Interview 1349 - The Ripple Effect on ETs, UFOs and Other Unknowns

03/05/201838 Comments

James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas (The Ripple Effect podcast) and Vinnie Caggiano (vincognito) for another edition of The Ripple Effect roundtable. In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss aliens, unidentified objects, government psyops, military technologies, and how conspiracies may be implanted in the public consciousness. Enjoy! (Warning: for those with sensitive ears, there is the occasional cuss word used.)

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  1. St Gregory of Nyssa says:

    “that is the weird thing… any time you see an Asian… the second their English comes out perfect, sometimes it can startle you [laughter]”

    I find this remark by Mr Varandas to be rude and to some extent anachronistic, since Americans of East Asian descent are everywhere nowadays. Last time I went to New York City, for instance, it seemed that a quarter of people were of East Asian descent. The vast majority of these people are monolingual, so they have no option to return to their parents’ or grandparents’ homeland to blend in. Please at least show them some respect.

    • St Gregory of Nyssa says:

      Also, I appreciate that Mr Corbett did not laugh or agree with his remarks, but averted the subject.

    • manbearpig says:

      I once had the pleasure of giving English classes to a delightful 13-year year old Algerian girl. It was the first time she had left her country and was traveling with her Mom to spend a week in France with her uncle who offered her a week of English classes where I work.

      She arrived at our company with her mother who appeared very shy and smiled a lot. The young teen-ager whose name I’ve since forgotten was veiled from head to toe but not with burka as her face was uncovered. Her mother had no such religious attire at all. No veil on her head or going down to her toes. (The young girl would later explain to me her choice of wearing this clothing though she was the only one in her family to do so.) Having tried to communicate with her mother who spoke no French or English I was expecting quite a methodical beginner’s class with her daughter.

      So Mom stayed in the waiting room and looked at a magazine while my pupil and I went into a classroom. In order to get an idea of her level I asked her a simple question (like the ones posed to Bana in Turkey): something like “How do you like France?”
      Well, all of a sudden she burst out in a tsunami of excited impressions about France, about English, and about Justin Bieber who she venerated.
      She was a Justin Bieber expert, familiar with even his most intimate details. Well almost.

      I was so startled. The visual picture of this girl and her sparkling valley girl accent and enthousiasm was utterly unexpected.

      She’d learned perfect American English just from watching American T.V. shows and movies. And some at school. She was perfectly bilingual and had a perfect accent. I’ll never forget it.

      I wish I could speak Arabic fluently and startle some folks in Algiers…

      • manbearpig says:

        “The visual picture of this girl and her sparkling valley girl accent and enthousiasm was utterly unexpected.”

        What I meant, is the appearence of this devout young Algerian and her wild valley girl American accent were totally incongrous.

        Yet, over the years I’ve met many devout muslims who speak English fluently…

        I guess context is everything…

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      I live in Florida where most people are first generation immigrants. Also, even though we live in a fairly global society, Asian languages are apparently so different in structure from English that it is hard for most to really sound fluent. I don’t think it was rude of him to make such a remark. It was simple honesty. Nor was it particularly anachronistic as most people don’t live in New York, but in smaller towns where such an incident would be unusual.

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    This is a different posting for the CR. I agree with James in having a difficult time in accepting alien visitation to planet earth, just as I do with the existence of ghosts. In fact I have a difficult time believing in the manned missions to the moon. 50 years on and we haven’t been back? However there does seem to be a large industry and much conjecture surrounding these ideas eating up a lot of time and effort of some folks.

    I will give a nod to the idea that earlier civilizations MAY have been subjected to cataclysm as the myth of such an event is seen throughout early societies on a world wide basis and the depictions of a differing sky configuration are universal in their representation. Dave Talbot has spent his life in deciphering this universal mythology which now ties in with astrophysics and the growing following in the modeling of the cosmos on an electrical and electromagnetic basis. This rather than the gravitational-relativity thesis of the cosmos at the grand scale and quantum mechanics and the subatomic scale. Both of these later theories are incongruent with one another while the electrical hypothesis works at either scale.

  3. beadbud5000 says:

    I missed that comment part but I really enjoyed this pod cast. The alien stuff is a big business anymore so real scrutiny is needed.

    I find a few examples, like the 1997 Phoenix Lights, a very real seen by thousand UFO. I have been spending a bit of time lately in thois area. It is huge. I was 37 at the time.

    What is clear to me about Aliens and lost continents is that we are not being told about everything that is know and that human potential is truly much greater than how it is reinforce to be in the media, school, propaganda, etc.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I enjoyed the conversation. It was fun. Informative.

    – UFO – My sighting
    Back in 1986, my wife and I were driving on a back service road not far from Waco. It was daylight around 4pm or 5pm. We were in my cube van (looks like a small truck). The wind! The wind was terrible, even effecting my van. That Texas wind was gusting up to 40 mph. The air was dusty and the trees were whipping with a fury.

    About 20 feet above the trees, off to our right 60 feet away, we noticed a flying object which we couldn’t identify. It was about 4 feet long with a helix tapering shape, but like a cone pointing down. Grayish brown. It looked very much like a giant spiral wind spinner. It just stayed in one frozen position, not twirling, not moving, motionless above the whipping trees. Not being effected at all by the wind astounded me.

    I said to my wife “Did you see that?!”
    She responds, “Yeah! What was that?”

    I drive down the road to an intersection so I can turn around in my cube van. We drive very slowly back to where we saw the ‘flying’ object. It wasn’t there.

    It puzzled us then, and to this day.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Some folks who believe in reincarnation (past lives), cite that in previous lives they lived on another planet.

    I have noticed that some folks have a strong affinity for previous eras and they often ‘play pretend’ to that era, whether it be in civil war reenactments or medieval times. And to that, there seems to be a strong affinity by a lot of folks to stories like Star Wars or Star Trek.
    Even in the same lifetime, an individual holds tight those pleasurable memories of the past such as when they were a kid enjoying some adventure.
    So, perhaps the possibility exists that we have been exposed to other places in other times, but with the amnesia of the death cycle.

  6. enlil17 says:

    My conspiracy research started with research into the history of civilisation and led to the ufo quagmire through the work of Sitchen (whom I believe cannot be trusted as a valid source). In any case, this subject is as fascinating as it is frustrating. The deep state’s involvement in both creating and debunking the myth is what makes it, in my opinion, worth a close look. For what it’s worth, I believe there are remnants of an ancient civilisation which was defeated in a devastating war and were subsequently marooned on earth with few or no resources. Ever since, they have been working to rebuild their power base. by helping to develop technology through the indigenous populations; specifically, by setting them against each other in constant war over thousands of years. I believe they have recently achieved their objective, and are ready to challenge their ancient foes and regain what they feel is their rightful place in the solar system. Or not.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      When you mentioned Stitchin, I remembered the site “Debunking Ancient Aliens”. An excellent use of four hours of your time. While I would be amazed if there were no intelligent life out there, I despise Ancient Aliens and all of the big players. The videos are presented in segments, so you don’t need to set aside all four hours at one go. They mention him frequently.
      I have had many sightings of flying objects that I could not identify, but then again I still look up at the night sky from the deep woods whenever I can. However, to say they were from Planet sheepdip and that they were here on a porcupine harvesting mission would be stretching it. I’ve not seen anything that couldn’t also be explained as an advanced military aircraft, which is always my first thought. After all, if a species were so advanced they could exceed the speed of light, why would they want to visit us? Most of us can barely comprehend the written word, much less discuss the space time continuum (whatever that is).

  7. dwayner says:

    I recently came across Dave McGowan’s “Wagging the Moondoggie”, online text with pictures where he goes into great detail about how there is no way humans have been to the moon. I am always interested in hearing good hoax research, and this guy really got a lot of people riled. I was completely convinced after the first chapter. I graduated high school in the summer of 69 and remember the hoopla well. His investigation on the Laurel Canyon music and drug scene also connects to the moon landing–very logical and well-thought out and articulated with lots of humour. Highly recommend it. There is also an audio version which is fun to listen to, but you don’t get to follow along with the picture evidence that is discussed. A startpage search will get you there.

    The conclusion I have come to is that we didn’t put people on the moon because we simply didn’t have the technology back then, and barely have it now. They keep saying it is going to take a long time to go back, right? So why can’t we just use that good ol’ Sixties Know how? But it was very important politically to make everyone believe that the USA rules space. I also think that there have been lots of unmanned moon missions with robotics, like the Mars landers, and other planetary probes which send back such spectacular pictures of the solar system. Probably lots of classified stuff they are hiding from us for “national security” reasons.

    Many whistleblowers from the military claim the Unidentified Flying Objects are top secret military objects, therefore unidentified, to be sure. The sci-fi UFO meme has served to divert us from that truth very well. Graham Hancock, in his book “Supernatural” addresses the abductee close encounters phenomena as experiences which have been happening to people since ancient days. Back in the day it was faeries (there are some amazing accounts of people being abducted by faeries, sometimes disappearing for good, or returning after years.)

    All over the world people have experienced the altered states associated with the supernatural, and this day and age they are called Greys, or “aliens from space”. Crop circles have been appearing in the same places which were reported to be portals into the land of theFaerie. People have believed in the supernatural forever, and most of it can’t be proven, but certainly can be experienced first hand.

    This is all very tricky stuff, but hugely interesting IMHO.

    Having an open mind is good, but not so open that your brains fall out…


      • dwayner says:

        Thanks, HomeRemedySupply, for this pdf. link! I hadn’t seen this version, but I had heard the website had been “disappeared” at one time (around when McGowan died suddenly of pancreatic cancer), so I appreciate taking this one into my own files. I think the guy was brilliant, and the Laurel Canyon work he did really turned my head around about the hippy movement and its effect on the youth of the time. Boy, did we get duped! So glad I had a good moral upbringing and could navigate my way through the minefield of drug overdoses and helter skelter all around me. I was just a young woman from the Canadian Prairies, and mixed a fair amount with the folks in the California scene, but all I got out of it was to get back to the land and have some babies and live in love and beauty. Probably would have got that from anywhere…

        It is vitally important that we continue to uncover the truth behind the social engineering. And I think this is the work of James Corbett. I salute him!


        • redrose says:

          McGowan’s daughter is placing all his studies in one place. I had seen his thorough Boston bombing analasis, then read Larel Canyon, then found the website and binged for several days! I wish he lived longer…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Having an open mind is good, but not so open that your brains fall out… –Teresa

      Classic phrase.

    • mkey says:

      Dave McGowan writes
      The thing is that, back in the frontier days, we didn’t need all that fancy technology and book-learnin’ to send Buzz and the boys to the Moon and back. Back then, we had that American can-do spirit and we just cowboyed up and MacGyvered those spaceships to the Moon. All we needed was an old Volkswagen engine, some duct tape and a roll of bailing wire. Throw a roll of butt-wipe and a little Tang on board and you were good to go.

      I just had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

    • mkey says:

      I think I wandered upon Dave’s youtube channel by pure coincidence, after following a comment which left a strong aura of his writing.

  8. d-One says:

    Steven Greer talks about reporting to Rockefellers. (Do a search with both names.)

    UFO technology is tied to ANTI-GRAVITY and FREE ENERGY. That is the main reason there has been so much disinfo around UFOs and Aliens.
    Covers DeLonge, Corey Goode…. rock stars for “controlled” disclosure. The agencies behind them want to drive the narrative, market to the youth… and control perception.

    Dark Journalist interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts, covering the missing trillions, financial fraud, money laundering, drugs, human trafficking, etc …. all to feed the black budget projects (breakaway civilization).

    Dark Journalist also has many interviews with Joseph Farrell who is an incredible researcher, going into the Nazi scientists after the war, black budget operations to finance the breakaway civilization, and many many other topics.

    Forum Borealis interviews with Joseph Farrell

    Highly recommend this interview :
    Rise of the Bormann Reich (Pt. 1 & 2) A conversation with Joseph Farrell
    He does go into the Roswell crash being more likely a German craft than alien, from the terminologies used in the military’s own documents.

    Farrell also talks in other interviews about one reason JFK was assassinated over, is the alien question. JFK wanted to bring that topic into public view and move humanity ahead with the release of anti-gravity and free energy. However the military industrial complex wanted that hidden.

    There is soooo much more….
    We have been lied to since Roman times…

    I can go on… but that is enough for now.

  9. manbearpig says:

    Woah! Corbett’s struck again! I’m gonna regret writing this, haven’t finished listening (49 minutes?) and of course, I’ve gotta run run run away to work,

    but everytime I stare at a full moon I’ve alaways had this unspoken and profound sense (not intellectual conviction) that there’s Somethin’ goin’ on on the dark side at least. Suspicious, sad smile she’s wearing… as if half confessing…or calling for help…

    Pretty amazing that there’s always a face of the moon that is never turned towards Earth – I’m certain it’s perfectly well explained by the laws of physics

    but where would you go if you wanted to be alone to do speakable and unspeakable things…and you had a spaceship…?


  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Confusion as a method to dominate –

    It is very interesting to notice the tools which those with psychopathic tendencies use to dominate others, to suppress people.

    Confusion is certainly one tool. It’s physical cousin is Chaos.
    Stresses, physical (as in health) or mental, is another tool.
    Conflict or hate is another.

    Demonstrating that another is powerless is a tool which we often see. It is obvious that the official stories about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, JFK, MLK, etc. are false. Despite tremendous efforts to ‘officially’ rectify the official story, authorities won’t do it. They just yawn, laugh, and let the confusion roll along about “what hit the Pentagon”. Donald Rumsfeld just smiles.

    This is one reason why I like the fundamental basis of ANARCHISM.
    To hell with authorities – they ain’t worth spitting at on trying to rectify “their story”.
    Mike Malone gives a nice ANARCHY definition…

  11. Tobacciana Maxima says:

    The piece of music alluded to here is Allegri’s “Miserere Mei” (Lord Have Mercy” which is polyphonic music set to Psalm 50 (51 in Hebrew numbering) in Latin. It was customarily sung after Tenebrae which is a service of Psalms sung just on the last three days before Easter. The fellow in the video got part of the story wrong. The Church didn’t forbid people to hear it, anyone could come hear it in the Vatican sung by the Sistine choir. It was forbidden to be sung outside the Sistine choir, and all members had to swear never to reveal the musical notes to anyone or sing it outside of the Sistine choir at the conclusion of Tenebrae.
    Mozart, with his memory, was able to reconstitute the notation perfectly, with all the parts for all the voices, which is a feat of sheer genius.
    Pope Clement XIV heard about the unauthorized copies and their source, and ordered Mozart to come to Rome where—instead of reading him the riot act—essentially told him good job. He was more impressed by the fact that Mozart could have done this than angry about violating the ban. After that, since it was redundant, they lifted it and it was sung all over the world thereafter.
    This is a useful article about it:

    Irrespective of anyone’s views of religion, this is an outstanding piece of music: (sorry for the gootube link, couldn’t find it on bitchute)

  12. redrose says:

    McGowan’s daughter is placing all his studies in one place. I had seen his thorough Boston bombing analasis, then read Larel Canyon, then found the website and binged for several days! I wish he lived longer…

  13. Dr. Greer’s work, to me, is nothing more than the “establishment powers that shouldn’t be” controlling the narrative on a real phenomena, like they’ve done a million times before. As everyone on this page knows, historically, defamation and “sanitization” has been used to create doubt and diversion on a wide range of topics on everything from human psychic ability to political campaign posturing.

    James Corbett says at about the 20:00 minute mark: “The only thing that would truly startle me is if humans were the only intelligent life in the entire universe.”

    …well, knowing the behavioral patterns of the establishment, it’s not hard to guess why controlling the narrative on such a topic like ETs had to be done. The USA has a long history of civil unrest coupled with major UFO events, like Roswell and others, that it makes sense that the government would judge it necessary to be involved in this dimension of human subculture.

    And I agree with James, life in the Universe is very likely, but all we have to do is see how much discrimination still goes on against each other and other species all over the Earth, to see how we treat outsiders here. So it’s not hard to see just how dangerous it may be for each other, and/or for the supposed alien beings, if the real truth actually were made public. Celebrities can’t even go outside, we are a long way away from having aliens walk down our streets, as cool as Star Trek made it look.

    …Even if aliens on Earth is true, in any capacity, we are not even enlightened enough yet to transcend our own racism globally, let alone be ready for universal speciesism, which is probably why controlling the narrative on this topic is likely necessary to this very day.

  14. (…continued)

    In my opinion, if the establishment feels this narrative needs to be controlled to this very day, that might tell you something about their opinion on whether they take “aliens” existing seriously or not. If there was no truth to this topic, there should be no need to sanitize it.

  15. Dacajeweiah says:

    A documentary debunking (explaining) the ancient alien theory to those who are interested:

    Ancient Aliens Debunked:

  16. Nevertheless says:

    I don’t know for sure, but this is all likely part of the psy-op to confuse reality. No truth, only faith. Faith that “Trump is a nationalist”, Faith that Obama was a liberal, or Clinton, faith the Bush knew Iraq had WMDs. Those in power want EVERYTHING TO BE SUBJECTIVE. THEY CONTROL THE TRUTH, NOT ON FACTS BUT ON OPINION, personality, racial, gender identity.

    Have you noticed how crazy Hollywood has become, now they introduce a actor like Chump who will do anything for money, much like Bill Clinton. Chump was all about divide and conquer..The Zionists have us in a choke hold, and we are going down.

  17. Nevertheless says:

    Often when a Zionist media puppet discusses a particular “conspiracy theory”, they will associate it with another conspiracy, like “area 51, or never going to the moon, all to group ALL conspiracies as crazy.

  18. Nevertheless says:

    Thank you for pointing out James, the insult pointed at southerners. The Zionist entertainment industry has worked very hard to demonize small town Americans, as racist, back wards, and inbreed.

    The cities are the preview of the Zionists, they glorify the “multicultural”, impersonal, materialistic, non nationalist, border less, “Sanctuary city”, because they do best where MONEY IS THE ONLY Value, globalism to the extreme.

  19. Octium says:

    I’m pretty sure the Moon landing actually happened.

    Although I think it was a false flag operation – They should have had a German flag on the side of the rockets!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – Moon Landing –
      Honestly, I don’t know. I am on the fence about it. I remember watching it on TV in the summer of 1969.

      1969 – School kids didn’t even have electronic calculators at that time and Vietnam was in full swing. The original Star Trek came out in late 1966. I remember watching their Star Trek “communicators” (flip phones) and thinking that those will be made long after I am dead.

      1962 – John Glen orbits the Earth about three times. This was a big, big deal. Black-n-White tube powered TV news.

      From John Glen to the moon in 7 years?

  20. TampaDave says:

    James Corbett, you need to read the book UFOS AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE (Dolan/Vallee). This is journalism, and the facts laid out. It is clear that our government, at the very highest levels, has carried on an intensive program to keep knowledge of UFOs from the public. This amazing document shows a historical timeline that includes the most reliable of observers: pilots, police and military officers, leaders of State or of states. This is a well-written, flawlessly documented chronology showing what the evidence was, and what the USAF or media said/did. The picture cannot be denied. The military is lying when they say there is nothing of concern there, just as J. Edgar was lying when he said there were no organized crime or satanistic cults in America.

  21. VoltaicDude says:

    Interesting (inadvertent) opener: the fall-out from being bilingual as preamble to a talk about “alien” stuff!

    Intersecting cultures and “national identities” in an American context can be pretty way out there indeed!

    Bilingualism is a major and fundamental “American” experience simultaneously (paradoxically) with being a major absence in popular American culture, and the basis of the “ugly American” stereo-type.

    That’s a weird (natural?) evolution of a national culture once called the great “melting pot.” Or is it?

    Is the “melting pot” an engineered meme?

    Does it actually represent the impoverishment and intellectual confinement of the professional, middle and working classes of popular American culture?

    How better to control a population than to control their language and cultural associations? How better to turn the average Joe into the average G.I. Joe?

    By contrast and as an aesthetic matter, the upper (internationalist/corporatist, diplomatic) classes have always considered bilingualism as part and parcel of a proper education.

    Speaking only “American” (as Archie Bunker” might say) might be an equivalent and equally “planned” agenda as denying slaves abducted from native African populations the right to speak their own native languages.

    Beyond that it was illegal to teach a slave to read and write English – enforced general illiteracy!

    Maybe, in turn, that also speaks to the general state of America’s public education system today, where students regularly “graduate” with sub-literate capacities, regardless of any good intentions and even proficient work from individual teachers (in general, an underpaid, hard-working sector, albeit infiltrated by organized criminal influences).

    But onto U.F.O.’s – youse guys – always pushing the envelope!

    I tend to totally dismiss this sort of stuff, and then Ricky shamed me by talking about how he avoids closed-thinking like that.

    And then I remembered Carl Sagan! – whose Cosmos series I really got into as a young person – who broached this subject in a matter of fact way and “showed his math” in a sequence of quantified assessments that suggested the probability of life, and maybe even intelligent life, at least somewhere in this great big universe of ours! Obviously it’s debatable.

    But the alternative-pop-culture aspect of this subject – that’s actually a separate point and I was glad to see you handled it in that way

    Again, it can be a way of mudding the waters of public debate about pretty much everything, especially with a public generally poorly trained to think clearly and specifically in scientific terms.

    That’s not to say “educated” people aren’t often also actually trained to be “stupid.”

    Being totally dismissive and unable to handle this type of subject matter to begin with, in a reasonable (reasoned) manner, is a case in point on that observation.

    I also like what Ricky pointed out that, nowadays, with virtually everyone in possession of an HD camera built into their ubiquitous cell phones, there are very few legit photo “captures.”

    Someone (a very intelligent and educated person) once asked me: “But how do you know this isn’t true? There’s even footage!”

  22. wingsuitfreak says:

    I only saw one lecture by Bill Cooper and all my sense screamed “controlled dis-info”. The clincher was when he claimed we could never have invented the computer chip without alien help. What BS! We are capable of far more incredible feats than the computer chip. None of the rest of his lecture could be checked (how convenient) as he was the sole source, but that little phrase there just put the icing on the cake for me. It wasn’t the only thing, but it was THE thing. We can be amazing, even though we generally opt for amazingly insane and stupid. JimBob from fluorida where the zombies are ancient and wearing spandex.

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