Interview 1365 - James Corbett on Truthseeker's Path

06/12/201834 Comments

via Truthseeker's Path: James is a prolific producer of original content in many forms. I know him best as a guy who puts out heavy material that is well researched and presented in a data-rich way, very well organised, easily digestible / understandable and to top all that off, he presents his material in a happy tone, a positive voice. So one can never get emotionally drained by listening to James Corbett in my view even though his material is very researched and topically hard hitting.

I only had half an hour with James and I wanted to respect that request so I had to make the best of it. I hope you enjoy our lightning quick review of what this show is all about:

* I attempt to list all the stuff James has done in a very short time but it is not possible so I ask James to help me introduce him and what he does.
* James' growing up years that led up to his move to Japan and eventual wake-up in 2006.
* Why being up-beat and positive helps the movement grow and achieve a better outcome.
* We discuss some examples of James' work that I am familiar with
* What changes can we expect to happen to truthers online?
* Helpful advice to viewers that want inspiration to take action.

It was a pleasure to have James here and get his views, plus some of his wisdom dropped into short speeches that could easily be made into viral clips. If any viewers are interested, as with all of my videos, you may take what you want and put it out there. Your resulting hits are yours. I only ask that you give credit to the speaker you use in your clip, in this case James Corbett.

James provides the planet with independently produced, listener-supported content based on "open source intelligence" gathered and assimilated into podcasts, interviews, articles, documentaries, video appearances.

Some of the stats I have found or estimated on James on this day of original 07 June, 2018 recording:

* The Corbett Report has 1,360 interviews and 260,000 subscribers
* James is tagged in or has done 24,000 Youtube videos, some of them multi-million views
* James has developed or appeared in dozens of feature length, in-depth documentaries on many topics

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  1. Gaslight says:

    We collect intelligence. They spin it off with counter intelligence. Hence the “summits” where Masonic dogs are called in to implement the next round formulated by 24/7 think tanks.

    Counter intelligence mixes lies, and or fantastic fiction with the truth in order to discredit the pure truth.


    1) David Ike attaching reptilian nonsense to 911 truth.

    2) The Flat Earth garbage to discredit those with legitimate NASA concerns.

    3) …and of course, new Ron Paul types are continuously rolled out for the “patriot movement” suckers.

    Use 911 as your barometer folks.

    Popular figures who will not call 911 exactly what it is are insiders. The same goes for those who call 911 what it is, but spout reptilian nonsense in the very next breath. These are counter intelligence agents. Shills if you will.

    10 minutes of material below courtesy of Allan Watt:

    • scpat says:

      People should also keep on the lookout for those who try to generalize people into the camps of “insiders” vs “non-insiders.” In other words, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Take for instance Scott Horton. He doesn’t believe 9/11 was a plot by the US government. He believes it was purely a result of blowback. Yet he fights tirelessly against the wars and overall government violence. That is a great thing. Take knowledge from him and move on. No need to label people.

      • Gaslight says:

        …so Horton (never heard of him) has taken an honest look at 911 and does not see an international plot?…and yet you label him as a “tireless fighter” against war?

        Listen carefully my friend.

        You CANNOT solve a problem until you’ve identified it, and if you think Ron Paul doesn’t know EXACTLY what 911 was, then I’ve got a “label” for you too.


    • Fawlty Towers says:

      We collect intelligence. They spin it off with counter intelligence. Hence the “summits” where Masonic dogs are called in to implement the next round formulated by 24/7 think tanks.

      Counter intelligence mixes lies, and or fantastic fiction with the truth in order to discredit the pure truth.


      1) David Ike attaching reptilian nonsense to 911 truth.

      I’m sorry I don’t get it.
      Can you please break it down for me in the most simplistic way possible?

      Do you see everything in this world as black or white?
      You can’t see any greys?

      If David Ike attaches reptilian nonsense to 911 truth does that mean he MUST work for counter intelligence?

      Could it be that he is simply a bit bonkers?

      • Gaslight says:

        If I tell you real 911 truth (Ike does) and then tell you reptilians are the REAL force behind world leaders, you may believe me, especially if you’re still in a state of shock over the 911 truth. You will then share David Ike with your friends/family.

        It is there that you will lose them, and never regain their attention on the issue of 911 again.

        It’s a psyop.

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          If I tell you real 911 truth (I do) and then tell you the earth is flat and the moon is made of blue cheese would you say I must be a shill and I am taking part in a psyop?

          • Gaslight says:

            If you’re as heavily promoted as David Ike with his background, yes.

            You’ve got my take friend…take it or leave it.

            • Fawlty Towers says:

              Do you always try to pigeonhole people?
              Is everything in your world black and white?

              If David Ike were to one day renounce his beliefs in reptilians would you pardon him for his previous ‘sins’?

              Do you forgive friends or relatives for making bad judgments or mistakes?

              If you see eye-to-eye with person A on 80% of what happened on 9/11, would you accuse them of being shills because of the remaining 20% where you have disagreements?
              Would it make a difference if they were public or private figures?

            • candlelight says:

              You couldn’t have encapsulated Icke better if you had put him in a nut shell. 🙂

              The psyop needn’t go on forever – “oh, sorry folks, I was being plain bonkers over the reptilian thing. I see things how they are now. But, ya gotta believe me about all I was saying about 9/11!” – nope. The damage is done.

              Let Icke say he was with counter intelligence. Okay?

              That would be a bit different, wouldn’t it?

              Don’t hold your breath.

  2. mkey says:

    Twitter? P’tahk!

  3. Gaslight says:

    …..hard truth is (yet again) “Awaiting Moderation”

  4. Gaslight says:

    Mr. Corbett,

    How is it that your comment section is loaded with folks who claim to understand what was done to us on 911, and yet are are buying into the N. Korea BS all over again?

    Do you even read what your fans are writing here?

    Tend to your flock man. Either you’ve got some sock puppets here, or the pot smoking has given this group the attention span of a gnat.

    • candlelight says:

      A gnat, like the mosquito, seem to have very good attention spans, as they don’t seem to quit buzzing about until they have what they want – your blood!

      But, I’m not here to talk about gnats, or trees or rocks.

      And, I’m not here to put you down, or anything like that. No sir.

      You happened to have brought up a few diverse things that I thought were pretty good; irrespective of your “lively discussion” with pearl and ashley, and a few other heated comments to, or about, a couple of other members.

      First, I’m glad you brought up David Icke. I’ve always thought it rather odd that he can be very informative, very level headed, when it comes to subjects like 9/11 truth, as you mentioned, as well as the NWO, Bilderberg etc., etc. But…I’ve also listened to him go off on the phantasmagorical journey of ancient bloodlines, royalty and lizards, which you mention. I’m sure many are familiar with this bizarre story line of his.

      It is very bizarre, to be sure, and unfortunately, he’s not exactly an isolated case. He’s just more famous than most. Anyway, I like the way you called him out for what he probably is, some sort of counter intelligence agent.

      The only other way I can think of it, is that by expressing a little craziness into the mix, he’s possibly (and so far successfully if it were the case) insulating himself from harm or retribution from those who might otherwise shut him up – temporarily, or permanently – were he not going off on absurd tangents, thus tainting by association his other more credible viewpoints.

      In any event, that’s probably giving him too much credit, so I’m glad you stated it plainly where Icke is most likely at.

      Calling those who are not calling 9/11 out as insiders makes logical sense. But, I do believe there may be a few somewhat well meaning, or at least somewhat non menacing, or even benevolent insiders, who simply will not entertain 9/11 truth publicly for the very obvious reason that one cannot officially speak truth and occupy any public position at the same time – Cynthia McKinney is a good example of this phenomenon; although she’s not an example of someone who held a powerful public position, nor was she actually an “insider”, she was, nonetheless, someone who was elected, and was at least in a position to put a few power players on the spot, and ask them some pointed questions, which were supportive of the Truth Movement. I suppose we can conclude that since McKinney embraced and spoke out about the truth (without delving into any bat crazy shit), she wasn’t, in fact, an insider, or with counter intelligence.

      As for the Truth Movement, it seems to be, or has, died on the vine. It seems to have lost its legs. I do not see the likes of any Alex Jones’ staging any protests anymore at ground zero, equipped with megaphone, banners, and black tee shirts reading 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

      In your above post, you are equating what was done to us on 9/11 with the theatre of what’s going on with N. Korea presently, if I understand you correctly, or at least get your drift.

      Though, just out of curiosity, can you explain in what way/s are you tying the two together?….In terms of all the nuclear taunts and threats as theatre going back towards the middle of last year between the Donald and Kim, we can see it’s been a veritable circus performance. The threat potential of some sort of nuclear exchange is completely nil. The N. Koreans couldn’t hit the broad side of barn if they tried, and besides, Kim would much, much rather live to eat another big mac, then be suddenly annihilated And what are we going to do? Nuke N. Korea and destroy S. Korea in the process?

      Anyway, you made a bunch of excellent points in the last half dozen of your posts – you called out Israel for creating and maintaining a hell hole that is Gaza, you called out the United States for actually belonging to the side that is the aggressor – the side that is actually doing the bombing and the killing, and not the other way around. And, I’ll even point out that Mark Passio, in the link you provided in an earlier post, did an excellent job breaking down the etymology of the word “anarchy”. However he put it, he somehow broke me from its association with the term “chaos”, which heretofore was stamped in my head. So, I thank Passio, and I thank you for the link.

      Notwithstanding any of the above, I far and away do not agree with everything you have to say, but, that’s okay. For instance, I don’t agree with you regarding the marijuana issue. First of all, even if it becomes legalized on the federal level, not everyone and their uncle is going to smoke it. Well, perhaps their uncles may, but not everyone. Secondly, those who try it may not necessarily continue to smoke it. Thirdly, after time the psychoactive effects absolutely wear off. People who smoke pot like others smoke tobacco aren’t exactly getting terribly stoned, if at all. Although I cannot personally vouch for that last statement, I can tell you that there are “heads” out there that prove indispensable to the companies for which they work. They’re excellent at what they do, organizationally, regardless, and in spite of the fact that they’re heavy marijuana users. All in all, I do not believe legalizing marijuana will be the bane of society, nor do I believe it’s being pushed, in general, by TPTSB.

      Now, of course, this is simply my opinion. I realize in this particular case, you have quite another opinion. And, I believe that’s all well and good. Fortunately, choosing to politely respect the opinions of others, does not in any way diminish ones own opinion.

      I think James made a very good point that it’s plenty useful and important to be able to engage in discussions with differences of opinion – and as he further stated, perhaps it’s better still when there are diverse opinions, than not. And whether he mentioned it or not, I’m going to presume that James’ assumption was that the nature of such discussions of diverse views is best served if it’s amicable.


      On a completely different topic, more or less (variation on a theme), I was wondering if you had any opinions on Sibel Edmonds, if you know who she is?

      I’m sure there may be a few on this board who might at this very moment be saying to themselves – oh no, not again! 🙂


      • Gaslight says:


        I’m glad we’re in agreement on so much.

        N.Korea and all such rhetoric would suggest a bevy of suicidal leaders in small countries small out there. It’s silliness, just like the last 17 years of contrived “war on terror”. If cosmopolitans want more war they shall have it, and (of course) both hypnotized sides will believe they’re fighting for what is right. There’s nothing more effective in implementing new forms of order/control than war. Just look at the laws implemented here after 911. Alex Jones is a shill, and started steering his followers back into the left/right paradigm a long time ago. He also slandered Bill Cooper back in the day with outright lies. Sibel (at the least) made a mistake in her comments about the reporters. This business can be frustrating, so I’ll withhold further judgement due to lack of data. Please reconsider your position Pot. It dulles the minds of our youth and reduces fertility (Web MD and many other sources)

        I enjoyed your post.

        • candlelight says:

          Hmm, a bevy of suicidal leaders of small countries?

          Why does Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi (didn’t actually know his name was so long until know – that’s wikipedia for you) come to mind?

          Suicidal in pledging to come in from out of the cold; suicidal in getting rid of his stockpile of chemical weapons; suicidal in shaking hands with a smiling bevy of top western government leaders; suicidal in sitting atop millions of barrels of sweet crude; suicidal in having a stockpile of gold; suicidal in championing Pan-Africanism; suicidal in planning to develop a gold backed African currency; suicidal in greatly increasing the literacy of his people; suicidal in riding through the streets of Tripoli, standing up on the seat of his vehicle exposed and unprotected, waving to all the people, unafraid; etc., etc?

          I suppose so. He must have been very suicidal, indeed.

          A bevy of suicidal leaders in South America, as well, even as popular as they may have been in their little countries.

          But, there are the suicidal leaders of larger countries, too, that need heed our silly rhetoric.

          Take, for instance, Iran: Its leaders must be wholly suicidal dreaming they should (or will) continue to reign over a sovereign country with a cultural history of a mere 2500 years; suicidal in calling for the abolishment of the Zionist controlled government of Israel who seek enslavement of, not peace with, Palestinians; suicidal in maintaining control of their country’s natural resources; suicidal in ruling over a relatively open, sophisticated society whose citizens lean towards Western likes and values, and yet; suicidal in not kowtowing and kneeling before Western imperialism; suicidal in being a thorn in the side of Western hegemony and regional dominance.
          Suicidal, indeed.

          And no doubt the new tact of chumming up to N. Korea, and even coming to real terms with them – ultimately folding them in to the “market place” with the promise of N. Korea maintaining its autonomy – is but a nail, or many several nails, in Iran’s coffin. Iran will not be offered any [puppet]Donald deal, or [puppet]Donald fig leaf anytime soon.

          Pure conjecture. But a thought.

          Where does this conversation leave me? Other than with 736 characters remaining? lol 727?

          Well, there’s the subject of pot. But, it’s a rather lengthy subject.

          There’s the new Corbett Milgram Lite Experiment vis-á-vis the newly attached Karma (e)valuation for those wishing to post comments. [0 may prove to be a badge of honor]
          There’s Alex Jones. You call him a shill. I call the whole Jones’ phenomenon highly complex. Part of that complexity is Jones’ himself, his overwhelming, over the top personality, highlighted in bizarre fashion with his patented cartoon antics, which he turns off and on as he sees fit…. Perhaps he’s engaging in unpredictable predictive programming Jones’ style.

          Meanwhile, check out Corbett’s Fact Checking video from a few weeks ago! Familiarize yourself with the fascinating Sibel Edmonds!

          I’m curious on your take of her.

    • m.clare says:

      Please, Mr. Gaslight, consider investing a minute and a half reviewing 30:30 – 32:00 of this interview.

      CBC is a good place to do battle with high caliber Intellectual blood-sport warriors.

      • Gaslight says:

        A shill can be so either wittingly, or unwittingly Clare.

        For example:

        I believe the “James gang” were unwitting shills in their regular NWNW promotion of marijuana, and I’m glad they’ve (at least temporarily) ceased to do so.

        • m.clare says:

          I agree with you on this point and most others you make. I empathize with the disappointment and frustration with the intellectual limitations of our peers. It’s easy to forget that all of us have unique and valuable perspectives that even self proclaimed geniuses like you and I can learn from. Patience, humility, respect.

          • Gaslight says:

            Hi Clare,

            I’m a “self proclaimed genius”? You’d better have a source there (he he).

            I’m confident and well read.

            Check Mark Passio’s “15 New age deceptions”

            A great look at what’s afoot, and the points on which I always stand.

            Have a pleasant day (and no I’m not being sarcastic)

            It’s a beauty out here in the Northeast.

  5. manbearpig says:

    Great questions, great answers. No chichi. Simple, bare authenticity. What we’re all after today I guess…

    Moral of the story: Just be an authentic human being. And really listen to people when you engage. And just do what you can do.

    Well, I’m gonna rush off now and be an authentic hamster.

    Thanks again, Mr Corbett.

  6. Tony says:

    Don’t know this interviewer but liked him. Also thought was nice to hear more a bit about your back-story.

  7. Duck says:

    On talking to other people about this kind of thing and not loosing friends…. I was doing some work with some church members to fix a damaged house..three days away from home n Four of us with a long long drive… one is a hard line social conservative republican, one was kinda flakey but very much a believer in conspiracy theory and one was a really liberal dude who thought what I wa stalking about with guy two on the way down was crazy talk.
    Interesting facts… the conspiracy guy utterly believes the depopulation agenda and they want to enslave people but a few weeks later began having Consumer-gasams over the new Iphone with facial recognition. (face palm 🙁 even after I sent him the corbet report on Tecnocracy…)
    The Liberal guy thought conspiracy guy and me were talking ‘exciting stuff but not rooted in reality’ and then was totally stumped and resentful/angry when I asked him “what” he thought I was wrong about. He was willing to consider that Bush was a liar and bad guy but its almost like his mind was pushing out wrongthink on anything else
    The conservative guy is all over left wing plans to smash family values (which I actually think is true) but then offended that anyone thought Bush was an immoral person (hardly need secret info to think that) but then had to agree that anyone who hung out at Bohemia grove (which he knew of) was pretty muc BY DEFINITION on shaky ground for being decent.
    Three guy who didn’t much change their world view when offed new information due to thinking of conspiracy theory or “truthers” as a ‘thing’ or a ‘club’ instead of just a more complex level of history and politics.

  8. m.clare says:

    I’m not a big fan of comment voting. Feels like I’m being gamed. Punishments and rewards. Peer pressure shaming. Frequent flyer benefits, Air miles, a gold star on my term paper. A shot of dopamine to keep me coming to the site.

    If, however, voting encourages positive and respectful interactions while discouraging closed minded mud slinging and name calling, I’ll go along with it. Reluctantly. Who will be our Grand Poobah?

    (I anticipate very few Karma feathers will adorn this Indian’s head dress.)

    • pearl says:

      “Feels like I’m being gamed.”

      I swear, I said those exact words to myself earlier.

      I can’t help but believe this is in response to my calling out Gaslight, where I did resort to name calling. It also feels like everyone is being punished for our tangle. Really sorry guys.

      So yeah, this is a serious downgrade. The threads are completely dis-jointed and chaotic and it just feels wrong.

  9. Gaslight says:

    This one goes out to James Corbett in honor of the new format.

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