Interview 1494 - Destroying the ISIL Myth on The Last American Vagabond

11/13/201926 Comments

via The Last American Vagabond: The US government armed Osama Bin Laden; it armed Saddam Hussain with chemical weapons to be used against Iran in 1980; it armed the very groups that later became ISIS. Yet we are sold an entirely different yarn by the US government and its lap dog MSM. Today I have invited James Corbett on the show to very clearly, and once and for all, demonstrate who is actually responsible for the creation and the rise of ISIS.


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  1. Octium says:

    I believe aiding and abetting a criminal is also considered a crime in the US?

    So if the government are criminals then that must make the people who vote for them criminals as well?

    Maybe not in law, but in principle anyway!

    • cooly says:


      I guess all “citizens” are either duped accessories or unwilling hostages.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good point Octium.

      “…aiding and abetting a criminal is also considered a crime in the US?

      So if the government are criminals then that must make the people who vote for them criminals as well?”

  2. Mintaka says:

    I don’t think that the elites necessarily rely on people’s stupidity to spoon-feed their lies.
    It’s much more about people’s apathy and sense of comfort.
    What did the Romans say? “Give the people bread and games and they will be content”.
    Something I like to change to “Give the people bread and games and you can get away with anything”.

    As to a real short-list who is behind this (with some hangers-on, feeding from the trough):
    If you want to know who rules you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.

  3. Mintaka says:

    Also, IMO, the Oded Yinon plan – real as it is – is in fact a limited hangout.
    For it is what it does NOT mention as for the true aims of the Zionist state.
    Far more than just this area between the Euphrates and Nile rivers.

  4. John Libré says:

    The U.S. needs a group of boogeymen to do their dirty work in the region, as al-Qaeda did against the USSR control of Afghanistan and as a pre-text to secure the opium fields for the “war on drugs”. This is similar to the “war for democracy” in Latin America by supporting controlled opposition parties, militias, guerrillas and death squads to overthrow any legitimate leadership against their interests.

    The main objective of the creation of ISIS was to consolidate Al Qaeda’s efforts in Syria to overthrow the Al Assad government and establish a zealous Wahhabi authority or any other form of dictatorship sugar-coated by “American democracy”. Syria and Iran are crucial supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas, which are foes of Israel. Therefore, they have to be eliminated for the prosperity of the region; I mean the prosperity of Israel. Remember that war is peace and that the Kushner conference in Bahrain marks the beginning of new plans to achieve the end-goal.

    9/11 was the trigger for the division of the Middle East into different regions for the hegemony of Pax Judaica. The region would still be in chaos with the escalation of protests in Lebanon and Iraq, the bombing of Gaza, the Kurds fighting for independence and many more.

  5. cooly says:

    The opening clip-
    That quote should be plastered on the sides of buildings everywhere instead of Greta Thunberg’s angry Death Metal mug.

    The lack of curiosity, the lack of interest most people display I find endlessly baffling. I think to myself, why don’t you care? Why don’t you want to know more about this? Don’t you want to know why your life is the way it is? What the fuck?

    • anna.f says:

      I blame water fluoridation.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I’m with you on that.
        Sure, fluoridation may not be the “only” nor “all inclusive” factor, but in this era we are seeing multi-generations of fluoridated people.

        We know that fluoride can lower IQ and have an effect on behavior in the children of Mothers who drink fluoridated water.
        If for several generations, the parents and their children are affected, then as the offspring continue we could see lower and lower intelligence and worse behavioral manifestations.

        This November 2019, again Activists in Dallas went to speak to the Dallas City Council about fluoridation.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I gotta say:
    James Corbett’s quick encyclopedia-like knowledge (with references), plus an uncanny ability to relay it to others, is indeed impressive.

    My tongue would trip all over itself if I tried to relay what he did in this episode, plus my brain would probably overheat.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Homey ; you said it once before ” Warning! The Corbett Report causes global warming, The Corbett Report causes global warming!”

      Now we know why. Caution Tex don’t be over heatin’ the brain.

      We kid around a lot sometimes here in the comments. The information can be overwhelmingly depressing sometimes and its a way to counter some of the bad news, lighten the load. Like laughing at tyrants.
      I see life as a tragic comedy. We live too long and we die too young. And in between we get the irony of reality that James just pointed out. If that isn’t the biggest joke ever being perpetrated on anybody I don’t know what is. You just got to laugh once in a while.
      Organic Movements need every aspect of the complex human condition. Humor can keep the the swelling down , raise the spirit and lower the temperature. Cause The Corbett Report causes global warming, HomeRemedySupply has said so. And I would bet Molly Ivers would agree if she were her.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Here is some quotes by Molly Ivins.
        Molly Ivins

        A here is a systems guy talking about Organic Systems.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Molly Ivins QUOTES

          What you need is sustained outrage…there’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority.

          I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults.

          As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.

          Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.

          Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas – finest form of free entertainment ever invented.

          The thing is this:
          You got to have fun while you’re fightin’ for freedom, ’cause you don’t always win.

          I’ve said it before:
          War brings out the patriotic bullies.
          In World War I, they went around kicking dachshunds on the grounds that dachshunds were ‘German dogs.’ They did not, however, go around kicking German shepherds.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        GBW, Ya got a way with words! I’m grinning.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Thanks Homey but Im no MBP and I constantly learn from CQ real English. Im all about the Francis Bacon English, and i am a rule breaker which drives editors batty. The wrong way with words don’t bother me a bit.
          Here is a guy who has a distinct grasp of the English language and at least half a dozen other Hindi languages, real smart fellow. Hope he sticks around cause we need people like him today more than ever. Dr. Shriva Ayyadurai talks about systems and how they can be applied to everyday solutions. He comes across a natural teacher and sharing what he knows without hubris. Seems as approachable as JC. Wish they could approach one another on some things. You indicated you like him.

          • manbearpig says:

            At any rate, I’ve been unable to watch Mr Shiva’s videos without the sound going out or the video suddenly stopping entirely (except on my phone). I was able to watch his sister, a physician, expound on the benefits of cannabis though with no such interuptions.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              MBP. Interesting observation. Where you live could have AI filters on some or all messages. How hard would that be?. I would guess, his desparate message in a bottle anti establishment theme { and I must chuckle, Chomsky at this point } is perfect for the political kobokie theater he is planning on running in, in the next cycle. It intrigues me. Like a Brazilian novella ala the Donald election and debate strategy. Whole or half-Truth bombs …the vote …than what??? How welcome will he be in this direction.? If he puts his own money up then he may be the hero, time will tell. What da I know Im just a high rank bottlewasher?
              p.s.” no holy cows allowed in the district!!!”

  7. andrew.s says:

    Can you lease post this to BitChute?

  8. AustrianBuddha says:

    Man I love me some James Corbett!

  9. Radical Pragmatist says:

    Nailed it James. The propaganda has to be in your face or its not doing its intended job. You can literally read the “ talking points” of the criminal class by watching the morning MSM news. The headlines that scroll at the bottom of the screen are THE “ talking points”. They are not smart , they are lazy. They live in insular worlds of think tanks, conference centers and cocktails with the “in” group. They all graduated from the same Public Relations programs. We need to always use the force of their own propaganda against them , by simply pointing out that its “ propaganda”. And “ this is they’re Agenda” in their own words. Hell, we paid for it , we might as well use it.
    My daughter once asked me why I watch or read any of the MSM news. I told her bluntly , “ because I want to know what they want me to think..”.

  10. herrqlys says:

    Another excellent video featuring James’ eloquent take on news “events”. I particularly liked his framing of the news comprehension environment for a large segment of the American target audience, with the background noise of the cable news giving these people all they needed to know about what was going on in the world.

    I remember that back in early 2017 I viewed a video clip that was captioned as a discussion of Russia’s effectiveness in Syria in stemming the tide of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in that war-ravaged country. The clip had originally aired on one of the major American television networks.

    The two 30’s-something speakers seemed very knowledgeable about the geopolitical goings on in the Middle East, and it appeared that this was an area of specialization for both of them. However I was startled when one of these guys digressed at the end of an important point and said “but they shouldn’t have interefered in our elections”.


    If people who are well informed and thoughtful about some areas of newsworthy topics can be so hoodwinked about things in other areas in which they have less expertise, what can we infer about the the understanding that Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom have on these subjects?

  11. Ayyub says:

    Apparently youtube didn’t like the video. Is there an alternative link? Many thanks.

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