Interview 1436 - Fault Lines Tackles Russiagate and WWI

04/08/20195 Comments

James Corbett joins Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan on Fault Lines Radio to discuss his recent video, Russiagate: A Conspiracy Theory, and how the current Russia hysteria parallels the lead in to WWI.

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Fault Lines Radio

Russiagate: A Conspiracy Theory

CNN's Fareed Zakaria: Will President Trump Finally Stand Up To Vladimir Putin Over Venezuela?

The WWI Conspiracy

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  1. generalbottlewasher says:

    This goes hand in hand with the British censuring of high-tech companies. Who will determine what is harmful?
    Anecdotal story here at home. Sue buys an Apple tablet to see “Game of Thrones ” I in observing reality ask here what is so impulsively addictive about it? She says you have to pay close attention to details to follow it. I ask if she thought it might be propaganda to soften her up a little towards violence and such. Who is the good guys there? Da! The dragon babies are going to save the world! So I ask “you will trade the violence conditioning for some fantasy out come?”
    Now I have ruined it and there is still hours yet to be viewed. Aren’t I the SOB she says I am.? I hope so I can’t stand where all this propeganda is heading. Maybe it was me suggesting she use the Apple thingy for other more productive uses to avoid doing harm, promoting harm and ultimately preventing harm. Where ever you point and shoot that sword/gun Apple thingy. Do you suppose Hollywood exects will face fines and jail time for the harmful crap they promote? Nah, its entertainment.

  2. jason.s says:

    Spot on James. The positive side is that we are still pointing the inconsistencies out and not participating in the war mindset.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really like it when Corbett repeats the message about the “Precautionary Principle”.


    I think that this aspect is a wonderful tool to use when curving the “climate change” dialogue about CO2.

  4. james.s says:

    Hey James

    One of the two gentlemen interviewing you (not sure if it was Garland or Lee) mentioned that aliens would be used as a “threat” to convince people that weaponising space is a good idea.

    This idea goes back to Wernher von Braun. In an interview with Carol Rosin in 1974, he listed the reasons the USA would claim their need for more advanced weaponry. He said it began with Communists, then it would move to terrorists, then “third world crazies”, then asteroids; the asteroids would permit them to build space-based weapons. He also said that the final card would be the alien card. Presumably this would allow them to put nukes in space and push for one-world government.

    Link to one discussion on this:

    Just to note, Wernher von Braun was a psychopathic Nazi scientist who conducted inhuman experiments on people during the war. Then his file was whitewashed by the US in Operation Paperclip and he was allowed to join the USA and become one of NASA’s leading scientists, along with hundreds of other Nazi scientists.
    There are photos of them standing together showing off one of their rockets in the USA after the war and they are all in full Nazi uniform.

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