Interview 1347 - The Hagmann Report on Social Media and Psych Warfare

02/26/201816 Comments

James Corbett joins The Hagmann Report once again to discuss the use and abuse of social media to shape the public into smartphone-addicted lab rats in a giant social engineering experiment.

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  1. Nevertheless says:

    First of all, TRUMP is part of the anti America Zionist cabal. Trump is owned by the Zionist money machine. Trump owes everything he has to the Zionist Jews in NYC.

    I agree with everything else, but Trump is a agent provocateur, just like Obama, Clinton, Reagan…to lesser degrees.

    Trump is the worst man to ever sit in the White House, Clinton was never going to be President, it was always going to be Trump.

    9/11 was the final chapter in the take over of the US government by Zionists.

    • beadbud5000 says:

      Yep Trump administration is the same s them all.

    • Stronghorse says:

      I have been telling anyone who would listen, this exact same thing. Sadly, very few listen.

    • Octium says:


      I have to admire the way James always manages to swing the topic back on track and make his original point.

      If it was me, I’d probably blow all my time trying to explain to the fools why they being foolish and probably not get anywhere.

      • danmanultra says:

        I agree. I was glad Corbett stayed on topic. I considered checking in on the Hagmann Report but I believe I may now avoid it. I have heard more than I ever want to hear about fake liberals and fake conservatives.

        • mkey says:

          I have seen a few people, whom I otherwise held in high, or at least decent, esteem completely go bonkers over this false paradigm. One day they speak 100% against the establishment, on the very next they are praising Trump for being THE guy for the job, because the media does not like him. As if that were enough to be a presidential candidate, a runner up. Hint: see Ron Paul presidency bid for example on how media really treats people whom they fear.

          It’s very easy to fall for these lies and that’s exactly why people do it. Propaganda engraves these things deeply in people’s cognitive process forming bonds which are seldom questioned and make us jump to conclusions.

          Admittedly, I doubt these guys would be eager to change their minds even if extraordinary proof was provided, forcing the issue clearly into the open. They would probably find their investment into the matter too grand to let go off easily by conceding to a fact.

  2. Nevertheless says:

    US elections have ONE GOAL, PUSH CONFLICT. We always get the same script, democrat, then republican, then democrat…elections are RIGGED. It is about divide and conquer.

  3. chiripero says:

    Is there a Rothschild Bank in Syria ? Uhhhhh…. No there isn’t. Gaddafi was going his own way in Libya and also he had proposed a new gold-backed Dinar for most countries in Africa, our “humanitarian” intervention ended that program along with Gaddafi himself and almost immediately a Rothschild Bank showed up and the country was returned to the dark ages. Well, what does all that have to do with Iran ? Oh, they don’t have a Rothschild Bank either ? Well….. No they don’t. Hmmm.. Time for a humanitarian effort there too ? How are we going to bomb Iran and stir up humanitarian intervention with North Korea and the fat boy ? Really ? North Korea ? What does that fat boy have to do with Iran ? Oh, I get it ! NK doesn’t’ have a Rothschild Bank either ! So, if Libya, Syria, Iran, and North Korea all had Rothschild Banks, then there would be no need for war-talk coming out of the United States ever again ? Why the United States, I thought they were such freedom-loving people ? Well the people of the United States have nothing to do with any of this other than shouldering the 20 + trillion dollar debt to the Rothschild Banksters for generations to come and sacrificing a few of their young people in the wars generated for the banksters. Why would the U. S. citizens allow their so-called leaders to sacrifice their young and their posterity to all of this evil ? Leaders ? Could they possibly be beholden to the Rothschild cabal and actually work for and be controlled by them ? Oh you are a conspiracy theorist ! (((Our))) people would never sell their souls to Lucifer and destroy their own Republic for the sake of a few fiat paper notes !

    • Mark K. P. says:

      The soul selling took place in 1898 when US was reintegrated into City of London, but top-down through the grizzly Pilgrims Society. To be fair the US elite got a lot more than fiat currency in return – specifically permission to build Panama canal, and to steal Spanish colonies and any place else nearby where it felt the urge (ergo Hawaii). But the way this was done certainly excluded any public opinion — the US entry into WW1 with about 80% popular opposition demonstrates a covert oligarchy and entirely non functional Republic a whole century ago.
      But anyway, a cool diatribe which says a lot about current policy.

    • zyxzevn says:

      After watching the videos by Abby Martin in Venezuela it seems to me that they are planting a false narrative.

      According to the videos- There is no food shortage. Only toiletpaper and some corn products are absent at certain periods.

      Videos here (repost) – talk with Economic Minister – talk with opposition – investigation of the markets
      (to see if there is free press and food in the markets) – talk with Defense Minister
      (About Trump threats of military intervention)

      Yet on reddit/r/ama there is now an ama about someone who claims he is hungry. Other days I saw posts in imgur about someone who claims to be oppressed by the government.

      But in the videos there is no evidence for that. Nor in the other non-US reports. This seems to me that the social media is being used to manufacture consent for an invasion. Similar to propaganda from Syria.

      No country wants a US invasion. They know what is left of Iraq or Afghanistan, who are now back to the stone-age and plundered.

      Sadly, Venezuela has a lot of oil and that is US’s most precious thing (besides cocaine and heroine).

      • VoltaicDude says:

        Thanks john.o and zyxzevn:

        This thread speaks to the difficulties Venezuela experiences in dealing with the U.S.’s military aggressions, including the lying propaganda of corporatist media.

        In this situation, even if Venezuela is not interested in wasting resources on behaving defensively all the time, if the U.S. military establishment is constantly threatening and bellicose it necessitates some sort of self-preserving modus, and then leaves the Venezuelan administration vulnerable to facile criticism that they are too (corruptly) defensive (closed).

        The de facto U.S. Imperialists/globalists are the primary, corrupt, violence-addicted force here and who twist all talk about what is actually going on to absurd and ridiculous lies.

        In that light no one else needs to be a saint or 100% correct in their pursuits, and they might not even be able to behave in a way that is attractive in general. Who wants to be stuck in a war zone, literally or figuratively?

        Consciously talking about the issues of cell-phone addiction and the naïve use of social media is absolutely relative to breaking susceptibility to mendacious media memes, so it’s nice to see them together as a natural segue in this conversation.

  4. jakester says:

    Content disabled.
    Jake Lemay
    Eva Barlett for gov gen, James Corbett in charge of dismantling corruption, hire Ralph Nader as a censor.

    1 minute ago 

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  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett has some great communication skills when he is interviewed.
    Pretty impressive.
    And he identifies “fundamentals” well. (e.g. Media ‘directs people’s attention’)

    The LEFT.
    Our North Texas 9/11 Truth Group used to ride on the coattails of the anti-war protests sponsored by the LEFT during and just following the Bush era. They didn’t like it, but they had a hard time saying “no”.
    Even Cindy Sheehan was shunned by the LEFT because she criticized Obama about the wars (and Cindy came out for 9/11 Truth).

    I still get the monthly update newsletter from the LEFT in the Dallas area which highlights their local events. Never a mention of the wars. It is no longer an issue. Gun laws are their new meme.

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