Interview 1449 - James Corbett on Censorship, Regulation and Deepfakes

06/13/201912 Comments


In a previous interview entitled "The Social Media Regulation Psyop," (link in the show notes) James Corbett and I discussed the orchestrated suppression and censorship of independent voices online, the reaction we all saw that followed, and the potentially pre-planned government "solution" to this manufactured problem; and if correct, what that would mean for the future of social media, independent news, and just freedom of speech & press in general. In recent weeks we have seen massive purges on social media, initiation of anti-trust investigations, efforts to break up big tech companies, and of course interestingly timed massive internet outages. So what's really going on, and what's about to happen? Just as before, there is no better person in my opinion to have on to discuss these developments than James Corbett.

video courtesy of: The Last American Vagabond


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  1. manbearpig says:

    What will the masses do (I’m a mass too) once they can’t even trust their senses anymore?

    An eloquent 60-second demonstration.

    The long Campaign of blurring fact and fiction (reality shows, docufictions, biopics..etc) will find fruition.

  2. hugo.c says:

    Nice to see James joining the Vagabond. My responses to a few points in this interesting discussion:

    1. You do not need to sign in to youtube to view videos, age
    restricted or not. You use ‘youtube-dl’ a command-line tool
    available for GNU/Linux (and possibly other OS’s).

    And, you can configure that to run through Tor so that they
    don’t know who’s downloading it either.

    youtube-dl –proxy socks5:// …

    “OMG I can’t affort to learn about that stuff”. Then you are
    going to be blocked and surveilled. Your choice.

    2. Of my 98 alt (or whatever) news sources, they exist on 60
    different domains. So, its not lots of only twitter, facebook
    (which does not appear because I detest it as a walled garden)
    and youtube. Its the domains of those independent voices (corbettreport,
    mintpressnews, zerohedge, moonofalabama, …). So, they can
    burn down ThemTube and the rest of the centralised platforms
    for all I care (for I have already downloaded the video ;).

    3. The “news verification thing” is already happening. Its
    called NewsGuard. Do NOT use this. There will be others too.
    Maintain your autonomy. Choose what you trust yourself, or
    you’re in for a very nasty ride.

    Have fun.

    • Duck says:

      “……….OMG I can’t affort to learn about that stuff”. Then you are
      going to be blocked and surveilled. Your choice……”
      Freedom really is not free…its always been a thing when a)the best kind of weapons were available to regular people and b) the productive value of each person mattered enough that you could not just kill them and laugh off the economic cost of not having them.
      Honestly people who dont value freedom will not have it, (just like Ben Franklin said) because they expect it to be a natural state where as historically freedom is an UNnatural state that takes huge effort to maintain. most people will swap freedom for food any day, the sad thing is how the historically speaking mega wealthy average joe of today will swap freedom for turkish delight (lol…CS Lewis) and comfort rather then need

  3. Mintaka says:

    If you want to know who rules you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.

  4. Duck says:

    Deep Fake and memory hole-ing of information brings the real world exactly inline with the philosophical world of post modernism and a post truth world.
    Its kinda funny because I really think that there is a religious level to how the elites act that means they REALLY do want to damage the minds of regular humans out of a crowlean desire to elevate themselves as the denigrate the “masses” of humanity… the weird way that the WM3 were freed by the efforts of the rich and famous, the OTO being a thing still, Strange Angel being a TV show and the inteligence links to Scientology and Satanism and stuff like that all make me believe that those in charge are more then just psychopaths but psycopaths with a religious urge to bring us down as the ascend to become ‘godlike’
    What those who DO THINGS believe matters more then what is actually real most of the time


  5. minnie says:

    Broken link alert:

    “Journalist and Educator Among Those Caught Up in YouTube’s Attempt to Purge Online Hate Speech”

    When I click on it on my tablet, it leads to “about:blank#blocked”.

  6. NES says:

    Age restricted videos on YT, et al are the continuation of Western culture’s childhood conditioning that began with TV, was continued in public education and has been taken to the internet. The overlords’ goal is to eliminate any possible development of a critical thinking generation following the Boomers demise. Teach them the Narrative lie. Make them believe they are safe. Make them Normies. That’s the controller motto.

  7. Droves of Perception says:

    If Alex Jones is controlled opposition, then what can we learn from this scripted ordeal besides the paramount need to diversify our media venues? I believe we have to make it look sexy if we want a fighting chance, for now anyway. We must make being informed seem beneficial somehow. Most would rather be popular than go to alex’s jones’s convention. I think that was the point of him. How can we make understanding history more desirable to folks?

    I would like to add that people cannot will not separate themselves from the power opportunity that the last generation of my spacers, etc, manifested into reality out of nothing. One of the most important videos i”ve had the pleasure of watching lately was the one on authoritarian psychopathy. we must grasp the magnitude of the implications of giving power to people who might not have been ready, certainly did not earn, nor potentially deserve, that is having themselves and their travels to restaurants be blasted over millions of miles of airwaves and square centimeters of screens, has established the new public square.
    Winning the popularity lotto, is not ultimately going to serve most as most powers bestowed upon the undeserving end up, pretty much always, yet has anyone ever given back their lotto sweepstakes prize. these ill born authoritarian powers lock them into cog dis even further. It’s really all quite brilliant.

  8. Ayyub says:

    Youtube terminated the account, so this is an alternative link:

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