Interview 1411 - Gerry Docherty on Herbert Hoover and World War One

01/15/201912 Comments

Today we are joined once again by Gerry Docherty, co-author with Jim MacGregor of Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War and Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI. In this conversation we cover the remarkable suppressed history of Herbert Hoover's role in prolonging the agony of World War One, including his stewardship of the American relief of Belgium in the early part of the war and overseeing the removal of valuable historical documents from Europe after the war.

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Hidden History blog and website

Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War

Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI

The WWI Conspiracy

Interview 1405 – Gerry Docherty on the Hidden History of WWI

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  1. generalbottlewasher says:

    This guy must inspire George Soros in all the callus disregard of human beings welfare for personal profit.

    Docherty and Macgregor’s book is entertaining as informitive read.

  2. Nick Weech says:

    I find it hard to understand/believe. The way was prolonged for 3.5 years!
    Herbert Hoover’s Dam I remember his monument in history- what a man he seems to have been- indeed The Great Cuckoo

  3. manbearpig says:

    I’ll have to give this another more careful listen but I wonder to what extent Hoover could be compared to Maurice Strong or Al Gore and the CBC to the charitable intergovernmental heist that is the IPCC, violating the trust of the good people of the world and filling the pockets of unscrupulous self-declared humanitarians:

    “…George Monbiot of the Guardian and UN officials came up with headlines like:

    “The people must feed UN coffers to stop Climate Change! “Failure to agree climate deal rules would be suicidal!” Never has such there been a man-made environmental emergency so great!”
    Utter lies! It beggars belief!”

    Century’s old Standard operating procedure: government, banks and humanitarian organisations working together to fleece the naive public, enrich bankers and businessmen, strategically kill selected populations and remodel the world according to the predators’ most self-serving vision…

    Using the IPCC to slow the development of emerging countries in such a way as to keep the hegemony of the wealthy Western culture moving us into the Smart World Order…

    • manbearpig says:

      Rereading myself this morning I realize I didn’t make much sense last night: Just to clarify;

      with the quotation marked sentences I was slipping the climate change analogy into Docherty’s own words pronounced at 21:12. And at the bottom I meant that just as the CBC had been crucial in dragging out the war, the IPCC is crucial in dragging out the war colonialist countries had been waging on desperately impoverished areas of the world destitute of electricity who’re told they must use impractical solar or wind energy when women are still making fires in their tents and whose children are dying young as they inhale the smoke, international banks and businesses making money by pillaging their resources and guarenteeing the high mortality rate of certain populations. anyhow…

  4. Ukdavec says:

    Great interview and eye opening stuff.

    For people wanting to dig into the earlier career of Hoover, the following documentary detailing his time in the Australian Gold Fields and the havoc he created there is recommended

    BTW James, a word to encourage you to continue reposting and repromoting some of your past work – I have been a regular visitor since 2012 and somehow had missed the David Kelly documentary. Newbies to the site may be overwhelmed at trawling through your now vast archive, so a curated set of periodic repeats is very worthwhile IMHO.

    • manbearpig says:

      I would second that. I realize I’ve missed many docs or didn’t have enough culture or existing framework to ‘hang the info on’ and so did not retain it. Also interesting when you choose the ones that have “renewed pertinence” like the recent Mandell House repost or ones you think might offer an interesting parallel or perspective to new work.

  5. manbearpig says:

    I guess what’s the most surprising of all is not even the cynical, murderous machinations between governments, “charities”, banks and businesses…

    …but simply how flagrantly the history’s been played down, yes even hidden…

    …as if no one were interested in the earlier life of U.S. President Herbert Hoover

    …as if his preceding career were totally irrelevant…

  6. Libertydan says:

    History is a funny thing. It makes me wonder if we know anything. Lies and deception are everywhere, yet man has advanced to where we are, so far.
    Two steps forward and one step back, or One step forward and a stumble back. This seems to define the progress of man, Yet real progress is linked the knowledge and knowledge is linked to truth. Thus, we must continue to fight for the truth or we shall return to the dark ages.

    • Duck says:

      sadly human culture is passed on from parent to child and it takes only a tiny interruption to mess this up and destroy generations of accumulated know how and wisdom. There is no ‘progress’ just cycles of ever increasing violence as the base line of our power to do things grows. On the other hand if we dont try then we wouldnt be human but just a kind of animal

  7. Will Hicks says:

    Just ordered a copy of Hidden History. Thanks to all parties involved (with regard to this interview and all the offerings from this URL) for the motivation, inspiration, and azimuths of edification.

  8. kropotkin says:

    Mr. Docherty mentioned the lack of information in the history lessons in Belgium regarding WW1

    I can confirm this applies to German Universities as well.

    A colleague of mine is German and studies history and filosophy at a German university. He has just absorbed WW1.

    From my colleague I learned:

    – Facts surrounding WW1 are difficult to establish, since there are so MANY available sources
    – The US population was not influenced by allied propaganda, since a vast portion were from German descent
    – The roots of WW1 go back to the Austrian Hungarian Serbian situation decades before.
    – German history students have to absorb a lot of information regarding the Austrian Hungarian Serbian situation in the 18 hundreds in advanced studies as the ww1 prelude
    – Carroll Quigley, Smedley D. Butler etc are not part of the German literature list, nor has my colleague ever heard of such authors
    – My colleague mentioned “Sleepwalkers” by Christopher Clark as the best information currently available regarding the origins of WW1

    I find one of the most striking aspects is the determination with which information that does not coincide with the official dogmas are countered by this student. Almost as if it were a belief.

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