Interview 1400 - The Tin Foil Ripple Farm Report on WWI

11/24/201818 Comments

An epic roundtable discussion hosted by Ricky Varandas of The Ripple Effect Podcast and featuring James Corbett from the Corbett Report, Sam Tripoli from the Tin Foil Hat podcast, and Pat Miletich & Jeffery Wilson from The Conspiracy Farm podcast. Need I say more? Enjoy!


Pat Miletich and Jeffery Wilson - THE CONSPIRACY FARM

Ricky Varandas - THE RIPPLE EFFECT

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  1. urban says:

    James, you said “The world empire is the US and the rising empire is China”. For God’s sake tell the truth in all things. The world empire may have been the US but the rising empire is the State of Israel. #The Talpiot program/unit 8200,, This cannot be missed unintentionally. Sins of ommission are on par with intentionally lying. Please take a stand on the truth.

  2. Qno says:

    James, why am I getting trackers from your website? Is it a wordpress thing? I’ve blocked them at my end but can you turn them off at yours somehow?

    • Corbett says:

      No idea. Speakpipe? GooTube? It would be impossible to embed any media (like video) on the site without trackers of some sort coming with them. That’s why you should be using privacy add-ons for all your internet surfing (as it seems you are).

    • mkey says:

      These requests ( are ads, they are caused by the embedded youtube video. doubleclick is owned by Google.

    • pearl says:

      In addition to security add-ons, your browser (assuming it’s Firefox) can also be configured to be more secure. It’s amazing what can be tracked, even copy/pasting(!) and disabled if you follow the (somewhat tedious) instructions here:

      And since you brought this up, I’ll mention it here as well, that I also configured TOR according to those instructions (since it’s based on FireFox) and I was surprised that many of the settings in the “about:config” portion were identical to FireFox’s settings before hardening. In other words, how can TOR claim to make a user anonymous when many of its default settings track the user?

  3. manbearpig says:

    I thought it was funny when someone said if Wilson had not been elected we wouldn’t have had the Federal Reserve Act.

    The really tragic thing is that whether Taft, Wilson, Roosevelt or Debs had been elected theyd’ve had their Federal Reserve sooner or later. With colossal and determined industrial/banking fortunes becoming ever more collossal and determined, ‘absorbing the wealth of the world’ as it were, it was just a question of time…

    Some commodities just seem to become abominations at industrial scales, with animal farming and money itself as two examples… In an ideal world, money wouldn’t have become a commodity, its concentration so quickly jeapordizing the survival of the human race, but remained a tool of exchange and… treating animals as senseless objects to be nonchalantly clubbed, tazed and butchered alive etc. is … fill in the blank…

    Discombobulating the bots, however, sounds like a blast!

    • manbearpig says:

      “Some commodities just seem to become abominations at industrial scales”

      come to think of it…guess the same could be said for so-called “democracy”…

      (so gratifying to quote and reply to myself, I feel so in phase, the symbiosis with me, myself and… the utltimate echo chamber, ahhhhhhh…)

  4. mkey says:

    A really nice show. There were some tangents here and there, but generally I think all of these guys really have the best intentions. Probably the most important lesson to carry away from this is that violence is really no solution at all. It may be fun, but it won’t solve anything.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Probably the most important lesson to carry away from this is that violence is really no solution at all. It may be fun, but it won’t solve anything.

      I think most people realize that already.
      The only ones who ever push for war are the M.I.C. and worldwide deep states.

      Speaking of which…
      We are long overdue for a terrorist/false flag attack.
      Hasn’t been one in months in the West.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Mkey: you are too kind with the tangents here and there in your observations. I have to wonder what other non-Americans think of this round table discussion group. This probably represents a good cross section of common Americanism. My original response was to cringe to this representation. It could have been worse. So one second later, I checked my confirmation bias and reevaluated. At least these men are awake to the deceptions of the American illusions however crude the dialog. I can see the value in the understated aproach to educating the beer swilling, football watching masses. This will have a greater affect than the misgivings of my first impression. The vulgar communication style may resonate with the masses. Get down with your bad self James. Just like Cicero Latin gave way to the guttural Italian of Plutarch so maybe this will educate the American sucker class. Low hanging fruit will wet the appetite for greater adventures and help the sleepy, apathetic lazy masses higher up the tree of life; where our real interests hang. What exactly those interests are seems to allude most Americans. We will all need to participate in this great post-truth awakening adventure to survive our own fabricated fate. Whatever works, will Maybe, make America greater againer. I now really want to see James talking with four completly asleep Americans for a comparison of who will appear as the smartest talking head in the room.

  5. macro says:

    The best thing that was said is that it doesn’t matter who is doing what and where, it’s what are we doing about it. And luckily we have a majority that understands that hanging the Rothschild’s isn’t gonna solve a thing.
    And yes, if it means no driving cars on fossil fuels or eating less meat that’s the sacrifice we have to make (just examples, not necessarily the top 2 from the long list).
    This guy with the white cap is dangerous and not helpful at all. He wants things to change but not if it impacts him. That’s the first impression he made on me anyway.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Syria stuff
    Massive Al-Qaeda Gas Attack On Pro-Government Aleppo Leaves Over 100 Hospitalized

    The chlorine was supplied by the US before that, and was suspected
    to be part of a staged false flag.
    Maybe it will still come.

    But this attack was also reported on CNN, which is very strange,
    and seems like a different strategy.

    Following problem/reaction/solution:
    Now the US-army has a reason to take over the area, to save us from
    the bad guys that they created and supplied.

  7. AnimalsArentFood says:

    Three of the guys on camera have been watching too much TV and getting sucked into the weekly MSM narrative.
    Let’s see if you can guess which three.

  8. pearl says:

    Finally settled down to listen to this and thoroughly enjoyed this colorful crew. So many topics touched upon! Thanks to Ricky Verandas for organizing another insightful and entertaining show.

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