Interview 1388 - Emma Fiala on the Women's March on the Pentagon

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Emma Fiala of joins us to talk about the Women's March on the Pentagon, the non-partisan march on the bipartisan war machine set to take place in Washington on October 20th and 21st. We discuss the march's genesis and goals, and how people can take this message to the streets wherever they happen to be.

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Emma Fiala on Mint Press News

Unacceptable: The Impact of War on Women and Children

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  1. generalbottlewasher says:

    When this reality gets too depressing I reach for my 7% solutions of “Tragedy and Hope” by Caroll Quigley.(To be read esoterically)page1228
    ‘Any outlook or society that finds its truth in Inclusive Diversity or in “both” obviously faces a problem of relationships. If man finds the truth by using body, emotions, and reason, these diverse talents must be placed in some workable arrangement with one another. So too must service to God and to Caesar or to self and to fellow man.
    In an age like ours, in which all these relationships have become disrupted and discordant, such relationships can be reestablished by discussion and testing, but in this process each discussant must rely on his experience. The great body of such experience, however, will not be found among living discussants, whose whole lives have been passed in culture in which these relationships were discordant, but in the experiences of those whose lives were lived in earlier ages before the relationship in question became discordant. This gives rise to the typical Western solution of relying on experience and, at the same time, helps the society to link up with its traditions ( the most therapeutic action in which any society can engage).’
    I hope this beautiful young woman has read or will read her dusty old history books so they don’t flounder reinventing the wheel. It would be therapeutic if a million people showed up. Imagine…

  2. candlelight says:

    Very admirable of you, James, to interview Emma Fiala. She’s a courageous young woman, to say the least, and I couldn’t help feeling a kind of nostalgia thinking about the Vietnam War Moratoriums that took place in Washington, as well as around the country, that I specifically remember on October 15th, and then again on November 15th, in I believe 1970 or ’71. Of course there were others, before and after, and perhaps my memory is sliding a bit, but Ms. Fiala’s spirit brings back the memories of those particular marches.
    I wish her the best of luck, and as she says, she’s hoping to spark something going, and that would be truly wonderful. She has a great source of inspiration in Cindy Sheehan, to be sure! Also, Ms. Fiala’s attitude towards what it means to have a measure of success is very healthy – that if it be but one person in Anytown USA, or across the globe, holding a sign up against the power structure, then she will have accomplished something. And, I happen to agree with her.
    Now, of course, I big turnout is preferable, but, going into this, Ms. Fiala has a great non-defeatist attitude,and no matter what happens, I hope she maintains it, emotionally and spiritually.
    There is no getting around the fact that the way in which imperial wars have been waged and/or supported, without a mandatory military draft, has virtually pulled the plug for any effective anti-war movement. But, who knows, I think it really isn’t a bad idea at all, given the circumstances, that an appeal is being made specifically directed at women, who have, as Ms. Fiala correctly points out, quite a bit skin in the game of war – the lastest, most up-to-date game of war – who, as she mentions, along with children, comprise an incredible 80% of its victims!…. I felt disgusted when I heard that blaring statistic, because it points directly to the barbaric nature of our imperialist wars: In singular contrast to the fomenting lies mongered and spewed forth, it is the citizens of these countries that we’re concentrating targeting and slaughtering, not the so-called “enemy combatants”. They, the actual combatants, in a very real sense, have become the afterthought, the collateral damage.

    Again, to Emma Fiala, I wish her the best success, and I’m glad she was hosted on The Corbett Report, highlighting her extremely worthy cause.

  3. fabrizio says:

    Already commented on youtube.
    They (feminists) don’t want to be divisive but they call it “women’s march”?
    The point is that it’s all about women, women and their “superior needs”. As ususal. Now before you dismiss my comments, I just wonder why you did not challenge the assumption/statement/lie that 80% of casualities are women and children. It is not just a lie, it is the opposite of truth.
    The overwhelming majiority of causalities are men; and you know why feminists always collapse “women and children”? It’ because among civilians, children’s deaths surpass women’s.
    Ask this feminist to provide evidences. Then forward them to me and I’ll destroy them.
    In the meanwhile, I will provide some evidence for you appreciation; the UNAMA ( report on civilians deaths in Afganistan in 2015 (any year is the same story): over 11,000 casualities (7500 deaths) of which 1250 women (333 deaths) and 2830 children (733 deaths). Yes, you read it right, women casualities are at 11%, children are at 26%, and the rest (63%) are men; and if we stick to dead people, women account for 4%, children for 10% and the remaining 86% it’s men.
    This data consistent in Afganistan across all years and conistent in every war.
    Men represent the OVERWHELMING majority of casualities, this without taking in account the military personnel (they are human being as well).
    James, remember that the first casuality of war is the truth.
    With feminists it’s the same story.

    • Nevertheless says:

      So very true fabrizio…Sad that they cannot say they are marching for everyone, to help men who are their brothers, sons and fathers…

      It is a sad statement when dealing with women, you have to frame it in a “we are the real victims” narrative, in order to get them motivated.

      Though I would say women (as we all have but it seems to to work best on them) have been subjected, as we all have, by decades of Zionist Jewish propaganda, the gloria steinems of the world, who work to divide and conquer (race is of course another tool of these monsters to harm the society).

      I guess at the end of the day the most important thing is to get an anti war message again front and center in the minds of the left, it’s just very sad that it too has to be itself based on identity politics and the idea of “we are all victims”.

      • peregrine says:

        Maybe take your concerns directly to the organizing committee and lend your concerns and/or ideas to the March.
        How will you- I’m ass-u-ming that you are cis-gendered male(??)- as a male
        get involved in speaking out about war if these ideas concern you?

        • Nevertheless says:

          Maybe mind your own business…commenting or having an opinion does not require getting involved in that thing you have an opinion about.

          As for the assumption, again, mind your own business. My gender is as immaterial as the rest of your ignorant assertions.

          This is a comment section, not a bullying section, this is a place for people to state their opinions, it’s called free speech, not a fascist feminist site like Huffington Post. Go there is you wish to bully people into supporting your nonsense.

      • NES says:

        This woman is not talking about her ‘vagina’ like some Hollywood idiot. She is talking about stopping war. Apparently, you cannot tell the difference.

        Hence, the one-sided, blind and prejudicial comment. It’s clearly built on a divisive political opinion and an adversarial attitude toward others–left-right/up-down/in-out/them-us/black-white. How sad. Have you learned nothing here? Hatred of a group, in this case women by those who share your perspective (under this comment section for one), is WHY the planet engages in constant war–typically under the direction of the West so the hidden hand can achieve profits, steal resources, kill everyone who doesn’t look like them and lower the population count in the process. Your statement is unjustified but stands on it’s own without further explanation as contemptible…

        “when dealing with women, you have to frame it in a ‘we are the real victims’ narrative in order to get them motivated.

        • Nevertheless says:

          You really need to work on your reading comprehension, my argument is precisely that no one should claim greatest victim-hood as the women DOES. But you ignore the core assertion to try distract from that most erroneous statement. The truth is still the truth regardless of how you feel about it.

          Hysterical to the last it seams. Try respecting other opinions instead of making grand assumption about mass killing and people who don’t look like you…Again your an identity politics fascist, not an honest respectful debater.

          You don’t touch on the base argument that this woman assets, just attack the very idea of challenging a woman. This women makes an argument that women are more harmed by war than men, that is a ludicrous, a lie based on the feminist identity politics.

          As for learning someone you blowhard, I have learned to say the truth even when feminists bullies scream “I AM A VICTIM”!

          Your ilk cannot see the forest for the trees you are so focused on being right and allowing any lie as long as it suites your agenda.

          I would never say whom is more harmed by war, the fact that you condone such arrogance defines much of what is wrong with America, and why we are so easily manipulated…

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I am fine about you voicing an opinion.

            But let’s tone it down…
            …such as no name calling nor denigrations (e.g. “blowhard”, “your ilk”, etc.)

            Let’s be civil.

            • Nevertheless says:

              Oh thanks mom, now that your dishonest retort is confronted, YOU retreat to shaming me into acquiescing…not likely.

              You act like this is a game, “civility” in the face of the horrors of war is no virtue. Typical childlike American.

              This women is an insult to those who have paid the greatest price for these Zionist wars with their lives, and you fain crocodile tears over “blowhard and ilk”, spare me.

              This is not FaceBook or twitter, this is a discussion over someone grading who is the greater victims of war, as if she could be in such a position. She should have focused on the evils of war and the Zionist money machine that keeps us in them, not sexist insults to the innumerable men and boys who have died or have had their lives ruined. Grow up.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                On this “comment board’, it is best to have good manners.
                Most people who comment here have friendly discussions, even when they disagree.

                We are a friendly community here.
                Help to keep it that way.

              • mkey says:

                Name calling added nothing to your reply, it merely subtracted from it.

                You seem to consider yourself a person who is able to get to the point. Well, get THAT point.

                Other than that, I’m in complete agreement with your reply to NES. Obviously, this “thread” relates to some (why don’t we just call them) lies uttered during the interview and has nothing to do with the “truth movement” as such.

                If Emma is consciously pushing this false propaganda to gain traction among feminists I guess it’s for the better so good luck to her in the future endeavors.

          • NES says:

            As I said, your statements in all cases here, stand on their own for what they are. No further adjectives need be given.

            HomeRemedySuppy–I agree that this forum is typically civil and debate among the adults is usually interesting, informative and even helpful at times. Thanks for chiming in.

            • mkey says:

              “This woman is not talking about her ‘vagina’ like some Hollywood idiot. She is talking about stopping war.”

              NES, Emma has provided some factually easy to disprove lies when describing the background of the movement. While talking and especially taking action against war is seminally important, don’t you think the movement on the whole has a much better chance to press on if it weren’t based on factually provable lies?

              To that extent, it would seem feminism (along with racism, nationalism, all sorts of class differences) needs “fixing” before an unified approach can be taken towards the elite and their subjugates. These divisions are part of the root cause of the issue and spreading misinformation (misinformation at best in this case) is not helping to tackle the core problem.

              Like I stated above, if Emma is consciously parroting these feminist talking points for what may be the greater good, that’s hers decision to make, nobody can see the future and tell what will work and what will not.

              If Emma is spreading such falsities without even realizing it then maybe getting some proper education isn’t the best way to go since it could possibly negate progress made up to this point.

              But you can easily see where this kind of thinking leads toward, can’t you? Lies, omissions, delusion and selfdelusion, rationalizations. I personally don’t think that’s a way forward. What would be deemed acceptable if we, say, wanted to get Israelis on our side? Maybe we could say that just a dash of apartheid is A-OK, after all. I’m obviously not drawing comparisons between women in general and war criminals, but between two groups (N-th wave feminists and zionists) with strong in group preference which need to be catered to simply because of their core irrationality.

              Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
              (quoting the bible is not something I had planned for today)

              • NES says:

                Lies? Exact stats? Feminists? Left-wingers? Right wingers? Listen to this argument. These are labels with hot-button emotional connections. That’s why they are so readily used in the mainstream to move the emotions of populations worldwide.

                What I can clearly see is that the argument about the interviewee’s stats (one stat–btw) regarding gender is so moot as to be ridiculous. I want truth in the detail but I don’t see throwing the baby out with the bathwater as intelligent. While some subjects require as much accuracy in the stats as possible this one does not. When listening to her short interview I did not focus on her stat, which seems to be enraging to some, and then evaluate the efficacy of her goal by her stat. The goal is necessary on its face–stop war.

                War kills and destroys lives, homes, economies. War doesn’t care if we are male or female, at the scene in face-to-face combat or sent home to be cared for by our family for weeks, months or a lifetime. I live here. I know, firsthand, how constant warring affects households and the world at large. I’m affected. I don’t need stats to arrive at the obvious. Our world is at stake because of those who want war to continue for profit, power and control. I don’t want to be controlled by these forces.

                So, if someone, anyone could stop war tomorrow I would not quibble about their stats I’d say YES, END IT! That’s the bottom line. No stats required.

                Although I do not agree with you I certainly appreciate your thoughtful and civil response.

              • mkey says:

                I don’t see this going anywhere and we agree mostly, I think. On the important stuff, anyway.

                To keep it short, I don’t have a problem with feminism as is, until it gets in my face. I’d rather it didn’t exist as any other special groups of this type which would mean people have been enlightened.

                Don’t care much about stats personally, but to claim that an equally represented group in any segment of population takes the brunt of the sacrifice to the tune of 80% commands suspension of disbelief only matching that required to believe that buildings can collapse due to office fires.

                80% women victimization rate means on every 8 women Victims, warlords may score only one child and one man. Lets consider victimization consists of injuries, deaths, kidnappings and rape. How would this exactly go about? Which population on earth consists of 80% women? How do you get to 8 women without victimizing more than 1 child and 1 man? For every dead (mostly) male soldier you need 8 women killed, injured, kidnapped and raped.

                I don’t care about stats, but I do care about common sense.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Dear NES,You could be right, you too Nevertheless. How? Im not much on war, but have been an observer of human behavior. Think of Shakespeare “to be or not to be”. Now think Macevelli( to win or not to win”. Now see Quigley 1st line I provided in comment above. You have to work for truth.” Outlook” is the outlook of the Rothschild world ruling dynasty. ORDER. Society is human, fully irrational, uncontrollable emotions. Chaos. “Inclusive Diversity” or both? Don’t limit your self to win, and I mean WIN. ROTH INC. are playing to win. Then you have to ask yourself ” can I live a life devoid of ethics?” Use any means, treachery, deceit, kindness, bribbery, all the angels of heaven or demons from hell if that is how your adversary plays. Win or Compromise or refuse to participate and kill yourself. Now who is inclusive and who is divisive?
          Joe Plummer told me his thought on dealing with power. ” if we give power to them, will they consult us when they use that power?” or something very close to that meaning. Thats finding a way forward. Know mans and woman’s nature so your not divided. Its time to unite cause I can’t stand being this way.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I want to emphasize that the word WOMEN’s is used partially as a marketing choice. I think that using the word is brilliant! Use the motion already created. Piggyback.
      And, after all, Cindy Sheehan is a woman. Cindy has always been anti-war and thus has the positioned image of anti-war. She is famous with Progressives.
      This is an opportune method to re-invigorate what was once a Democrat platform issue.

      Traditionally, the Progressives (aka Democratic Party) have been for women’s rights and anti-war. They lost sight of anti-war platform, but occasionally, a progressive will bring it up…as seen on September 18th Re-Tweet…

      It would be neat if one of Willie Nelson’s daughters played at the Women’s March.
      In January 2008, Nelson filed a suit against the Texas Democratic Party, alleging that the party violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution by refusing to allow co-plaintiff Dennis Kucinich to appear on the primary ballot because he had scratched out part of the loyalty oath on his application.

      And, Willie knows about 9/11, but Progressives don’t want to talk about that.
      (90 seconds – Willie)

      • manbearpig says:

        ya know, HRS, you mentioned Willie Nelson and so predictably I thought of Wag the Dog which had me looking at extracts from the movie and there really are some killer lines…delivered deadpan…bummer I can’t do this movie anymore at the Uni…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Classic! “It’s a pageant.”
          By the way…It looks like the Albanians smuggled the nuclear device into Corbett’s old stomping ground.

        • candlelight says:

          Well, I’ll be damned if Dick and Rummy didn’t swipe the screenplay word for word, then hand it to their dummy to present to the American public a few years hence – “…no, no, no, no, fuck freedom. They wanna, they wanna destroy the godless Satan of the United…. They want to destroy our way of life, alright?”

          Is this an example of predictive programming, or simply a clever, satirical and intuitive take on reality?

    • peregrine says:

      Same inquiry for you:
      Maybe take your concerns directly to the organizing committee and lend your ideas to the March.
      How will you- I’m ass-u-ming that you are cis-gendered male(??)- as a male get involved if these ideas concern you?

      • Nevertheless says:

        Buzz off identity politic fascist…

        This is a discussion page, not a space for you to shame people (especially men) into supporting your brand of male hate and female victim-hood.

    • candlelight says:


      From the second paragraph of the report you linked(my emphasis on people):

      “The people of Afghanistan continue to suffer brutal and unprincipled attacks that are forbidden under international law….”

      …and a quote from further into the report (again, includes my emphasis):

      “UNAMA does not claim that statistics presented in this report are complete and may be under-reporting civilian casualties given limitations inherent in the operating environment”

      So, you get the idea. But, if you don’t want to go gender specific, no problem. Or, rather, if you want to call out the statistic that 80% of the casualties in conflict are women and children as fallacy, no problem.

      Either way, it is the citizens who are being crushed in these various imperious wars, who apparently, from the report, are victimized by both warring factions. In the case of Afghanistan, both the puppet government regime and anti-puppet government regime forces are inflicting damage on the population.
      And for our part in the equation for the last 17 years, in Iraq, and no doubt in Afghanistan, as well?…. Ya got wedding? Well good, we gotta smart bomb for ya. Ya want DU, we got that, too. Ya want babies? Deformed? We gotcha covered…. This is what we’re doing to these people. Not pretty.

      Is the above link for real? You decide.

      Is “The first casualties of war are women and children”, an age old axiom that Corbett subscriber, mbp, pointed out below, actually factual? You decide.

      As the continuity of daily family life and culture for whole swaths of populations is up-ended, as witnessed by over-flowing refugee camps and the European migrant crisis, is the identity politics in the form of woman solidarity such an anathema?

      Think about it.

    • mishochu says:

      For my part, I could care less if they are feminists so long as they are anti-war first.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        I couldn’t care less if they are women, men, grandmothers, grandfathers, children, brothers, sisters, or even animals!
        Doesn’t bother me.

        So long as they are anti-war first.

        I hope the march is successful and their future work too.

        • Nevertheless says:

          It’s called accountability, and if the guest just said we are anti war that would be great, but the guest made a number of highly erroneous statements that are certainly fair to challenge.

          No one here is saying they should into do the match, or that the march itself is a great idea, the point IS that war does greater harm to women than men, a statement that is ludicrous and baseless.

          The ignorance of the statement that as per usual totally ignores the great evil being forced to fight a war and kill people you are told…that IS the greatest crime and harm.

          The idea that “domestic violence” is the problem and not the evil done to those poor men that causes PTSD and other intense traumas.

          Sadly what we see here is the victim mentality that not only destroyed the war movement but the women’s movement as well. Instead of fighting for human rights, the women’s movement into a weapon of division.

          If you don’t want the conversation to be about more than “anti-war”, then DON’T make ludicrous assertions, trying to measure who pays the greatest price…

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Nevertheless, you may be right. Madellene Albright didn’t blink an eye on the number 500,000 children killed. Probably because it was under-reported gender neutral .

            • Nevertheless says:

              It is hard to tell because the media is so controlled, but it does not seem to me that many women are bothered by the words of the evil witch Albright, in fact they celebrate her as “accomplished”.

              I would argue that the rise of feminism in America coincided with America’s fall. Women in general fell for the “being a mother is the hardest job”, never thinking they were being manipulated, instead buying into it, as they abandoned raising children to move into the fast paced rewarding carriers at McDonald’s and Walmart.

          • mishochu says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with you…I don’t fully understand women as a group (that might be my problem)…often they seem to care only if there’s an angle back towards their own interests…”we know you’re dying on the battle field but listen to *my* problems!”…they care about the plight of the economic migrant, or the poor civilians at the hands of some despot but not if it’s done by “their” government… like the Albright reference…when they care seems so arbitrary to me I can’t make sense of it.

            But I’ll let it slide if the greater society listens to them and not to me and some semblance of an anti-war sentiment creeps into the public consciousness.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        mishochu says:
        For my part, I could care less if they are feminists so long as they are anti-war first.

        So true.
        So true.
        The MESSAGE of the communication (of the march) is anti-war.
        This small group is cleverly hijacking a communication platform which was already built by using the keyword “WOMEN’s”.

        • Nevertheless says:

          The idea of using “women’s” is by no means a problem, if it works, great. The problem comes when this women asserts value, a hierarchy of harm on gender.

          How harmed has this lady been, beyond that of most Americans, myself included? I don’t think in Palestine or Iraq they are measuring a harm index based on gender, the idea is SO WESTERN AND INSULTING.

          In the end Americans will get what they deserve for being so blindingly self absorbed and petty…

      • Nevertheless says:

        the point is you don’t have to denigrate the pain and suffering of men to make it a successful female movement, and if you do, your just part of the problem.

        Any human being, especially one who is not working in a hospital that deals with these young men coming back missing body parts and mental abilities should just stick to the positive messages, and not inserting western feminist nonsensical values into who is worse off in war.

        Anyone who has seen first hand the horrors of war, NON OF WHICH ARE STARTED FOR OR BY THESE YOUNG MEN, could ever make such assertions.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I got it. I understand your point(s).

          • Nevertheless says:

            Thank You

            • candlelight says:


              With all the argumentation regarding the Emma Fiala interview, I thought I’d watch it again in an attempt to gain better insight:

              It would seem Ms. Fiala’s point of view in large part stems from a 2004 article written by Lucinda Marshall and posted on the website Common Dreams. As far as I can tell from looking at the article, there are no links backing up the 80% women and children casualty rate that it claims. But, I think it’s very important to note that it would seem that the 80% casualty figure not only includes deaths and injuries, but rapes, sexual assaults, mutilations, and sex trafficking, etc. Here’s a link to the article:


              Another source on Ms. Fiala’s website, backing such claims of disproportionality, can also be seen in a 2003 UN press release linked below:


              It, too, sites the inherent magnification of women’s vulnerabilities in the face of war, and in a war’s aftermath, as well, as the press release states.

              If taken into account, by their shear numbers, such increase in women’s vulnerabilties, e.g., sexual exploitation and abuse, etc., due to the effects of war, conflated with deaths and injuries, may help explain the 80% “casualty” figure.

              But, if the above actually does explain that 80% figure, then I do fault Ms. Fiala in not making that clear. Because universally, what is referred to when adding up the numbers in terms of casualties in war, solely refers to the number of injuries and deaths due directly to that warfare, and not to additional increases in sexual exploitation, trafficking, and other such related abuses that arise on account of that warfare.

              Be that as it may, it is clear – and certainly believable – that such abhorrent increases in abuse against women is quite real, and so in no uncertain terms, it absolutely does constitute, as reported by the UN, a disproportionate victimization of women, as well as girls, during and in the aftermath of conflict.
              And, therefore, with respect to this particular aspect of the ills of war, it is in real terms, a gender issue – but a gender issue in terms of victimization, and not of casualties in the strict sense of the term mentioned above.

              But, it is this very issue of victimization that Ms. Fiala is rightfully and justifiably tapping. Exploiting it, if you will. But, so be it.

              And, if indeed, Ms. Fiala is attempting to mobilize a “woman’s” protest march around the identification of such victimhood, then so be it.

              Why, so be it?

              Because there is power in solidarity. Because in solidarity, one needn’t be the actual victim to be moved by the plight of those whom that one person, or group, are identifying with. And so I say more power to Emma Fiala and the woman’s march! I hope it gets traction…. Because for there to be any kind of successful ant war movement, something! has got to replace the fact that there is no military draft to protest against. Which is precisely why there’s been scant friction rubbing up against these bullshit wars of opportunity. Believe me, if congress ever voted to bring in a draft, based on the wars we’ve been waging, there’d be such overwhelming massive protests organized that the government would be completely stymied…and they know it.

              As far as accusing Ms. Fiala of denigrating men, I’m afraid but for the most technical of reasons, it’s a false accusation. I really don’t think it’s fair to say that’s what she was doing. Because that’s not really what she did…. But, to be honest, though, it’s what she didn’t say that I had to roll my eyes…. When she was mentioning abusive behavior suffered by women at the hands of guys coming back from their military engagements, I reflectively rolled my eyes when she failed to mention the simple fact that these guys are victims, too, for heaven’s sake! And I can verily see where her failure to mention the victimization suffered by men – and in way too many cases, catastrophic suffering – would of been a bit too over-the-top for some. Just enough, let’s say, to get a number of viewers ticked off for Ms. Fiala’s perceived – for lack of a better word – bias. The thing is, I’m sure she is very aware of, and understands this reality. It was simply a blunder, mistake, oversight – you name it – that she didn’t in fairness, bring that reality to an equal forefront. It was, indeed, an error on her part not to balance the equation.

              Nevertheless, right or wrong, that’s my take on some of these points. Being as outspoken as you’ve been regarding these various aspects, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you. And, probably, most likely, I do so simply for the sake of argument, if I had to guess. And certainly, being that these are heady issues, why not discuss them?

              Anyway, one last, last thing, somewhat unrelated: I don’t know if it’s apropos, but about that anecdote of your dinner engagement with your liberal friends, it reminded me of an old song about “liberals”, but perhaps from an opposite perspective. It’s one of my favorites. If you’ve never heard it, I hope you like it.


              Be good.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                That is an extremely well written piece, all the way down to the video.
                You bring up aspects and perspectives which I wasn’t aware of.

                Thank you.

                Comment Section

                Just so you know…
                (and not to sound like everyone’s Mama nor the ‘Hall Monitor’)
                Corbett likes to keep comments under 500 words.
                You can “split up” a piece like yours by replying to the first half.

                Corbett Subscriber Exclusive VIDEO #079
                Video – (“comment section” starts at 2 minutes)

              • candlelight says:

                Well, thanks for the compliment, HRS, I’ll take any I can get! lol

                I am aware of that rule to keep the comments under 500 or so words, but the difficulty in doing so, of breaking up a lengthier comment is that I tend to go back and edit/correct the entire piece, so that it flows and is cohesive. But, I’ll see what I can do about that when it’s hitting that 500 mark 🙂

                By the way, I was meaning to respond to an earlier post of yours when you described the difficulty of organizing and motivating people to actually attend protest rallies such as the one you attended with Cindy Sheehan….First, what I wanted to say was that it was Aye well told; and secondly, that it was awesome that you were a part of that protest!

                And, I thank you for that!


              • candlelight says:


                I want to add something with respect to aspects and perceptions expressed on this thread.

                You mentioned I brought up aspects and perceptions of which you weren’t aware. And yet, it only took literally a few minutes of exploration for me to arrive at them. The link for the Common Dreams’ article was in the show notes, as was Ms. Fiala’s website which listed among its sources, the UN press release. So, really quite simple to see where her statements stem from. The actual veracity of these sources, as always, should wisely come into question; but, in this case, one needn’t overly scrutinize down to the last percentage point the overwhelming lopsidedness in the vulnerability of women and children when it comes to abuse, especially in a place like Afghanistan, and the Middle East, in general, and especially in the middle of warring conflict when life devolves chaotically. It’s obviously a no brainer. Or, at least it should be.

                But, what else is obvious from this thread, is that the interview created quite a strong reaction on numerous fronts, caused by numerous reasons; these reasons being diverse points of view, obviously. Some people may share the same viewpoints, while others do not; and at other times it can be a veritable jumble of opinion, and so on and so forth.

                My point is that people tend to hold to their own opinion, which in turn, informs their own truth. Though, it’s not very easy to question the idea that, in reality, nobody owns the truth. In reality, don’t our truths boil down to opinion, of which we can disagree, or not?

                At the moment, I’m under the influence of what I would call, in my opinion(right?), a superb film, which I highly recommend you and everybody else on this board, watch. Maybe you’ve seen it: “The Insult”. It’s a Lebanese film that really puts a spotlight on people’s “truths”, and in a magnificent way hints at what Truth really is.

                If that’s not a contradictory statement based on the above, I don’t know what is 🙂

                Anyway, I highly recommend it.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                You sure are right…
                Indeed, this interview sparked a lot of conversation.
                It surprised me.

                I hear ya. We all come to the table from our unique “viewing place”.

              • candlelight says:

                Incidentally, HRS, in a certain way, this film, “The Insult” does validate sentiments on this thread wherein a few subscribers expressed no less than repulsion, really, at the thought of promoting such lopsided percentages, gender based, and highly biased, in terms of who is victimized, and who is not, in war.

                Without giving away any of the plot – should anyone decide to see the film – one of the most important lines in the film expressed this thought: “No one has a monopoly on suffering”

                And in essence, along with other universal “Truths” that I feel the film delivered in regal fashion, this one did happen to be a biggie. Big enough to be worth checking out.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am thrilled!
    I really appreciate Corbett shining the spotlight on activists who are doing something. Without a doubt, it helps to encourage activism.

    James wisely recognized some key elements in the marketing strategy.
    “Women’s” March is the kind of key word button to use. It already has momentum which the “Progressive Movement” has built up.
    Corbett also points out the HUGE benefit from “piggybacking”.

    I can say these statements with aplomb.

    About 8-11 years ago, our “North Texans for 9/11 Truth Group” used to piggy-back on the Progressive Democrat protests against the war. It was a very successful action for us to piggyback. They did not like it when our group would participate with their group, but we pulled it off. They did not want to see the 9/11 issue, just the “bad Bush” issue.
    I still get the local area Progressive newsletter, which of course, no longer mentions the wars.

    I remember my buddy Joe giving Cindy Sheehan a well organized binder of 9/11 Truth DVDs. When Cindy started making statements about 9/11 Truth, the “Progressive Democrats Movement” did not like it.

    Here I am (blue shirt) behind Cindy Sheehan when we were in front of Bush’s house in Dallas.
    Cindy Sheehan & 9/11 Truth (Reggae style) (5 minutes)

    Cindy Sheehan March to Bush’s house (short video version)(6 minutes)
    We knew how to do it…NOTE: The TV crews came out to film the newsclips and our 9/11 signs get in the footage. See the one minute mark.

    Another piggyback was the “Progressive Event” in March 2009 called Six Years Too Long–Rethink Afghanistan where we marched to the Federal Courthouse in Dallas, and then dramatized the dead soldiers.
    We had to put down our 9/11 Truth signs when it came time for the photo-op. But Joe knew how to overcome that…
    And this strong activist 9/11 Group member, had it right on his sign…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Corbett Members – Calling attention to something important

      A moment of appreciation and admiration should be had to the SMALL handful of people organizing the “Women’s March on the Pentagon”.

      As Emma Fiala points out, there are only a few people with virtually no funds trying to organize this potential, nationally recognized effort to re-ignite antiwar sentiment.

      Let me tell ya…
      From personal experience on organizing group events, this is no easy trick. It is a strain. Often there are only two or three movers-and-shakers who make the whole thing happen.

      If you have never organized an event, you have no idea what it takes to do it.
      There are very few people who will take up that hat.

      I invite people to watch the Cindy Sheehan march to Bush’s house video above.
      Just getting the 9/11 folks to this event was a struggle.
      Where did most of the 9/11 signs come from?
      The Progressives in Dallas went all out to recruit Democrats for the Bush march. They had a radio station on their side and also a long-time, professional event organizer. The Dallas metro area has a lot of folks living there. You can see how many folks, out of millions, showed up.

      I salute Emma Fiala, Cindy Sheehan, and anyone else who is busting ass to pull off this courageous action.
      By the way, Cindy is a wonderful, caring, down to earth person. And she has balls of steel.

    • mkey says:

      I’ll agree that, even if only possessing the experience of organizing smaller events, organizing people to do stuff in a certain order is a pain in the ass. And that’s if you want them to do something they want to do just in the orderly fashion, best case scenario.

      My hat still hasn’t recovered from tipping it toward you for burning tens of thousands of DVDs, that alone was feat of epic proportions.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Emma Fiala does an excellent job of reporting important, but easily missed, stories.

    I was fascinated by the story in southern Louisiana where they are building a pipeline on land without permission from the landowner.
    I spent a year traveling Louisiana. I know that part of the country well. Lafayette breeds some of the most beautiful women in the world. I once camped overnight next to the Blue Bayou and loved New Iberia.
    The old Tarzan movies were often filmed south of where the pipeline is being built.

    Louisiana is funny. Graft is part of the culture. I once had to get a Parish permit in order to do a temporary sale. I was told to put cash in an envelope, put the Sheriff’s name on it and bring it up to the Sheriff’s office. I asked the lady at the counter, “Do I get a receipt or slip which says it is okay to sell?”. She said “No”. I asked her, “How will the Sheriff know I have a permit?”. She responded, “Oh, he’ll know.”

    Emma Fiala’s recent article on Detroit water and Lead.
    I am going to use that article for our effort.

    • mkey says:

      If I didn’t know any better I’d get in danger of confusing that permit with common bribery. Bribing a sheriff certainly doens’t sound like something a sheriff would take lightly.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Extortion is the government’s mean way of doing things.
        In Louisiana, bribery and graft are the ‘southern friendly’ way of doing things.

        For real, Louisiana culture embraces graft.
        It is a somewhat colorful characteristic.
        Governors have been re-elected, despite being widely exposed for taking bribes.
        The characteristics of the Louisiana culture and history are quite unique… from crawfish, to beautiful women of all skin tones speaking French (Creole / Acadian), to friendly people, to hellacious barfights.

        Down around New Orleans, they don’t really ‘bury’ people because the ground is unstable.

        Once, an employee and I camped by the Blue Bayou. It was a gorgeous time of year having driven through Iberia Parish. The landscape was flooded with a sea of red, pink, white, and purple Azalea shrubs.

        That spring/summer night, we set up some 8 foot tables to sleep on so we wouldn’t be bothered by snakes. Despite the warm, humid night, we zipped up tight in our sleeping bags on top of the tables, and wrapped towels around our heads with only a nose hole so the mosquitoes wouldn’t have a banquet.
        The next morning, I discovered that our tables had sunk almost 2 feet into the ground.

  6. Nevertheless says:

    I am in full support of this idea and movement, but would say it is ludicrous to assert war has a greater adverse effect on either gender. Men die at a far higher rate in war, are forced to fight in wars that mean nothing to them…and as for coming home and domestic violence, the fact that our male kids are brain damaged by being pushed into these evil wars in the first place is the ultimate violence.
    But if it gets the idea of anti war back on the front burner all the better.
    By the way, the reason these recent “women’s marches” don’t focus on war is because they are funded by Jewish Zionist Marxists, who are working very hard to undermine our society and culture, and ultimately America.

  7. manbearpig says:

    I understand that some will be put off by the idea that ultimately, by Emma’s admission, this Women’s group is motivated by the idea of calling attention to the fact that women and children are the first victims of war (whether or not it’s objectively true)

    but if one critical value shared with these “feminists”, that of putting a stop to war,

    exists, then, it’s kind of falling into the divide and conquer trap to dismiss them, an anti-war movement because they’re profoundly motivated by the fact that they’re women. But everyone’s motivated by his very subjective life experiences and physical make-up.

    Gotta look past our innate differences and motivations and unite on our common ground which is probably infinitely more vast.

    I too felt alienated by feminists (my very best childhood friend, her daughter even her brother who had himself castrated for political reasons) who accept to enshrine their difference with 50% of the population instead of seeing that if a fundamental binary antagonism exists, it’s that of everyone everywhere being subjected to an ostensibly inscrupulous elite who are ready to sacrifice the men, women and children of “the masses” in a variety of cruel and murderous ways to build their utopia.

    Then I realized it was only human to be lead by some deep-seated aspect of our identity, but one that was not incompatible with your own, one that can be rallied to your own cause.

    In other words, I discovered opportunism that some might call pragmatism and others realism. Others might say God.

    Otherwise I was just going to remark that this interview made me think of a gorgeous young woman called Reconciliation

    the denoument of a play by Aristophenes called


    “…Lysistrata, however, is an extraordinary woman with a large sense of individual and social responsibility. She has convened a meeting of women from various city states in Greece…

    …With support from the Spartan Lampito, Lysistrata persuades the other women to withhold sexual privileges from their menfolk as a means of forcing them to end the interminable Peloponnesian War…”

    • manbearpig says:

      Ok, so the modern Lysistrata might be about voting with your wallet –

      withholding money and business, even attention, available neurons

      rather than sex…?


      • candlelight says:

        Trust me, mbp, if women could actually pull-off the latter (withholding sex), then the existence, or concept of the universal soldier would become but a footnote in the human course of history. The only problem with that, of course, is if implemented, humanity would completely dry up in an approximately 100 short years…..

        Women voting with their wallets…, well, is Madison Avenue going to ever really let that happen??


        • manbearpig says:

          Ok, got a good chuckle out of that one. The latter part.

          but everyone can grow (or outgrow Madison Avenue) when properly motivated. I think…

        • manbearpig says:

          as HRS hinted, a question of outmarketing the slave marketers…

          • candlelight says:

            I didn’t catch HRS’s hint suggesting such a solution – outmarketing the slave marketers.

            Please, if you would, direct me to HRS’s hint.

            Glad “Madison Ave” got a chuckle out of you.

            In any event, allow me to take this moment to…

            …say as I must, there are times your wordsmithing is par excellence, as in your above “Lysistrata’ comment above.

            Is such eloquence of yours derived from your knowledge of French?

            Viva la France!

            By the way, the other day you mentioned chemtrails over Lyon? I can recall taking a “road trip” along the Dordogne countryside via google maps a few years ago, and sure enough, numerous google snap shots along the way captured blue skies streaked with that crap. At the time I hadn’t been aware that the same geo-engineering program being carried out across the continental United States was also blanketing Europe, as well. Er, at least in sunny France.

            What a downer, thought I. Not such an escape, after all. 🙁


            • manbearpig says:

              “…James wisely recognized some key elements in the marketing strategy.
              “Women’s” March is the kind of key word button to use. It already has momentum which the “Progressive Movement” has built up.
              Corbett also points out the HUGE benefit from “piggybacking”…”

              in countering institutionalized war, ambiant lies…the status quo…


    • mkey says:

      That’s all perfectly fine AlGoreMythicalCreature, avoiding the D&C traps (which are incredibly many forever boosting the human drama everyday frenzy) BUT (and that’s one big but) in my view there needs to be a line when one is supposed to say “mmm, I smell bullshit on that one” simply because a “truth” movement is supposed to be about the “truth” (whatever that may be) or at least needs to point toward to, like a limit of a function.

      So, not only people need to be corrected, but also we all need to learn to live with these corrections. Not only accept them but to crave for them.

      Absconding the correction of someone simply because they are a part of some group that needs to be pussyfooted around surely is not a way forward, is it? Well, I for one can’t believe that it is.

      • manbearpig says:

        Sorry, just saw your now nine-day old message and I quite agree actually. In fact, this comments board is the proof in the pudding that skirting itchy details is ineffective.

        In addition, I find the very notion of asserting that women and children are more negatively impacted by war

        than men

        a profoundly irritating and counterproductive one.

        But personally I’m not trying to rally crowds into an anti-war message and I realize it’s easier to find fault with others’ initiatives

        than to actually take concrete action onesself.

        Having said that, in my defense I’d say, every single one of my workdays is characterized by some arrogant attempt at “raising awareness” on a variety of issues, including war.

        Perhaps Mr Corbett was not “pussyfooting around” but rather seeking to most effectively and strategically platform this cause.

        • mkey says:

          I agree that it’s leagues easier to comment than to do something, anything. Organizing any event is a pain in the ass, even more so if you need to divert attention of the general public to the cause you’re trying to promote. Usually, these organizations boil down to a few people doing the majority of everything, a truly thankless work.

          Personally, I don’t try to turn people around because I don’t see it as my prerogative to flip anyone’s life upside down. I don’t have much family members around and those I do have are pretty much set in their ways, to use an euphemism. Most of my closest friends are relatively content with their lives, some focus on some of the most mundane things life has to offer and there is an ever growing chasm between us. Most have settled in the 8-4 days and paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Most of them are quite enamored with their lifestyles and I am simply … not a march organizing type of person, to again use an euphemism.

          Some of the people I meet more or less regularly did come in contact with some of the information of the type discussed here daily and sometime, while around them, I’ll try to expand to other topics which seem worthwhile. You have to realize that in this area most people who do harbor any specific thoughts about things like 9/11 or these wars on terror and drugs understand that the official story is just a cover. They may not know a lot about it, but they understand the official tale is a lie. Which makes sense because they haven’t been subjected to the same treatment like the folks in US have, for instance. Now anyone would deem them the be unpatriotic because of the opinions.

        • mkey says:

          Of course, if you turn the topic toward our own recent and not so recent wars, you’ll catch a lot of flak, since the airwaves are still heavily polluted with various WW2 blame games which have served very well as a divisive force for the populace, to keep it bickering and berating senselessly ad nauseam. Pretty much the same deal as, say, race wars in US, fomenting on events from the era when almost none of these participants even lived. Complete insanity. Regarding these issues, I try to spread some common sense on the social media, but that’s just a massive clusterfuck. Most people who are not actively participating in this are completely disinterested so they pretty much don’t care either way.

          That being said, in this case, my general interpretation is that James has acted like a sexist (some would call that chivalry) and didn’t subject his interlocutor to the same scrutiny most of his (male) guests/hosts would receive. I do agree that had he not the interview would have most probably been stopped dead in its tracks. For the record, I don’t hold him in contempt for doing so because we all do it, act with women in specific ways simply because they are women. Most of them don’t have a problem with that, as long as it’s in their favor. Admittedly, in my area things aren’t as bad (not nearly) as they could be, but probably we just need to give it some time while refusing to act on it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Dog gone!
        Everyone is bringing up some interesting and valid aspects “to getting the word out”.

        Regardless of contentions and controversy regarding this Women’s March Against Wars, certainly attention has been drawn to it.

        “Attracting Attention and Interest” is one of the first rules of marketing.

        After all, the primary reason people physically go out on the streets to protest is to attract attention to an issue.

        There are other methods that we all supplant in drawing attention to important issues, whether it be by supporting Corbett or helping someone or sharing perspectives or softly interjecting a tidbit into a conversation.

        supplant – to take the place of and serve as a substitute

  8. zyxzevn says:

    Do you have a flag?

    Idea via Eddie Lizzard – do you have a flag?

    Here is one flag for the demonstration:

    The dark-blue part symbolizes how the US earns its money.
    Maybe it should be like black oil instead.
    The teeth symbolize the people who are really ruling the US
    behind the facade. They are getting their power by
    dividing the people and pushing them to fight each other.
    The 2 party dictatorship is symbolized with the red and white.
    It was always there.

    Feel free to improve the design.

  9. skiing says:

    I’m glad I listened to that because I almost immediately tuned out. The oversaturation of women’s marches funded by questionable sources for questionable reasons and the upswing in angry 4th wave feminist activism has put a real damper on marches for me (as a woman). Feminism like every other ‘ism these days is being used as a tool of division. Good for her! We most definitely need to see a return to this sort of positive activism.

  10. BbobKS says:

    After an 8 year vacation Communist anti war activist are now activating to protest Bad Wars of Imperialist Republicans ! Obama Killed many , over through governments and promoted Socialist, Communist agenda that historically has killed more people than all the imperialist wars combined ! My guess is funding can be traced to same activist as other Woman’s protest , Soros Open Society !

    • Nevertheless says:

      Thank You BOB!

      I went to a dinner with some “friends” and my spouse just before the last election. My spouse and I woke up to the charade of elections right after Obama was elected and bailed out the banks. The people at this dinner were all so called liberals (though a more appropriate term would be “leftist”, just like feminist movement in general) and they just loved Obama and thought the same of Clinton. Any questions about Obama or Clinton was seen as “right wing propaganda” as well as blaming any sin of theirs upon “republican obstructionists”. It was truly disappointing to see such biased thinking, so binary as to make any discussion impossible. Of course this has been the plan all along, divide the American people by race, gender, class, and pit them against each other. But that does not mean we have to buy into it. I support anti-war marches, and if they want to call it a “women’s march” so be it, but this woman who has never seen war judging how our young men who have been put into the meat grinder and left on the streets (and whose job options have been removed through exporting manufacturing, importing workers, and affirmative action) to fend for themselves and deal with the horrors they were subjected to…yet this woman is going to minimize their suffering based on her own bias, no way.

      • mkey says:

        Yes, indeed. When I head that 80% claptrap I got a shiver up my spine. I’m guessing James wanted to be gentleman about it, but he absolutely knew it was all plain old bullshit. Would it have been too difficult to ask “Hey, lady, ever heard of the white feather movement? What was that about?”

        I guess we’ll never know.

  11. wall says:

    Um, what they need is a “Go AWOL, go good” movement where they help cannon fodder go AWOL. Last I heard something like 10,000 had gone AWOL.

    But if you really want to stop it, that’s where to aim. Without the drone pilots and infantry of various types, this crap would not even be possible.

    • Nevertheless says:

      Why do you think the Zionists have destroyed job opportunities to the masses and insured a steady flow of men for the military in the form of open borders and citizenship for babies born to illegals?

      With a shrinking population in America, there would be jobs for all, and a need for automation, but now we have automation without the need for it.
      Driving all those young men to the only option most have, the military.

  12. Drazen says:

    I have a suggestion for your propaganda watch segment. I refer you to the video above.

  13. Lumen says:

    Yesterday I came across the below-mentioned link. This article discusses Shale-Fracking in Water-Stressed Countries and lists 20 countries that have the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources. The official story for the bombing of Pakistan was that it was deemed a terrorist-state as it had supported the Taliban and Osama but, coincidently, it is one of the 20 shale-rich countries. Likewise, varied reasons were given for the taking-down of some others on this list. The article’s maps are helpful in following the direction and future of the War-Machine, including presently targeted-countries and future-dated ones, just as was the premeditated OIL\GAS take-over of the Golan Heights and the Gaza-Strip. I have ‘Followed The Money’ and ‘The Oil’. Now I will ‘Follow The Shale’ and its exploration in: Mexico (?); Colombia (?); Paraguay (?); Argentina (?); Brazil (?); Venezuela (under-attack); Algeria (taken-down); Libya (taken-down); Egypt (taken-down); S. Africa (?); Pakistan (under-attack), India (?); China (?); Russia (?); Ukraine (taken-down). The Globalists have transitioned from Oil-Wars to Shale-Wars, which encompass a larger area than Oil-Wars, and the subsequent opening-up of additional war-zones. Shale Fracking with its accompanying earth-quakes, air-water-soil-food contamination, chemical pollution, eco-system destruction etcetera will complete the job. Unless We Wake-Up. LINK:

  14. ToTHEPoint says:

    We diminish ourselves when we consistently paint ourselves as victims. We separate ourselves when we consistently paint ourselves as different. Yet, diversity is beautiful when it’s blended with sophistication.

  15. Nevertheless says:

    These wars are started by the Zionists that run American, and they are the same who bank rolls these divisive marches and who started this identity politics with Bill Clinton, all to divide and distract the people from the true enemy, them.

  16. manbearpig says:

    The issue is speaking out against war and the fact that our sons and daughters are seen as cannon fodder for rich people’s dreams of immortality.

    We’ll never agree on the finer points.

    This is our Achilles heel.

    We mustn’t let it be exploited by… those who know all too well how to divide us.

    Some may or may not have victimhood complexes. This is secondary. Women like Men say stupid things, think self-defeating things…This is human.

    We’re all victims of lifelong hammered in propaganda.

    Don’t let your Humanity be your own worst enemy.

    Surpass yourself.

    Forgive and unite.

    When our children, husbands and wives are no longer cannon fodder for the inscrupulous…

    then we’ll work out the finer points.


  17. AnimalsArentFood says:

    Thank you for this excellent, important interview.
    The U.S. is being turned into a country of military worship using many tactics, including the following:

    – In virtually every U.S. film, the U.S. military is portrayed as cool/badass & righteous and the enlistees/veterans are depicted as honorable heroes (even though they’re literally the exact opposite).

    – MSM & Internet shills/bots stopped talking about the anti-war movement. They created the illusion that the movement no longer exists and that illusion is turning into reality.

    – People crave (either innately or through conditioning) opposition; they crave someone or something to be against. The PTB satisfy that craving with manufactured opposition. Muslims, ‘liberals’, ‘conservatives’, atheists, christians, ‘misogynists’, ‘feminists’, ‘antivaxxers’, etc, etc. Using controlled media, bots & shills they present a steady stream of opposition and they make sure the Pentagon is not included in that stream.

    – Complacency through complicity. Similar to how Google has managed to squelch opposition by sharing the wealth (via YouTube/AdSense profits) with many millions of people. The U.S. military is using tax dollars to give enlistees extremely attractive pay, free education and veteran benefits; resulting in millions of U.S. families which have at least one member who is dependent on the military machine, and therefore willing to defend it, or at the very least not protest it.

    • doublek321 says:

      “The U.S. military is using tax dollars to give enlistees extremely attractive pay, free education and veteran benefits; resulting in millions of U.S. families which have at least one member who is dependent on the military machine, and therefore willing to defend it, or at the very least not protest it.”

      I think you’re on to a very big piece of the puzzle here. If you’re financially reliant on something, it’s not so easy to discard it. The US military employs a lot of people.

  18. manbearpig says:

    everyone knows statistics can be made to say everything and its contrary.

    everything I do and don’t want to believe…

    it’s not a question of “lies” but of perspective.

    let’s try not to be lead astray by our anger and sadness.

    so easy to divide humans… the eternal war between me and us.

    and them.

  19. André says:

    “Part of why it’s called a woman’s march is in response to those previous marches but it’s also in response to the fact that women are unfortunately adversely affected by war at much greater rates than men.” (6:01)

    WTF, James?! 😤

    What are you doing platforming this BULLSHIT without confronting it?? Did you chicken out?

  20. Redneard says:

    Needs more fists

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    (On October 21, 1967 50,000 people marched on the Pentagon in opposition to the escalation of U.S. imperialist aggression in Vietnam.)

    On October 20-21 the Women’s March On The Pentagon will take place and then a few weeks later on November 10-11 Celebrate Peace: Armistice Day 100th Anniversary (Veterans Reclaim Armistice Day marches and activities) events will be sponsored by World Beyond War.

    9/11 TAP (Truth Action Project) Endorses The 2018 Women’s March on the Pentagon
    “Our demands are simple: The complete end to the wars abroad; closure of foreign bases; dramatically slash the Pentagon budget to fund healthy social programs here at home: the only good empire is a gone empire.”

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:




    The following is important because there has been much discussion on this thread about “WOMEN’s March”.

    The title, “Women’s March on the Pentagon” is in direct response to a leader of the recent Women’s March who said, “I appreciate that war is YOUR issue Cindy, but the Women’s March will NEVER address the war issue as long as women aren’t free.”
    It is the belief of many of us that NO woman is free while the US spends trillions of dollars bombing millions and militarily occupying over 150 countries around the world.
    — Cindy Sheehan

  23. candlelight says:

    Here is a link featuring a lengthy video of the Women’s march at the Pentagon this past weekend.

    A speaker at the end of the video, a veteran from the original 1967 march on the Pentagon, had some interesting anecdotes of what happened during the 1967 march. He also came up with an improvement on the well worn motto/slogan “Speak Truth To Power” by simply changing it to “Speak Truth About Power”. Pretty clever.

    Also, for all the global warming skeptics out there (um, here), the speaker demonstratively undid his jacket and shirt on that chilly and windy Sunday to expose a proudly worn T-shirt warning of C3…. Watch the video to find more out. 🙂

    At any rate, the march was not covered by the MSM.

    • manbearpig says:

      How to instrumentalize the chicks’ march against war to reinforce the man-made climate change canard thus killing two birds with a single stoner?

      in 30 seconds?

      Just sling the 3 Cs into the cooperative politically correct crowd as a conclusion: Catastrophic Climate Change

      and wait for the convenient, conditioned cries and clapping…

      • candlelight says:

        “…thus killing two birds with a single stoner?”

        Manbearpig, you are so bad you’re good! That was a genuine guffaw worthy one-liner.

        Very Funny.

        Although, let’s just hope it’s you gets the last laugh’n not the other way ’round!

        That would be trippy. 🙂

        • manbearpig says:

          And the other way around would be…

          that the awful puns are cynically directed at me and more importantly that

          climate change is man-made and catastrophic?

          Though I’ve become quite accustomed to being the object of derision, the second

          would be a pity indeed…

          One thing’s for sure;

          Atmospheric geo-engineering is man-made and most probably catastrophic…

          also it’s a pity to see well meaning people have their anti-war messages hijacked and distorted…

          now I’m late for the end of vacation…

          • manbearpig says:

            Come to think of it, I’m gonna help the stoner cash in on the movement and buy one of the T-shirts!

            I’ll just add that the 3Cs means Catastrophic Chemtrail Con

            or… Catastrophic Chemtrail Campaign or Crap! no Catastrophic Chemtrail CRIME!

            or…no! Catastrophic Chemtrail Contamination!! wait! no! Cancer!! Contagion…?

            the 3Cs Indeed… cynical Communication corruption… anti-war becomes anti-climate change… How to conveniently castrate a critical cause…


      • FIW says:

        Well, he’s not the only one to use other causes as a trojan to peddle this BS, look at Macron’s UN speech and puke

        Yeah, sure, he’s right regarding the inequality, but he just had to smuggle in one of the reasons for the said inequality as being…..climate change! So which one of these do you think will get the most attention and/or funding then? All hail this great progressive..

        I guess that we can add that to the list of things that are now caused by climate change too, inequality!

        • manbearpig says:

          “…look at Macron’s UN speech and puke…”

          Macron’s repeated use of the word “WE” when referring to the UN…

          Is he identifying with the same UN that shot babies, their mothers and brothers in the throat at point blank range? raped minors?

          I wonder if the children stricken with cholera imported into Cité Soleil count in the “inequality” equation?

          Clearly the author, Carla Stea, has not seen Mr Corbett’s “How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World” or “What is Sustainable Development” if she’s taken in by the illusion that;

          “…His very progressive remarks at the United Nations would appear to be in contradiction with his reputation as an exponent of “neoliberalism,” [being a banker an’ all] which is the economic framework which spawns those very global inequalities Macron detests and devotes a huge section of his United Nations speech denouncing, as the cause of global disasters today and, if not redressed, tragedy in the future…”

          concluding that this paradox will be resolved by:

          “…the very force of Macron’s personality and intellect: he is young and fortunately extremely intelligent, and there are aspects of his personality which may compel him to make the difficult choice which has already led him to support the concept of the global new deal…”

          assuring us based on impeccable journalistic references that

          “…according to the Time magazine article, Macron is unswervingly committed to the course he considers correct, regardless of ferocious opposition, and has demonstrated this personally, which gives promise that he can ultimately prevail over those economic and politically reactionary forces which are today causing such misery throughout the world, and endangering the very survival of humanity…”

          with the…ahem…compelling young statesman advising with regards to these “politically reactionary forces” that we:

          “…not sign trade deals with countries not compliant with the Paris agreement on environment…”

          All hail the chic new face of the Global New Deal and charismatic crusader against climate change heretics

          as upheld by murderers, rapists, pedophiles and bio-warfare practitioners…


          • FIW says:

            “Is he identifying with the same UN that shot babies, their mothers and brothers in the throat at point blank range? raped minors? ”

            What ARE you saying? The UN? I cannot believe my eyes, surely this is conspiracy theory! I mean those cute little people with their cute little blue helmets and white PEACEkeeping vehicles, just like those kind gentlemen with white helmets in Syria, how COULD you possibly think that they’re behind any wrongdoing? You forgot the incident in ex Yugoslavia by the way.

            “Clearly the author, Carla Stea, has not seen Mr Corbett’s “How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World” or “What is Sustainable Development” if she’s taken in by the illusion that;…”

            I think you’ll find that quite a lot of the authors there are taken in by quite a lot of illusions. That’s what makes this seem so bloody hopeless some times, even “our camp” is divided into people who only see half sense and people who see whole sense and then some who are injust unhappy, but can’t put a finger on why. Unfortunately, the vast majority of “us” seem to believe that we can change it through the usual institutions and ways.
            Sorry, I’m not trying to discourage anyone, but GOD! The level of brainwash is so sticky and penetrating……My fingers were itching to find a comment button in order to comment with the exact links that you’ve posted, but I don’t think that you can comment in there, I don’t see any way.

            “…not sign trade deals with countries not compliant with the Paris agreement on environment…”

            What else? It was bound to come, it’s probably being implemented in every of the ISOXXXX approvals, and I don’t know what, as we speak.
            And how smart of them to make use of the word “New Deal” as if they’re post world war saviours who’ve set out to breathe new air into our devastated world, when every blow of their bad breath is pure poison to everything that is progress. I guess we’ve reached the stage of their operation where they’ll start dropping down over our heads with their golden parachutes to save us, to quote Mr. Corbett.

            As for the rest, I just found new puke aspects from the very way this “journalist” is fanatically worshipping this “young and intelligent saviour”. I’ll go fetch a bucket!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks candlelight!

      I think it was pretty cold out there with that wind.

  24. mkey says:

    Woman’s march cancelled: participants had the wrong skin color

    A quote from their facebook thingy:

    The organizers of the Eureka Women’s March in Humboldt County, California, are moving the focus towards an event date on March 9th, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, to ensure that the people most impacted by systems of oppression have an opportunity to participate in planning. We failed to have the type of collaboration needed to be inclusive of some of the most underrepresented voices in our community, namely, women of color and people who are gender non-conforming.

    Our intention with this march is to affect real social change by raising the voices of all women within our community. We recognize the majority of our current leadership team is white, and planning for this event has been centered around our experiences. In recognizing our failure to put enough effort into being more inclusive, we are attempting to make things right by taking this time to create a more balanced leadership team. Our goal moving forward is to ensure the voices of women of color are heard and centered when we come together for the furtherance of the rights and protection of women.

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