Interview 1362 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/31/2018247 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Cryptocurrency and The Allure Of a Cashless Cannabis Industry

Make Money From Marijuana? Forget About Federally-Subsidized Loans

Bayer Wins U.S. Approval for Monsanto After Two-Year Quest

Story #2: Whole Foods Quietly Halts GMO Labeling Requirements

NWNW Flashback: Monsanto Calls GMO-Free Cheerios a Marketing Stunt (Jan 9, 2014)

Story #3: California Rolling Out Digital License Plates

Forget Scanning License Plates, Cops Will Soon ID You Via Your Roof Rack

#MorningMonarchy: Billionaire Bondholders, High Ambitions and Training Robots (May 22, 2018)

NWNW Flashback: Techsperts Propose Driverless Highway (Oct 5, 2017)

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  1. Nivek S says:

    If a dummy like me feels smarter watching the James gang, then you fellas are definitely doing something right!

  2. Gaslight says:

    New World Next Week never fails to promote Pot.

    James P. exclaims: “…and now we move from Marijuana to our second story; GMO’s”

    Today’s strains of cannabis are (let’s spell it out together) GENETICALLY MODIFIED to be seedless (patented), and have been ENGINEERED to be so much stronger than the natural strains of 20 years ago, that studies are now showing it to cause psychotic reactions in many.

    Congrats guys!

    You managed to cover dangerous GMO’s in two consecutive stories…and not even realize it.

    Reconsider your promotion of cannabis.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Are you sure of all those strains being genetically modified? I know one can increase the ratio of THC (something I don’t like as that decreases the percentage of other items that I desire for my purposes, as well as I’d like to smoke a whole bowl and not just pass out for a week) naturally, and there was some work in the GMO area a few years ago; but is it really that prevalant? I sort of doubt it would even be possible given the number of people who DO want seeds for obvious reasons. JimBob who always has a few hundred seeds in a secure location for obvious reasons.

      • Gaslight says:


        …who needs seeds when a natural plant gives you all you need for the next grow with just a few males in the plot.

        Common man, think it through. You’re seeds are FEMINIZED. They CANNOT be pollinated.


        • I Shot Santa says:

          Then how do they produce seeds? I’ve been doing this for years and it still works. JimBob who knows dang well his seeds are viable.

          • Gaslight says:

            …then you do not have feminized seeds

            May 5, 2015

            Cannasuer Magazine Co.

            “Feminized seeds or female seeds?

            It should be noted that seeds in this category are technically not female seeds, as the biological definition rests on them having a full complement of genetics.”

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Well my plants are fine. I don’t give a rat’s ass about consumer magazine. They rated the Nikon F4 lower than most other cameras back when I was into photography in the film age. JimBob who has a full complement of genes in his weed and don’t care what anyone else has to say about it.

              • Gaslight says:


                I did not say your plants don’t look fine.

                If they’re producing seeds THEY ARE NOT FEMINIZED

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Well, you sure did imply that I don’t know anything about what I’m doing or know about weed. I think 42 years trumps 20. JimBob who not only doesn’t have feminized seeds, he has plenty of non-feminized seeds.

              • I Shot Santa says:


                …who needs seeds when a natural plant gives you all you need for the next grow with just a few males in the plot.

                Common man, think it through. You’re seeds are FEMINIZED. They CANNOT be pollinated.


                These are your words. How does that look like you’re NOT saying they are feminized?

              • Gaslight says:

                Sorry Shot, I assumed you were using feminized as virtually everyone is now, but we established that you we’re going natural pretty quickly (several posts ago)

                You’re really kickin’ it old school over there bro!

                Kill the males!!!…or most of them. Got to get next year’s seed (he he)


              • I Shot Santa says:

                Oh no! If you take the leaves and boil them in a tea strainer, several changes are necessary, until the water turns black; then pour it into an ice-filled glass 1/3 up and then mix with a soda 1/3 and rum/vodka/whatever the rest of the way and then (this is the most important step) sit down while you sip it; you will have a nice hash high. THC is in the leaves as well. On both sexes. You can also use a bubble hash machine (which I don’t have) to make bubble hash. Or feed them to the hogs like you would any greens. JimBob who notes that most places are old school and only commercial grows use feminized; which are a bad idea due to seed viability.

              • Gaslight says:

                That recipe sounds like a real “couch lock” buddy, but I’m going to stick to my one scotch on the rocks per evening (he he)

                Sorry about the wire cross earlier, your plant stock is indeed au naturel

                Peace Brother

              • I Shot Santa says:

                No problem on the crossed wires. But Scotch on ICE? That’s blasphemy! WATER! Ice melts and provides an inconsistent taste. Though I don’t drink anymore, I used to love my Glenlivet 21 year old scotch. With water and a cigar. In fluorida though, it costs like 300 bucks for 18 year old Glenlivet. And that one is a bit harsh for me. I liked the 21 year old because it still had a little bite. I don’t like it as smooth as their 25 year old. JimBob who is an unlikely candidate to be a scotch snob.

    • candlelight says:


      Although 3 years dated, the linked article would seem to contradict your statements, oh, about 100%.

      1. Have science labs for the past 3 years been working like the devil, the world wide to alter the genetics of Cannabis, that in the year 2018, that’s all that’s available?

      2. Or, is the article bogus?

      3. Or, are your statements bogus?

      $. Or, a combination of the two?

      High Times propaganda!! lol Yeah, right.

      Nivek S

      The James Gang was some solid rock’n’roll!

      “The James Gang Next Week”!

      • Gaslight says:

        …so High Times is your source for propaganda free reading huh? (good grief)

        Answer a simple little question candlelight:

        How would you define a seed which is altered to grow a plant which never produces seed?

        You guys just keep tying your own rope over, and over.

        It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          The only thing I can think you are referring to is “Sinse” (or something like that) where it is just the female unfertilized flower. I can grown extremely potent weed if I wanted. The main cause of a lack of potency isn’t in the growing, but the curing. A lot of weed is ruined by poor curing. JimBob who is pretty sure he knows a thing or two about weed.

    • sheryl2939 says:


  3. I Shot Santa says:

    James, I couldn’t help but notice you still have your follow me on Twitter button. I only noticed it because I was hoping to find a minds share button (which I may not even need, but I am not very smart in these things) and I happen to see it there. JimBob who does try to be helpful though results vary wildly.

  4. Gaslight says:

    The defense of marijuana use is absolutely PAVLOVIAN here, but that’s got nothing to do with NWO propaganda right? (good grief)

    Folks believe:

    Cannabis is about fighting the system and weed promotion is completely separate from Monsanto! The new world order has no influence over the pot publications.

    The Federal government REALLY does not want us to smoke weed, but we’re winning!!!

    See how silly that sounds?

    Get familiar with reverse psychology, use some common sense, and think ahead.
    The government OWNS THE FUTURE OF BIG CANNABIS, and your children will be more docile and f**ked up than fluoride ever made them.

    Do you think you’re fighting the New World Order with the promotion of pot James & James?

    …think again.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      If you go to NORML (whom I don’t support, but that’s neither here nor there) you will find a listing of all the medical research that has gone into marijuana. It is mind-boggling. Actually, it is the most current research results, not all of it. It enhances creativity by confusing the synapses in the brain, something the shadows that cower hate. It helps fight soil erosion, and has tens of thousands of safer alternative industrial uses. In fact, I would say that weed IS the revolution. And it has probably saved my life. JimBob who also thinks that anyone telling me what I can or can’t put into my body is going to have my foot inserted into theirs.

      • Gaslight says:

        …all plant roots prevent soil erosion…and of course you have the right to ingest if you wish.

        Everything has consequences.

        Do you believe the pot epidemic among VERY YOUNG CHILDREN will produce a generation with the stuff it takes to turn this shit-show around?

        …let’s not be silly. Tricks are for kids.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Please, now your sounding like the Reagan era ad with eggs frying. The Jamaica study showed no effect. In fact, there are cannabinoids which stimulate neural growth. And, though I whine about them as well, there are a lot of smart kids out there who are doing far more than we ever did for freedom. Now alcohol, that DOES kill brain cells. Do you actually believe that drunks are going to outsmart potheads? Tricks may be for kids, but weed is a serious medicine and political powerhouse. Or do you believe the powers that cower really want us stoned rather than drunk or on opioids? JimBob whose brain works just fine even though he’s been smoking weed since 1976.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Oh, and I forgot. Marijuana is especially good at controlling erosion. It was the chosen plant by those who worked in controlling erosion because of it’s root system. It’s a truly amazing plant. JimBob who also recommends The Emperor wears no clothes by Jack Herer and which is available on-line for free and is very good at explaining the power of marijuana.

          • mkey says:

            That erosion thing wouldn’t work in my area. People would just pick the damn plant clean, they’d probably find a way to smoke/ingest/shoot up 99.99% of the plant, leaving the karst in jeopardy.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Yeah but if they were doing this, there would already be so much of it everywhere that it couldn’t be picked clean. Even the hemp, which can get you high if you really boil the leaves a lot like in that one comment I wrote to gaslight for what males are good for besides pollination. Though I would personally use sativa sativa in the lower states (US) because it is usually tall enough to satisfy both the industrial and medicinal markets in one plant. JimBob who longs for the day when he don’t need to go all Rambo to simply plant a few seeds.

    • candlelight says:


      I suppose this is what you’re talking about?

      In answer to your other question, until today, I hadn’t a clue about anything relating to growing cannabis, no knowledge of seeds – male, female, feminized, non feminized. Nada. I don’t grow it, I don’t smoke it. At least not for a number of decades. I can attest for ounces selling for twenty bucks, or less. I can attest for differing potencies – Vietnamese being the very best.

      But, that’s about it, my friend. And, no, I don’t read High Times Magazine. lol I don’t know how propagandist they may be – perhaps in the last 3 years there’s been a sea change in the rate and preponderance of genetic engineering going on. Or, maybe High Times was attempting to put a “lid” on it. Ha, ha!

      But, there’s no doubt it will be Federally legalized once the Monsanto’s of the world, if not Monsanto, alone, have both their mitts fully into the pie, a pie baked exclusively with their government approved, patented seeds. The courts will happily fill up with prosecutions aimed at “rogue” growers.

      What else is new?

      • Gaslight says:

        …and by then we’ll never know what the f**k’s in it.

        Give ’em what they want! … (and a bit extra)

        Goodnight candlelight

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I loved all the side articles on that posting! The man’s head stuck in his wife’s hoohaw was hilarious! JimBob who can’t believe this whole thread is existing, as it’s pretty childish.

        • candlelight says:

          Holy shit! I hadn’t noticed those side articles.

          Does that reflect on the veracity of the Monsanto article?

          world news daily report – goodness gracious!

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I think I would doubt it. But aren’t those stories great? I may subscribe. JimBob who wonders if a woman really can stick a baby up her woohaw to simulate the feeling of giving birth.

  5. CRM114 says:

    its been mentioned here but i don’t remember when that when it comes to GMO labeling the ‘USDA Organic’ label MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING:

    Oh, combine 2 companies currently poisoning half the world population, one known for agent orange, the other responsible for all the gas used in the holocaust; what could go wrong?

  6. NES says:

    God. The auto industry/adjacent industries are applying an old ad move to a national requirement. It’s yet another way to make the consumer pay for THEIR profits without risk to them under the mandated licensing law and to spread that message across your car’s ass. Just as the lies the energy corporations have told and continue to tell about smart meters, no one will know what the plate is actually advertising. The ads will be linked to the car ignition and roll of the wheels, my guess. And, before long, these same corporate goons will be selling that digitizing for any and everything including political, social and psychological messaging which the public will oppose and have to lay out funds to fight but not get anywhere doing so. All so they can make a profit off spreading their name across your ass!

    It’s Calvin Klein 1980 all over again. What a scam.

  7. I Shot Santa says:

    Bioengineered foods are defined by containing genetic material that could not otherwise have been conventionally bred or obtained in nature,” Deepti Kulkarni, a former member of the FDA’s Office of Chief Counsel who currently works at Sidley Austin, a corporate law firm in the U.S.

    This was part of an article that was linked to by a comment which I think was deleted right after posting. Good post too. I thought this statement is telling as it goes against every single argument that the GMO advocates make; that GMOs are natural and are nothing different than what every breeder has been doing since the stone age. JimBob who never liked that Neil Degrassyass Tyson one little bit.

    • Gaslight says:

      You can listen to any number of GMO “definitions” Shot.

      The variations are all over the place. Most of them gobbdly-gook

      Here’s the farmer’s rule. If it CANNOT occur in nature, it’s modified.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        That is true, but when a lawyer gives a definition, it’s usually the legal one. Which makes all the other arguments moot in a “rule of law” country that we used to be. I believe that rule of law was eradicated from what little I know about the Cosby case in that I don’t believe there was any evidence given. I may be mistaken on that, but I don’t think so; but I don’t really follow that whole Me2 flock of disgruntled whores who now feel bad about selling their bodies for a role. JimBob who probably would be in Weinstein’s position if he had his job as hot women offering themselves to him would never be turned down.

  8. Gaslight says:

    Pot is sooooo great, and revolutionary, and good for my creativity…

    …and I’m fighting “THE MAN” when I smoke these torches of freedom!!!

    Sheeeesh! The historic repetition is f**kin hilarious.

    Keep on smokin’ out there all you young “sticky buds”…

    Karma gonna get cha’ again!!!

    All because you couldn’t even apply what you learned right here on this channel.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I think I have held my own quite well. JimBob who still knows more about pot that some newbie with only twenty years experience.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am fine with what an individual does with his own body.

      As for me, I haven’t smoked pot since 1976.
      My wife (almost age 70) is going to Colorado next month to pick up some CBD oil which she uses to prevent vertigo. She does well with just a tad bit of THC in the CBD.

      Personally, over a long period of time, I feel that smoking pot can inhibit intelligence/focus/memory/concentration/stability/initiative and potentially lead to more “in the head” over-think-worry-worry & dispersal in some people. Perhaps not everyone is susceptible, but I have noticed characteristics change with some folks.

      • mkey says:

        They have a tendency to spray on or soak it in all sorts of chemicals (and urine, from what I have heard) before selling it so that may account for some of the ill effects.

        Similar to cutting cocaine and heroin with gypsum, talk powder, flour and who knows what else.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I have never had anyone spray my weed with anything before. Though that is common with the K2 crowd and other weird drugs. As far as memory and other effects. I’ve been a heavy smoker of pot for a long time and all of my mental facilities seem to work just fine. I would say that it has actually improved many of them through the ability to alter my perception/perspective and relief of stress and other factors. There is a lot of research in this area and pot comes out like a champ. Which is not what you can say about all the legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco, opioids, etc. JimBob who knows that if he can remember stuff that happened before he was three then his memory must be fine.

  9. manbearpig says:

    I’ve got about half a neuron firing and will probably regret this reckless posting but

    Seemed so obvious and clear within the first few seconds of the episode…

    with folks complaining about nowhere to spend their bitcoin, couldn’t some controlled opposition (not openly bearing the name IBM), maybe some Hashtag type deal, could start making a fortune moving weed with bitcoin or hashcoin

    in order to get the ball really rolling with weed being sold in cryptocurrency…

    I mean, weed just seems like the perfect honeypot for getting the first hard commodities being widely sold primarily in crypto, launching new usable and used (blockchain or tangle)cryptos, moving the masses gradually away from obsolete moneys to cryptos… Camouflaged IBM/GOV-sponsored pseudo-anonymous selfish-ledger cryptos…

    ahhh, nevermind, think I’ll go sleep on this and give it another shot tomorrow… when I can line up a few proto-notions to make up a full-fledged idea…

    ps: always thought the e-cigs were primarily destined to make toking on frappacino flavoured THC possible in both posh and popular settings…


    pps reminds me of Ross Ulbricht who tried to kick off the silk road with hallucinogenic mushrooms…

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I think it will be great for the business owners as they can’t use banks; but for the average person probably not as cash is king. Especially for people like me. But on the e-cigs, they were invented in the sixties to make it easier to rope women into a nicotine addiction. Personally, even though the weed is some 6 to 8 times more potent in vape form, it is harder to regulate yourself and the lack of coughing with it doesn’t get any of the tar that is still in there (quit smoking about a year ago or so). But a frappacino flavored vape does sound enticing! It’s not like I don’t have all the ingredients excepting that flavor. But I DO have a coffee flavored vape liquid…….. JimBob who now only gets his coffee in his vape as he quit drinking it. But he hasn’t quit ‘shrooms, even though he only uses them for serious purposes and don’t need it right now.

      ps your half neuron is firing away just fine.

  10. AnimalsArentFood says:

    Whole Foods appears to be in self-destruct mode. They just keep doing one thing after another that is likely to make them lose their primary customers.
    I certainly won’t be shopping there again if they continue on this path.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I used to shop at one when I lived in Dallas. But then Mike Adams exposed them. Not surprised that the 00$ Bezos is toeing the real government policy on GMOs. JimBob who really hopes he can get things going for his own dang food labeling structure soon.

      • AnimalsArentFood says:

        I think I simply need to stop procrastinating and start taking my home garden to the next level, in terms of both sophistication and variety.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I bet you’ll have fun.
          Dan Dicks (Press For Truth) recently did a video about home gardening.

          I enjoy playing around with my home garden (a very small plot).
          This season, some of my neighbors started one after seeing mine from last year.
          I got so much stuff growing this year, it would make a long list. I am curious how my popcorn plants turn out.

          Last year, on a 4 foot square, I had so many bell & sweet peppers that I was giving away bags of peppers weekly.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            I remember growing up that everybody’s gardens always made the rounds in the neighborhood. I don’t think they coordinated the growing, but it always worked out fine. JimBob who wonders if neighborhood is the right word when the neighbors were miles apart from each other.

  11. I Shot Santa says:

    Off-topic, but how is that unusual for me? Anyway, Truthstream media just released a new video about some world parliamentary organization which I had never heard of before. Older than the league of nations and such. And still going strong. I guess this would fall under a question for Corbett as to what he knows (which is bound to be far more than me) about the world parliamentary group. Or some such name.

    They have a lot of names I recognize in it, and I suppose it might be something to look at. JimBob who knows that no ruskie is going to want to patrol in Florida. I mean, when they visited Deland to skydive, they were sunbathing in freezing (under 40 F.) weather in bikinis while I was shivering in my jacket and shorts. I own no long pants as I am not old enough.

    • Duck says:

      If your off topic anyway would this be a good place to say that the Eurpean union is trying to bring in regulation of internet posting with a CHARGE for posting links and a charge for comenting on or quoting news reports?

      • manbearpig says:

        Interesting link Duck, thanks.

        Could magnet links do anything to counter the situation?

        “…It was just an idea posted in a random financial forum, but people saw the implications immediately. The Bitcoin-BCH financial network brings with it an uncensorable Twitter-like microblogging, called Memo. Once somebody realized this can also be used for magnet links, the copyright industry’s despicable repression game was at the beginning of its inevitable end…”

        • Duck says:

          The issue is that people like Corbett would either be forced to pay to link to an article or the platforms eople post on will filter and strip links. As it stands it wont be legal to allow people to post links without a fee, meaning that commenting on news articles will cost money. You wouldnt be able to post a link to his site on twitter…if your on twitter… lol, but seriusly, on any public net forum posting will be harder
          We could still GET info as files, but browsing and posting will be way harder.
          people all around the world should sign the petition.

          • mkey says:

            From where in that law proposal does it follow there would be a link tax? Also, if petition signing could change anything, it would be illegal, pretty much as voting.

            • Duck says:

     is the big slow version…it explains that not charging for use of a link or quotation would NOT BE otherwords a fee would be required to be charged. True thats not what I would call a tax but I didnt invent the term just copied it.
              The funny version is–k
     a good overview…he has more on the subject later on.
              As for signing a petition having no effect….thats apathy talking…while those with power really dont give a F about what we want they are forced to PRETEND that they do if enough of us tell them so.
              People who dont vote then complain about the scum who get elected by the uniformed fools who do might want to consider how bad things would be if what floats to the the top didnt even need to pretend what we think matters….. 🙂

              • I Shot Santa says:

                People who vote are legitimizing a fraud which extols inflicting violence upon others. Voting is terrorism. JimBob who might be a hooligan, but he ain’t no terrorist.

              • Duck says:

                I shot Santa
                thinking that not voting is “refusing to participant” is self delusion unless you are ALSO not paying taxes or following any kind of law.
                IS that the case with you???? If so I apologize
                Sorry but unless your living a total free life where you dont pay any taxes the police dont give you tickets or enforce laws on you “assholes” ARE already walking on your natural rights… if you dont vote (or i guess shoot when they do so) then you are BY DEFAULT letting them do so AND saying you like it.
                The error in your thinking is that voting TAKES away a natural right…and its also thinking that freedom is a “natural” state- MOST people who have ever lived have been under the thumb of oothers and its only by exercising their POWER that regular folks have ever gained their rights back.
                You are free to do as you wish, vote or dont…but the people who have power can and will take whatever freedom you think your enjoying now if you dont do anything to check them which INCLUDES political action and raising a fuss.

              • Duck says:

                Not voting is saying that your just fine with your tax being spent just the way its being spent…..people who pay taxes then dont vote or protest are silent and assumed to be in agreement with the governments policies

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Your argument has been refuted many times. Name me a country that has voted itself free? How’d voting work for the Catalenians? I’ve already told you who you could see if you wanted to know; but you just want to be all SJW and keep spouting phrases you were given by the state. You go ahead and vote; I already know you’re not smart enough to know any better. And it’s because you don’t want to learn. You want the state to think for you. JimBob who don’t really care what the weak-minded think of him. Or anybody else, come to think of it.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              mkey, that reminded me of a meme I saw once that had Jesus giving a thumbs up and saying that for ten thousand likes he’s save this little girl. Seemed fitting. JimBob who probably ain’t the best judge of what’s fit.

              • Duck says:

                I Shot Santa

                Qui tacet consentire videtur, ubi loqui debuit ac potuit
                (He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree)
                NOT voting is failing to use what little influence you do have to put a break on the ability of the evil to act. Not voting is letting the people in charge say that you agree with their actions
                “Legitimate” comes fro the word law/legislate.. the people in charge do not care abot laws, or rights, or your opinions of them.
                They depend on most people tacitly supporting them by inaction, SUCH AS NOT VOTING, which lets them use force to deal with the few that oppose them…force they would never dare use if more people expressed an opinion against it.
                The powers that shouldnt be love it when they have no competition for control of the dangerous machinery of government

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Voting is saying you want this asshole to step on another person’s natural rights in order so that you might enjoy your slavery better. Just check out Larken Rose. He’s nicer about terrorists than I am. JimBob who thinks voting is for idiot slaves who grant permission for people to mount them.

          • manbearpig says:

            Thanks for the clarification and the reminder! I have the attention span of a hamster…

            As I haven’t done it yet I’ll send your link to my contacts.

            But seems a bit hard to enforce…what’s the definition of posting a link? Mentioning the title, author or content?

            Sorry, I haven’t got a full handle on this issue…have to think it through…

            I’ll try to help get the word out in the meantime.

            • Duck says:

              thanks… I don’t usually get freaked out by new laws and regulations but with the currant feeling that I get that the internet is on the cusp of changing again….. this could actually change it into something more like the French mini-tel system where private people didnt have much of a voice.

    • Duck says:

      Ishot Santa
      “…Voting is saying you want this asshole to step on another person’s natural rights…”
      Due…its self delusion to think that not voting is not participating. If you do not pay tax or follow ANY law and truely do as you like then I apologize for saying that you ARE PAYING with every cent you give the government for them to do all the things they are doing and by NOT voting you are saying that they are just fine and dandy doing so.
      “Natural rights” are one of the least common things ever seen in history, most people have not enjoyed them because most people have not had the power to enjoy them, and imagining that ignoring the raw power available to the government is going to make it vanish or unworkable because you refuse to accept it as being ‘legitimate’ will work exactly as well as it did for the indians and the slaves and others who were unable to oppose, escape, or steer such power,
      Voting has never meant that ones natural rights were abridged…its quite possible to vote AND OPPOSE the crook who grabbed the machinery of government….NOT voting is giving the message that you are just fine and dandy with whatever is being done by the monkey with the state power bandsaw

    • Duck says:

      I shot Santa
      Dude…name calling? “SJW”?? Seriously, did I hit a nerve when I asked if your tax dollars are killing babies and burning pot plots?
      You can vote or not vote as you chose but your deluded if you think your NOT taking part and supporting the Gov just because you dont tell them when you think their wrong
      2nd I never said anyone “voted themselves free”… I said that if you DONT then they dont even need to PRETEND to care what you think.
      Its kinda like seeing a bad guy reaching for a gin on the ground and refusing to kick it a bit out of his reach.
      Speaking of which hows about gun laws? In the UK no one gave a rats ass about gun laws… in the USA people start going angry angry when you start doing that. You think Politicians in the US love people having guns? Nope…bt they have to at least pretend to like it and they have to at least LIMIT the taking of gun rights because if they dont they have trouble keeping their snouts in the trough. Sure… its nice to dream of there being no trough but the fact is that there is so dont call it terrorism to vote because your the one whos paying taxes and obaying the law weather you have a say in it or no.
      “..I already know you’re not smart enough to know any better. And it’s because you don’t want to learn….”
      Yeah… thats the words of a self deluded lazy ass baby boomer, the kind of lazy ass narcissistic people who let the government get so bad and then whine about it.

      • mkey says:

        Yes, we pay taxes. You know why, Duck? Because if we don’t pay, people whom YOU put into office, people whom YOU gave your consent to Duck, these people will send armed killers to hunt us down, to imprison us, to take all of that we “own” and “owe”, to shoot as cold dead if we resist too strongly.

        That’s why we pay compulsory taxes, Duck. Because people like YOU say violence by the so called state against the people is OK. YOU say, go take money from those people there. YOU say, if they don’t pay take everything they have. YOU say, if they can’t pay, imprison them. YOU say, if they resist shoot them down, shoot them where they stand, if anyone comes to their aid shoot them as well.

        Thanks for voting, Duck. Thanks for giving your WRITTEN consent to murder for people you don’t even know. Thanks Duck, for patronizing us about voting. Thanks for rubbing it in. I see the light now, I’ll proceed to vote on the very next occcasion and give my express consent to violence against your person, your family and friends and all other people you hold dear to your warm, beating heart that was born to be free under this one sky. Thank you Duck for making us see the err of our ways.

      • mkey says:

        To dispell any idea on your part that I may have been “triggered” I have not. I’ll even provide some simple ideas toward a “solution”

        – instead of having this one monolithic system, why not introduce a mechanism which would allow people to say where their tax money ought to go? Technology is there, implementation would be trivial, it would be a true direct democracy. The same system could be used for voting, instead of having “your representatives” doing all the voting

        – instead of having compulsory taxes, why not allow optional payment? “Yes, I so and so, employing my full mental capacity and under no physical duress consent to not have available services for ‘free’ which I am not be paying for, namely the pension fund payments and the health care system. For these I will be looking for private services. Your truly, so so.” Have this notorized and signed in front of two witnesses and you’re set.

        • Duck says:

          I agree we shouldnt have to pay tax to fund the government doing evil…. and trust me even if no one votes the killers will STILL COME GET YOU IF YOU DONT PAY.
          If you dont vote the government will STILL DO WHAT ITS DOING
          Not usining the tiny bit of leverage your vote and (more importantly) your protests give you is in NO WAY ‘refusing to participate’ and it s in no way ‘resisting’… any more then holding your breath until you go blue is resisting . Not taking part in politics is just leaving one of the many tools available to you laying on the ground.
          Never mistake being able to thumb your nose at the law as being freedom… if people in the US didnt vote and protest then men with guns would be coming to take your guns away and even if you dont consent they would shoot you dead just like if you dont pay taxes. Even if you evade them its not ‘freedom’ to hide and be a ‘criminal’.
          But, that said, people can do what they like its their own choice so I’ve had enough of arguing, I have you tube comments for stupid flame wars and I come here to read the articles and learn whats going on in the world.
          That will get harder to do if people dont make it loudly known they dislike the EU link tax killing off a ton of alternative media sources

          • mkey says:

            If nobody votes the killers in, nobody would be coming for you because there wouldn’t be any police nor military.

            The government would not be doing what it’s doing if there wasn’t anyone left to follow orders.

            Voting does not give you any leverege. Not any. Even if it did, you’d have to spend quite a lot of time following what your representative is doing, whether or not he’s doing what you want them to do, then you’d need to inform quite a lot of people about your findings because most will just vote for the guy they “know best.”

            Where did I equate refusal to participate with resistance? The best I’m doing is trying to pay the least tax I can, without getting robbed, imprisoned and killed. And trying to educate some fools along the way.

            Politics is not a tool for the masses, but for the so called elite.

            Oh my. The reason people are not coming for your guns is because you have so many.

            If you consider this to be a flame war, you are very much mistaken.

            and learn whats going on in the world

            You are failing your goal.

            Like you said, everyone is free to do what they want, however if you come here and try to rub our noses into the the crap you shat yourself, don’t expect to see too many smiling faces abd rainbows.

            • Duck says:

              You tell me I “Shat” myself and its my fault the world sucks… so tell me wha you have done of late to make it free’er then it was? Comeing at me with rude words rather then argument shows your hollow thinking.
              Mr Corbett may tell people not to vote but I can see HE IS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING to make the a free place so what about you?
              “…If nobody votes …..there wouldn’t be any police nor military…” WTF????
              WRONG dude… a bunch of thugs with guns do not need me to “tell them” its ok to come rob me.
              A rapist doesnt need me to “tell” them its ok to rape me.
              “….The government would not be doing what it’s doing if there wasn’t anyone left to follow orders….” Thats TRUE but the fact is that THEY DO EXIST and you wont make them “not exist” by voting OR by not voting .
              “…Where did I equate refusal to participate with resistance? The best I’m doing is trying to pay the least tax I can, without getting robbed, imprisoned and killed….”
              Yeah…well sorry but you ARE PAYING for the chains you whine about, your just not yanking back on them.
              Your like a woman getting raped who shuts her mouth and thinks that she’s “winning” because she wont cum…. perfect example of nietzsche’s slave class using its imagination to will themselves a paper victory over their masters. Perfect example and very unhealthy which is why you feel like blaming others for the existence of government when you yourself have neither the will to resist nor to try to shift them.
              Oh…and if voting (only ONE TOOL BTW) gives “NO” leverage then how come the UK has no guns and the US still has some?

              • mkey says:

                I suggest that you compose yourself if you are really interested in having this discussion.

                You tell me I “Shat” myself and its my fault the world sucks…

                I haven’t said you shat yourself, I sad “the crap you shat yourself.” If I need to point out the difference, do let me know.

                Nowhere have I even implied that it’s your fault the “world sucks.” Nowhere have I stated that the world sucks, even. You’re just the one giving their consent to much of this bullshit.

                so tell me wha you have done of late to make it free’er then it was?

                Since I haven’t voted, I did more than you did, therefore you should not be the one to cast the first stone. Also, nowhere have I insisted with anyone to not vote, this is pure conjecture on your part. All I have done was discuss the consequences of voting from my point of view. Following very simple logic you can either come to this logical conclusion or decide not to. But you will not put words in mouth nor will I allow a statist to judge to my antistatist performance, thank you very much.

                “…If nobody votes …..there wouldn’t be any police nor military…” WTF????
                WRONG dude… a bunch of thugs with guns do not need me to “tell them” its ok to come rob me.
                A rapist doesnt need me to “tell” them its ok to rape me.
                “….The government would not be doing what it’s doing if there wasn’t anyone left to follow orders….” Thats TRUE but the fact is that THEY DO EXIST and you wont make them “not exist” by voting OR by not voting .

                You appear to equate “police and military” with “a bunch of thugs with guns and rapists” which makes me think we do have some common ground after all.

                Here you manage to contradict yourself on more than one occasion. Firstly, you agree that without anyone left to follow orders the government would cease to exist, but you do not agree that without people’s cooperation the state left and right hand would for all intents and purposes be chopped off?

                Secondly, you appear to be in the delusion that voting and not voting is the same thing, which collides with your previous statements to that effect. You felt the need to deride some of us for not voting, but now you claim it’s all the same.
                For all intents and purposes, you admit you are making no change by voting, again in conflict with your previous statements about having “leverage.”

                Which one is it, can you or can you not achieve change by voting? How significant could that change be? If you reply that you can’t achieve change by refusing to vote, I’m afraid I’ll just have to refuse to accept such a non sequitur kind of reply.

                “…Where did I equate refusal to participate with resistance? The best I’m doing is trying to pay the least tax I can, without getting robbed, imprisoned and killed….”
                Yeah…well sorry but you ARE PAYING for the chains you whine about, your just not yanking back on them.
                Your like a woman getting raped who shuts her mouth and thinks that she’s “winning” because she wont cum…. perfect example of nietzsche’s slave class using its imagination to will themselves a paper victory over their masters. Perfect example and very unhealthy which is why you feel like blaming others for the existence of government when you yourself have neither the will to resist nor to try to shift them.

                Again, you go off on tangents and make stuff up. Where have I claimed I am winning? Where have I even remotely implied that I’m winning? I’m not winning, I’m on the losing side.

                Again, I do not want to be robbed, imprisoned and killed for not paying taxes. It is because of people who give consent (yes, people like you) I must “not yank back” on the chains. The state has massive power to oppress and infinite resources to draw me into litigation in its own courts under its own rules. Even if I would “win” such a proceeding, my life would in the process lose most of its meaning. I’d have to dedicate all of my energy to defending my unalienable rights, borrow money all the places and fight against the clock while the miserable court system has all the time in the world.

                All I could possibly do was get a gun and try to hold out as long as possible, which would be for about 30 seconds after the swat team gets there and kills me and any of my family members on premises.

                You give your consent to such treatment, I do not. Between you and I, imagine who’s the one having problems looking themselves in the mirror. When you see that old lady next door getting kicked in the teeth because she couldn’t afford paying her “dues” all you can do is wonder off into your lalala land and picture your happy place. You are the one to talk about the slave class, pathetic.

                Oh…and if voting (only ONE TOOL BTW) gives “NO” leverage then how come the UK has no guns and the US still has some?

                You realize that US was built ground up by Europeans who wanted to live free from Europe’s oppressors of the time? Maybe this little facet of reality managed to elude you somehow.

            • Duck says:

              ok dude.. to be honest we apear to be acting like we are opposed when we prob agree on many things
              1) i am NOT saying voting will remove the government OR stop it from doing bad things.
              I am saying that voting IS ONE PART of the way that people can steer AWAY FROM some of its evil. case in point being that IF they pass the new EU law getting real news will be agood deal harder and life will be worse, where as if plenty of folks say they dont like it THAT evil may be averted at least for now.
              2) You appeared to be saying that ‘people like me’ voting was the casue for government existing and possessing power, I believe Governments existed long before voting and will exist after it goes away.
              3) You appear to think that humans have or will exist in a state of no govenrment… sorry, this is historically BS and while the idea of zero government may be an aim its kinda like ‘new soviet man’ …never gonna happen in real life
              4) dude..if you really think your on the ‘loosing side’ then just you really are because you already gave up. Enjoy the ride, have a drink and smoke some weed before your enslaved and killed. We dont have much to say if thats what you think
              5) The government depend ON FORCE to get its will done, consent just means they need to use less overt force.
              6) the all or nothing attitude of “All I could possibly do was get a gun and try to hold out as long as possible” vs “I’m going to just give up because its hard” IS slave thinking, sorry, its your own fault if you really think that and to be honest I despise people who give up if they are unable to get “all” their goals. Sorry, again, do what you like.
              7) “You give your consent to such treatment, I do not. Between you and I, imagine who’s the one having problems looking themselves in the mirror.” OK dude… if you really dont think anything you do matters and you are utterly without power you can look at yourself. Personally I couldnt look at myself if I just gave up when I thought I could make a difference however small
              8) “..You realize that US was built ground up by Europeans who wanted to live free from Europe’s oppressors of the time? Maybe this little facet of reality managed to elude you somehow…”
              Prob because ITS NOT TRUE…dude get an education, the US was built by people who wanted to live life THEIR WAY, they didnt give a crap about oppressing OTHER people, the US got freedom as an aim because there were so many groups each of which thought THE OTHER would oppress them and they were each strong enough that they had to compromise.
              Freedom happens because people are strong and brave and want it. Thats why its rare because most people are lazy and cowardly and sstupid and all the talk of ‘natural rights’ dont mean nothing if people expect someone else to provide it.
              Whatever, you know, i realy dont care what you do…vote or dont. I did care when I thought you were just in error but if you just think your on the loosing side and your not going to life a finger to do anyting about it then convincing you would be a waste of time anyway.

              • mkey says:

                Duck, you rely on conjecture and making things up way, way to much for me to be able to come into agreement with you on probably anything.

                1. Essays could be written about this to demonstrate how factually incorrect and ilogical your opinion on this matter is. I’ll give a simple example – there are laws which will we voted in (not by the people) even if people would never vote for them simply because there is a world government directing things. Local politicians are corrupt and don’t care, by simply getting elected once and doing what their masters want them done they have flown their mission, bought that hacienda on the hill side and earned a nice job in banking. By all means, vote away Duck, but think again before you lay the blame on the people who see through the scam. But if you could understand this, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, would we.

                2. What I am sayin over and over again is that you give them your express and written consent. Everything else is pure conjecture on your part, things you make up to justify your action, I’d presume.

                3. Conjecture and speculation on your part.

                4. Where have I said or implied I gave up? You can’t entertain one cojent thought, can you? I’m on the losing side because there are unthinking dolts 10000:1 or worse, it’s a numbers game. No, I haven’t given up; no, I won’t give up; yes, in the end I will end up getting a rifle because I will not be manhandeled by state goons with subpar IQ.

                5. Complete and utter misconception.

                6. Pure conjecture in your part. I’d suggest you get an online reading course followed by a course in logical thinking, if you don’t my unsolicited advice.

                7. Look at 6.

                8. Reread what I wrote and then read what you wrote.

                I’m done with you Duck. I wish you all the best in the continuation of your life, all I want to convey to you is: don’t blame others for your own action, that’s all. If they refuse to do what you do, they may well have a damn good reason. And if they don’t, they have just as much right to do what they want.

            • Duck says:

              I have no interest in convincing you. Do whatever you think best.
              1)I am not blaming anyone for seeing thru the scam. Good for you…but your wrong about a world gov directing things…they direct things THROUGH YOUR LOCAL GOV. agenda 21 and its babies are implimented LOCALLY…so if you dont even vote for your city council you get what you deserve. again…whatever you like dude
              2)and again I repeat…they dont NEED my consent to steal or rape or murder. And again..if you dont even protest or let people know what you think you can as easily be aid to be ‘giving your consent by silence’ (an actual ‘legal’ idea….lol)
              3)Conjecture and speculation that humans have never lived without a gov of some kind? OK dude… when you find me anything over tribal level without some kind of governing structre you will have an argument. again…think what you like, read some books and study it. NOt like I know everything
              4)Dude the reason I think you give up is stuff like “…the losing side because there are unthinking dolts 10000:1 or worse, it’s a numbers game. …”
              “…yes, in the end I will end up getting a rifle because I will not be manhandeled by state goons with subpar IQ….” Fantasy dude… no one who would ever REALLY be up for fighting to the death to be free would be sitting net-arguing with an ahole like me. Its fantasy to soften the feeling of helplessness. When I call it ‘slave thinking” i mean…look go listen to the BBC ‘in our time’ podcast on Fred Nietzsche and your’ll get the quick version.
              5) if the gov DONT depend on force how come they are able to make you pay yur taxes and dream of being a crazed gunman? Dude did YOU CONSENT to pay taxees???? LOL, not in a mean way LOL
              7) ?
              8)Clarification… The revolution was mainly about self interest and we were lucky that the ideas of freedom were worked in…again, I dont know everything. Think what you like
              “…..I’m done with you Duck. I wish you all the best in the continuation of your life, all I want to convey to you is: don’t blame others for your own action, that’s all. If they refuse to do what you do, they may well have a damn good reason. And if they don’t, they have just as much right to do what they want….”
              Same to you have a nice life 🙂

  12. sheryl2939 says:


  13. Fawlty Towers says:

    Speaking about license plate readers (and companies who manufacture them)…

    I have started to notice (two in the past week) owners who are mysteriously driving around town with their license plate letters/numbers conveniently ‘faded out’.

    That is, they filed/sanded down/dissolved the lettering/numbers. How do I know?
    Well the lettering above and below the main identification numbers is perfectly clear and legible. Strange that ‘mother nature’ would do its thing only on the identifying part. 🙂

  14. Gaslight says:

    …start around junior high school and keep smokin’ the “sticky bud” from that point on ‘Murica.

    It’s popular!

    Your folks smoked it nearly all their lives and look at them. They’re OK!!!

    Everything’s just fine all the way around.

    It’s a government sponsored revolution!

    You’re gonna’ change the world !!!

  15. wall says:

    Is there anyway to tell if this is a deep fake?

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — In chilling cellphone videos released Wednesday, the suspect in a February massacre at a Florida high school announced his intention to become the next school shooter, aiming to kill at least 20 people and saying “you’re all going to die.”

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Since you’re looking into shootings, thought I’d link this one to you. Remember the Las Vegas shooting? The one they don’t talk about anymore? They’ve released thousands of pages of documents on it. I don’t know where to find them, but I did find this video talking about it all:

      Have fun. JimBob who figures it shouldn’t be too hard to find the documents.

  16. wall says:

    Why the hell isn’t James covering this shit? Here’s another “shooter” that may have been framed.

    “I didn’t shoot anyone,” he said to reporters. He ignored most of the other questions until asked what he’d say to the shooting victim. That’s when he said, “Sorry.” The shooting comes just over two months after a gunman killed 17 people and wounded 17 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Nikolas Cruz, 19, faces the death penalty if convicted in that Valentine’s Day shooting.

    • Gaslight says:

      Inordinate amounts of mass shootings and subsequent, reactionary legislation gets no traction here “wall”

      It’s most unfortunate.

      …the “big idea” rolls on unfettered…

      • I Shot Santa says:

        It’s not so much an increase in shootings as it is an increase in reporting of them and how they are defined. Not to mention that most of them are fairly obvious false flag events. One can tell by the media coverage sometimes. JimBob who also thinks there may be a slight increase due to the copycat effect, but doubts it’s really that significant compared to the state being behind the scenes.

    • mkey says:

      I wish I could link this for you, but it probably happened well over a year ago: James Corbett explicitly stated he is NOT going to allow the NEWS to direct his attention. This is not the first time I provided you with this information, hopefully it will stick this time around. If someone can provide a link to the video in which this was discussed, that would be very fortunate. I think it occurred sometime around the Paris “attack” or maybe the subsequent “attack” in London (at a ticket booth at some event, was it) or maybe that night club in Istanbul? There has been so many of these “attacks” that if one wanted to cover them he probably wouldn’t have the time to do anything else… oh, wait.

      Now, I do not mean to deride your attempts to get issues you deem important more attention, here or anywhere else. However, you need to realize some people may find these events completely uninteresting as they are part and parcel of one giant move toward a different world.

      It’s like having a great big steel ball rolling through a forest, knocking down trees. If you spend time with each tree, ascertaining the causes of it falling down, the ball is going to get out of your line of sight.

    • pearl says:

      Right. Corbett was adamant about not chasing the latest, dangling weekly-shooting-carrot. I’m thinking it was the Las Vegas incident? Anyway, James’ addresses it here, though I’m not 100% sure it’s the one Mkey had it mind. Even so, it says it all (fast-forward to approx minute 4:15):

  17. mkey says:

    Some GDPR fun. Apparently, as GDPR has been merged with local law, some 100 articles of it, in my failed state various “state organizations” will be exempted from fines. Don’t you just love the free market principles at work?

    Bloody hell GDPR is in my TV now

    #20: Fridge, meet GDPR

    Somehow, I resisted the urge to soil myself.

  18. mkey says:

    The Greater Insult

    DarkMatter at it again, I found this video to be quite deeply moving.

  19. VoiceOfArabi says:

    The Rule of Law vs. The Law of the Jungle…

    Majority of topics on this report and the whole of Corbett Report would benefit from this title.

    When I was a kid, and on the school yard, i learnt that The Law of the Jungle is the only rule that applies.

    From that moment, all the education and interactions i had, have changed my believes to “The Rule of Law” is the one that is compatible with humans and when followed all the time, we will have a Utopian world.

    That contradicted with my everyday life, and what i was witnessing everyday, and lead me to start searching for “the truth” until i found Corbertt Report and many other sites that shows you part of the truth.

    Now it is evident that “The Man” is only using The Law of the Jungle when interacting with us, and The Rule of the Law is only used to stop us fighting back.

    So, Strategically speaking, It does not make any sense to use pillows in a gun fight, which means, if we to have a slim chance in winning this fight, we too have to use “The Law of the Jungle”…

    Which leads me to the question that I would like to ask James and the rest of the Corbetteers…

    If we play by their rules, does that not make us the Same as they are??

    which leads me to the original question that’s on my mind (human behavior)

    Are we all the same, but “The Man” has brainwashed us to believing in the Rule of the Law??

    • Gaslight says:

      Very thoughtful Voice,

      We’ve certainly been domesticated haven’t we friend. Common folk really do have the power though in spite of what we’re told. We can unplug from the phone, the TV, and the news of the world anytime we want. No violence necessary.

      Then, and only then, can we embark on a new age to replace this corrosive stage of arrested development.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Great question! My unauthorized viewpoint is that when I look at people like JD Rocky, I note how their strategies worked for them to achieve their goals. I would hope to emulate them to some degree to ensure success. After all, no matter how good your intentions are, they don’t matter if you don’t have what it takes to win the game in order to fulfill your intent. In short, don’t hate the player, hate the game is a good motto. Of course, I am a full believer in the law of the jungle as it is the only real law there is; the rule of law being a trap for those who fall for it. JimBob who likes jungles anyhow because it rarely has a blizzard coming in and aching his joints.

  20. Gaslight says:

    Perhaps Mr. Corbett will notice a change in his son one day (at around age 13) in the near future.

    Things such as:

    A sudden change in long-held, good friends. i.e.; discarded for a new group. Signs of depression, or isolation from the family, and reluctance to participate in family activities (beyond normal teenage autonomy)
    A sudden drop in academic performance, and no longer participating in activities he used to find very enjoyable and rewarding. A sudden abandoning of sports, music or clubs without replacing the activities with anything other than just “hangin’ out”, etc.

    Perhaps that’s what it will take for Mr. Corbett to abandon the promotion of marijuana.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I have never heard Corbett promote the use of marijuana. He has always promoted individual rights.

      • Gaslight says:

        Perhaps it can be renamed “Weed World Next Week” since there’s a pot plug in there every time without fail.

        The sticky bud plugs just keep ‘a commin’ !!!

        …(and I’m not referring to the sophomoric, “truth music” DJ by that name)

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I guess you got all your weed info from Reefer Madness. Have you ever thought of being constructive, rather than merely hyper-critical? Or would you prefer your scotch, which is far more harmful to your health (and I’m not judging on drinking, just noting what a hypocrite you are judging others while engaging in a similar (though more destructive) vice yourself. JimBob who thinks that gaslight is nuts.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Pilato mentioned Vermont in this Episode.
    Good News in MainStreamNews – Vermont.

    May 21, 2018
    Excellent article in a Mainstream Newspaper, The Rutland Herald. The Rutland Herald is the second largest daily newspaper in the U.S. state of Vermont.
    …Hundreds of studies showing fluoride’s detrimental effects on the human brain constitute the heart of the lawsuit…

    …What constitutes the “critical mass” for a news story worthy of national attention? Presumably it is the heft of newsworthiness weighed on the scale of editorial judgment. Why, then, does the amply documented evidence of public water fluoridation’s adverse effects come up light on the editorial scale? What prevents it from being the ongoing story of lackadaisical science and violation of the public trust that it has been for nearly 70 years? …

    …But what about the major news media? They have almost totally ignored the story, which means, in a certain sense, that nothing is happening. To judge by the major media, no one of standing is concerned about the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation.

    Literally hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies have raised red flags on fluoride safety. In the past year, for example… …Yet these studies remain all but invisible to the public because the popular press avoids them.

    …The fluoridation story meets any reasonable test of newsworthiness. The public is waiting for coverage.

  22. Gaslight says:

    Pot is a truly “grass roots” revolution, and the powers that be have absolutely nothing to do with the massive, extremely well funded promotion of it.

    We’re really winning this time!!!

    Silly Rabbits.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Yeah, that’s why it’s still illegal in most places. And they haven’t implemented the medical marijuana laws in my state though it’s been legal for a couple of years. Because they really want it. JimBob who is now discontinuing any discussions with this lunatic.

  23. Gaslight says:

    “JimBob” seems to think I’m having exclusive discussions with him when I post general messages to the board

    …perhaps he’s high again.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      We had a thread going on with your delusional claims about gmo weed and how I didn’t have males because my seeds were feminized and also that your brother, a newbie of only twenty years experience, trumps my forty something years. But I never thought it was exclusive. I always feel you are inviting everyone to be under your whip. But go ahead and act the fool. I almost didn’t write this as I’m done with you; but I get ticked at stupid people who want to be the authority figures over everyone but has no solutions, only criticism. JimBob who has really taken a dislike to being gaslighted by a moron.

    • pearl says:

      Passive-aggressive much?

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Aggressive, yes. Passive, never! I just always like to let people know where I stand. He’s just stepped on my last nerve. JimBob who don’t like any of his nerves stepped on.

        • pearl says:

          Not you, JimBob. My question was directed at Gaslight. Granted, I’m rusty on my psychological tactics, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he did there.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Sorry. My bad. Thinking skills go down when the temper rises. JimBob who don’t think your skills are so rusty as his ire is detrimental to finer points of thinking.

  24. Gaslight says:

    We have a new revelation from Pearl!

    Those who oppose the NWO pot revolution are passive/aggressive mental manipulators!!!

    We know this revolution is real because the government says they oppose it!!

    …as they fund, tax and regulate it.

    Good grief what a bunch of silly fools you all are when it comes to your pot.

    The attack dog reactions when it comes to the precious pot (which apparently defines them) is Pavlovian. Someone here actually made the childish exclamation: “pot IS the revolution” …sheesh!!!

    Ohh it’s a revolution alright!

    It will be an integral part of your children’s Soma program.

  25. Gaslight says:

    …pearl obviously has no opinion to express here…except (of course) of me.

    There’s no shortage of material (including Corbett broadcasts) on the CIA’s introduction of drugs into society, as they claim to be waging war on them, going back to the sixties and continuing to this day.

    …and somehow “Mkey” says HE is the one paying the price for freedom of speech?

    Have a look in the mirror “Mkey”…now you know what contradiction looks like”

    • mkey says:

      Mmmm, even if there was anything contradicting in what I stated there, would it show up in my mirror reflection? A deep, thought provoking question, something I’ll have to ponder over the long evenings, cozied up in the armchair, with a glass of chianti in one hand and with the palm of the other firmly affixed to my forehead.

      Would you mind terribly if I asked of you a possibly very personal question? I hope you won’t.

      Is that you on this picture I happened to stumble upon? I do not mean the elderly man on this probably vintage photograph, but the merry youth in the window. He looks very keen on carrying on with the duties put forth by his elder, so I thought that may be you.

      No need to answer.

  26. Gaslight says:

    I have about as much interest in clicking your silly link as you do in addressing the subject matter “mkey”.

    …that would be zero my freind

  27. I Shot Santa says:

    This link is for anyone who is mildly interested in the medical uses of marijuana. Not a complete reference, but a nice start to a mountain of evidence. By the way, the Cancer Society had to finally admit in 2015 that it does cure cancer. Which is just one reason it’s still illegal:

    JimBob who knows for a fact that it works on a bunch of stuff.

  28. mkey says:

    I wish to share with you lot a short summary of what I can see on the local “news” site top page. Sans the links, believe me, it’s better this way.

    Story #1: two elderly gentlemen, drinking buddies for decades apparently, got into an argument, one of many apparently, over fascists and antifascists which led to one pouring some gasoline onto the other and setting him on fire, upon which the offended proceeded to take the fire out. Medium to severe burns have been caused, the victim survived.

    The article doesn’t offer any dates, these appear to be past events. Apparently, an indictment has been raised these days against the offender. I’m a bit suspicious about the timing, these guys are known to republish some articles at convenient dates.

    Story #2: more on the fascists and antifascists. A “revisionist” took part in a talk show on the national television. The show host is a woman previously known for claiming that the New York Times doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to publishing the truth (gasp!) something she was obviously castigated for, followed by some disassociating statements made by the national television “leadership.”

    On this occasion she hosted this “revisionist” who claims, upon reviewing much of the available documentation and prisoners’ accounts, that the Nazi collaborationist death/internment/work camp didn’t see nowhere near the claimed 80.000 executed. I was taken aback by this figure, the last time I heard the folk tales about those events it was claimed there were some 700.000 to 800.000 executed. Among other claims, the “revisionist” stated that the camp in question wasn’t a death camp, but a work and collection camp.

    Again, the show host is being castigated by the “media” and the “leadership” is distancing themselves from the affair. Every television station mush have some bad apples, I suppose.

    Story #3: this is a pathetic rehash of the story #2. Practically the same content, but put into another form. As proof of ridiculous claims is being provided a photograph of a single printed piece of paper, allegedly provided by a “reader” showing what the “revisionist” in question “peddled” back in 2016. Basically, the same content in both articles, but this one provides photographic “proof.” If this isn’t an incredible display of journalistic integrity I don’t know what could be.

    Oh yes, a “historian” was scheduled for taking part in the show, but he refused at a later date to participate because he didn’t want to offer approval by merely showing up. Reminds me of the odd climate change alarmists conveniently refusing to take part in debates.

    Not a single week goes by without raising this goddamn topic of fascists and antifascists. The news cycle goes on.

    • mkey says:

      For completeness sake, the newswoman mentioned in story #2 has been “removed from the current program and employed elsewhere according to her contract.” Press accolades forthcoming.

  29. manbearpig says:

    As usual, running out the door, late as ever, but DUCK posted what appears at first glance to be a very important youtube link above (scroll halfway up this comments page).

    I’ve posted below the first articles I stumbled upon on the same subject.

    Even if he’s in the land of the rising sun (and not the setting sun like EU citizens) I wonder what Mr Corbett would have to say about this?:

    “…Julia Reda has reported time and again on the copyright industry’s persistent efforts to get the concept of notice-and-takedown replaced by notice-and-staydown in law: in other words, if you run a platform that accepts any kind of user contributions, you would be required to screen every submission against a list of notices for “staydown” that you’ve received…”

    “…The Bitcoin-BCH financial network brings with it an uncensorable Twitter-like microblogging, called Memo. Once somebody realized this can also be used for magnet links, the copyright industry’s despicable repression game was at the beginning of its inevitable end…”

    All this copyright censorship legislation is quite unclear to me. With reportedly less than a month to do anything about it, I must take a moment to know more…

    • mkey says:

      CHAPTER 2
      Certain uses of protected content by online services

      Article 13
      Use of protected content by information society service providers storing and giving access to large amounts of works and other subject-matter uploaded by their users

      1.Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users shall, in cooperation with rightholders, take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers. Those measures, such as the use of effective content recognition technologies, shall be appropriate and proportionate. The service providers shall provide rightholders with adequate information on the functioning and the deployment of the measures, as well as, when relevant, adequate reporting on the recognition and use of the works and other subject-matter.

      2.Member States shall ensure that the service providers referred to in paragraph 1 put in place complaints and redress mechanisms that are available to users in case of disputes over the application of the measures referred to in paragraph 1.

      3.Member States shall facilitate, where appropriate, the cooperation between the information society service providers and rightholders through stakeholder dialogues to define best practices, such as appropriate and proportionate content recognition technologies, taking into account, among others, the nature of the services, the availability of the technologies and their effectiveness in light of technological developments.

      A bunch of illegible poorly worded bullshit.

  30. manbearpig says:

    “…A press release and a video of NBA star Dennis Rodman sporting a shirt in North Korea gave PotCoin a shot in the arm…”

    NBA star Dennis Rodman wearing a shirt in North Korea would seem to be incontrovertible evidence that TPTSB are endorsing, even pushing pot consumption as well as use of this particular cryptocurrency… at the very least, propaganda targeting a certain population.

    Top 5 Marijuana Cryptocurrencies

    dealing in cash or local currencies would indeed seem to be the wisest solution…

    • I Shot Santa says:

      While it could be a signal the powers that cower are endorsing it, it doesn’t necessarily make it so. I don’t believe in the cemented in stone alliances theories. And of course, it could be a red herring. In any case though, it is worth noting. Trends. After all, even the Ron Paul Institute is screaming the government is going to crash the currency. But is it a bad thing? Just because the state set-up the battlefield conditions, doesn’t mean they will win the battle. And they can’t win the war. Look at the Internet. I would still be a slave if it weren’t for it. Though Minds does seem to be a dangerous opponent at the moment for me. JimBob who don’t require much for him to put opponents in the danger zone as he’s not really that young anymore.

  31. taxpayer says:

    Cannabis production and distribution is a business. Operators need to collect sales revenue, pay their employees, pay taxes, utilities, maybe rent, etc. etc. They might need to hold tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for such purposes. There must be considerable expense in keeping the cash secure. Local currency might offer some advantage because it has more limited use.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Yes. I think there as a bit of confusion on who would be using the currency and for what purposes. For the business owner, it makes perfect sense. For the consumer who doesn’t want no nosy beauracrat taking unwarranted peeks into his business; then no. Good point. JimBob who finds the gray market not having to pay those godawful taxes mentioned (and more) more than makes up for the increased cost of getting those goods to market. Not that he knows from experience, just from knowing the government deal is always the raw deal.

      Oh yeah, candlelight; Thought of this point as well on the TSA goons. If everybody was rude to them and let them know what they thought of them (which is a rule I always like to follow) then they wouldn’t want to work there for very long. This is already a problem, as they have such a high turnover rate. Or perhaps that is the decent people realizing they don’t want to be a goon. JimBob who is never sure on anything, but always has something to say anyway.

      ManBearPig; just to muddy up the waters a bit more; Rodman could be fronting for his investment in the crypto as well. Personal greed is a good thing if kept in check. Remember, while everybody on the planet is involved in ensuring the powers that cower remain in power, their not all consciously doing it. Some people might be just doing well. JimBob who is consciously disavowing those powers, but he just can’t get worked up enough about it to go and bother them, unless they get in his face. Which should be enough if people have a spine. Of course, I only worry about my spine; if they wanna be spineless, then that’s on them.

      • candlelight says:


        I truly believe you could not have made a better point in support of what I’ve been trying to convey this whole time!

        Honestly, my sincere thanks, because I hadn’t, nor would I have, connected the two dots as you just did with your hypothesis, i.e., to paraphrase – a problematic high turnover rate of TSA agents may indicate the number of decent people who don’t want to be goons!

        And, you’re most probably correct. As am I.

        Meaning, plenty of those TSA agents are decent people underneath it all. Goons, though some may be. But, not all. Maybe they didn’t know what they were signing up for, and wind up saying screw this. That’s exactly why I don’t, and won’t, paint any group based on a uniform, or other costume, with some broad brush, save for the swat team, whose full intent and dedication to its mission style is 99.999999% of the time complete over the top bullshit, as well as deadly – and I’m not so sure about that other 0.000001% being any different.

        We know the underlying purpose of the TSA. To induce into the public a sense of powerlessness and a stripping away of an individual’s sense of their own space and privacy by psychological and physical means. It was never my point to deny this.

        I just think we need to be cognizant and careful not to level individuals with a particular mind-set against others, by way of lumping whole groups of individuals together for abject castigation and derogatory name calling, for the sake of sensationalism or proving a point, which in a most ironic sense, plays its own role in dehumanization, and is a trap that even the very, very, best and well meaning among us can fall prey to.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Well, before you feel that I’ve been uplifting, remember that as long as they are working for that organization, there very job is to be a goon. Your (preferably sarcastic and condescending) attitude towards them should help to ease them into a state of contemplation (as in what the heck did I sign up for?) that will help them decide being a goon ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. In other words, I’m still advising you to be a complete jerk. But it’s to help them. Just think of the children. Of course, as you know; this is not why I treat them as goons. I treat them like goons because they signed up for a job to be a goon. JimBob who offers reasons for others though he knows that for him they would merely be rationalizations which he don’t need.

          • candlelight says:

            Why shouldn’t I be uplifted by the thought that crossed your mind, albeit, momentarily, wherein you mused that perhaps it’s the decent TSA agents who wind up quitting in large enough numbers as to be problematic for the agency?

            Is it because you’re doing your crazy best to back track on what you had to say, because you suddenly realized that you put some of them in a fair light?

            Whatever convolutions you’re spinning really is devoid of rationality. But, like you say, you don’t need any.

            That’s truly a pity. And I’m not being sarcastic and/or condescending, either.

            You say you treat them like goons because they signed up for a job to be a goon. But, on the other hand, you say that the large turnover might be due to the decent ones who don’t want to be a goon. But, no matter, you’re going to treat them all like goons, anyway, because that’s what they signed up for?

            Well, guess what? Maybe those who quit are the same ones who don’t act like goons. But, I guess in your eyes that’s not allowed to register, is it, because that would be giving them just too much goddamned credit, right?

            But I got news for you, they all don’t act like goons. I’ve gone through TSA security enough times to have seen plenty of TSA agents acting in a completely matter-of-fact, polite, average way.

            What about you? Do you have any firsthand experience with these people, or just what you see on youtube?

            Also, out of curiosity, how do you go about treating these people like goons? What do you do, how do you behave around them?

            What do you do, turn yourself into a goon to mimic what you perceive?

            By the way, if you would, please do me a favor of not offering any of your advice. I tend not to take my own. Why would I take yours?


            • mkey says:

              Asserting that these people quit due to moral considerations without any statistical data is completely baseless. Why do people usually quit their jobs? Sometimes it’s because they did a no no so they are forced to quit to avoid prosecution; sometimes they don’t like the crappy conditions, pay, coworkers or bosses; sometimes people move to other areas; sometimes it’s probably due to moral considerations. At this juncture, any attribution wihout data will be disingenuous to say the least.

              From my personal experience, job turnover is usually due to crappy paychecks and terrible bosses. Among the cops I know, on the other hand, I don’t know one single person who quit their job. They usually go for early retirement and then continue working (at 45 something) for various security firms. This is valid for other gov job as well.

              I’m not saying all of these people are bastards, but some sure are and will gladly abuse their so called authority to make threats and act almighty. I’m not talking only about cops, either. Desk clerks can be worse than cops when it comes to asserting their “authority.”

              I still consider them goons in general, which I admit is a prejudice, but might does not make right. When you see one person of “authority” who obviously disagrees with misconduct of their coleague but does nothing about it, what are you to conclude?

              • candlelight says:


                Asserting is a strong term and wasn’t being used.
                It really was something that santa more or less mused. I called it a hypothesis. I even refrained from calling it a conclusion.
                Obviously, I ran with it the very best I
                But, at any rate, apparently, it was but a fleeting idea on santa’s part.

                You know, the thought just occurred to me since you mentioned that you still consider them goons in general: What if, instead of the TSA doing the screening, they had police departments do it? White shirts, blue shirts, makes no difference. Some with guns, some without.

                How fucking intimidating would that be? Think about it.

                That would justify talking jack boot, brother.

                It’s late.

                Anyway, you make some good points. They’re happily intelligible, thank goodness.


              • mkey says:

                Whatever you choose to call them, assumptions were being made and some premises were based on these assumptions. You may have ran the best you could with it, but you chose the angle which supports your thesis.

                There are obviously some healthy apples with rotten ones in the barrel, but I am personally not interested in throat diving for healthy ones. This doesn’t mean I would order a summary execution of the whole lot, but at the same time if there were riots in the streets and you had a squad of well armed state thugs breaking bones indiscriminately, how much time would you invest into discerninig who among them may have any moral qualms over their actions? And if you did find one or several among them, how would you go about talking them into joining your side? We’re not talking about weaseling your way out of a ticket.

                I don’t know what “talking jack boot” means. If cops did it, that would mean several things. Firstly, it would strengthen the fascist bind between the state and the corporation because you’d have tax funded security forces providing services for a private corporate entity. Secondly, it would leave the impression corporations may not subscribe to authority typically reserved for state agencies, which is obviously needed for these security details. We are programmed to abide authority (among others, cops) and these private services borrow much from that programming.

                Now, I’m not stating a private security firm can not exist without state authority. Authority, instead of being something awarded with coming into existence, can also be earned through exemplary behaviour in applicable fields. But of course, these state and associated fascist agencies are not interested in doing that, they just want everyone to submit to their will.

              • candlelight says:


                “This time the victim was Jeanne Clarkson, a 96-year-old WWII veteran who the jackbooted thugs of the police state decided would be a fitting target for their “deluxe” treatment, i.e., a full six minutes of groping, patting and molestation.” ~ James Corbett

                You’re quite correct, I took santa’s passing thought and used it to make an assumption that decency perhaps explains the high rate of attrition. You astutely brought out myriad reasons why people leave jobs – pay rate, lousy bosses, etc., etc., which doesn’t necessarily include moral platitudes (not that such platitudes in this instance needs to be terribly stringent). I granted you made some good points.

                Forgetting about the percentages, though, without being facetious, I’m satisfied enough just having heard the word ‘decent’ being used!

                The scenario you used for argument sake of “a squad of well armed state thugs breaking bones indiscriminately” is another whole bag of apples, altogether. They represent badly rotten bags of apples added to the mulch decades ago – like an armored pesticide designed to keep weeds from sprouting. There’s not a decent apple left among them.

                Returning for a moment to Corbett’s description of the “jackbooted thugs” first noted in the Milgram Experiment article, the young woman doing the pat down, a bit Rubenesque, short, and I suppose Latino (not that that matters), didn’t appear to me to be looking, or acting quite what I’d imagine a jackbooted thug would look or act like. I don’t think a jackbooted thug would first explain, while gesturing with their hands in the motion of massaging, that they were going to examine the old woman’s hair and scalp. Or, at the end of the examination, hold up the old lady’s outer garment and ask her if they could help her on with it.

                I’m sorry, mkey, but jackbooted thugs just ain’t into that kind of consideration. No way, no how.

                To me, this descriptive inaccuracy is a form yellow journalism that is both sensational and promotional.

                It does not accomplish anything. It’s fractious It’s not even analytical. You can’t be analytical if you’re busy embellishing details to fit your narrative. There’s plenty of details to analyze without resorting to a blatantly misleading and inaccurate embellishment.

                Like I had previously intimated, there’s no need for sensationalism this late in the game. We all know what the TSA is about, as members of this board.

                Do we really need two minutes of hate?

                Unfortunately, it appears some people do.

                Yes, there are bad apples working for the TSA, thuggish goons, from the administration on down. There are also plenty of less than thuggish goons that may not be the brightest apples and have rather poor discretion, but don’t nearly deserve to head up the title of jackbooted thug.
                I mean, give me a break.

                Speaking of which, what would have been so wrong about expressing a little bit of sympathy for people suffering from state sponsored ignorance?

                But, just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot in the yellow description department, for a moment.

                Imagine if someone were being gratuitously disparaging of a group of dirty filthy drug-addled hippy, sexually crazed good-for-nothing, narcissistic hedonists, bent on destroying the time honored fabric of society, who simply happened to be a group of dressed down, young people having fun, dancing, and enjoying themselves, and enjoying a completely carefree moment (or a portion of their youth)? And, further, what if the disparaging remarks make no mention correlating such dissension, rejection and protest against a culture that fuels and engages in the most far-flung and grossest manifestations of malfeasant war mongering, destruction and killing the world has ever known, but, instead, likens all the troubles to young minds who were over-protected, pampered and spoilt as young children, with equal blame for such societal maladjustment attributed to horrible mind altering drugs!

                At any rate, less than ideal analogy aside, the filtering and vilification spewing in this new paradigm above goes much further, yet will be left for another post.

                As far as the TSA, there’s other fish to fry.

                On this board, it’ll probably be me, too.


              • mkey says:

                I’m quite certain not all members of the “special” forces are completely beyond hope, some of them certainly can discern correct from incorrect, moral from immoral but most of them will succumb to the “we” and so such situations will always lead to “us” versus “them.” Also, I would disagree that this is a completely different issue. Both groups are doing their jobs, both groups fail to realize there are living people on the other side, both groups obey their masters.

                Upon consulting the dictionary for “jackbooted” it does appear, according to its definition, a too harsh word was used, at least at first glance. Going back to the veteran situation, who made the choice to have this person in the wheelchair inspected? Was the inspection necessary or warranted? If so, based on what? If I’m pulled out of the line for an “inspection” and someone warns me they are going to stick something up my ass for inspection purposes, would I feel any less violated because of “that kind of consideration”? No, I would not.

                If someone were quite upset over this event due to their empathy and decided to use a possibly too harsh adjective to describe it, I could understand that. Had the whole analysis been about someone’s emotional reaction to an event, I wouldn’t bother with it, but one or two adjectives which could possibly be deemed over the top, I’m fine with that. If I wanted a completely objective analysis, I’d have to wait for a truly objective A.I. primer to come around and start providing some.

                I’m not sure what “two minutes of hate” are you referring to. At one point you talk about not needing sensationalism, then you appear to use the very same tools (just two sentences later) to make your point. “jackbooted” is quite a strong word, but “hate” is definitively stronger. In the whole of Corbett’s work, I haven’t seen two minutes of hate total. On a few occasions he was ticked off, recently he somewhat disparaged against people who subscribe to teachings of that Q guy or whatever he is named, I have no idea what was that about but I consider that a more significant transgression than his application of “jackbooted” adjective in this case. Especially in the light of his explicit public decision to stop using such terms, like “sheeple” or “Corbetteer” as they are everything but constructive. I also see more of a problem in his lack of dedication to build up his appearance on sites alternative to Google, something he appears to be putting off for reasons I really don’t understand. Time investment for posting a video to a few sites shouldn’t be a deterrent in that regard.

                15+ adjectives vs 1 adjective a good analogy does not make.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Candlelight, that “Polite” scenario you described is the worst sort of thuggery. They’ve made dehumanization a matter of professionalism. That requires a far more deranged mind that your average thug. When I was put into the paddy wagon for weed possession (a charge that totally violated the 4th amendment and a charge that the judge took time to explain to me that he had in fact seen that video and agreed 100% that he didn’t give a damn about any such rights as he agreed with the officer. This is why they chain you in court. You can imagine that I might have possibly dominated (with logic, one can intimidate far easier than with a fist. Especially with morally bankrupted fools.)the cop. He felt shame, but that didn’t stop him from arresting me for his day off that he was going to be rewarded with for getting 200 bucks for the city. 100 for each of us. It’s a money wrecking operation.

                But back to my point; I was in the paddy wagon for seven hours with one bathroom break. Had I urinated in the wagon, which I was about to do as I ain’t wetting my pants for nobody, I would have been charged. The thug in charge of the wagon was always polite and professional. Yet, he obviously had no consideration of people. People had been kicking the sides of the walls for a couple of hours yelling for a break, and he politely heard none of it.

                And those few bad apples? I’m an old country boy, and while I never raised apples, I DO know that if you don’t get those bad ones out they’ll rot the rest. Cops not only didn’t get rid them; they made them chiefs. It’s the only organization that can refuse to hire you because you are too smart. There is no accountability for their actions. So, an organization that doesn’t hold their own to any standards, insists on mediocrity in their applicants, and promotes the most corrupt is going to attract decent human beings?

                When I use the word decent, I use it as a percentage of their makeup. Even Stalin had a percentage, but not MacArthur. He’s the only one with not a shred of it. When you take them to task with logic and moral indignation, you can make them realize just how disgusting they’ve allowed themselves to become. It’s their choice from there. And it was their choice for there to be too little for me to activate. And yet again, I do not recommend my particular actions, or attitudes. I don’t care what anyone else does. I’ve taken all the crap I’m gonna take. That’s my fight. JimBob who just don’t understand how people can take all that crap and look at themselves in the mirror. It’ll age you.

                Candlelight, none of my indignation is directed at you, just all thugs.

              • mkey says:

                Fun fact, in my neck of the woods, a street name for the “paddy wagon” is used as a female name and as a street name for weed as well.

                Don’t get me started about abuse of power by these “authorities.” I have never been arrested myself, but I have been on the receiving end of paltry threats issued by various state representatives in position of authority. Like when I was walking down the street with some headphones in my ears. A cop wanted to “legitimize” me, without any justifiable cause of course, and since I didn’t hear him he ran toward me and grabbed me by my arm. When I explained to this person that I didn’t stop because I didn’t hear him because I was listening to music on my ear buds, for which I had a compelling argument in form of pulling the same buds out of my ears as he was forcefully stopping me while I was just walking down the road, minding my own damn business, he just issued a threat in form of “watch it, because I’ll have to take measures the next time.” My question was obviously, what measures and again I explained why I didn’t stop in the first place after which he proceeded to legitimize my existence with this bit of plastic I had on me. Much to his disappointment I didn’t turn out to be a war criminal on the loose, at least not according to my ID and we parted ways.

                From this short encounter it was fairly obvious that this guy was a person of relatively low IQ and very much sub par education. He also depended heavily on may fearful reaction to his uniform decorated with a shiny metallic badge. Failing that, all he has left is his gun and since it would be fairly suspicious if he gunned someone down on the street for merely walking, he basically has nothing.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                In Daytona Beach, I used to watch cops who were hassling somebody so drunk they could barely stand (a street drunk, so they’re pretty lightweight), and yet the cops (who started the conversation) would be so terrified they would have one hand on their gun at all times just in case Mr. Weevil Wobble made a move. Fun fact, one time the Dayton Beach Gestapho Chief Chitwood (plenty of videos of him on youboob talking about how this or that group is a scumbag, or something equally stupid) was at some public function and he had a tasty alcoholic beverage at hand. Which somebody I might have known squirted a bit of visine into it. That cut his speech down a bit! JimBob who almost hit that chief once, but walked away instead as he didn’t feel like getting shot. I was not a beat down homeless person. I simply couldn’t contribute anymore at that time.

              • mkey says:

                From the web I see drinking visine can have various side effects, such as respiratory problems, heart palpitations, blindness or even death, but I presume it was supposed to cause only some severe diarrhea. In which case he should feel very lucky is stopped at that.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yep. They forgot that one. Though I would say they are over-rating the others. Not that they would have superseded the hilarious exit he had to make. That was priceless. JimBob who also notes that even though that chief always talked about the “word on the street” nobody ever showed me that super sophisticated network he was always being told about by people who were actually guilty and were merely sending the cops on wild goose trips.

              • candlelight says:

                mkey, santa,

                I thank you both for very thoughtful posts regarding our TSA goon squad debate.

                All your points are well taken, I must admit.

                And you both make strong arguments regarding “politeness” and “consideration”,though in different ways.

                Yes, it would be a stretch to believe a polite fair warning about getting an unscheduled “proctologist exam” would make it any less of a violation to ones person, no matter how gentile the approach. Good point.

                And santa’s point about polite authoritarian thuggery – I’ve had something like that before, when I was given some truly bad ass legal advice that had I listened would of really made matters worse, but, there he was being all helpful and friendly and knowledgeable with me, and all the while he was hoping I’d listen to him and have it stuck up my ass later – like as in getting fucked by the judge. Son-of-a-bitch.

                mikey, that anecdote about not hearing the officer because of your earphones and him giving you a hard time – it reminds me of when I had just gone for a long swim in the ocean, and I was standing there looking at the waves with my feet still in the water, and I get this tap on the shoulder. When I turned around it was the life guard yelling in my face – “didn’t you hear me calling you to get out of the water!!” “I’m ready to throw you off this beach!” Meanwhile, I start taking my earplugs out of my ears. And I said, no, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.
                Fortunately, he calmed down and stopped being an asshole. Ultimately, he wound up giving me some tips about how to get water out of your ears with alcohol, etc.,etc. He turned out to be a nice guy, unlike your cop who continued to be a prick.
                If you were still wondering about it, the reference of the two minutes of hate is from Orwell’s 1984. It’s a cheap shot, I know. lol.

                But, anyway, mkey and santa, I have followed James for years. It isn’t as though I’ve tuned into him just this last month. He had sent me a number of his dvd’s from Japan like five years ago. In fact, it will be five years next week.
                And… you know what? I have read, or heard him refer to the TSA thugs using that term jackboot a million times – and this may amaze you guys, but, I never thought anything of it. It’s apt. It’s deserved. It’s indicative of the police state matrix that we are rapidly becoming fully enveloped in.
                In other words, gentlemen, I never had a problem with it…. At least, not before now. The problem has literally nothing to do with the concept. Because you, and I, and hopefully most all of the listeners of The Corbett Report are cognitive and understand the concept. Either “Hard” or “soft”, it is a “jackboot” on our collective necks. It is an affront in many ways.

                But, I just don’t know if using the term is the right approach any longer, or using it without qualifiers attached with it – that is, if we are to win friends and influence our neighbors. This is not to mollify the concept, but to attach more literal detail to what the eyes are seeing for those not familiar with the back story.

                Of course, this would require more time and effort. I do not know what you mean by an A.I. primer? Artificial Intelligence primer? I don’t understand.

                Or, come up with another term. I wasn’t aware that “sheeple” and “Corbetteer” was consciously being avoided.

                That’s interesting, what was the reason given for this?

                Whatever the reason, perhaps “jackboot” can be given the “boot” on to this avoid list, too. It’s awfully tired. And that’s probably half the reason I object to it, besides the others I’ve mentioned.

                In any event, I am glad you two didn’t “fry” me like I was expecting. On the contrary, in fact.

                Also, santa, I thank you for that last comment you made. It was nice of you, and to be honest, I took it to heart.


              • mkey says:

                For full disclosure, I wouldn’t say my cop was a prick. I think his intent was to do what he was told (again) and when I didn’t react the way he expected, his conditioning broke down. He simply wasn’t sure what do do anymore, his intelligence, emotional inteligence, experience, character and charisma, all of that failed him. So he probably realized, for a split second, he was being a dick and just wanted to get through it as fast as possible. Your cop appears to have had more of his potential realized.

                Thanks for sharing these stories, they connect us better and show that, while we’re leagues apart, we go through similar problems.

                By A.I. primer I meant something that’s effectively impossible. Even if and when A.I. comes online, I don’t think it will be very objective.

                James on a few occasions during some of his videos stated that terms such as sheeple don’t help the cause and are best avoided. Also, as term Corbetteer was taking hold and even if it was somewhat funny, James in reply to a comment on this site stated he will be retiring the use of the term because it detracts from the message he’s trying to spread. The latter could easilly be searched for so I can link you to that comment, but I won’t be able to link to the videos in question, there are too many to keep track.

                I agree with both of these statements, name calling won’t help one bit. Jackbooted won’t help one bit, either.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Thanks candlelight, though this thread is so convoluted now that I have no idea of what I might have said that was helpful. Thought I’d check it out since it’s so out of the norm for me. As for jackboot; you may be right. It rings more with the WW2 generation. I’m perfectly happy to refer to them with some equally derisive, yet updated for modern consumption!, word. JimBob who can be flexible, though you wouldn’t know it by the way people talk.

              • candlelight says:


                I was thinking about the incidents with your cop and mine with the lifeguard. Both individuals were in a position of authority. Certainly the cop. But, the lifeguard as well (he certainly could have removed me from the beach had he chosen to). But, the difference in attitude and behavior is telling. The cop (peace officer – joke) is specifically trained to take charge through intimidation when engaged. Whereas the lifeguard, as the authority, is trained to save lives, and not trained to intimidate. I wasn’t really being fair saying he was being an asshole. He wasn’t. He was just angry with me for not heeding his directions which were specifically meant to save me from getting into trouble (drowning). When he realized about the earplugs, he immediately chilled, and was personable. And that’s because he wasn’t in my face to intimidate, unlike your officer of the peace.
                By the way, I, too, kind of realize we are leagues apart. Yet, I enjoy the decorum. 🙂

                santa, I’m all for coming up with a more contemporary label, or a label that more accurately describes the contemptuous methodology of the TSA. Come to think of it, part of their methodology may be to purposely employ a diversity of your average Joes and Janes – young, old, in shape, out of shape, some relatively courteous, others not so much. Here in that video we see a relatively young woman, a girl, really, tasked with fully going over an old lady who not only could be her grandmother, but could easily be her great grandmother! ( what psychological damage is this doing to the girl, if any, feeling up a great grandmother?). The mind control may conveniently work both ways.
                In a way, it’s fascistic by stealth. The SSA. Stealthy Stasi Agency.
                It’s worth playing around with – the sky’s the limit on derisiveness!


              • mkey says:

                I misread your situation this morning, who the hell gave the lifeguard the authority to remove you from the beach? And for which reason? Not that cops could have any good authority to do the same, but at least they wear a badge and a uniform, lifeguards are gits in shorts.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yes candlelight, when you first start to do wrong, you always feel a little bad about it. But as you get used to it, all that guilt falls away. Unless something is able to trigger your conscious again. While this way of thinking does not apply to me, I suppose it would be helpful to think of being obnoxious to these thugs as scolding your child if they are doing something wrong. I’m not likely to be all polite and sensitive if they just wrecked the whole house when I had only just walked out to the car to get that last bag of groceries. They need to be reminded that they are wrong. JimBob who don’t do it for that reason, but he flunked sensitivity training anyway.

                Mkey, I think you are in competition to beat me as the more Spooneristic of the two of us!

              • candlelight says:


                I haven’t a clue who may, or may not have given even a stitch of (written, or otherwise) authority to the lifeguard.
                All I know is that if that git in a swim suit (funny) called in the cops and said I wasn’t heeding his instructions and wanted me off the beach, I’ll bet anyone 500 to 1 I’d be escorted off that beach. And, if I gave the guy with the shiny badge enough shit, my card would read go directly to jail, without stopping on, or collecting at go. You know?

            • I Shot Santa says:

              I’m not back-tracking. To be a goon is to have made a choice to be a goon. To be otherwise is also a choice. And how do you treat a goon? with utter contempt. JimBob who doesn’t necessarily advise anyone to follow his advice. But he really don’t care what some goon thinks,other than the goon gets the right message.

              • candlelight says:

                By the way, santa, the last time I was pressed up against a side of a building and felt the muzzle of a police officer’s firearm pressed dead center in the middle of my forehead, I did have my hair grown out, and was sporting a pretty unruly beard.

                Some times your words are ridiculous, and sometimes they ring true.


              • I Shot Santa says:

                It is funny. I was just glancing up to see if I went too far, not that I wouldn’t stand by it mind you, and I saw your comment talking about your last comment! 🙂 JimBob whose entire life takes a different turn every day or so.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Actually I do have some first hand experience. It was with cops. While there are several occasions, the one that stands out best for me wound up costing three officers their job, the chief retired shortly afterwards, and every officer in that community literally got out of my sight as quickly as they could. There was no violence. This was during my homeless days. When I was living behind enemy lines in the country that lied to me about how I was defending freedoms earlier. But I was being rail-roaded because I was the bottom of the barrel. I intimidate them with logic and righteous indignation. It’s dangerous, and I am glad you don’t want to follow it. But it’s how I am. I have an issue with people who are NOT my betters telling me they are. JimBob who ain’t never represented himself as anything other than a redneck. And it’s not just because it’s my roots; it’s a choice.

              • candlelight says:

                Funny, my post above yours was posted before I saw your post above this one. 🙂

                Great minds, right?

  32. Gaslight says:

    Saul Alinski…God…and the final stage

    • candlelight says:


      Is this what you’re into? Propagandistic clap-trap? (good grief!)

      • Gaslight says:

        Awwww…”candlelight” has decided to adopt a phrase; i.e. (good grief!) which I like to use.

        She even puts parentheses around it like I do, and then attaches it to her pejorative nonsense.

        • candlelight says:

          Awwww…”Gaslight” is being gender specific. What a sweet touch.

          One thing I will say you got wrong here, sweetie, my pejorative statement wasn’t nonsense. It was in reference to the squirm-in-the-seat-worthy nonsense you posted.

          Who in hell are those talking heads in the video?

          Actually, as hard as it was to sit through this hodge-podge, there was the payoff near the end, when just as I was about to end the torture, there’s Dick Morris! One of the talking heads! Had to laugh out loud, so, thanks for that, Gaslight. I could not help for the life of me having that image of him flash before me, where he’s naked on all fours, save for the doggy collar, which is attached to the dog leash that his dominatrix is holding in her black lace gloved hand.
          Gee-whiz, I got so caught up with that image, I missed everything he said. Do you remember? Was it significant?

          Anyway, just to make up to you for copycatting you, this quote should inflate that very healthy ego of yours – not that it needs any inflating, but, consider it my offering to you, your hindass:

          “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” ~ Oscar Wilde

          Peace, lady.

  33. Gaslight says:


    The reality of the pot “business’ here in “Tax-achusetts” has hit home for all the starry-eyed smokers/growers who dreamed of their very own head shop, connected to their very own (grow what you like) garden.

    Upon legalization (about a year ago here), a limited amount of licences were issued exclusively to the politically connected via a “lottery” (AKA; a complete scam)

    The emerging pot “industry” is nothing more than an elite co-opt of something they themselves made popular by flooding the country with it (and other drugs) in the 60’s in order to divert youth from the substantive issues, and confuse their minds.

    Pssst, hey you, here’s a dime bag and a copy of “Rules for Radicals”. Go to town.

    This sort of thing is right out of the bolshevik playbook, and it’s happened over, and over again down through history..

    Pot is not a revolutionary “free enterprise” breakthrough. On the contrary. It’s just another power grab.

    Pot (along with pills) will play an integral part in the elite’s soma program for the next generation.

  34. I Shot Santa says:

    Once again, I am off=topic. I’m sure everyone is used to it by now. I just watched the entire Kanye video on Bomard’s Body Language site. She’s been banned by Youboob’s incredibly stupid business model. She runs her site like James does. What! You’re not a subscriber! Shame! :)It may be the best interview I’ve ever seen. He’s a slow starter, but he preached love better than MLK. And he converted people in this interview. It was his slavery is a choice one. I felt inspired. JimBob who never knew anything about Kanye until this interview. But Kanye’s waking up. Wait till he gets the sleep out of his eyes and then you’re gonna see something special.

    • pearl says:

      Thanks to your linking to her last month, I’ve been watching her videos ever since, and saw the Kayne one last week. I too had not known anything of him other than his name, and was totally blown away by his bravery, sincerity and kindness, and, like you, felt inspired. That simply doesn’t happen to me very often. Thanks again, JimBob!

      • I Shot Santa says:

        No problem. She teaches some valuable skills to a world that has forgotten how to communicate. I’m glad you saw that interview. It demanded I shared it. Glad it struck you as well. JimBob who don’t normally like it when videos start telling him what to do, but this one said it was okay this time.

    • mkey says:

      That was one great interview. He might have sparked some interest in that room, but this shows perfectly what an ardous tasks that is. Sad fact of life is that even a great mind has a very low chance to get some free thoughts flowing in the comparatively lesser minds. Getting through all the bullshit is incredibly difficult.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello I Shot Santa,

      Thanks for sharing that video with the body language commentary. It was great to watch and certainly made me see things i did not see previously.

      I learnt many things watching the video, but the three main lessons that relates to the topic i am trying to understand (human nature) is the following:

      – People in general have different mental abilities, and some of those mental blockages are by choice (they choose to be “snowflakes” – it is the easier path that “The Man” pays for).

      – People are generally scared (jealous) from others with differing mental abilities (or the freedom to go to places that are hard to get to), and they will fight them or kill them.

      – people generally will use a catalyst to get to what they perceive is the righteous path, and they will use whatever tools available to them. (ML King used religion – K West wants to use Love)

      Overall, it made me at ease seeing that K West is just another human that is contradicted inside and have many internal fights, but his mental abilities seems to come back and take control. I guess that’s the difference between people with good mental abilities, and “prophets”.

      • pearl says:

        Overall, it made me at ease seeing that K West is just another human that is contradicted inside and have many internal fights, but his mental abilities seems to come back and take control.

        Good summation, VoA.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Wow. I take a morning off and all this. Anyway, I’ll try to keep it short. Thanks for your input VOI. Yes, people will kill for their slavery. Which is really their belief system. That former fan probably hates Kanye now for challenging the bars of his cell. I think Kanye is just beginning a beautiful journey.

        And to Pearl and ManBearPig, yes she does have a lot of bias, and she is open about it. She seems sincerely dedicated to not having us depend on her, but is instead teaching us to make our own interpretations. She’s had a troubled childhood and there were some repercussions. You will especially see it when she does an abuse victim. I think it frustrates her that they just won’t let go of their past. Even though we all know how hard that appears to be sometimes. I’ve always been decent at the larger aspects of body language as it’s essential in success in any endeavor dealing with people, but I had no idea how little I actually knew until I started watching her videos. JimBob who always notes you gotta admit you don’t know everything to learn anything. Unless their’s Jim Beam involved. Then all bets are off.

        • pearl says:

          She’s had a troubled childhood and there were some repercussions. You will especially see it when she does an abuse victim. I think it frustrates her that they just won’t let go of their past. Even though we all know how hard that appears to be sometimes.

          Didn’t know that, but may explain why her “Creepy Joe Biden” from her top 10 list sure seemed spot-on (the first 15 minutes). I’m curious about her Lee Harvey Oswald episode, and plan on parking on that one eventually.

          Thanks for providing some context.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Thanks, glad it helped. You’ll like the Oswald one. It will provide even more context as to why she is so hard on the snowflakes. Oswald’s behavior was actually used as a proper model for how a man acts. And this, while she was saying he was a bit submissive. However, I don’t believe she understood just how intimidated he had reason to be in his situation. And yeah, she was scolding some appointees in that Biden video! I think she’s actually less a Trump fan than she is an enemy of the Dems. She’s also pretty tough on the Reps. On Trump, I think she’s confusing a belief system with character. I don’t think Trump is crazy, in fact I think he’s brilliant. But I don’t think his idea of liberty is compatible with mine. But that’s his problem. And speaking of Trump. I read the first page of that stupid “right to try” bill. After you’ve survived every way to kill you that the medical system has used on you, if your “doctor” says it’s fine; then you can try something that’ll work. my thought is why don’t I just skip all that crap and fix myself from the start like I’ve been doing my whole dang life anyway? JimBob who don’t need nobody’s permission to fix hisself. And who might be grumpy as he’s sore this morning. And still not very extreme with his calisthenics.

    • manbearpig says:

      I have to admit, I watched the Kanye interview and a couple of other Bompard’s Body Language videos (on Logan Paul and Trey Gowdy on Fox News) with some curiosity and to try to give her a fair shake, but in her oozing sarcasm she breaks people down into two categories:

      the good guy

      and the “snowflake/nazi/pussies”

      imprisoned in their “belief systems”.

      Her incessant use of these words, breaking the analysis into black and white, interspersed with such hate-filled inflamatory comments as “please don’t breed” makes it very difficult for me to take her seriously.

      Her angry rhetoric seems to belie her professed alliance with Kanye’s love talk…

      Also, she seems to cherry pick her analyses as, for example, she says nothing at all when at 30 minutes and 29 seconds Kanye folds his arms clearly closed to what “Van” is saying and stays that way until 31 minutes and 50 seconds (including a cut so probably longer). Why did he do that? Was he perhpas “protecting his belief systems”?

      She opens her video with a sarcastic “Mr. Tough Guy”…”I don’t like him ’cause he don’t think right.”

      So not only have we established right off the bat who the good guys and bad guys are, we’re informed that there is “Right thinking” and “Wrong thinking”.

      For someone who appears to champion Kanye’s professed message of love, she certainly seems to hate a lot of people angrily reducing them to single derogatory terms such as those mentioned above.

      O.k., so now I’ve gone and looked at the beginning and later bits of a video of Mandy and “The Maestro” and in it she spells out her fundamental bias that shines through in all of the three videos I watched: She loves Trump. “I started doin’ it for the Trump movement itself, I wanna get Truth out, I believe in his message, I believe in Law…”

      She seems quite honest about her anger and biases

      which I’d just need to take into account should I watch anymore of her body language analyses in an attempt to extract any objective body language truth…

      It’s interesting to compare and constrast words, vocal tone and body language to a person’s oral expression…

      Otherwise, her videos are gratifying from an angrily cathartic point of view as she spits out her disdain for tough guys, anti-Trump rhetoric and fibbers.

      So thanks for that. It was an interesting study of communication and its various components.

      • pearl says:

        No question she’s mainstream ala Trump. Add to that, from what I gathered at one of her posts, she’s got no love for “conspiracy theorists” either. I get that, but I do find the tell insights fascinating, thus my sodium intake soars as well.

        • manbearpig says:

          Yes Pearl, I imagine most everybody has something constructive to offer. Especially if they’re sincere, though as noted by Mandy herself, True Believers can be the most effective unwitting and persuasive propagandists. But even the insincere can be very instructive. Everyone. Just need to stay vigilant to ingenuous manipulation and to the propaganda, fallacies and misconceptions coating a truth.

          • pearl says:

            As far as propaganda goes, I’ve gotten to the place where I can’t watch the news anymore (and up until the election, I was a junkie). “Talk radio” has also fallen by the wayside. I’ve basically rediscovered a local classic 60s/70s music station which puts me in a much better frame of mind as I go from point A to B to C…

            And then there’s this community which is, hands down, the most instrumental to my ever learning and expanding outlook. Case in point, I recently purchased a couple of Anthony Sutton’s books, and…well, I’m just stunned.

            Just need to stay vigilant to ingenous manipulation and to the propaganda, fallacies and misconceptions coating a truth.


            • manbearpig says:


              Now I’m gonna make the meanest deep chocolate cupcakes you’ve never tasted!

              and listen to the live sultry jazz festival playing in a nearby sunny garden!

              (and try hard not to think about the voluminous translation I really should’ve made a huge dent in today…but didn’t even start…8-/ )

              p.s. Watch out for that soaring sodium intake! and I’ll keep an eye on my chaotic blood sugar levels…


              • pearl says:

                Dang that power of suggestion! Now I’m raiding my pantry for cocoa and chocolate chips. Salted chocolate…such bliss!

              • candlelight says:


                Actually, MANBEARPIG!


                I’ve been meaning to tell you since reading your post the other day that I thought it was pretty awesome about your mom having been personal friends with Abby Hoffman.

                The thought crossed my mind that at least in an indirect way, it’s a feather in James’ cap, that together with natural maternal and familial influences, you’re also quite the admirer of James, which to me follows that that constitutes a very excellent and good reflection on James, if you follow what I mean.

                Of course, I just finished calling him out for engaging in what I believe was a bit of yellow journalism on his part, but I did so strictly as constructive criticism, mind you, as I am an admirer of his, too, and true as the earth revolves around the sun, I only meant well.

                But, getting back to Hoffman and also members of the Chicago Seven, it was pretty heady stuff, really on the front lines, lines that I dare say were theirs to creative and innovative! ‘Action!’ was their creed, and the calling card of the Yippie movement. I found their going up against the staid machine by way of circus politics was like cotton candy and ice cream sundae then and even now thinking back on it. And even though they were older than I, as I was just coming of age, it was good food for thought, as well as an inspiration.

                So, at that time, in my early teens I read Jerry Rubin’s “Do It” which to my formative mind was, just that, informative.

                One of Rubin’s points in the book really made a lasting impression which is going back now nearly 50 years; he asked the reader, when people meet each other, what is the first thing people ask of each other?

                They ask “What do you do?”

                His point was, this is how we in this culture codify each other, not by who we are as people in and of ourselves – our spirit, our feelings, etc., but rather we size people up based on how they make a buck, their careers and what their status is on an economic level. It was a truism and an eyeopening lesson in intuition that profoundly resonated and for which I respected him for.
                There are scores of remembrances we can look back and revisit our lives, and this is one of them – I remember being in my room, sitting on my bed turning those pages, and literally feeling the power of his ideas unlocking the world….

                So, mbp, perhaps it ought to be no wonder your powers of intuition are no fluke. I have no doubt you were nurtured in a profoundly elevated and enlightened environment.

                And by all means, you needn’t deny nor confirm. 🙂

                More power to you, your mom, family and friends!


              • manbearpig says:

                Mr Corbett was expressing a natural profound revulsion to the kind of degrading treatment of a very elderly woman that our society, in a nauseating way, finds not only normal but necessary.

                By “jack-booted thugs” I don’t Believe Mr Corbett was literally referring only to the actual TSA agents themselves

                but to the latent violence of extreme proportions that underlies the American state.

                Though being felt up by a TSA agent cannot compare to the kind of traumatizing physical violation, for example, some protesters at the anti-gloablist G20 demonstrations were subjected to by police (in a cold abandoned warehouse as I vaguely recall)

                the incessant, massive-scale and ritualized “soft” dehumanization, x-ray spray and display of jack-booted power serves as a sinister reminder of the cold murderous inhuman jack-booted thug-held power that runs, profits from and oversees the TSA system…

                but God’s dead and of course in the age of “Selfish-ledgers” life itself is a sort of Milgrim experiment

                but I really do have to get to this translation…

              • candlelight says:


                Just saw this post.

                I haven’t touched it yet, but I wanted to tell you from reading these links it’s going to be pretty cool.

                I woke up this morning still conscious with a very vivid dream of experiencing along with family members, the start of a nuclear war and its aftermath. It wasn’t only a single blast, but there were many multiple nuclear explosions each smaller than at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, yet, in the dream it was known this attack hit the entire country which in the dream seemed similar to England.
                It was a dream that felt very life-like, and real. Survivors such as I, in the aftermath which seemed to be several years later, were very broken, scarred, ill, weakened and/or bedridden, still separated from loved ones.

                It was very real, nightmarish, and plausible.

                Immediately after rising with the dream still resonating and nearly shuttering from such a possible reality, for some reason, at that moment, it was you I thought to tell it to.
                And, except for every other Corbett reader in the world, you’re the only one I have.

                Thanks for the links – I think I’m going to enjoy them.

                Oh, and you got me thinking about God. Dead. Not dead.

                I’ll leave that for now. But, I’ll share with you a poem I wrote when I was 14 with its original grammer. It’s quite apropos to this morning’s nightmare (though, PS: I’m generally not this morbid :-))

                End of Us

                the bomb blows billowing blasts
                burning burning babies in mother’s arms
                death like flash turns inside out forward
                past your eyes as complications arguments
                flash by in nothingness the machine lives
                while who really looks on? The Creation is dead

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Candlelight, loved the poem. But, always remember every machine has an on/off switch somewhere. 3rd eye seems as good a place as any to look for it. JimBob who ain’t got no third eye hisself, though he thinks it would really freak out the neighbors if he did have one.

              • candlelight says:

                I think I may have lied, mbp, I may have been closer 15 or 16. 🙂

              • candlelight says:

                LOL santa

              • candlelight says:

                what if you do, santa, and just don’t know it? 🙂

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Well, that would explain a lot of the strange looks I get! JimBob who always thought that had something to do with the Joker scars on his face instead.

              • candlelight says:

                This afternoon I engaged myself with some thoughts about your style of approach to the folks who inhabit and inhibit down by the air portals, and was thinking what my approach might be to give ’em an education.
                I haven’t tried this, but one time I almost did:

                My idea is this: Instead of ramping up the tension by opposing them as you would any goon-ish clown who got in your face on the street – an opposition for which they’re most likely on the lookout for, and for which they would love to bust you; how about this – a completely passive, non-aggressive verbal approach explaining with a smile their ignorance about 9/11 being an inside job, and how completely farcical their artificial job is, and how was it was more or less manufactured by neocon elites to cleverly kill two birds – to legitimize their false flag and stigmatize all at the same time.
                The idea is to engage them, float these ideas like it was second nature; and engage them with whatever bullshit they’re going to hit you with, but, being very careful to keep it smiley, friendly, and be readily prepared with answers to questions and retorts you think they’ll have based upon the conversation that you’re controlling, not them.

                As many as get involved in the “discussion”, so be it.

                The idea is to keep it cerebral, friendly and literally thought provoking for them….without getting put in a straight jacket and locked up. :-0


              • I Shot Santa says:

                While you are being nice to them, they are raping your liberties. In the non-aggression policy, one is able to defend themselves. You are not dealing with just another person; you are dealing with someone who is sexually assaulting you. I’ve never been to prison, but I’m pretty sure that my tactic won’t be to chat up the guy wanting to make me his property. JimBob who ain’t even that nice to people being nice to him, much less running their hands over him like they thought he was special.

              • candlelight says:

                Well, the thing is, I want to get on that airplane, or else I wouldn’t be there. So, in essence, the reality is, they’ve got you by the balls figuratively and literally, right from the start…by the way, normally I want to get through there as quickly as possible, so not feeling like wasting my time I opt to be scanned. But, it’s actually the more horrific of the options with regard to submission, violation, and humiliation – accepting to be bombarded with radiation, standing there like a fucking fool, with your bare or stocking feet on the yellow foot decals with your arms raised in full surrender position, knowing that the violation and violence to your body on the cellular level is like rape and molestation by microwave.

                With the grope option, at least you’re not getting the radiation. And, maybe it’s just me, but, I’m like knock yourself out, dude. Plus that’s a great place to start in with 9/11. Perhaps, you don’t need to be friendly. Matter-of-fact will do. If you get him to realize he’s been conned, or to at least plant a question in his head – which is about all you can really expect – I’d still say you done good.

                I’m just afraid becoming overtly belligerent, or oppositional may only prove to feed the self-righteous beast, and be used by them as a justification for their modus operandi.

                But, maybe that’s not what you’re saying? Maybe what you’re saying is that it’s best to be no more than passive-aggressive, and uncooperative as to create an annoyance to the point that they may question what they’re doing in light of your indignation. And, correct me if I’m wrong, if done to them enough times, they’ll come to the realization that they’re the ones with the problem, like being on the wrong side of history?

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Candlelight, all I have to say is that you are saying “give me convenience (I really want to get on that flight) or give me death (of my liberties). I remember a line out of a book called “Cracker Culture” which I read in college. It stated that one of the reasons people are so polite in the south is because if you weren’t you might just get shot or cut. When you submit, without anything other than a cheerful hi to the goon raping you, you are willingly giving up your liberties for the sake of convenience. I would even say the convenience of dreading confrontation. Remember, most people aren’t interested in bettering themselves. Those people are born for government. JimBob who just thinks if everybody would grow a spine, the world would just free itself.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                JimBob says:
                Remember, most people aren’t interested in bettering themselves. Those people are born for government.

              • pearl says:

                I’m adding to HRS’s selection. Seriously, the entirely of JB’s last comment was profound. But this gets to the heart:

                “When you submit, without anything other than a cheerful hi to the goon raping you, you are willingly giving up your liberties for the sake of convenience. I would even say the convenience of dreading confrontation.”

                This really has been a good discussion between Candlelight, JimBob and MKey.

                ManBearPig, you’ve left an exhaustive list of links about someone I know nothing of but look forward to discovering.

                Lastly, my sincere thanks goes to Candlelight for starting so many interesting threads.

              • candlelight says:

                Ah, Eldridge. When I think of Eldridge I think of “Soul on Ice”. I’ll admit to purchasing his book many, many moons ago, while sheepishly admitting I barely read it – lacking the concentration, I mostly flipped through its pages like a deck of cards….what it was, was its title, which I still love. 🙂

                “For The Hell Of It:…” I feel as if I must have read b/c its so familiar to me, putting me into a state of warm nostalgia. Reading its passages now, makes me realize the extent to which we’ve died… Succumbed and packaged to the slave market of the algorithm, unchained, crushed Beneath The Wheel* of the 21st Century.

                I believe you maybe lining up my summer reading for me, there mbp.

                I think Livingston’s Transhumanism: A History Of A Dangerous Idea will do very well as a start. And, as an extremely slow reader, it should see me through, with no exaggeration, to Labor Day. I just first have to finish up reading Michael Chabon’s “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union”, whose power of descriptive narrative is how shall I put it – I don’t expect to read more than a page or two without having anywhere from a pleasurable chuckle to a good laugh.

                Thank you for these links, though I should report that the outube links seem impossible to link to. It’s unfortunate, but, I haven’t been successful.

                If there’s any remedy you could suggest, please do, as I would like to see the reference about knowing love and understanding. 🙂

                PS: *H. Hesse

              • pearl says:

                Candlelight, mbp left off the first letter of certain links, such as youtube and, previously, wikipedia (I’m guessing to escape moderation?). Just add that “y” in the address bar and it’ll load.

              • candlelight says:


                Different methods

                different Ideology

                Same goals

                same Team

                Cheers 4now!

              • candlelight says:

                Thank you, Pearl.

                You know, your girl there’s got some very interesting/intriguing surprises up her sleeve! 🙂

                Enjoy the links she’s provided!


              • I Shot Santa says:

                Candlelight, we may have the same goals, but your technique is the one they want you to take. Putting people at ease while they are committing crimes against your person isn’t really fighting. What you do is yours to do, but just admit it’s not resisting. It’s doing what they want you to do. Which is to submit. JimBob who don’t go through at all, since he don’t even have a state ID and also because he is the type of person they set those things up for. Besides, you can hop a flight anywhere if you have friends who are pilots.

              • candlelight says:


                Thank you, again. And here I was thinking, hmm, outube? that one’s different. Never heard of it. But, every time I tried it, firefox popped up saying I’ve been selected to participate in a survey of some sort, which had the effect of firing up a fair modicum of govt conspiracy nodules. 🙂
                I must be dyslectic, old, or just plain dumb.

                Be good, and thank you, again, again.

              • candlelight says:


                Putting aside for a moment questions on how to handle the TSA, I see you’ve been called a narcissistic, lazy ass baby boomer!
                Well, if that isn’t correct, I don’t know what is! It’s the people like you who’ve led this country down the garden path, man. You know the way this government is totally screwed up, today? Well, it’s your fault, boomer!
                It’s been going down for a long time, and you and your narcissism let that happen….

                What? You don’t believe me? Okay. For starters, where were you when the CIA killed President Kennedy, huh? Hell, you were going on 4 years old, you weren’t in diapers anymore, you were old enough to have saluted along side John John when his dad’s casket went by. And old enough to have said at least one word about the cover-up of the assassination. But, no, you were silent. You let the Warren Commission pull the wool over the country’s eyes. Thank you very much, santa. The country’s been going down ever since.

                Let’s fast forward for a moment. GMOs. When did all that start? Through wont of your lazy and narcissistic ways you’ve let a culture of revolving doors between government and favored corporations absolutely flourish, wherein a company such as Monsanto is allowed to steamroll all of its products onto the public with massive profits ensuing for both lobbyist targeted elected leaders and corporate heads – in through the out door! And, don’t forget, way back then, you were there to stop it!

                No, you say? Oh, yeah? Nonsense. You had your lazy head in a sandbox while the military decimated and poisoned the Vietnamese countryside with Monsanto’s lovely proprietary product, Agent Orange. A cozy little relationship back in the baby boomer years, correct? One that you let continue! What were you doing back in 1965, anyway? Playing cowboys and Indians? I bet. Shame on you!

                I can go on and on directly correlating the ingrained depth of today’s culture of government malfeasance with that of it’s past, but this sampling ought to be enough to let any thinking person see that you could have done something about it. After all, you were there to put a halt to it, weren’t you? But, instead, you let it get worse by being lazy and narcissistic…. And, at the very least, you should and could have turned it all around by electing to vote! Er, when you were finally old enough to vote, that is. That’s when you could have made it all better. You could have been helping to get honest officials elected, for once, ones who keep their campaign promises, and ones who don’t ultimately cow-tow to some sort of conspiratorial shadow government, right?

                Oh, but ,no. You’re too good for the system, aren’t you? Instead, you’ve opted to exercise your personal whim of not legitimizing what is in your narcissistic summation a farcical, corrupt and fallacious system of government. A government of legislators chosen from either column A or column B, that have, and will, in the final analysis, significantly and corruptly bow solely to moneyed interests, not voters.

                But, what on heaven’s earth gave you that idea?

                And, what if everybody was like you? What if not a single solitary vote was tallied in any election? An odd question.

                But, much more effective than the voting booth the government wants to put you in, with its column A and Column B, is the voting booth that is your pocketbook and wallet, and that collectively constitutes a moneyed interest, because the moneyed interests’ money is the money you give them, and companies don’t like not getting your money, because, simply stated, its in their very necessary and sole interest to do so.

                Deny them, and you’ll have them. And corrupted politicians be damned, for once.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I quit reading that after the second paragraph. Look, I don’t care what you do; I’m fighting my fight. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re “resisting” the shadows that cower when you’re just doing exactly what they want you to do. Which is submit. It’s your liberty. My thoughts are that if it doesn’t mean that much to you, why should it matter to me? JimBob who don’t pretend to be nothing other than a redneck.

              • pearl says:

                “…which had the effect of firing up a fair modicum of govt conspiracy nodules. 🙂”

                How could it not? I totally identify with that suspicion! 😉

              • pearl says:

                JimBob, if you had read past the 2nd paragraph, you’d have realized that Candlelight’s rant against you was entirely tongue-in-cheek. Though I have to admit, until I kept reading, I was thinking, “WTF?” Give it a chance!

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Pearl, I just skimmed over it and I don’t think so. While it’s none of my business as to why someone would submit to the TSA goons, I think he’s still trying to rationalize his. Personally, I think if you’re in a situation, it’s helpful to know where you really are as your liable to lose if you don’t. JimBob who seems to be on a roll with triggering people lately. Though he seems to be pretty nonchalant about all of it.

              • pearl says:

                Well, hell, what does that say about me? Dumb as rocks I guess, ’cause I still don’t see it. Fortunate for me if I was the one being slighted though, since I wouldn’t have noticed a thing and gone my merry little way.

                “JimBob who seems to be on a roll with triggering people lately. Though he seems to be pretty nonchalant about all of it.”

                I’ve seen way worse. You have a friendly, humorous way of making people think. I think you’re good folk.

              • mkey says:

                His post is very satirical.

              • pearl says:

                (whew) Glad you see it too, Mkey. There’s hope for me yet.

              • candlelight says:


                What do you mean you skimmed over it and you don’t think Pearl is correct? She is one hundred percent correct. Put your glasses on, man. lol

                This is funny, because I anticipated that if the Corbett member who referred to you as a deluded narcissistic lazy ass baby boomer, was not understanding the message I was attempting to convey vis-à-vis my over the top sarcasm, they would have come down on me like a ton of bricks. So, maybe they understood my point, or maybe they haven’t seen my post, or maybe they simply don’t care to comment.

                But, I didn’t expect that your eyes were going to glaze over completely, immediately upon reading my very first line of sarcasm and for which the whole of my post was aimed at refuting entirely the premise by which the Corbett member felt compelled to throw that disparaging, baseless remark at you.

                Please read it, again. Please don’t skim it. Think of it like something you might read in the Onion, is the closest I can think of. I was trying to make a point to this Corbett member, of the ludicrousness nature of his charge against you as politely as I could.

                Most importantly, please realize I was having your back, not stabbing it, for Christ’s sake.


              • mkey says:

                I assure you, there is no victory to be had here. I don’t even mind people voting, I know I can’t change their minds about it, so I don’t even try. In the end, who am I to burst their bubble?

                Voting is not even the main issue here, a lot of people don’t vote, but they are simply disinterested in voting, it’s always been like that. Refusing to understand implications of voting is a wholly different matter.

              • candlelight says:


                Where is “here”? That is, the place where victory is not to be had.

                If you’re referring to “here” being the realm of online posting on The Corbett Report (or any other website), I certainly wouldn’t be able to argue very well against such a statement.

                By the way, for the very first time in my adult life, for this past election cycle, I didn’t step into the voting booth to elect a president.

                I’m very happy I didn’t.

              • mkey says:

                By “here” I meant this “confrontation” with Duck.

                Welcome to the realm of non voters, whom do not vote due to moral obligations. I haven’t voted in parliamentary elections a few cycles now, we had some extra voting caused by immense politicians’ unpopularity so there was reselection which failed to break the tie. The country was governmentless for about a year, but nobody noticed that the country itself didn’t implode due to that fact. It magically kept going on as if nothing had happened. A miracle, I tells ya.

                I hadn’t voted in the past presidential either, which is a farce either way you spin it. I would prefer to have a president who isn’t a complete fool and can speak at least two worldly languages, but I ask for too much. Semi educated non fools have too much self respect to run for president.

                I did vote in the local elections because the “opposition” was terrible and they openly plan to work against the best interest of (much of) the community. I can’t begin to understand how could anyone be so stupid to vote for them, but I guess people can get very resentful. A divide and conquer approach has been invoked successfully, of course. We have only a couple of thousands of votes here locally, so a few votes can indeed make a difference, but truth be told it’s still voting for a less terrible option. The terrible option being the regionally dominant goon party deeply rooted in everything, nothing can touch these guys.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Candlelight, Okay. I didn’t read the comment where someone called me all that. There are a couple here whose comments I just delete. As I’m sure some do the same with mine. So I thought you were saying that one. Plus, I might be a bit touchy. Took yesterday off for the real world and now there’s ten million comments from this site in my email. That’s a good thing. JimBob who now has something to do before he eats lunch.

              • candlelight says:

                Glad to see you know what I was driving at.

                Have a good one.

            • candlelight says:

              Your confrontation with Duck was/is rather heated, and truly unnecessarily so.
              First, I do want to say that I believe Duck means well, that is, his staunch stance with regard to voting is, in part, due to his strong belief that the act of not voting equates to apathy, laziness, or “giving up”, or any other negative connotation he may dream up. (I shall try not to get sarcastic). He is an idealist when it comes to fighting for what’s right, which is a great and worthy ideal, to say the least. But, the act of voting in and of itself is not necessarily fighting for what’s right by any means, whatsoever. For instance, voting for the lesser of two evils, which seems to be most commonly perceived among voters these days, is simply not fighting for what’s right. It is merely an acquiescence, and a “giving up”, in its own right. And, having been mentioned in other posts, essentially gives legitimacy to the illegitimate. It feeds the system, the matrix.

              Legitimate protest on the other hand, does equate with fighting for what’s right. Writing to your elected officials ( possibly containing therein, quite ironically, a threat of withholding ones vote), marching in the street, joining in a boycott, or, if there was a military draft (though authoritative power is now either reluctant, worried, or too clever to impose one, indeed, thanks directly to the massive protest movements of the 60’s and early 70’s by none other than that most recently and inexplicably maligned baby boomer -it’s all their fault – generation), dodging same, are all good measures of fighting for what’s right. Voting another potential bum into office? Not so much. Certainly, it is in my soon to be potentially humbled opinion, not worthy arguing for as strenuously as our friend, Duck.

              Though, there is one argument for voting I’m more than willing to concede, and that is, if you are championing a candidate/s that are truly incorruptible, and are looking to right the wrongs, then yes, go for it. But, like I believe you mentioned, they’d have to be watched like a hawk that they are in reality doing the right thing, and hopefully without drawing any beads of any and all kinds.

              Anyway, besides the few basic protest tactics mentioned above, there’s many various ideas Corbett has expounded through the years based on empowering the individual and community, while at the same time disengaging from and stepping out of the matrix in one way or another, thus weakening it….Stepping out, not voting in.

              • mkey says:

                It was an unnecessarily heated exchange to extent I could have stayed out of it. Otherwise, the way it went, there was only route to be taken and we took it.

                What bugged me about Duck is that subscriber leaves an impression of a well read individual while having large gaps in reasoning and a strong tendency to misread what I wrote. I think my style of expression is very simple and to misread it one has to either have problems understanding English or wants to perform convoluted mental exercises as to fit what I write into a preconceived narrative. I don’t take that personally, but it’s disheartening to be treated like than when giving your best to make a point.

                Even if you could champion someone in a parliamentary election, that person would be alone and would need to work inside the matrix. Same people would still hold all the keys. I’m not saying that in such a dreamy situation one couldn’t change things at least a bit for the better, but core problems would still go unaddressed. I won’t waste any more time discrediting voting and signing of pertitions.

                I personally don’t hold protest in such a high regard as maybe you do, but as long as it’s public and well publicized, it can garner a lot of attention. The problem with it in this day and age (don’t know how it used to be) is that thanks to field agents protests can be easilly misderected abd even turned around completely. I.e. a peaceful crowd can be spun as a violent one. Have some agents toss a few rocks and boom – there you go, enemies of the people and domestic terrorists.
                This is where what’s really important comes to light – reporting and education.

              • candlelight says:

                Good point about government subversion with regard to provocateurs turning a peaceful protest into something ugly. Some instances have been extensively documented. For instance, a documentary of the street action at the G20 up in Toronto a few years back caught much of the police tactics on tape. Quite the cautionary tale. Could the documentary have been purposely designed (by whomever) as a message to discourage dissent, rather than the exposé that it seemed to be? In retrospect, it wouldn’t surprise me.

                Nothing would surprise me these days.

                You see and read and hear a lot of crap these days, with sheer numbers of talking heads and pundits abounding – someone writes a column, a book, or produces a video, and it can be taken as gospel, though whether or not it makes a hill of beans worth of any real kind of sense, common, or otherwise, may be another story altogether.

  35. Gaslight says:

    The wonderful, soft-spoken Allan Watt:

  36. Gaslight says:

    This Kayne excerpt is verbatim:

    “…then my boy…and I always ask my boy…ahhh…you know to gi’ me some weed blah blah blah, so he had to go get me the opiods…”

    Here’s the rest of Kayne’s unintelligible rant which a couple of Corbetter’s (I’ll spare everyone Bombard’s equally insane analysis) found “inspiring”.

  37. Gaslight says:

    Mr. Corbett’s got to ask himself why he holds certain comments/links in limbo as they await “moderation”. i.e; the link to Kayne West’s TMZ rant.

    One thing is for sure.

    If we’re going to sit here, strait-faced, and call Bombard anything short of a pseudo-kinesics lunatic…well then…the Corbett flock clearly has a long way to go, and a short time to get there.

  38. manbearpig says:

    you’ll have to add a “B” to the beginning of the first link and a “Y” to the second.

    The second video is interesting if anyone wants to apply Mandy’s body language readings on Mandy herself or to get a better idea of where she’s coming from.

    • manbearpig says:

      Looking at Kanye’s cap reminds me that a student of mine wore a t-shirt last week that I found hilarious that read (maybe you’ve already seen it):


      …hadn’t expected to see that sort of politically incorrect phrase plastered across a Frenchie… so got a good startled laugh out of it…


      • I Shot Santa says:

        That is funny! Of course, his devious french mind was probably thinking that (with the current craziness in the UK right now on speech laws) he could get rid of two annoying cultures with horrid foods in one easy shot! JimBob who does agree they have a point about the food. Except for ham. They’re dead wrong there.

        • manbearpig says:

          yea, pigs yield some pretty tasty recipes from “caillette” to “saucisson”, from ham to sausages and paté and other more exotic delicacies made from various extremities…

          menbearpigs however, are known for their repugnant taste, offensive odor and extremely vicious temperament…

          • I Shot Santa says:

            If I even knew what those dishes were, I would doubtless agree with you on them. Of course, I’ve been told I’m a pretty bitter pill by some. JimBob who thinks it must have something to do with the water.

            • manbearpig says:

              definately the water…along with the metabolized THC and Jim Beam? The French never allow their livestock to smoke anything at all. They do the smoking for the animal post-mortem…

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Oh, I have assisted many an autopsy just like that! There is a whole class of redneck here that seeks to find the most unlikely items to turn into smokers. It’s a southern thing. JimBob who knows explaining southerners always gets him that odd look that lets him know it’s not getting through.

              • manbearpig says:


                somethin’ to do with all that roadkill I guess. Pretty pragmatic if you ask me.

                appearences can be deceivin’ you know. it’s just all the kinky facial fur that makes me Look so confused…but it’s all crystal clear to me… yessiree Jimbob…

                nevertheless, I guess I’d better hit the hay now…

                before some enterprising southerner smokes it…

                so see ya ’round the campus as really cool people say!

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Enjoy the sleep. And don’t forget to continue to ignore those translations. If they really wanted to be translated, they would have done it themselves. Stop enabling them! JimBob who would have never made it in academia.

              • manbearpig says:

                not that it matters particularly, but, uh, though, I have students and do translations, among other things, I’m definately not in academia. Martha and George cured me of any such délusions very early on. I possess neither the rigour, nor method, ambition nor social skills necessary for such a livlihood. Can’t focus on a single subject long enough to specialize… I am, however, a fairly common breed of expatriated “hamster of all trades” with an expensive but mediocre penchant for sipping cocktails on sunny beaches…just to clarify…

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Glad to hear that you didn’t get stuck in that Ivy League Machiavellian snake pit! Even though I had already stated that I wasn’t going to be a professor, my fellow students (small college, so small clic of grad students) who did want to be one would always try and practice their political scrambling against me. I always found that amusing how you’re most likely to be attacked whenever you have nothing to do with whatever is going on at the moment.

                I had problems with that whole knowing more and more about less and less approach as well. I wanted to know more and more about more and more instead. But, it was still a good start towards learning how to learn. JimBob who is still learning how to learn even though he graduated in 1997. You’d think he would have figured it out by now, but he’s such a slacker.

  39. Gaslight says:

    This Kayne (TMZ) excerpt is verbatim:

    “…then my boy…and I always ask my boy…ahhh…you know to (unintelligible) gi’ me some weed blah blah blah, so he had to go give me the opioids…”

    Meanwhile… Bombard continually freezes the action, praises Kayne, and proceeds to tell us he’s surrounded by “Nazis”, and “Snowflakes”

    Let’s all spell it out together now sticky bud smokers.

    She’s a LUNATIC.

  40. I Shot Santa says:

    Just to rub it in on how important weed is to undermining the shadows that rule your mind (and mind only):

    Remember, there is a reason Jack Herer named his book “The Emperor wears no clothes”. JimBob who likes to just randomly through a little substance back at those who just throw wild accusations at him.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Oh yeah, just in case any of you use anti-biotics instead of garlic, and a host of groceries instead. I present you with a new warning from your pharmaceutical industry. Remember, it’s only a 76% increase in cardiac arrest; so quit your whining and double down on your dosage! JimBob who says that garlic or niacin will cure MRSA. Though he’s not state authorized to state so, it worked for him. JimBob who ain’t state authorized to say anything, but why the heck would anyone want to be authorized before they speak? I mean, why can’t I just authorize myself like I’ve always done?

      Oops! Forgot the link:

    • Gaslight says:

      Mr. Corbett does an excellent job here with the contrived drug culture, which is now being externalized as “legitimate” business.

      Increasingly more powerful strains of pot and it’s edible concentrates are now being folded into the pharmaceutical soma program.

      Are the (already messed up) minds of today’s youth somehow going to benefit from it’s widespread use?

      State by State, the licensing is issued exclusively to the politically connected, under the tightest government hand we could see.

      So what’s changed Mr. Corbett? How is it suddenly appropriate for you to promote (each New World Next Week) what you warn us about here? Is marijuana somehow outside to government’s soma fold?

      I don’t see how if folks have an honest look at who’s purveying it…as you do right here James.

      Corbett Report # 672: The (completely engineered) drug Culture

  41. Gaslight says:

    (It seems the site has got me “awaiting moderation” again, so I’ll go ahead and re-post without the link. You’re all capable of locating Corbett Report episode #672)

    Mr. Corbett does an excellent job here with the contrived drug culture, which is now being externalized as “legitimate” business.

    Increasingly more powerful strains of pot and it’s edible concentrates are now being folded into the pharmaceutical soma program.

    Are the (already messed up) minds of today’s youth somehow going to benefit from it’s widespread use?

    State by State, the licensing is issued exclusively to the politically connected, under the tightest government hand we could see.

    So what’s changed Mr. Corbett? How is it suddenly appropriate for you to promote (each New World Next Week) what you warn us about here? Is marijuana somehow outside to government’s soma fold?

    I don’t see how if folks have an honest look at who’s purveying it…as you do right here James.

    Corbett Report # 672: The (completely engineered) drug culture

    • mik says:

      You should be moderated (read deleted) completely, in my opinion, because of trolling.
      *(unfortunately commentaries had been transformed to trolls playground (probably most of them on government payroll))*

      How many comments have you wrote here that expresses almost the same concerns?
      Is there something terribly wrong with your attention span?
      Are you senile?

      Your concerns are not baseless. James has talked about them before, but you probably don’t know since you are newbie. But nevertheless, you have no problem accusing James for Promoting weed….Far far away form truth.

      If you had seen most NWNW during last years, you would probably be able to conclude that weed stories most probably doesn’t come from JC, but from JEP.

      NWNW is collaboration project and JC gives breathing room to JEP.
      They don’t agree on everything. They don’t have a need to push ones opinion on the other (like you do).

      And I’m quite sure he would never delete you.

      • Gaslight says:

        You wouldn’t know a troll if bit you in the ass, and you certainly have no concept of promotion by association.

        There are plenty of people here on the board who believe the “James gang” do not promote pot in tandem via New World Next Week.

        Go solicit them for sympathy, and don’t come to me anymore with your pejorative drivel.

        • mik says:


          I certainly haven’t been polite, but you don’t deserve it.

          Maybe you think calling you troll is pejorative?
          Let me analyze your trollness.

          47 out of 240 comments are yours up to now.
          Almost 20%!!!! And more if “partners” are included. Probably this tactic is called flooding.
          Everyone can check what you have written and particularly how.
          A lot of your commentaries were about weed with baseless accusations of JC also.
          Your activities represent trolling. Maybe it’s for money, maybe out of boredom, maybe it’s unconsciousness.

          Check who is who in NWNW

          “…concept of promotion by association.”

          Actually you are saying guilty-by-association. This is logical fallacy.

  42. UKJC says:

    It would be great to see James on #Unity4J – Assuming you are all watching –

  43. wall says:

    This article shows at least 2 instances where David Hogg committed fraud. In one instance he admitted was at home and had to ride down to the school on his bicycle to get video of the event.

    In the second it’s shown that he recorded the video at 9:32am when the shooting happened at about 2pm. I don’t know how legit this site is, but the article points out some interesting and provable fraud that Hogg has committed.

    In these two you can see that there were more shots fired even after Cruz started blending in with other students to leave the building. This would have been the point at which, had he been the shooter, he would have already ditched the gun, so he couldn’t have fired anymore shots at this point. This basically proves that he was not the shooter since we all know there was only 1 shooter. No one can challenge that there was only 1 shooter since that’s the official narrative.

    “Is Nikolas Cruz innocent?”

    “Senior From Parkland, Florida High School Claims She Was With Nikolas Cruz During Tragic Shooting”

    In this video Cruz is called the nicest person.

    “‘He was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life’”

  44. Fawlty Towers says:

    So instead of just letting the digital license plate story die of its own volition, no the CBC decides to give it a life of its own by arranging an interview with the CEO of the company!

    When you feed him an open-ended question like “Why do we need these license plates?” you know you have given him free rein from the get-go to broadcast his public ad and say anything he wants.

    So that got me thinking. OK we have smart phones, smart meters, smart TV’s, smart dishwashers, smart homes, smart cars, $700 smart license plates + a monthly fee, etc. etc.

    Anyone care to tell me where I can find a smart wife?

  45. I Shot Santa says:

    Completely off topic again; but I found this video on why science proves that today’s music is terrible. A lot of interesting stuff for music nerds. Or maybe ya already knew this. JimBob who can’t believe how little he knows anyway.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      No kidding! “Music” has become so degraded, just hyped trash.

      In my youth, folks often intensely studied and practiced music, desperately trying to get into the 4 o’clock Lab Band at the University of North Texas.
      The 60’s and early 70’s are my favorites.
      The diversity of style is immense, the creativity of flavors superb.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I would like to add that I don’t agree with his assessment though. Music won’t be destroyed forever; only the culture that stifles it’s creative impulses will be destroyed. But music will survive. JimBob who thinks creativity and freedom are natural states of being. And so he sticks with them.

    • Octium says:

      I disagree with his conclusion that the music industry is they way it is because of risk mitigation and the signing up new artists…makes no sense at all, if you can condition people to like horrible music using repetition then you can also condition people to like brilliant music through repetition.

      My theory is that the music industry is putting people through the musical equivalent of George Orwell’s new-speak.

      If you can dumb down a population by reducing their vocabulary, then you can dumb down the population by reducing the variety and subtlety in music.

      With good artists I can see pictures in my head while I am listening, that is true even when the songs are instrumentals and make no suggestions using lyrics.

      With the compressed rubbish that is pumped out everywhere I go, I see nothing at all…it is a total blank.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        So a further dumbing down of their creativity? I guess it’s a clean up operation to get the last few functioning brain cells after school. JimBob who always thought his teachers were a bunch of dumbasses. And that Weird Al should have won some kind of award.

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