Interview 1395 - James Corbett on Howe Street Radio

10/19/20183 Comments

James Corbett joins Jim Goddard for his bi-monthly appearance on This time they discuss the IMF's attempts to put the crypto genie back in the central bank bottle; drug money and the banksters; the latest on the trade war; and the strange, sudden interest of the lamestream media in the sins of the Saudis.

IMF World Economic Outlook 2018

IMF Mentions Crypto in World Economic Outlook, Fintech as Well

Choke Point: How the Government Will Control the Cashless Economy

NYSE's Grasso met with Colombia's FARC

Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Postal Treaty, Squeezing China

SoftBank CEO on the technological opportunities in designing a new city

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  1. FlyingAxblade says:

    that covered quite the gamut.
    Do you really plan on taking the majority of your videos to YT, making them unlisted so only the bell ringers know, and primarily posting to Bitchute and the other platforms?
    I can just picture the panic in the Anarchy world =)

  2. joe49 says:

    The “Choke Point” discussion was interesting and a new one on me. The Trump withdrawal from the US Postal Treaty another interesting tyd-byte of info. I wondered how some Ebay items’ shipping costs from China were kept so low or “free”.

  3. OzEmon says:

    Saudia Arabia has a lot to learn about subversion and control. They’re making their allies look bad but mostly themselves.
    They should have taken some notes from JFK’s speech.
    I don’t think the Saudis realize that their allies will drop them like a hot coal when the oil dries up. Same with China and their cheap labour.

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