Interview 1467 - Ripple Hat Swapcast on Silicon Censorship

07/29/201911 Comments

James Corbett, Ricky Varandas of The Ripple Effect and Sam Tripoli of Tin Foil Hat Podcast team up for another roundtable swapcast. This time, they discuss online censorship, where it's going and what it means for the web.

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  1. shan says:

    I work in the scada industry and it is quite clear they are messing with tech stuff in a large way. Sam you are not wrong it’s very provable

  2. Won Fat Fuk says:

    Concerning YOUTUBE, I have noticed that…

    If you (meaning anybody) doesn’t have ad blocker, ads WILL APPEAR on ANYBODY’S videos, whether they have been demonetized or not. So…

    The whole point that advertisers don’t want to run ads on certain videos appears to be…

    A Lie.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  3. manbearpig says:

    A pleasant swapcast… fortunately Mr Corbett’s quick synthetic mind is there to keep some sort of even, coherent and sensible keel to the voyage…

    Concerning ubiquitous spying…I’m starting to think a large percentage of the population Wants or thinks they want to be constantly watched or listened to, spied on which is why Alexa and Dot are so popular (besides the below-production cost prices and hardsell)…

    and finally Jon Stewart sure seems to be trending in the more or less subconscious collective subconscience as some sort of major Truth teller amongst alt media pundits… gee… I Wonder Why… hmmmmmmmmm…….


    Long live the world revolution of individual consciousness and long live the 9/11 first responders!!

    (and down with usurper, spindoctoring, manipulative, 100 million dollar, contemptuous frat-boy gatekeepers)

    ((sorry, couldn’t help it))

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Manbearpig says:
      “…fortunately Mr Corbett’s quick synthetic mind is there to keep some sort of even, coherent and sensible keel to the voyage…

      I agree. I am glad that Corbett is so well grounded and balanced. He often cites specifics and is great at clarifications for viewers unfamiliar with certain aspects. (For example: I did not know who the woman was hanging out with Elon Musk until Corbett explained it.)

      As for me, now-a-days, I just do not follow all the stuff about Epstein. I have a mild interest, but sometimes I see all the hype as an alternative version of the Kardashians or some TV version of the “HouseWives of the British Royalty Tabloidville”.
      My real issue is the abuse of kids. I have a major problem with that. My blood boils when I think of pedophilia or the latest TruthStreamMedia mini-doc on child abuse “Where Does It End? New ‘Monarch’ Brain Device Approved for ADHD”.

      I like the term that James Corbett came up with…
      N&F “Nonsense and Fluff” to describe what is trending on YouTube (or at least what ThemTube says is trending.)

      I am going to copyright that term and get rich.

      When I am rich, the first thing I will buy is a new sofa for the front lawn in front of my trailer so the dog and I can sit in the mornings and I can enjoy my beer breakfast without the soggy, torn cushions ruining the moment.

  4. flammable says:

    It’s great Corbett called out the “distraction” claims. It logically makes little sense that everything is motivated by a distraction.

  5. Mama Wolf says:

    Great conversation. It’s so hard to figure out the game of “the powers that should not be” but let’s not make it easy for them. They usually plan their agendas years in advance and people usually don’t feel the noose till it’s around their own neck. Going to other platforms to support channels we care about breaks the monopoly. if no one uses their platforms due to their censorship of ideas, they lose. We win.

    i agree that we need to dial back on the digital (d)evolution (toward transhumanism) and fight tooth and nail to keep our humanity. Have digital blackout hours, days or weekends without gadgets and connect to one another,and nature. That’s how we win.

    Yesterday I listened to a brilliant conversation on my hubby’s ham radio. It was alive and intelligent. Let’s make talking the new texting, and meeting and greeting over Facetime. We are not victims if we take back our power over convenience. Power requires muscle, in this case mental muscle to break the digital addiction.

  6. bladtheimpaler says:

    These unstructured swap casts with the range of topics hashed over are well worth the listen.

    Rather than think the sycophants of the pyramid cap were compromised in some kiddie sex black mail operation I’ll suggest they were all ready vetted and the dirty videos are everyone’s way of insuring their will be no turncoats should a conscience reassert itself. If you want to move up the ladder and have more influence and clearance then you do the compromise. Probably most have been so morally destroyed being in this closed society from their younger years they don’t even know what they’re doing is morally wrong, especially when no fingers are ever pointed at them. They just accept the compromise as part of a career move that satisfies the higher ups and ensures mutual silence on all aspects across the board..

  7. Libertydan says:

    “The Government” can be good, and “The Government” can be bad. It is all a matter of how it is constructed and who controls it. The Government created by “The Constitution of the United States” was a Union of 13 States which was a pack between them to ward off the Banker controlled British Empire. It was given very limited powers, and these 28 powers were specifically listed in Article 8 of the Constitution. The 13 free and independent States wanted more guarantees that this “Union Government” would not violate basic Rights and thus required 10 Amendments (The Bill of Rights) be added to it before it would be ratified. Indeed, It started out as a good Government with the purpose of freeing the people of the, free and independent States, from being enslaved by the world bankers.
    Over time the Bankers were able to bankrupt that Government and replace it with a Corporation “The United States Inc.” which they control by controlling the money supply. All of the people you vote for as your “Representatives” to this Corporate government become employees of it when they sign their first check. Yes, they work for the United States Inc. under the direction of the world bankers, not the people of the geographical area that voted for them. Indeed, this is “Bad Government”. Many books have been written on how bad, and with many of the same players that controlled the British Empire, this should not surprise anyone.
    So, the question should be, how do we get from bad government to good government? None of us would dare to take on the Empire alone. We must create a united force or a “Union of people for peace and tranquility”, (or what ever), but we need masses of people that will stand together for the cause of individual freedom (like the people of the 13 American Colonies did in 1776).
    I believe that the best way to crash the Empire is to End the Federal Reserve which can be done by way of an Article V Convention of the States. A Convention of the States can abolish the Central Corporation (United States Inc.) which dishes out the money as a means to control the States and their people. It can also create a new Union of States with very limited powers, no debt, no private banks controlling the money supply, and real Representatives that are paid by the district they represent. Note that people currently voted into Congress become employees of the United States Inc. when they sign their first check.

  8. scpat says:

    I’ve noticed biases on the standard YouTube warnings that they put on different news organization videos. One example I saw was on a BBC video where the warning said something like: BBC is a public broadcast company in Britain. Then I watched an RT video where the warning message was something like: RT is funded in part or whole by the Russian government.

    Two ways of saying the same thing, but much more discreet for BBC.

  9. paul.d says:

    great discussion guys.
    Just a note on Portugal. Perfect framing by MSM.
    It is in the EU so no rights for the Portuguese.
    Ask the man on the street as they see their assets stripped out from under them by a form of the NWO.
    They are great people but you need to go there to experience them.
    I only been on holiday there a couple of times and cant speak the lingo but have been treated well.
    Take what you will from the above.

  10. Darko says:

    Ricky Varandas is becoming very good journalist . I enjoyed listening to him .

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