Interview 1403 - Derrick Broze on Jeffrey Epstein and The Finders

12/05/201855 Comments

Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joins us once again. This time we talk about the latest developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case, as well as Broze's investigation into the decades-old story of The Finders and their links to child trafficking.

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The Conscious Resistance

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    • mkey says:

      Brandon just as well may be completely right on this issue. I expected for the public ledger based currency to firstly go live in a substantial, then have it crash and burn and only then introduce the solution of having the ledger on “official” servers of the world bank. The transparency of the public ledger will be much less of an issue on a privately held server The tide could quickly shift from transparent and trackable to just trackable.

      To a large extent, the way we’re having our currency today is in a digital format, basically vast vast majority of all currency in circulation are just numbers on bank servers. While the end user can’t even make a distinction between currency and credit.

      One thing over which I don’t agree with Brandon would be the gold aspect of our monetary future. I don’t think our future, as long as we’re envisioning a stable monetary system, revolves around gold or any other such commodity. It’s been tried over the ages many times and it always fails. Gold itself can not fix societal woes and a monetary system is a societal issue more than anything else.

  1. cherub says:

    Oh, also, is there any way you can get the full original professor Philpot vids? And maybe have the 1st DC madam on (Henry Vinson I think was his name…)? He talked about these sort of parties that got more screwed up throughout the party until the normal people left, leaving behind the freaks who could be blackmailed. These people would then supposedly end up as high level officials. Is that true?

  2. cherub says:


    Please cover this so called “red shoes” stuff. Is that for real?

    Also, you may want to cover it while including info on the DARPA helmet of obedience to put that red shoes stuff into proper context. I mean, if you can make a person into an obedient psychopath with a helmet, you can do it with a room. I have always wondered how that tech could be used to shatter a mind and manipulate a person…. I mean, you see crap all over youtube about that sorta thing, but most of it just looks crazy. Is it real though?

    And is the whole stars being blackmailed with this sort of crap real? What about the Amanda Bynes story where she was being raped by her father and woke up in the middle of it for the first time (he would knock her out with drugs apparently… according to youtube folks), and then she went nuts and her parents took her money, and then drugs or electroshocked her into a lobotomized state… is that real?

    Or the Scarlett Johannson thing where the pussycat dolls was supposedly a prostitution ring?

    And how pervasive is this? Because the impression I get is that it is disturbingly pervasive. But I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that and accepting that. I mean… It’s just hard to imagine it actually being as pervasive as my impression leads me to think. I may have gotten to the point where I cannot accept what I see.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On these questions and thoughts addressing Corbett, there is probably a better venue to place them.
      This way Corbett can review them, because he gets a lot of traffic on many different formats.

      Type into “The Corbett Report”‘s SEARCH BOX
      “Questions For Corbett”

      Watch, at least, the most recent “Questions For Corbett”, if not several episodes.
      It will give you a feel for the format.
      This is probably your best path.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Cherub, while you are using the Search box, type in
        “Franklin Savings and Loan”

        And if that doesn’t answer enough, google “Ted Gunderson”
        Ted was murdered championing for the victims of pediphile rings, satanic clubs and such vilany.

        I encourage you to Ask all the questions you can.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Savings and Loan
          Former reporter for the “Houston Chronicle,” Pete Brewton tells of one of the most momentous stories of the past 50 years and how it has been suppressed by the establishment media and the Congress. Pete’s book “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush,” shows the incredible complexity of the relationships in the operation of the destruction of hundreds of Savings and Loans at the hands of the CIA and the Mafia, stealing many billions of dollars in the process, and leaving the taxpayers to bailout the banks. Big names at the state and national levels of power are involved, including Lloyd Bentsen, the Bush family, and power brokers in Houston. People such as Kenneth Keating and Don Dixon, who are mentioned prominently in the press in connection with the S & L debacle, were merely front men or “cutouts” for the main movers. Keating and his ilk only took millions; the CIA and the Mafia looted billions.
          Great Video embedded at the following link…
          (PS – I miss ‘Reprehensor’)

          (The VIDEO is archived. Some folks may wish to download it.)

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            “At Tom T’s request Im kicking this to the front page.”
            Powerful stuff Homey! Inspirational.
            Anidotal story driven by kicking it. Headline tonight; The University of Big Oil Tulsa beat Oklahoma State in basketball. The public address at the beginning, before the singing of the national anthem, said ” we will have two moments of silence. One for an allumni basketball star who passed away and one for H.W.B.#41. The crowd went silent on que, but for one person, who, 10,000 people heard say loudly “NO!”. You could hear a pin drop . I can only hope that ” no “, worked magic in the ears of those who suspect something is wrong with their blind obediance. And, that they know the person who said “No!” wasn’t defaming the deceased allumni basket ball star.

            Yes this is one hell of an interview.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Good job!
              That one word might have shaken some folks out of their slumber!

              If I had any money, I would give you a raise and promotion.

  3. s.jamieson says:

    Sweep the filth under the rug, again and again and again. What’s that huge lump under the carpet, chief? You just walk around that lump and your privileged position is secure, any questions? No, chief. You’re doing a great job, by the way. Money and power and degenerative sex and corruption up the yin yang wazoo deja vu all over again never wears thin, never never . . . until it does and Epstein under the bus is only going to delay things so long.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This was one hell of an interview.

    Derrick is from the Houston area.
    It kind of reminds me of “True Detective – Season One” with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson which takes place in that part of Texas / Louisiana.
    The series revolves around trafficking in children and young girls, and it has that Satanic bent towards the end.
    I believe that the series was based around some true events in that part of the country.
    (4 minute scene)

  5. urban says:

    Dont forget, hard copies and printed copies for back-ups. Do not have cell phones present when handing them off. Leave phones at home as they can be tracked even if off. All electronic media and communications -(including crypto currencies BTW), are back doored by the Talpiot program & network (AKA, conspiracy), by those who care about the truth not coming out.

    • Duck says:

      The issue with evil people is not their existence but rather the fact that normal people are no longer able to deal with their existence.
      THEY have not grown so big…WE have just grown small

    • cherub says:

      Um, can cell phones be tracked without the battery in? I have heard that they can be, but it never made sense to me how such a thing could be done.

      • Stronghorse says:

        @ cherub,
        They contain capacitors which will hold a charge. These could possibly be accessed for that purpose with the proper technology. I have no doubt that if they want to do it, they do it.

        Look up why you should never open and tinker with an old TV set you find in the junk unless you know what you are doing. The old TVs had a “High Voltage Flyback Transformer” in them that held a charge big enough to kill you, and could maintain the charge for years.

        Same concept.

        • calibrator says:

          Sorry, but I fail to see the same concept here.

          The flyback transformer isn’t the one element in an old TV that is holding the big charge – it’s the tube itself and its not an electrical charge but an electrostatic one.
          Yes, it could kill you but you can’t operate the TV with it.

          No modern phone has anything remotedly like this built into it.

          Modern “surveillance bugs” (aka smartphones) rely on their battery to be able to broadcast their spy data including their position.

          Yes, big capacitors can hold loads of power, too, but there are none in modern phones. And, yes, phones are disassembled all the time, especially flagship phones (see for examples).
          Also, the LED flashes on them aren’t comparable with the xenon flash units in photo cameras / DSLRs with their super-caps.

          IMHO there is no technical way around it: The phone batteries are the ONLY components to hold enough power to be able to power the phone.
          The combination of “mass production”, “cost requirements” & “economy of scale” prevents other components than the battery to hold such amount of power.
          And what was their solution in the battle with the sassy masses?
          They now only produce flagship phones with BUILT-IN batteries that you can’t change anymore.

          These phones can indeed be used in interesting ways which is why you have no real choice on the market anymore than to either submit to it or abstain and get a dumber phone.
          In other words: If you buy a flagship phone (iPhone or comparable Android ones) you get surveillance for free.

          The companies of course explain this with “customer demand” for thinner phones or waterproof phones…

          Also, the phones that can be charged wirelessly don’t work without a battery – and even if we assume that it would: You would need a charging plate in the direct vicinity.

          So go ahead and get a dumbphone.

          But also make sure that you don’t run around with credit cards or identity cards etc. that are equipped with NFC chips. They are now able to communicate via several meters (for example in entry portals).

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Good post.

          • mkey says:

            How much power would a GPS module need to get the position from a satellite? Better phones only need a few seconds to sync with a satellite. My previous Chinese brand phone took several seconds, close to half a minute and longer, but the one I’ve had now for almost a couple of years syncs in a second or two, as long as you’re out in the open.

            Supercapacitors could hold enough charge to support this action, if indeed the phone was designed in such a way as to support it. It would also need to open a data channel to let bad actors know about your position.

            For example, the GPS module such as used in arduino GPS modules has some 0.2W consumption according to the specification. I bet mobile editions can cut that down further.

            I don’t think they are making these devices like that, however. How many people turn off their phones? Most of the phones these days are never even restarted during their service life, maybe only during software updates.

            If you can’t turn off your phone, you can always place it in a conductive box, you can be sure as hell it won’t be talking to anyone on the outside as long as you have it caged up.

            • calibrator says:

              It all depends on what you want to accomplish with electronics.

              As always: If you want to design it for low-power you *can* do it. Here’s a module with low power consumption:

              “An all-in-one component, the Gms-u1LP GPS module specifies a power consumption of 24 mA while tracking and 30 mA during acquisition.”

              So of course you can build a GPS tracker with low-power consumption and many people will buy them for various reasons (I have one for my DSLR as I wanted to record photo tours and where exactly I took a photo).

              But many people won’t buy stuff like that when the only purpose is to create an “electronic leash” for them.
              So they integrated this tech in phones as everybody needs a phone…

              And here we have a different situation: The highest priority of a smartphone is being useful, power consumption often takes a back seat.
              Which is why we don’t have a super-low-power specialized GPS module in a smartphone but just another function in the highly integrated “SOC” (“system-on-chip”). This is the central integrated circuit that contains most elements of the “computer logic” included in the phone with the exception of the RAM and (Flash-)ROM.
              This means it does not only contain the CPU (with several cores) but also the graphics unit and various interfaces for sound and communication.
              Modern SOCs also contain the (LTE-)modem, Wifi, Bluetooth and functions for location services – like GPS, Russian Glonass, European Galileo and Chinese Baidou. Everybody now wants to have Google Maps…

              The popular “Snapdragon 845” SOC is a good example: It contains practically everything except memory.

              The more modern such a SOC is the less power it uses in low-power mode.
              But you still need quite some power to operate this SOC at all – and of course to transmit the positional data it acquires. The GPS part of it is probably the tiniest part.

              But there is a much bigger problem with modern hardware:

              The problem with ALL modern CPUs, especially SOCs is that they contain a “security system” which contains a separate CPU, (flash)memory, its own separate operating system(!) and of course communication abilities. This system can act as a supervisor or administrator of the whole system. Intel CPUs have this tech for more than 10 years now (“Intel Management Engine”), AMD followed suit (“AMD Secure Technology”) and I bet that every popular SOC contains this stuff, too.

              With this tech you HAVE remote control automatically built-in – especially if you can’t disconnect the battery anymore (not only phones but also tablets and many notebooks).

              But all modern PCs are affected, too: Even if you only run a well-known Linux variant this “chip in a chip” runs above (or below…) it and can still read the contents of the memory and transmit it to the network connection.

              On smartphones it’s even worse: Somebody can program a SOC to wake up, acquire the position, transmit it to a location on the web and power down again.

              Smartphone manufacturers use this tech for their “security functions” like Samsung Knox to remotely erase your data etc. (I don’t use Samsung anymore so I may have old info here)

              My point is that because of economical reasons they rely on the phone battery to accomplish what they want.

              Think of the positional data as a bonus as most of the stuff such a system is transmitting back to Google or Apple is the usage of the phone and the apps – which means it’s powered on normally and the user is fully aware of it.

              Using the battery is also actually less suspicious than integrating supercaps…

              Of course: There are ways around it but if everybody would use a lead case for their phone those cases would be forbidden because they contain “toxic metals” that could harm children…

          • Stronghorse says:

            i have never purchased, nor used any type of “Smartphone”. Therefore my knowledge of them is limited. On purpose, by my own choice.
            Furthermore, my 2 years of Electronics School was indeed also many years ago. Although I do maintain a decent basic understanding of such things.
            There is no point in debating this as I don’t have a dog in this fight anyway except for the fact that the “Surveillance State” pisses me off intensely.
            My point was that IF The Powers That Shouldn’t Be wish to install some type of capacitor to accomplish their intended goal of never ending surveillance, they can, and they will.

  6. Stronghorse says:

    Derrick Broze is doing important work on something that many have tried to expose for years. If he gets too close, he WILL be targeted.
    Sorry but that is a simple fact, and we all know it. There is simply too much history of the timely & convenient demise of investigative reporters, and all manner of investigators, to ignore.
    Derrick is wise to take precautions, and I just hope they are enough. I recommend that he get numerous micro cameras and place them strategically in as many places as he can think of. Home, office, automobile, etc. Record everything 24/7/365!
    Record EVERYTHING, then if it is eventually deemed to be irrelevant, and/or storage space is limited for some reason, the footage could be erased for privacy concerns. Until such time as it is proven irrelevant, make certain it is safe. Make multiple copies and place them in safe places and with trusted friends/family.

    As far back as the Franklin Credit Union case, (1988), up to the Epstein debacle, it is expected that the rich and powerful will always have their crimes covered up by their friends in high places. Be those friends sitting on the Bench, wearing some Badge, or spinning the tale to the masses, too often these people are all connected, and therefore protected. They look out for, cover up for, and protect their own kind. Lest they too get exposed.
    The child abuse/pedophilia/trafficking problem is widespread within the ranks of the rich, and the powerful, worldwide, and they are not going to allow the truth to come out if there is anything they can do to prevent it.
    The problem is not new, it has existed for as long as I can remember, and I remember back into the 1960s. I knew of it even then as a child, yet my youth prevented me from being able to do anything about it.
    In fact, having witnessed the abuse and corruption as a child was the main reason I became a criminal investigator later in life. Yet even then, my every attempt to expose it was thwarted by the powers that shouldn’t be. I was harassed, attacked, had my life threatened, and eventually fired for my efforts.
    One person alone simply cannot make much of a difference. It takes a team effort. The more the better.
    I’m old now, and in poor health, but I would still welcome the chance to assist in bringing this disgusting behavior to an end if it were possible.
    Derrick is on he right path. Exposure is the first step, and the more exposure the better. If enough good people know of the problem, and demand that it be stopped, eventually the powers that shouldn’t be will be unable to pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

    To Derrick: Be safe. A certain amount of paranoia can make the difference between life and death.

    To the rest of us: Get involved. Help in any way you can, if you can.

    • cherub says:

      Actually, I have wondered if manufacturing an event to strike such fear into the public of this phenomena that they decide, and demand, and force our current pan-opticon to take the shape of an omni-opticon… I wonder if manufacturing such an event would be useful. I mean, we have predators everywhere. There used to be some online map where you could see their addresses… So, like, if you know these people exist, and that they are so very prevalent, then perhaps it would be best to nip the whole issue in the bud by giving everyone NSA type spy power. Keep in mind that the current problem with surveillance isn’t the surveillance, it’s the imbalance of power (along with the power to frame folks). If everyone could surveil everyone else, then that power imbalance would be eliminated. And frankly, surveillance isn’t going away anyway.

      So what I am saying is, we should just push the surveillance system so far forward that no one can hide, not even the “elite”.

      But how could we go about doing that? What about taking someone they want to frame and just running with it? I mean, just use it as an opportunity to push this idea to the max?

      • Duck says:

        the surveillance system will mean nothing if the people are too powerless or too frightened to do anything.
        We have SEEN police murder people many times on camera and yet theguilty walk free and without fear….
        Power has always derived from people being unhappy enough to act in ways that did not directky benefit them…. RES PUBLICA flourishing needs people to take a personal hit to their ego, their economics or their status for the public good. until that happens the elites will but fk peoples kids with impunity

        • cherub says:

          Um, that kinda was the point. If we got to the point where people could watch this stuff in action by developing a surveillance grid where we could watch these parasites, then people may just get riled up enough to take action.

          The point in my idea was the usurp control of the media… admittedly through deception… to draw enough attention to the issue to get people to do that.

          I mean, if they are framing someone, then that gives that someone basically free access to the media to push the idea of the necessity for an omni-opticon into the public consciousness. The only price is their vanity.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            LThe Chinese have a saying about deception. Once found out you loose all credibility and are branded as a liar for life. Never to be trusted. Its the paradox of maintaining integrity. It is a price too great to concider here with this. You will become what you set out to destroy.

            • cherub says:

              But that was kinda the point. To build enough distrust to get such a system put in place.

              And all Chinese lie. I mean, seriously, their whole society is a lie.

              And on top of that everyone lies. So… Um, frankly the saying makes no sense.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                HubCherub, your systems foundation will be built on sand . People who lay with children use this same logic to support their behavior as moral. Plato Aristotle and Socrates spoke eloquent of mans ethos while laying with children. Society has changed for the better over time and that behavior is not tolerated now. However, lies are as repugnant now as in Plato’s time. As lies are also repugnant to the Chinese culture for the most part,they are more concerned with maintaining personal integrity than most westerners. Their power elite maintains many lies to remain in power but below a certain level the general population remains ethical at their core. Please correct me if this is not the case, I may be wrong. Not everyone lies, which gives hope to some.

              • cherub says:

                “HubCherub, your systems foundation will be built on sand . People who lay with children use this same logic to support their behavior as moral. Plato Aristotle and Socrates spoke eloquent of mans ethos while laying with children. Society has changed for the better over time and that behavior is not tolerated now. However, lies are as repugnant now as in Plato’s time. As lies are also repugnant to the Chinese culture for the most part,they are more concerned with maintaining personal integrity than most westerners. Their power elite maintains many lies to remain in power but below a certain level the general population remains ethical at their core. Please correct me if this is not the case, I may be wrong. Not everyone lies, which gives hope to some.”

                In reply to this… um frankly you are insane. The Chinese culture is so corrupt that they will literally sell a friend poisoned food with fake ingredients for profit. And none can complain too much about it because they all do it.

                And no, the system I would intend to build would be built on the truth revealed by fear, curiosity, and hope and the systems that arise from it.

                The problem is motivating that fear, curiosity and hope. People, including me, don’t want to believe that this crap exist, especially among the powerful who apparently commonly engage in it.

                If these same powerful were going to make the public believe that someone were guilty of something they were not, then why shouldn’t that someone take that and run with it? It’s not like the public would believe them anyway if they told the truth. Even if they told the truth they’d be called crazy. So, why not just use that position, ride that wave, to exploit the media as much as possible to stoke the fears of the public and raise in their minds the desperation for the solution of an omni-opticon? The framers would be already trying to stoke that fear anyway, so why not just ride the wave?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Cherub, please explain omni-opticon use. Is it related to polyopticon, referring to surveillance of society? One picture?
                It will be a hard sell to sane people to use fear to arrive at any truth. You sound like waterboarding people into the truth would work.
                Our framers where not trying to stoke fear, more like protecting the minority from the corruption of the mob.(majority).
                And “motivating that fear” that’s why the world hates zionists. What you are describing is the methods Israel uses against the Palestinians. It just won’t work because Truth always outs the nothingness of lies.
                Think about the logic of ” ask anybody”. Or “everybody knows”or ” its not like the public would believe them anyway”. We all ask the question of ” are these statements the pretext for the truth or for lies?” The powers figured it out a long long time ago. I admire your desire to find a way. The road ahead is full of dragons that feed on fear. Find a way to starve them to death.

              • cherub says:

                generalbottlewasher, you are simply not grasping what I am saying at all. Framers is in reference to the folks who would be framing this person, not the framers of the constitution. The point of the idea is not to hide the truth or build the foundation of the system on sand. The point of the idea is that if TPTSB wanted to frame someone, that someone could take control over the media coverage and push the idea of an omni-opticon on the public using the fears stoked by the media during the process of framing this person. The omni-opticon would be a system where everyone could see everyone else using the NSA grid. It would basically just be opening up the NSA grid for everyone to use whenever they please. The point in this being that if you have one of these nasty evil people lurking in your neighborhood, then you may want public access to the NSA grid to be available so that you can identify such people before they commit a crime. This way we could get into a position to where we could surveil these powerful people that do all this pedo crap. They too would be caught up in the dragnet of the omni-opticon.

                There would be no reason for this framed person to tell the truth because no one would believe it, and this framed person could get more by just going along with it and using the fear generated by the media to push the idea of an omni-opticon on the public.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Cherub, thank for clarifying. I see now. Marvelously creative use of taxpayers retaking of the infrastructure they have paid for. I can think only of the Truman Show as an example in part.
                You have tenacity and passion to put forth something creative to learning. Never heard of
                “….-opticon ” pan, Omni, poly, good golly Miss Molly and now I do, thanks.

    • Duck says:

      look on the bright side…. if people keep pressing Epstein up to the camera eventually his protectors will tire of covering for him and he will be arkencided… the fact that he hangs out close to home on pedo island suggests that der tag is not far away.
      I hate pedo scum more then any other kind so this makes me smile

      • Stronghorse says:

        You could be right about that, so perhaps there is a warm and fuzzy aspect to the story after all. I could offer some ideas about the method and manner such an event might employ. Thinking of a pedo and what should be their fate always takes my mind back to the book about Carlos Hathcock Jr. and the Apache woman. That is, her manner and methods that caused her to be so hated.
        At least we can still think our own thoughts, and hope for a fitting end. At least so far.

  7. Mielia says:

    I am very happy to see you had Derrick Broze on.
    Was following his reporting on Epstein and Finders the last days.
    Looking forward to hear the books through he read in the same last weeks.

    The consciousresistance is probably one of the most suppressed, swept under the rug high quality independent media websites.
    They won’t be on youtube anymore next year, guys; bookmark them!

    • Duck says:

      I was looking for a historical ref for a church devotional… the internet has scrubbed the simple story of a man wishing to loose hisfaith and being told to attend mass while in a state of mortal sin.
      If the internet can no longer hold simple history its not long before the truth on more complex matters is long gone

  8. marvinsannes says:

    As I recall the “Russia Hack” story began the same week the pervert Podesta’s emails were hacked (password was “password”) and all that creepy stuff pedophilia stuff was published. It puzzles me why that fact is rarely discussed? Ben Swann has mentioned it, and Ray McGovern, and I think the two events were connected during the “Pizzagate” buzz.

    Maybe the “Those Rooskies!” deflection is widely and completely successful?

  9. marvinsannes says:

    As I recall the “Russia Hack” story began the same week the pervert Podesta’s emails were hacked (password was “password”) and all that creepy pedophilia stuff was published. It puzzles me why that fact is rarely discussed? Ben Swann has mentioned it, and Ray McGovern, and I think the two events were connected during the “Pizzagate” buzz.

    Maybe “Those Rooskies!” deflection is widely and completely successful?

  10. Duck says:

    Love your work.
    sent your ww1 report to half a dozen close acquaintances none of whom are able to see the simple truth. Every one of them saw it thru a political lense 🙁

    The thing with this kind of report on epsetein or the finders is that 99% of people are normal humans and shy away from the idea of being like the elites… they THINK that they would like to be ‘predatory’ alpha males and grabiing hot girls for sex but in truth the idea of having so little pity in their hearts for the girls who they used as masturbation tools like the Epstein thing repels them in disgust. They lack the imagination to see how the psychopath SEES THEM and wishfully think the psycopath into paterns of behavior that THEY can understand.
    Very lovecraftian…. but the universe doesnt care what we think, just what IS.
    They wont look at the fearful truth of what power over others is…the idea of others as tools is rightly revolting.
    Slave morality…. worse then chickens which will at least LOOK at the danger, humans turn away from the predator rather then see the threat and understand it for what it is-a mirror of themselves
    . FEAR of what horrors we could become makes us turn away and never see the horrors that our masters already are.

    The idea that humans are innately ‘good’ has become a trap, seeing ourselves for the potential beasts that we are would all like to become is too hard and we imagine others as we would LIKE to see ourselves.

  11. urban says:

    To understand the doo doo that you’ve fallen into by digging into this “innocent” enough looking pedophile scandal, listen to this interview -particualarly at the 19:00 minute mark where Jeffery Epstein is mentioned. This is much larger than what you have presented thus far. May the force be with you.

  12. cherub says:

    Hey, do any of you know of anything that can be done about Myeloma? All the mainstream treatments seem to be utter crap.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is a tough one.
      Don’t know.

      Are you aware of any alternative medical practitioners who might address it?
      Would GcMAF help along with detox protocols?

  13. calibrator says:

    More technocracy in the Rothschild-magazine The Economist:

    “The antidote to civilizational collapse”
    An interview with the documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis

  14. calibrator says:

    Wikipedia has an entry:

    “The Finders”

    “The Finders is a 1993 novel by British author Nigel Hinton. It is the only one of his children’s books not related to the Beaver Towers series. In it, schoolgirl Rosie is asked to post a package and becomes possessed by its contents. She, with the help of two invisible beings, has to return the package to an evil djinn before it is too late.”

    Highlights of the “Plot” section:

    “After she posted the parcel a sack was pulled over her head and her captors walked her into a garage. She could not see them but she could hear and feel them.”

    “On the way Rosie learned that the Finders were angels, it was their job to bring Djinn back to the “other side”, they were only invisible to humans and it was Sidri’s first mission.”

    “Rosie found her way home and after sleeping there was a knock on the door. She saw what looked like two terrifying monsters through the letter box. She then heard the Finders voices call and she let them in but they still frightened her. After some coaxing Rosie realized that the monsters were in fact the Finders.”

    “When they reached Boglin Rosie knocked on a door and asked the elderly man for directions to Gallows Tree Cottage.”

    “Goodfellow who was actually the Djinn saw through Rosie’s disguise when she tried to hand him the parcel and he revealed his walking stick to be a sorcerer’s sword which only Djinn and Rosie could see. He tried to get Rosie to bow her head and swear obedience to him.”

    “The Djinn got the ivy on the tree to bind Rosie then he tried to force her to take back the Djinn Star. Rosie resisted him even when the ivy chocked and tortured her.”

  15. rc_s says:

    Good Morning
    I would like to know of some relation of the Bolsonaro of Brazil with Epstein since they like to show off with mossad shirts and Bannon is one of their advisors

  16. cherub says:

    I just want to make sure I am not going nuts. My mind cannot accept what I am seeing here. I mean, so this shit is not only real, but this ubiquitous? I hope I am being ridiculous.

    Please take a look at this and tell me what you think.

    1) Katy Perry Instagram

    You may also want to take a look at the Taylor Swift song and music video “Gorgeous” on youtube. I hope that I am just being ridiculous, but tell me if you notice the same thing. Do songs and music videos really have secondary meanings?

    Also, the Katy Perry song “chained to the rhythm” is interesting… in regards to the economy, not this pizzagate stuff.

    2) See Laowhy86 shoe shot after the 3:50 mark here.

    3) Why does this dude act like he’s against this if he’s actively a part of it? Serpentza works with Laowhy86.

    And serpentza had one video of himself on a tiny scooter that had a guy walking in front of him where he commented on the dudes amazing red shoes. And another vid with a little girl in a white dress that kept hanging around the background. I haven’t been able to find which vids those were again yet, but I will post them later if I find them.

    I cannot believe this crap is this pervasive. I mean…………. if what people say is true, then this is a HUGE underground network. I just cannot wrap my mind around that.

    On thing I have really worried about with all this, is that when you see people going to jail for it… I mean, if the system is really full of this sorta stuff, then the people going to jail for it are likely either innocents or people that just weren’t willing to go as far as the system wanted them to.

    Also, it’s scary how these two characters have become so anti China now that war is on the horizon….. makes me wonder.

    • cherub says:

      I’m gonna retract what I said about that song “Gorgeous” here. This is what I hate about this crap.

      It gets hard to separate the bullshit from the real shit. I mean, like the adrenochrome thing. I have little doubt some of this stuff is real, although I still cannot understand why all the stuff on this subject is allowed on the net at all. Why don’t TPTSB just shut it all down? I do have this feeling like I am being played. But it’s like… on what level am I being played? I mean, is this image being painted with these sort of revelations real? Are we being led to believe in this stuff for some purpose? Is this just my cognitive dissonance getting to me? How much of this stuff is disinfo? How much is real?

      I………… this stuff just makes me tired to think about it. I mean… anyway…..

      And one thing I have wondered about is why does the public find this stuff so abhorrent, but yet at the same time we glorify war which involves the mass starvation an slaughter of children on a grand scale that makes this crap look like nothing. Everyone is so worried about Satanists that they forget that they themselves engage in prideful, narcissistic, bigoted, vain, murderous behavior everyday and yet manage to see this behavior as good and noble.

      Sorry to ramble, but I am trying to sort my thoughts on all this crap. It’s too much to digest.

  17. cherub says:

    Another thing I have been wondering about is how far along the promotion of this crap through pop culture is.

    I mean, take Japan for example. Their media is very perverted, even by western standards (keep in mind I have not watched TV in something like 2 decades now).

    This is a perfect example.

    Inside Japan’s Most Disturbing Department Store

    This dude just basically drags his kid into a store full of sex toys in the middle of Tokyo. And in Japan this is like no big deal. So… I mean, is the public accepting this as normal?

  18. mkey says:

    Derrick Broze Educates City of Houston on 5g #4

    Derrick at it again. You gotta love that mayor, nothing like elected officials.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I really gotta hand it to that guy!
      An example for us all.
      He continues to repeat the message.

      These politicians…when it comes to the health and the honest welfare of its citizens, they are like a rock. A rock has no sense, no empathy and can’t listen.

  19. cherub says:

    I have to wonder. Why is this image of this… culture… being painted in our minds? I mean, if these people control the entire internet basically, then why are we being allowed to know about this? And why is it being shoved straight into our face like it is on Katy Perry’s instagram account?

    see this for an example: Katy Perry Instagram

    I have to wonder if all these people are being set up as scapegoats… theres’s something wrong here. Maybe it’s just cognitive dissonance on my part, but I feel like something is off on this whole mess.

  20. Lex says:

    James, could you pass this along to Derrick?

    This is a video from “Nightmare Expo” who creates “video essays that focus on Internet mysteries, horror webseries, and urban legends in gaming.”

    He starts this video thinking that he’s reviewing a new “alternate reality game” (ARG), one that has something to do with the Finders …. at the end, the maker of the video is apparently left with a feeling like he uncovered something more sinister than a game.

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