Interview 1353 - Dr. William Pepper on the Assassination of Martin Luther King

04/06/201838 Comments

An interview with Dr. William F. Pepper, Esq., on his four decade long investigation into the assassination of the Martin Luther King, Jr., and his third book on the subject, The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. This interview was conducted by Dan Dicks of on March 10, 2018, in New York.

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Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King

The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. I Shot Santa says:

    That whole spitting thing bothers me. That slurping sound is what authority really sounds like. JimBob who don’t have any problems with real authority figures; just those that tell him they are his authority figures without giving me no good reason to care what they think. I always like hearing from Dr. Pepper, good people don’t stand by when evil tries to steal their neighbor’s grill. And he’s good people.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I don’t agree with his opinion that it is corporate that is the problem. It is the state which creates the opportunities that insist on a corrupt corporate environment. A corporation is merely a word. The state made it nasty. I think he still believes that the republic just needs fixing. I say let it rot. But that’s just me. JimBob

      • ddude says:

        I think that the state, corporations and NGO’s are all part of the same problem. My perspective is that it’s really all about money and power.

        Corporate lobbyists and NGO’s ride the backs of selected state representatives to keep them toeing the corporate/banker/Zionist/pro-war line – which the representatives, in large part, obviously do. It’s almost like it’s one big cancerous multi-faceted entity that basically runs the whole show. Not a lot of actual separation to be had there.

        • john.o says:

          Agree, ddude. The isolation of “state” or government” as THE wicked entity, without which, people will not enslave or use each other by force of violence is a dangerous illusion imo.

          SantaCide has a point, of course. The left demonizes “corporations” and those too are not the source of all slavery and abuse.

          History seems fairly clear on this. The “state” as a concept is only a few hundred years old. The “res publica” is the closest thing before that to our modern concept. All of what we call “government” before that was either (in its best form) reasonably benevolent hierarchies within tribes, or “families” or, in some cases, like say the Picts, something like what we would call “gangs.”

          In its worst form, it was just plunder and enslavement by powerful armed forces.

          “Hierarchy” (the origin of the founding principle in the sacred and the “priest”) was “religion.” “Religion” and a priesthood of some kind, were inseparable from “respect” and “right to rule.”

          My own belief is that this is all baked fairly deeply into the human being, and when humans get frightened they will almost always reach for structures like these.

          Every attempt to get rid of government or the state will either need to get rid of the family and tribe ideas in us, (an inhuman brutality of one kind) or will end up with weaker families and tribes enslaved by stronger ones (an inhuman brutality of another).

          Evidence? Almost all of human history.

          Corporations originated as agreements between powerful peoples to join forces against less powerful and divide the spoils. The state has mostly just adjudicated disputes over dividing spoils and losses between the participants. Sometimes though, for various reasons, (mostly not “moral” in nature) the state will limit the power of the corporation, as in the abolition of slavery.

          Slavery, genocide and exploitation existed long before there were states or corporations. The power to prevent them does not lie in “statelessness.”

          • pearl says:

            “Hierarchy” (the origin of the founding principle in the sacred and the “priest”) was “religion.” “Religion” and a priesthood of some kind, were inseparable from “respect” and “right to rule.”

            john.o responded, “My own belief is that this is all baked fairly deeply into the human being, and when humans get frightened they will almost always reach for structures like these.”

            Around 2013/14, I began the eye-watering work of peeling my own philosophical/religious onion. One of my most profound realizations was the power of fear, and why there are so many serious warnings against succumbing to its power liberally peppered throughout the scriptures. Can you imagine all that the world has been deprived of simply because of fear? Just pick any social topic, and see how it’s been undermined by fear’s insidious nature.

            On a different note and the real intent of my input here (only I didn’t want to come empty-handed), I’ve been wondering where you’ve been this last month, John.O! From numerous daily insights to a noticeable dearth. I hope you’re okay and that all is well for you and yours.

      • WAYNED says:

        Unfortunately, I think you have it backwards, although the state created by leaders of industry and commerce have worked hand-in-glove.
        I am the top in my field in the world, and there is no recognition. Indeed, they do not discuss me, nominate me for awards, there is no thank you to the huge sums they make from my work, and I am Independent.
        Where did the black-balling start? When I was under their employ, I refused to sit silently and allow people to spread lies and misinformation about anything I had gone to the trouble to figure out on my own. I was known for my opinions on 9/11 and assassinations.
        They tried and failed to get me out of the industry with a lie that unfortunately did not produce grounds to get rid of me.
        There is collusion in my industry and now I can’t even find another business who will handle mine, regardless of the fact that I am surely the top producer anywhere. And I think by far.
        No, do not fool yourself, the leaders of industry form policies and circle their wagons like so many fast food chains on a highway exit. But all you ever find there are businesses owned by the same chains, the same owners, who do everything they can to eliminate other options.
        This is the corporate world we live in.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          When you want to be the top player in the game, you gotta play by the rules they provide. Government is a choke point which breeds corruption by crafting laws which provide the “legitimacy” by which only the ugly can abide. In short, don’t hate the player, hate the game. And that’s why, when all the world leaders play their 3D chess, I stick to checkers. Gets them every time! JimBob

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          WAYNED’s pen flowed with this paragraph prose…

          No, do not fool yourself, the leaders of industry form policies and circle their wagons like so many fast food chains on a highway exit. But all you ever find there are businesses owned by the same chains, the same owners, who do everything they can to eliminate other options.

  2. wall says:

    I want to ask this because I don’t know where else to ask.

    But is there anyone credible that is covering the Parkland shooting? It seems like both sides are generally full of crap.

    • WAYNED says:

      I generally disregard these incidents, but do admit that the little puke who thinks he is some kind of spiritual and emotional leader comes off as absolutely contrived and coached. I just get the impression that we are MEANT to find these people offensive, at the same time we are condemned for not accepting their guidance on gun control.

      There should be a real discussion about the threats posed by the State itself, and the very need for the populace to remain armed.

      Not to mention, my sister was held up at knife point, and did not have her gun with her. She was robbed and almost raped, until someone came along down the street, scattering the almost surely illegally-in-this-country gang of Mexican men.

      I was all for gun control as a dream… wouldn’t it be nice if there were no guns? But there are. And who has them matters.

  3. WAYNED says:

    in the first place, yesterday’s documentary was important. Really one of the most important pieces of journalism in the last century. What an honor it is to be given this important information, so clearly, with no attempt to either embellish or deny the emotional power of this information. A journalist who does not let himself get in the way.
    For most it’s a learned skill. For people who care genuinely, it is natural.
    I think it’s got to be one of the best documentaries I’ve seen.
    Not surprisingly, many of Corbett’s documentaries count in that list.
    Tremendous respect shown for the subject and the viewers and the participants, all painting the very clear picture that this is a subject that will not go away, and fits into the overall aspect of a “government” not of US.

    Just superb, again. A truly MUST-watch, and this is the first time I have ever written “must watch”.

    And finally, I hope the best forever for Mr Pepper. He is what we need.

    • TampaDave says:

      Yes, Dr. Pepper is a person worthy of our respect and gratitude for his dogged determination that truth and justice should, if not prevail, at least be given notice. A great case for a person of his knowledge, skill, and intelligence.

      Still, I wonder if anyone counted the times he used the words “killed”, “killer” and “killing” incorrectly, instead of “shot”, “shooter” and “shooting”, since it was he who manifested the story about the “killing” part that occurred AFTER the shooting, AND at a different location. It emphasizes the many years Pepper believed that King had died at the Lorraine.

      This pair of videos (see James’ other release) IMHO is a very fitting tribute to a man who was easy to admire and follow — in life and death — by those who treasure freedom. If one quarter of us worked as hard as people like King and Pepper did and as James Corbett does, working towards freedom from the many forms of oppression on our planet, it is clear to me that we would all be free very soon.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Your last sentence holds significance.
        I’m guessing that wonderful results could be produced with even a much, much lower percentage of us actively participating on the mission of bettering conditions.

    • hempstock says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more fantastic video! much respect for Dr Pepper, 1st Lawyer I have respect for.

  4. D. Rolling Kearney says:

    Can someone explain what a “progressive journalist” is? Because if it means “a journalist who is also a Progressive,” then that puts this man into the category referred to by the Soviets as “useful idiots,” i.e., people who will knowingly or unknowingly fight for Communist causes while being completely ignorant of the fact that they are working for their own demise.

    Here is KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explaining it to G. Edward Griffin:

  5. geof.h says:

    I read The Plot to Kill King. Especially gripping was the account of Glenda Grabow.

    “Such a victim, unknowingly used
    A leaf in the wind was she,
    Used and hurt, terribly abused
    By a racist she could not foresee”

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Dan Dicks interview with William F. Pepper is historic.
    I really appreciate James Corbett for making this happen.

    This is a truly important Legacy.

    …Steel you spines!
    Inspire your children!
    The when the moment is right….
    – William F Pepper

    (90 seconds)

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In the Dan Dicks interview, The Washington Post is mentioned.

    I posted the following link under Corbett’s documentary. I am wondering if this is the Washington Post interview Pepper was referring to…

    Washington Post – March 30
    Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.? His family believes James Earl Ray was framed.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I want to note that Andrew Young, Rev. Bernice A. King, and Rev. Alveda King have all made public statement opposing water fluoridation.

  9. manbearpig says:

    random lazy impressions after lazily listening to this eminently important interview:

    …Co-opt the military, co-opt the unions, co-opt the union and communist leaders…

    just like those 12 rotating slots at the New York Times,
    I imagine co-opting military and especially union leaders is still in force in France…but don’t tell the French…

    and funny, I don’t recall seeing on the street plaques and high schools named in his honour:

    “André Malraux : The man who co-opted the 1968 strikes and protests”.

    Also, I hadn’t realized that heart-attacks could be timed back in 1989…

    And I was struck again by Mr. Pepper’s use of the word “Prophet”…

    and it sounds like Mr Pepper might be a prophet himself with his hints that major info may break in the next year or two concerning important issues like 9/11…stay tuned…

    other passing notes: interesting insinuation that Putin’s Russian state might be more into assassinating troublemakers than in the U.S. where it’s only a last resort…the “convenient-for-everybody” 96-victim Polish government plane crash in 2010 flashed before my eyes…

    and it occurred to me during the WaPo upcoming interview anecdote that even the American intelligence services seem to be pitted against each other, divided into two camps FBI versus CIA (like dems and repubs) which seems pretty convenient if your pulling the strings…

    Strauser, Bland, the Dixie mafia and the FBI… conspired to make a martyr of the controversial King…and succeeded…

    and Handlers and Harrimans…

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Yes, it is a rich tapestry of a puppet show, but don’t worry; the puppet masters are a bit special-edish, if you ask me. I don’t agree though that any new revelations of any long gone event is going to change anything. There’s no real emotional impact to a generation twice removed from events. Revenge really is better when it’s had time to age a bit, but justice goes bad pretty quick.

      • manbearpig says:

        Well, not sure of exact terms of Pepper’s speaking of new info breaking (can’t easily find it in the interview)
        but I don’t believe anyone suggested that the info would necessarily “change anything”. Did he?


        When was there justice?

        Is there any other justice than revenge? (a little facetious)

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I think he said people might get worked up; but I don’t think so. Revenge you say? The Redneck is strong in this one!” JimBob who absolutely approves of blood feuds.

          • manbearpig says:

            People get worked up all the time. Never changes anything.
            Blood feuds? Great for the eugenical malthusians.
            Now, gonna go celebrate the Greek orthodox Easter now. A lot of soup involved I hear. And burning Judas. Revenge.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Don’t forget to shoot Judas with a shotgun while he’s burning! Never went to Crete, but If they’re like the mainlanders they’ll probably adopt you! JimBob who enjoyed Greece while he was there at Thermopylae.

              • manbearpig says:

                I’m not very adoptable for obvious reasons.

              • manbearpig says:

                The NYT. Gatekeeping at its finest. Truth, Fiction and everything in between to sell the official version. Didn’t Julian entrust them with his precious dumping? Along with the rest of the Pentacle: Le Monde, El Pais, Der Spiegle and The Guardian?

                For Judaas, guess we’ll have to go with virtual revenge. Virtual justice? A bullet can’t do better here…

              • manbearpig says:

                Sorry Geof.h,

                It’s the raki. Affects my aim.

                Thanks for that highly interesting opinion piece describing what National Geographic’s ready to lose in translation to gain in sensational quality.

                (Unless there’s some sort of concerted campaign to rehabilitate Judas for some reason?)

                Anyhow, they must have known someone would reread the Coptic version to check.

                But, as with Nurse Nayirah, it didn’t matter since the damage was done and they’d made a profit on their piece…

                For better or worse, Judas is still being burned in Crete with the heathens downing considerable quantities of raki beforehand.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I’m a little confused. I never learned what language it was in, and so the word “daimen” being used as demon was a bit of a shock. Outside of English, I only have a hideous ability to mangle Spanish. However, I do like to read the translator’s stories which preface their works. I can’t help but notice that “daimen” by George Long, whose Greek and Latin translations into English of Marcus’ Meditations meant spirit. Even other translators acknowledge his skill, so I am a bit skeptical. Oh wait, it’s the New York Times; totally believe it all now. JimBob whose Dad taught him how to read a newspaper when he was just seven years old. As mostly fiction, since he would often tell me what really did happen in that story.

    • manbearpig says:

      William F. Pepper evokes “12 rotating slots”) at the NYTimes”…hmmmm… Michel Chossudovsky on Wikileaks:

      Wikileaks has enlisted the architects of media disinformation to fight media disinformation: An incongruous and self-defeating procedure…

      …America’s corporate media and more specifically The New York Times are an integral part of the economic establishment, with links to Wall Street, the Washington think tanks and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

      Moreover, the US corporate media has developed a longstanding relationship to the US intelligence apparatus, going back to “Operation Mocking Bird”, an initiative of the CIA’s Office of Special Projects (OSP), established in the early 1950s…

      …This “redacting” role of The New York Times is candidly acknowledged by David E Sanger, Chief Washington correspondent of the NYT:

      “[W]e went through [the cables] so carefully to try to redact material that we thought could be damaging to individuals or undercut ongoing operations. And we even took the very unusual step of showing the 100 cables or so that we were writing from to the U.S. government and asking them if they had additional redactions to suggest.” (See PBS Interview; The Redacting and Selection of Wikileaks documents by the Corporate Media, PBS interview on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross: December 8, 2010, emphasis added).

      Yet Sanger also says later in the interview:

      “It is the responsibility of American journalism, back to the founding of this country, to get out and try to grapple with the hardest issues of the day and to do it independently of the government.” (ibid)

      “Do it independently of the government” while at the same time “asking them [the US government] if they had additional redactions to suggest”?

      David E. Sanger cannot be described as a model independent journalist. He is member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Aspen Institute’s Strategy Group which regroups the likes of Madeleine K. Albright, Condoleeza Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former CIA head John Deutch, the president of the World Bank, Robert. B. Zoellick and Philip Zelikow, former executive director of the 9/11 Commission, among other prominent establishment figures. (See also F. William Engdahl, Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job, Global Research, December 10, 2010)…

      Historically, The New York Times has served the interests of the Rockefeller family in the context of a longstanding relationship. The current New York Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, son of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger and grandson of Arthur Hays Sulzberger who served as a Trustee for the Rockefeller Foundation. Ethan Bronner, deputy foreign editor of The New York Times as well as Thomas Friedman among others are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). (Membership Roster – Council on Foreign Relations)”…

  10. beadbud5000 says:

    Just reading through the comments here, the case will likely stay shelved from the mainstream. Many good points also in the notes.

    I love the fact that you and Hicks working together James to get this interview with Mr. Pepper. What a treasure of information that man has. The Bobby Kennedy debacle is an equally full story; a jam packed 1968 event where Pepper holds some keys.

    My country has been lost for a very long time.
    Waking up has made for a very painful 12 year event for me!

  11. beadbud5000 says:

    Thanks! I love Talbot. I have read three of his books.

  12. VoltaicDude says:

    @13:13 minutes:
    “…in fact, the government had profiled James Earl Ray, and they had effectively organized his escape, and I learned that because…the head of the Dixie mafia family, who was working with the FBI on ‘the Killing,’ drove to the prison and in the car was his [the mafia head’s] son, and they carried $25k, which they gave to the warden…to organize James’ escape.

    “…Raul was James’ ‘handler.’ He was the guy the government assigned to ‘handle’ James. That means to keep tabs on him and have him ready to be in the right spot of the right time…and did this.

    “James met him [Raul, a U.S. government intelligence agent] in a bar up in Montreal when he was trying to get out of North America and get to Europe and then he ultimately wanted to get to Africa, where he thought he would be most safe.” – William F. Pepper interviewed by Dan Dicks (WFP)

    @18:00 minutes:
    “…Raul definitely knew Jack Ruby…the extent to which Raul WAS INVOLVED [emphasis added] with the JFK killing I don’t know, but it’s clear…’he [Raul] was involved with “JFK” as well.’” – WFP

    @19:30 minutes:
    “…James Earl Ray DID NOT SHOOT [emphasis added] Martin King, he was nowhere near the scene of the crime….” – WFP

    @22:45 minutes:
    “MLK was shot by a man called Frank Strausser. He was the best shot on the Memphis police Department.” – WFP

    @24:45 minutes:
    “No the shot did not kill him…the [hospital] emergency staff tryingto do heir best to keep him alive…when the head of neurosurgery…Dr. Breen Bland, came into the ER with two other men in suits; and he said to the people in the ER, ‘Stop working on that nigger and let him die…he emptied the room…the surgical nurse heard them [slurping-up mucous in their mouths]…and she saw them spit on the body of Dr. King, the three men. Then she saw…Dr. Bland take a pillow and put it over his face and suffocate him, and that’s how MLK was killed.” – WFP

    Empire, the world is your oyster:
    The Political might of “our” (GDP/tax financed) Government’s Military, Police and Regulatory systems;
    and the material might of Corporate (especially Bankster) power and wealth (fully protected by corporate-lobbyist-written tax-loopholes; the largest corporations often paying zero taxes (no matter how much money they make), and many even get back subsidies!).

    Benito Mussolini: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

    Mix into that organized crime networks (now fully integrated into government systems), powerful secret societies, and the mainstream corporate media (which William Pepper and Dan Dicks also cover in this interview), and you have a pretty complete picture of how our society (the NWO) works.

    @36:05 minutes:
    “The mainstream media has been totally controlled by the owning corporate rulers…They are complicit…” – WFP

    I hope everyone buys WFP’s newest book – let’s make it a NYT’s best seller (if the NYT’s would actually acknowledge that!).

  13. VoltaicDude says:

    More highlights I feel the need to quote!

    The last fifteen minutes are mostly off-topic from the MLK assassination itself, but are equally fascinating and contextual.

    Either segment would make this one of the most important interviews of the past century.

    And as always, the world is paradox and irony.

    Someone please introduce WFP to the following:
    The Skripal Affair is a Hoax. If Russia is “No Longer to Blame”, What Next?

    WFP’s views on Malraux (a brilliant scoundrel) are confusing, but also ironic – perhaps WFP has reached a realpolitik understanding? (Remember, Vietnam – French Indo-China before the U.S. arrived – had been subjected to brutal oppression under French colonial rule.)

    @46:45 minutes
    “[John Downey, presidential advisor, said that Pres. Johnson told him] ‘I can’t get out of Vietnam. My friends are making too much money.’ [Downey then left his post as advisor on Vietnam as a matter of conscience]…but he was called back in ‘67 to organize the assassination of Martin King…Downey controlled all that…Downey regarded King as an enemy of the state, he also probably was a racist coming from an area of Pennsylvania were racism was the call of the hour, so he saw nothing wrong with getting rid of this enemy of the state! ” – WFP

    Starting @49:10 minutes (on Bill Atwood, publisher of LOOK magazine):
    Atwood told Pepper “Bill, Averell Harriman came in to see me.’”

    “…I [Pepper] knew Averell Harriman, of course, he was Governor of New York; he ran for the presidency; he was ambassador to Russia; and so forth; and a very powerful Democrat…” – WFP

    (I would say just as notably, Harriman was also: “The son of railroad baron E. H. Harriman…” – Wikipedia: I was going to add the link to the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid movie train robbery scene that alludes to A.E. Harriman – not exactly an historically important document except as a popular allusion – but it’s no longer available on YouTube as far as I can tell.)

    “…’he [Gov. Harriman] came at the request of the President of the U.S….and asked me [Atwood] for a favor…never publish anything that Bill Pepper wrote…I (Atwood) told him we would interview you…and if we believed what you were saying, we were going to publish!’…there’s an example of what a journalist should be!” – WFP

    “The next week…he had Jim Garrison up…on the JFK assassination…so he [Atwood] called Bobby Kennedy…[telling him] ’the CIA killed your brother’…Bobby said ‘we know that, but I’ve got to get the WH to reopen the investigation’…now that conversation must have ended at around 1:20 or 1:30, at…4AM that same morning Bill Atwood had a heart-attack… [and with] the new editor…neither the stories, of course, Garrison’s or mine, was published!” – WFP

    “There may be however some events that will be developing over the course of the next year or two that will shake this country and that will open up some of these stories… including the 911 massacre…” – WFP

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    William F. Pepper is in this video clip from ABC News
    (3 1/2 minutes)
    Published on May 28, 2018
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told The Washington Post he walked away from a prison meeting with Sirhan Sirhan not believing he killed his father.

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