Interview 1419 - James Corbett on Surfing Propaganda Waves

02/15/201927 Comments


If James Brown was “the hardest working man in show business,” Independent Media can claim a “James” of their own in the art form of information. James Corbett is the man behind THE CORBETT REPORT.

Corbett and Ochelli discuss the ebb and flow of the information superhighways and the nature of the artificial information and organic awareness lost and found on the many off ramps and interchanges of the roads rarely traveled by honest presenters.

What is important? Is near all the world stage four of the cancerous culture confounded by its own language and the dummy load of loaded sentiment remaining silent and dying for a lack of comprehension.

How many boogeymen fit in the average American propaganda basket? Are you confused? If you answered yes then this revelation through conversation may be right for you. You may learn the frustration and motivations behind two different independent media presenters. If cognitive dissonance persists, immediately consult and daily. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it, and that someone can be you.

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  1. bladtheimpaler says:

    The CDN band Chilliwack in their song Rain-o penned the line “if there’s no audience there just ain’t no show.’ What we in aggregate pay attention to and put our energies towards is what we in aggregate care about , which in turn creates the world we see around ourselves.
    ‘Rain-o’ lyrics:

    TPTSB create memes and the terminology to describe them (‘conspiracy theorist’ being the big one) as traps that can be used to discredit those that would disseminate ‘truth.’ Likely the Sandy Hook event was fabricated not with gun control as the main focus but in creating a trap for marginalizing those who would query its obvious questionability. The same likely applies to the Pizzagate/Comet Ping Pong event. These types of traps act as a defense for TPTSB through the threshold limits of the ‘unawake’ as to who is a conspiracy theorist, and therefore must be disregarded as a wacko. Or why the obvious bread crumbs to discredit these events. Other examples of created memes are the Moon landings or not, aliens, flat earth, shape shifting reptilian elites, lost civilizations and a host of other such rabbit hole creations that eat time and energy and brand the gullible along with the true investigator of truth as bona fide simpletons. If we use TPTSB terminologies we run the risk of having the tables turned on us more often than the other way around.

    • brian.s says:

      I agree that what we give attention, we feed or give value to – even if it is a negative value.
      What we resist, persists.

      This means that we become not only conscious of what we are giving attention to, but ensure the purpose that is directing us. As awareness of ‘where we are coming from’.
      Coming from conflict or fear defined sense of self teaches it, and learns it – as an act of self-reinforcement.
      It may seem absurd or unimaginable to suggest coming from a willingness for peace, for healing, for an honest and true appreciation. But the key word is ‘willingness’.
      What we leave unchosen and unused fades from non use. This includes leaving the bait hanging when we are provoked, targeted and triggered and this practice is the generating by active willingness of a different ‘habit’ that embodies a sense of shared worth, rather than an attempt to get from the invalidation or undermining of others seen worthless. Or indeed to mitigate a sense of a conflicted and negative self-appreciation.

      As I see it an active willingness for wholeness of being tunes us to the ‘signal’ instead of being fixated in the ‘noise’ or jamming signal. Truly shared purpose is a shared mind. Conflicted purpose runs the segregative, compartmentalised, weaponised and defended sense of private agenda – in fear of dispossession.

  2. generalbottlewasher says:

    James ol’ boy you have come full circle. Now write the damn book!!!
    You know you could do a best seller. We are in a post truth world. You are partly responsible for our being here. Now write the damn book!!!
    You are burning daylight..

  3. manbearpig says:

    Splash of pre-hamster wheel impressions having freshly and voraciously consumed this content in full digestion:

    The memes of discourse…

    The medium is the message.

    Accessibility vs. Depth

    Appeal to emotion and shallow sound byte slogans facilitate accessibility deforming reality.

    The medium inherently deforms reality.

    The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world: which is why I insert as much Corbett content as I can into my classes.

    Happy to have finally cracked Docherty and Macgregor’s Hidden History hardcover last night.

    Excellent exchange IMHO!

    now I’ll have to climb outa the rabbit hole as I’m late late late for a very important date myself!!


    😎 😎 😎

  4. brian.s says:

    For my part I see communication begins within ourself and extends to our relations.
    The Shakespearian quote applies also in reverse:
    “First be true unto yourself, and it follows as surely as night follows day that thou can be false to no man”.
    In A Course in Miracles is the statement that we give the message that we then receive from others by the purpose that we accept – not by the forms anything takes.
    the two commandments made famous by Jesus/Jeshua Ben Joseph are of the oneness of our relation to Source with our relation to each other and ourself.
    While Christians tend to see this impossible feat as a guaranteed failure, it can of course be simply the already truth beneath illusions that are being invested in as substitutes for true – and protected as self under threat of pain of loss.

    The wish and attempt to use relationships (others and world) for what we can privately get from them – and this includes what we believe we can get rid of on them – is a self-illusion at cost of the extension of a true appreciation – and therefore of recognizing our self in the other. Recognizing the love in the act of loving – honouring and extension of gratitude.

    Lies have one thing in common; none of them are true.
    The wish something be true or not is the idea that it is up to us to decide or determine what is true, invoking the judge, narrative control and power struggle.

    Rather than seeing those engaged in deceit as sinful or as a source of moral differentiation, we might notice the insanity and incongruence of the attempt to be who we are not – and of having not only come to believe it, but to be seemingly trapped in the mask.

    True communication runs beneath the ‘masking persona’ to those who have eyes to see or indeed an intuitive recognition in which to be stirred. Weaponised communication is the use of the FORMS of communication as weapons or fences and as such is at best derivative of something originally meaningful. Opening and aligning or standing in the true meaning of the word we give – and therefore receive – is as Confucius said when asked what he would do in the reins of power; ‘redeeming the dictionary’.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Brian.s, a most poetic tune. I hear music in those words. I also see “source” as love , and humanities fall from grace as the creation of money as representative of love and as an substitute for obligation. Which sadly it can never be. The mask we hide behind, Money.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…For my part I see communication begins within ourself and extends to our relations.
      The Shakespearian quote applies also in reverse:
      “First be true unto yourself, and it follows as surely as night follows day that thou can be false to no man”…”

      Gorgeous! and rings profoundly true!

      Wow…so much to explore in your comment…

      But in a purely selfish and expeditive manner I’ll cling to the following passage as an opportunity to clarify my subjectively perceived motivations in “Gatekeeper-Alert/bashing”…

      “…Rather than seeing those engaged in deceit as sinful or as a source of moral differentiation, we might notice the insanity and incongruence of the attempt to be who we are not – and of having not only come to believe it, but to be seemingly trapped in the mask…”

      Honestly, I am excruciatingly curious as to the impetus of those who engage in what I consider to be active and voluntary deceit that effectively assists those who would murder thousands of people by blowing up buildings or condemning millions of people by stunting the economic development of those who die suffocating in smoke filled huts ushering the remaining population into total surveillance smart cities…

      I mean, sincerely, there must be a very good reason why if someone like Caitlin Johnstone does it!

      Essentially you’re suggesting they’re deluded?

      At any rate, I’ll just add that I don’t necessarily discourage consuming Chomsky or Johnstone’s work where one may recolt the golden nuggets of truth and/or clever and galvanizing feel-good poetry: I’d just advise bearing in mind that

      above and beyond any agenda that each and everyone has when engaged in communication with others

      I’ve found these folks to be actively, knowingly dishonest and manipulative in their approach.

      Perhaps the end justifies the means?

      But what exactly IS “the end” in their book??

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MBP-recolt? Recolte? however its spelled it is a beautiful word.
        In the feminine line; to harvest. Gracefully chosen.
        What in the world can be done with Ms.Johnstone? I just can’t figure her out either. She is a source of psychic discomfort . Please write her out of this
        ” never ending story”. The end.

  5. scpat says:

    A new propaganda machine unleashed?

    Elon Musk-Backed Software Can Churn Fake News Stories And Is “Too Dangerous To Release”

  6. ekawAediW says:


    I am another who has been motivated by your work, inspired by your journalistic integrity, and astonished by your consistency over the years, churning out non-stop material while maintaining an umatched standard of excellency. Bravo to you, sir. Thanks in large part to you, I guess I’ve officially entered the arena as a brand new blogger.

    • manbearpig says:

      Tried to access your new blog but it wouldn’t load. So I’ll try at work!

      Congratulations for your new endeavours!

    • Corbett says:

      Great blog post on an important subject, ekawAediW, and coincidentally enough my copy of La Boétie is sitting on my bedside table right now as I just cracked it open to re-read it last night. Anyway, I’ll include a link to your post in this weekend’s newsletter.

      • ekawAediW says:

        Thanks, James! Your praise means more than you know. And what a happy coinky-dink. My copy is within slobber distance from where I sleep as well; along with Konkin, Spooner and Proudhon.

        • CQ says:

          What a fascinating, Fibonacci-filled adventure you’ve taken me on tonight, ekawAediW!

          You’ve introduced me to the Golden and Silver Ratios, to sparkling Ben Sparks and vivacious Vi Hart.

          Even in your above comment (of humble thanks to James), you sent me scurrying to Wiki to find out who this Konkin fellow is. Yes, I confess I didn’t know the name of the founder of agorism, much less that he hailed from the western (Corbett) side of Canada. Cool initials he has: SEK3.

          The way you’ve woven the two goldens (rule and ratio) into one seamless garment, embroidered with not only the sparkles of Ben and the doodles of Vi but also the thoughtful threads of Earl, the sequins of Simon, and the gemstones of Jesus (as well as other great teachers of the universal rules for living a good life), is beautiful to behold.

          Congrats for starting your blog, thanks for sharing it with us, and a plea to clue us in whenever you produce a new post.

          • manbearpig says:

            What elegantly expository and eminently enticing elocution! Vivacious Doodle embroidery indeed!
            And so true!

            • CQ says:

              I’m sure your students appreciate your wordsmithing wit, mbp. So do I.

              • manbearpig says:

                Best not sollicit or be complicit in such illicit artless and wistful silliness

                For as in listless resistance I shake my fist at some Miss, the gist they insist, in innocence that I missed it…

                Sent from my viscous and vigilant old huawei mistress…

            • ekawAediW says:

              Excited elation is all that is elicited from all these egregiously extolled exaltations!

              Ergo, they must end, lest the ego endlessly expands to the extremest extremities… never to be seen again?

              • manbearpig says:

                So this is it: as I sit here admitting to skillessly knitting or spinning some fitting and explicit wit to your own additions

                I realize that the propicious visit of such exquisite crystal colloquial creation as your concoctions contain

                requires the insertion of some inquisitive and exquisitely implicit insightful wisdom

                as mere titillating relations and tethering of instant thistly similes or masterful administration of silly syllables in egoistic maceration

                could be seen to recede indecently into the insidious expression of some empty and insanely sinful sedition…

                with a mission or vision of divisively incisive precision in the furious fusion of fatally futile destructive derision…!

                but it’s fun … and gives expression to the caffeine and the subconscious…in a weirdly and perfidiously profound way…

                now hamsterwheel spinning!

          • ekawAediW says:

            CQ, one of my chief aims, apart from the obvious task at hand (of waking up my beloved fellow humans), is to re-ignite the spark of wonder and imagination that once burned so brightly in each of us during our younger years. There is so much beauty to behold in this world amidst all the chaos and destruction–somewhat paradoxically, at times–but as a dear professor of mine once said, we must never lose touch with our biophilia (the love of living things, or of nature), for it is the very thing that keeps us alive.

            The eloquent and artistic way in which you craft your compliments is not only truly uplifting, but also very clearly demonstrates to me that you, too, have much to offer the world by way of words. If you aren’t already doing so, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to begin! There’s no time like the present.

  7. joseph says:


    Mr. Ochelli has no doubt come across and aware of the philosophy of stoicism. His feigned quibs about being confused are part of his shtick and undoubtedly for entertainment purposes. However I think it would do him, his audience and yours a GREAT deal of good to highlight in a small podcast the philosphy of stoicism. The simple idea of taking responsibility for the things you can effect. Dispassionately dismissing the things you cannot effect. That’s a complete over simplification as you know but I have found a great deal of peace in this 21st century digital platform enslavement grid working towards the things I need to take responsibility for while simultaneously dismissing the things I cannot. E.G. Black Pope, U.N., BIS, et al…

    Just a thought to perhaps calm down some of the hysteria…

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