Interview 1466 - Steering Revolutions on Declare Your Independence

07/25/20199 Comments

James joins Ernest Hancock of Declare Your Independence for their regular interview on all the latest news. This week they discuss the EU copyright directive, gaslighting, color revolutions and modeling real discourse.

VIDEO COURTESY: Declare Your Independence

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The Truth About Tiananmen

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Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Stephen Colbert Roasts Bush at 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

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  1. mkey says:

    No Evidence That Climate Scientists Or Journalists Have Any Integrity

    Tony Heller is going full-blown conspiracy kook. He seems to think there is a connection between propaga… news published on ABC and BBC. Rubbish, I say.

  2. manbearpig says:

    -what are you huffin’ about Bear ?

    -carlson said he’d resigned from Crossfire many months before jon stewart ever came on his show ’cause he didn’t like the ambient partisanship so…

    -aw c’mon bear, wouldya just quit it with the gatekeeper garbage already !

    -Shut up Pig, let him finish, so ? carlson said he’d quit Crossfire before stewart came on the show, so ?

    -stewart came on the show railin’ about « partisan hackery ! »

    -yea, so ?

    -C’mon Man ! It means they agree ! Or at least they’re saying what they think the people wanna hear ! ! That it’s all just partisan hackery ! Fake conflict ! Carlson agrees with Stewart since he said he decided to leave CNN ’cause of its partisanship ! Just like colbert 18 months later…

    -just a coupla frat boys hashin’ it out on prime time to format our perception of reality…

    -shut up Pig ! Bear hasn’t finished ! What about colbert, Bear ?

    -actually Stewart really is a frat boy ! Pi Kappa Alpha to be precise !

    -Pig ! Would’you quit interruptin’ ???!!How d’ya know that anyway ??

    -howd’ya think, Man !? Wiki ! What else ?

    -so stewart’s a frat boy ! So what ! Now please shuddup and let Bear finish ! Go on Bear…

    -colbert, durin’ that speech o’ his 18 months later …y’know, that 2006 whitehouse correspondants dinner

    -yea, I remember, so, what about it ?

    -at 9 minutes and 28 seconds he says the « Media’s destroying America »

    -yea so, he’s right !

    -then at 17 minutes and 4 seconds he repeats « the press is destroying america »

    -so ??

    -Stewart had said « stop hurting america » ! I mean, it’s like a meme or something ! He said «come work for us, because we, as the people…we need help from the media and they’re hurting us »

    -what’s Jon Stewart’s net worth again ?

    -Pig !

    -but he’s right Man ! Don’t you see ? That’s my point !

    -You lost me Bear…

    -a cool 100 million…

    -how d’you… ???

    -internet, idiot !!

    • manbearpig says:

      -so ? he’s worth a hundred million! So what ??

      -Man ! He says « “we” the people ! The media’s destroying « us », as if « we the people » we’re all filthy rich prime time media lackeys like him!

      -‘comin’ from Stewart I can tell you I ain’t no « we da people »…

      -but you ain’t no people Pig ! You’z a Pig !

      -You ain’t no people either Bear !

      -Well, don’t look at me !

      -Aw c’mon Man, technically you’re a « people »…

      -yea, sorry Man but yer definately a people…

      -Well, maybe… but I ain’t no People like stewart ! That’s for sure ! First of all, Pi Kappa Alpha rejected my application outright! in fact, literally kicked me off their property, chipped a tooth…never forget it…

      -look Man, you’re missing the point !!

      -which is ?? What exactly ??

      -controlled Opposition ! The illusion of plurality ! Of debate !!

      -there he goes again with his conspiracy theories…

      -Stewart accuses Carlson of staging theater, when he’s theater too of course and you think Colbert woulda really been able to say all that stuff he said SPONTANEOUSLY !? Like Ernie said, his career went stratospheric after that ! It’s WANTED !! It’s CONTROLLED !! TO PERPETUATE THE ILLUSION OF FREE SPEECH REPRESENTING WE THE PEOPLE!!

      -Well… maybe but… it’s still « compelling media »…

      -says YOU !

      -says Mr Corbett !!

      -well… it was !!

      -Man, can compelling media even exist in a totally controlled environment where the folks supposedly representing « We the People » have more in common with the Media Gatekeepers !!??

      -y’see !! I told you !! He’s obsessed with Gakekeepers !!

      -SHUT UP PIG !

      -so what d’we tell him ?

      -tell who ?

      -well, Mr Corbett of course !!

      -why do we need to tell’im anything ?

      -well I dunno… He’s waiting for it ! He’s counting on us !! He said « People listening to this conversation in my comments section will be like « Jon Stewart’s a piece o’… »

      – he said that ? He said « People » listening to this… ?


      – so count me out ! I ain’t no people

      -that leaves you Man…

      -c’mon guys. We gotta stick together ! You know what they say ! Two’s company ; Three’s a crowd !! Together, we’re a movement !!

      -awright, awright…so whado we tell him?… Ok Man! So whad’we say?? So what’s our movement about???… MAN??!!

      -uhhhhhh….How ’bout I ask him…. where we can buy a Corbett T-shirt?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        manbearpig says: “where we can buy a Corbett T-shirt?”

        t.e.k. asked about T-shirts at the first part of the month.

      • pearl says:

        Give that thar bear a free t-shirt!

        • manbearpig says:

          they don’t make’m in his size!

          plus… don’t see why He’d get one… an’ not me or Man… or the rest of us…

          • pearl says:

            Corbett giving away free things? Sure! I recall him awarding a free DVD to a worthy recipient not too long ago. And then there was the bitcoin giveaway of 10 dollars or so each to a limited number of members starting a new wallet. On top of that, he exhorts his audience to never simply take his word at anything, but to do their own research, and you’ve kept your eye on the geo-political ball better than most, and iron sharpens iron, so you never know. 🙂

        • cooly says:


          (This post is way off topic again. My apologies Mr. Corbett.)

          Not to get the music recommend thread going again, but it just occurred to me that you might like this song. It’s short and sweet. And it’s the occasional lovely things that make this life tolerable, you think? Maybe you know this song. If not, give it a listen. Please pardon my drunken randomness, but that’s how I roll I suppose.

          Lucinda Williams. Sharp Cutting Wings

          • pearl says:

            Just lovely, Cooly! Thank you for introducing me to her! That name sounds so familiar to me…I’m wondering if we have one of her CDs stashed away. I’m going to have to unearth that treasure. Thanks again.

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