Interview 1448 – Carey Wedler on Tulsi Gabbard's Hope and Change

06/11/201915 Comments

Yay! Another politician seems to hold a correct opinion on an important policy issue. Time to give up on those silly anarchist ideals and vote for the CFR member who's right about one thing (and wrong about a lot of things), right guys? Well, maybe not. Joining me today to discuss the important issue of Hope And Change 2.0 is Carey Wedler of The Anti-Media.

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Interview 1249 – Carey Wedler on How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election

Why do Democrats & the mainstream media hate this veteran & presidential candidate?

Tulsi on The War on Syria

Tulsi voted to fund the DoD war machine

Vote Tulsi for Sensible Gun Control!

Tulsi will protect Medicare and Social Security!

Wedler: Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama

The Anti-Media

Carey Wedler on Steemit

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  1. arcadia11 says:

    presidents are never elected
    presidents do not make decisions
    all politicians say ‘good things’
    government is by nature incorrigibly corrupt


  2. Stronghorse says:

    Both of you said it, and therefore without realizing it, you named one of the biggest problems.
    The united States of America was NOT supposed to be a Democracy. It was set up as a Constitutional Republic. It has been twisted into what some believe is a Democracy, but in reality it isn’t even that.
    Every Democracy throughout history has failed. Democracy, according to Ben Franklin, is two wolves and a sheep debating on what’s for dinner. The Republic was set up so that the 51% could not control the 49%. The main purpose of the Electoral College was to prevent the metropolitan hoards from being able to dominate all elections. Of course that was back when elections were real.
    What the reality in the USA is, is that 2 Private Corporate Clubs are allowed to dictate who is allowed to run for high office. The Democrats and the Republicans have total say over who can be nominated, and they change their own corporate rules any time they please in order to ensure that the one they want gets the nomination. There is nothing the public can do about it either. Because the public does not understand that the political parties and the primary elections are not an official part of the original election process. Just look at what the founders said about political parties, what they referred to as “Factions”.One said that factions were more dangerous to the republic than a standing army. {Which we are also not supposed to have for any period of more than 2 years without being re-appropriated.}
    I know you know this James because I have watched numerous videos wherein you have pointed out the very same thing. Remember Corporatocracy?
    The main problem with the United States government, is that it isn’t a government at all. It’s a corporation, run by international bankers for profit. The Act of 1871 ensured this, and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 solidified it.
    UNITED STATES, and United States of America are not the same entity at all. The one in all capitol letters is a corporation, the other one WAS a nation.
    Donald Trump, and every president as far back as Ulysses S. Grant, have been, in reality, the president and CEO of a corporation. In fact, Ulysses S. Grant was the last President of the United States of America. Every one of them since is legally nothing more than the CEO of a corporation named UNITED STATES. They just go through the motions to keep the scam going. The media is nothing more than the P.R. organization that spreads the criminal’s propaganda to the masses.
    There is no legitimate government in the United States, and there hasn’t been for many, many years. It was overthrown by a criminal cartel and has been run by criminals since.
    A corporation is a “Legal Fiction”, created by government. Look that up.
    So here is a question to ask yourself: “How can a fiction, govern flesh and blood people?”
    The answer is: “Only by another Fiction”.
    Until people figure out that there is a criminal cabal pretending to be the government of the USA, and throw them out and reinstall a legal government that follows the highest law of the land, (the constitution), this absurd & cruel joke will continue to rob them of their wealth and their liberty.
    Sadly, most will ignore this and keep trying to vote harder next time without realizing that if the USA was to reinstate their legitimate government, which actually worked well until the Lincoln presidency, they could have a much more peaceful and prosperous society.
    Had the constitution been followed, had the people stayed involved the way they were supposed to, there would be almost none of the current problems. Furthermore, if they would read their own constitution, they would learn that the solutions to the problems are also contained in it.
    But hey, it doesn’t have anything to do with what’s on TV tonight, eh?
    Anyone care to debate any of this?

  3. frankwd says:

    Thank you Mr. Corbett.
    I go direct here for videos and will be transitioning to other media platforms. One thing I am trying to do is to place comments on youtube informing of the various platforms. (steemit, bitchute etc….) I watched Gabbard on Rogan and as soon as she started talking about universal healthcare and minimum wage I turned it off. You are a great asset to those seeking truth and awareness.

    I am trying to implement more action in regards to donations and web involvement through postings.

    With much gratitude – Frank

  4. sherry.a says:

    Can only hope ‘evil’ (even the lesser kind) will destroy itself and as per FDR..’Presidents are selected NOT elected’….tons of magical thinking in all of it…and at least for now I believe fair to say power has been completely usurped from the people into the hands of oligarchs and Corporations….lately..the elite do not even pretend to be ethical or moral….next? Anyone’s guess…

  5. geof.h says:

    I remember when Obama was elected, his speeches started exhibiting a pattern: he would say all the hopey peude stuff, *but* it would be followed by a “but.” And once he even said, “And it’s a big butt!”

    I didn’t vote for him, though, shamefully I did vote…shit, I always vote, a futile habit. I voted for McKinney. I admit to getting a bit of a tear in my eye when a “black guy” got elected. Somehow I had thought that would be impossible! Haha!

  6. LeifNZ says:

    James. Might I suggest that the embedded video on this page NOT be Youtube?
    In addition, it might be fun to put links to the Youtube Alternatives IN the Youtube Description… Right below the “SHOW NOTES AND MP3” link.

    Just a thought.


  7. parzival says:

    None of these cardboard cut outs running for Ego in Chief even address a modicum of reality raging around the planet at present. A modicum would be a peek at the extinction level destruction going on in the oceans and on land and actually address it. @ present most people aren’t even aware of the nano-particulates that we are breathing in on a daily basis. Everything else is a mere distraction. For reference I suggest checking out Dane Wigington on By attempting to mitigate the problem of creating by products that are choking the life out of the biosphere, and rampant mining of the commons, the powers that would be are only making it worse. Geoengineering has been amped up in the last decade with the use of ionosphere heaters and employing solar radiation management techniques by way of microwave technology and spraying nano-particulates in the atmosphere. I challenge my brethren here on the Corbett Report to check out any of the video presentations on the website listed above. I can guarantee that once you’ve ventured down the rabbit hole, you’ll want to investigate how deep and how far the 70 year cover up goes. I’m only the messenger…

  8. treesandseeds says:

    I’d love to hear this conversation address the implications of a world where politically concerned people are being unabashedly silenced at an alarming rate. I suspect James and Carey both understand the United States is undergoing a deeply significant shift in management, and it is happening right now. This is the period historians look back on and identify as the shift that redirected the 21st century. We’ll either be said to have completely lost our core values and any chance to create greater new ones or that we stopped what could have been the greatest impending threat to a relatively tolerant, free, and civilized society. The choice will be made in the next year or two it seems, given the rate of society’s closure. Seriously, how many independent voices will they need to censor or sites to ban to completely deaden the people’s platform for truth. How free to violence will the censors be when there is no one left to restrain them? We’re facing the bankrupting of society on many different levels and laying down to rule by terror in the short term! Facing deplatforming is a risk, but the stakes are high and I sincerely wish we’d learn to pull together and sort this out. Carey should be doing tours across the nation telling eager freedom lovers about this immediate threat. Tell the people what needs to be said now and do it in person if that’s what it takes, but please address what these signs tell us about what could be humanity’s greatest failure and almost certain seed of destruction.

    Letting this time pass without saying so may be the greatest collective mistake and shame of our time. I think its a small honor to have shook both their hands at different times over these last few years, knowing that they’re doing brave work with integrity at a consequential time and really directing meaningful change, but I also feel a bit of remorse having had those encounters and not having done more with them myself. I feel like those that are also inclined towards a more peaceful and tolerant society really should be banding together right now to prevent Carey’s experience of remorse for having lost views to algorithms, or James’ lack of positive responses to solutions. Now is the time when should be finding support from each other in every way possible and I think we find the purpose and ensuing solidarity when we understand and own up to the nature of the problem. Who else is will be left to do it if we don’t? Who else are we looking towards?

  9. Octium says:

    If people feel they are not doing enough on election Day they could always wear a silly hat.

    It sure achieves a lot more than voting.

    If anyone asks why you are wearing a silly hat, pull a Corbett report DVD from it and hand it to them!

  10. Duck says:

    The president is way way way less important then local politics for most peoples lives but they pay more attention to the big league because thats where the spotlight is even as agenda 21esque stuff is happening closer to home
    Your local council, mayor, board of supervisors, school board all do more to mess with your day to day life then Trump or Obama and unlike them you actually CAN have an effect in elections where the votes are numbered pathetically low…. many local elections are reminiscent of the British rotten or pocket boroughs where just a few people had the vote

  11. manbearpig says:

    Did CFR Tulsi just endorse swamp creature Biden? oh well. Just pragmatism. Gotta play ball…

    But I thought she said we just have to elect the right people?

    oh… here I go complaining again… Guess I’ll just go vote for Biden. At least I FEEL like I’m doing something…

    gotta be pragmatic, play ball, with a Real candidate, the American way…

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