitate whatever plan is next is out of the question? I certainly don’t.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Handling a Virus

    As many Corbett Report members have mentioned in the past, there are a host of modalities which an individual can do to help arrest a viral infection or benefit a person who is ill.
    (e.g. Rest & Sleep & Nutritional Supplements (C, D, Zinc, Lysine, etc.), Elderberry (Sambuca), Echinacea, Goldenseal, Ginseng, Andrographis, Garlic, Oil of Oregano, possibly Licorice Root & Olive Leaf & Peppermint & Ginger, etc.)

    We all know that the conventional Doctor does not have good Pharma ammunition for a virus.

    Ozone Blood Therapy in conjunction with Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy can directly help to arrest a virus, including Ebola and HIV. Cost might be $300.
    I have seen some amazing results from this modality.
    Dr. Robert Rowan fixed a few patients who had Ebola.

    To find out much more, scroll to the bottom of this Webpage…
    Dallas For Safer Water /news-activism

    • phreedomphile says:

      Fantastic tips on prevention!

      ~ Quick tip: regular vitamin C peaks in concentration at around 2 hrs and is essentially gone in 4 hours so multiple dosing throughout the day helps. 😉

  3. nellemaxey says:

    RE: new Corona Virus.Very important information from research scientist James Lyons Wheeler at IPAK.
    On the Origins of the 2019-nCoV Virus, Wuhan, China
    RECOMBINATION technology has been in use in molecular virology since the 1980’s. The structure of the 2019-NCoV virus genome provides a very strong clue on the likely origin of the virus.
    Cures January 30, 2020 1,664 Words

    Although you may not understand the sequencing descriptions given in this paper, read the entire article and you will find that the conclusion that the novel Corona virus is not from bats or snakes, but the result of lab work to develop a vaccine strain for use against other corona viruses like SARS or MERS is very convincing. Final paragraphs:
    “The available evidence most strongly supports that the 2019-NCoV virus is a vaccine strain of coronavirus either accidentally released from a laboratory accident, perhaps a laboratory researcher becoming infected with the virus while conducting animal experiments, or the Chinese were performing clinical studies of a Coronavirus vaccine in humans.
    Dr. Dale Brown brought to my attention the studies that have reported serious immunopathology in animals – rats, ferrets, and monkeys – in which animals vaccinated against coronoviruses tended to have extremely high rates of respiratory failure upon subsequent exposure in the study when challenged with the wild-type coronavirus.”

    Links to these studies in the article:
    …“Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated”- Te et al., 2012 [Full Text]
    Yasui et al., (2012) reported severe pneumonia in mice who were vaccinated against SARS who were subsequently infected with SARS.
    Another study of a double-inactived SARS vaccine found increased eosinophilic proinflammatory responses in vaccinated mice, especially older mice, writing:
    “Importantly, aged animals displayed increased eosinophilic immune pathology in the lungs and were not protected against significant virus replication.”
    “If the Chinese government has been conducting human trials against SARS. MERS, or other coronviruses using recombined viruses, they may have made their citizens far more susceptible to acute respiratory distress syndrome upon infection with 2019-nCoV coronavirus.
    The implications are clear: if China sensitized their population via a SARS vaccine, and this escaped from a lab, the rest of world has a serious humanitarian urgency to help China, but may not expect as serious an epidemic as might otherwise be expected.
    In the worst-case scenario, if the vaccination strain is more highly contagious and lethal, 2019-nCoV could become the worst example of vaccine-derived contagious disease in human history. With an uncharacteristic aysmptomatic prodromal period of 5-7 days, individuals returning from China to other countries must be forthright and cooperative in their now-prescribed 2-week quarantine.”

    • albus says:

      I read through the article by James Wheeler and the claim that the nCoV originated in the Chinese BSL-4 lab is dubious at best. In short he claims

      1) The nCoV is not similar to current human coronavirus strains, or to SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV.

      I have found an article that corroborates this at
      “Notably, 2019-nCoV was closely related (with 88% identity) to two bat-derived severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like coronaviruses, bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21, collected in 2018 in Zhoushan, eastern China, but were more distant from SARS-CoV (about 79%) and MERS-CoV (about 50%).”

      2) That the nCoV has a unique INS1378 spike protein similar to one in SARS that either came from an animal host (likely a snake) or by recombination in a lab.

      Then he states there is no evidence it picked up INS1378 from an animal host (specifically snakes) and concludes that it must have been from a lab doing SARS vaccine work.

      Then he goes on to say the SARS vaccine in animal trials is linked to immunopathologic lung disease, but, and this is important, the vaccine is effective in helping the host clear the virus. The vaccine causes a hypersensitivity, not an infection. See here for more info

      Then somehow he links the SARS vaccine with nCoV, albeit with zero evidence that the SARS vaccine was administered to humans and no evidence that the INS1378 spike protein on nCoV was from the SARS vaccine.

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    Homey , when does Manifesto become Infesto? Of course its when you have a monopoly on the information opinion making news source.
    Something’s going on and it might be a coming hair cut and I mean a burr for the many for the profit of the few.
    I leave it to brighter minds to connect the dots. The dots are St.Louis, the St.L.Post-Dispatch, Big Agra, Iowa and Nebraska. An industry that is toast and a 9% loan of $576 million for the purchase of 50 media markets and 75+ paper, down to the small town weekly in 20 states.
    What the spin machine is gathering for.? James and James just peeked under the bed sheets with several things that ties to this move. Time will tell, unless the J $ J tells us first. Connect the dots La La La De Da !!!!

  5. geisha says:

    Couldn’t it be that Monsanto/Bayer/USA are working towards a corporate immunity as was so readily given to the vaccine industry? Then, the US tax payer can pay those pesky law suits/settlements instead of Bayer. Maybe install a Pesticide Court where ‘self-described victims’ can try to seek justice (similar to the ‘Vaccine Court’)?

    I appreciate your points on the Corona virus development. I used to drink Corona beer, so this came as a shock to me. Who knew it could make you sick?

    Also highly appreciated info on the French ‘unrest’ etc.!

  6. Camille says:

    A part of the Coronavirus action did catch my attention, how some biotech companies stock prices went up with the news of the “outbreak”.
    One of the companies made me curious and I looked into them more. I made a little video about it (less than 5 minutes).

    Biotech Stocks Soar Over Coronavirus

    • manbearpig says:

      Wow, I’m really admirative of your efforts.

      With these nano-machines and so-called “nano-medecine technologies”

      I can’t help but imagine white trails criss-crossing in the skies…

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Thank you Camille, Is everything a Rich Mans Trick? Awaiting in the moderation que, I posted a story about Lee Enterprises consolidating the Berkshire Media Groups holdings for ??? A further consolidation of the press. We have to rely on sharper people like you to shine some light on the darker side of life. Thank you For that . I don’t know what to ask but I know something is not right about it. Maybe you have a clue.
      Its only the 2nd time Mr.Buffet has divested in his life.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        As a related story, ie Nano, FYI Dr. Ayyadurai from MIT talking about the arrest of Harvard head of chemistry dept. What a greedy crook.

        • Camille says:

          Thank you for watching, generalbottlewasher!

          I’ll have to look at all that. I’ll let you know if anything jumps out at me.

          I linked just above here to an article that came out today, apparently NanoViricides confirmed they are working on their treatment for the coronavirus .

  7. el Gallinazo says:

    I have long been aware that the global pandemic hype over the last 20 years have been nothing more than a fear porn nothingberger, and I certainly agree with you on that point. However, after crying wolf a half dozen times, there may come a point when they do really release a bioweapons lab nasty, a very nasty, into our midst. My intuition tells me that this may actually be the one. The timing is very ripe for them to do so, though this comment section is not the place for a detailed analysis. But in a sentence, Wuhan has the only level 4 bioweapons lab in all of China, and this epidemic *apparently* hit the hockey stick part of the exponential contagion curve just at the start of the New Year travel peak. Also, one would expect the Chinese government to minimize the ugly statistics, not to exaggerate them as well as start locking down the country to the huge detriment of their GDP. I am not shivering in demented trepidation at the prospect, though I am more than a little uneasy at the death and suffering it would unleash. My reaction is just to add a few more preparation to my in place preparations which basically means to restock up on immune system boosting supplements.

  8. manbearpig says:

    I’ve always had great admiration for firefighters. It’s a vocation.

    “…Good news for firefighters

    Journalist Anaïs Bard said the firefighters won their case after their mobilisation. “As soon as they came out of their meeting with the interior minister, the representatives came here to the Place de la Nation to announce the good news. The firefighters had taken to the streets to demand an increase in their fire brigade bonus, it’s done.

    This additional salary, which is supposed to compensate for the dangerousness of their job, has been increased from 19 to 25%. That is enough to satisfy the unions, especially since this victory is accompanied by other good news on the pension issue. Christophe Castaner has undertaken to include in the bill the right for firefighters to retire at the age of 57,” the journalist concluded…” (free version)

  9. Joris says:

    “Firefighters can light themselves because they can put themselves out”. I guess that’s why police can break the law. They can arrest themselves.

  10. JadeEyes says:

    MUCH gratitude to you, James and James. YES, absolutely — the most dangerous and widely spread virus is communicated via the corporate media ‘news’. Earworms and Opportunistic Optic Pathogens can be crippling, if not lethal. Regarding firefighters…they DO, as a general group, figure very highly as Narrative Servants in false flag events.

  11. wylie1 says:

    Not sure why Pilato was aghast at the Hollywood show flames on the firefighters. Just a show stunt done upon a fire resistant overcoat using low temp flammable. Even if there would have been no one to put the flames out, the flame wearers could have easily removed those coats and rolled them up to stop the low quantity low quality la flambe.

    I thought it was a good media attention grabber on their part. Just standing there in protest does what these days in France?

    Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself, if he is even dead…?

  12. JonQ says:

    I never commented here before. I’m also of a certain age that I can remember 1968 which I can sum up by this Joni Mitchell lyric: “Sitting in a park in Paris France Reading the news and it sure looks bad They won’t give peace a chance That was just a dream some of us had…” only now there’s no California to run to. But that place, if you believe Dave McGowan’s research into Laurel Canyon, was just a CIA test bed in those days anyway.

    In 1968-70 America there was blood in the streets. We US denizens saw it then and I’m afraid they’re tuning up the orchestra to see it again, with a more technocratic bent this time. Currently, the French being the French have a more dramatic flair, but that’s not why I’m writing…

    My father was old enough to be around during the 1918-19 pandemic and told me stories of bodies being stacked like cordwood. Sure, this latest virus meme may be fear mongering, but it sure has Chris Martenson scared and he’s a pretty credible guy. Jon Rappoport, who has recently been allowed back on the interwebs, says it’s all BS. James and James seem to side w/Rappoport. Myself, I don’t know? If China is really building M.A.S.H. type hospitals and locking down cities, there has to be more than meets the eye than just some psyop testing, right?

    Personally, I’d like to watch a discussion between Rappoport and Martenson to help separate the facts from the hyperbole.

  13. Octium says:

    Not worried about the Beervirus, but as a precaution I will make sure I have stocked up on food so I can avoid the shops if the those Nazi Nurses with Needles come out trying to inject everyone with their “Cure”

    Also loved the way the French go about smoking their pork!

  14. albus says:

    I disagree with your opinion on the coronavirus. As much as I distrust the MSM, and as much of a poor track record as they may have, it does not mean I can disregard their narrative as false because of their lack of credibility.

    For that matter, I distrust alt news as much if not more. Many of them seek to find the truth with an almost diabolical hatred for falsehood, and as good as their intentions might be, unwittingly lead people astray. This occurs when they create a counter-MSM narrative (true vs false), painting themselves into the corner of existing only as the antithesis of the MSM, and become a mere cog in the great wheel.

    Calling the nCoV fear-porn because ‘its the MSM’ or ‘its china’ is pure callousness. Yes it is in a family of viruses that cause the cold, but if it is indeed zoonotic and as infectious and as lethal as it is reported, it could kill millions. Or it might not be and we will carry on as usual, but to disregard it so quickly on nothing but ‘we can’t see it so it mustn’t be real,’ is folly.

    You are better than that Mr Corbett.

  15. naturalfreehuman says:

    Good shit as always!! Cheers!!

  16. ButtBigBear says:

    Just an observation, and possible theory. I’ve noticed across the board, regardless of the country, or political leaning of the ‘news’ site, there has been 2 consistent narratives.
    1. Coronavirus is making everyone racist! People Suck!
    2. Coronavirus is going to collapse the economy!
    Wouldn’t it be interesting if all this nonsense is to get people looking at each other, while they throw the blame of the coming economic collapse on a virus, rather than the bankers and politicians that caused it.

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