Interview 1338 - Engineered Crises on Radio Fault Lines

01/17/20189 Comments

From the Middle East to Eastern Europe, there's no shortage of engineered crises on the geopolitical chessboard these days. James Corbett joins Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on Radio Fault Lines to put these crises into their historical perspective and discuss his recent work on "How To Engineer A Crisis."

Radio Fault Lines

How To Engineer A Crisis

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nice conversation.
    I love seeing the wide audience exposure.

  2. mkey says:

    These dudes are OK in my book, I like seeing some balance and objective approach, something that seems to be extraneous in these modern times.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You are right about a “balanced and objective approach”.
      I, too, notice that so many alternative news sites form conclusions (speculations) prior to any firm evidence.

      A very disappointing example:
      One of our group members kept insisting that this INDICTMENT was real, that Trump was destroying the deep state.
      Although he is well informed about many things, he 100% bought into what is talked about in this YouTube video…

      BOGUS INDICTMENT (script excerpt from Page 9)
      …“…We hereby charge DAVID ROCKEFELLER with violation of (18 USC 2381) twelve times. ROCKEFELLER is deceased, yet committed capital treason under law.
      As such, he will be sentenced to death a second time for his role in assisting the illegal…

      (9/11 related crimes).
      The penalty is public death by firing squad. The Military is ordered to find a suitable stand-in and fire upon them.
      Military may even shoot up a test dummy to send message….”

      I told the guy, “The document is a deliberate joke by someone with clever wit. It is hilarious!” etc. etc.

      Poor guy. He still believed it was real. Go figure.
      (Damn that Fluoride in the water.)

      • mkey says:

        That IS a bit of completely unbelievable BS on the face value. These guys won’t settle with just being in control, they want to be obvious about it. My mind keeps looping back to the Sin City 2 speech.

  3. sjb says:

    Wish you had have concentrated on answering the question those guy’s in US who r so pissed off about the lack of coverage on REAL issues in the media there.
    They, like so many now on the internet, are aware. A larger percentage don’t know or use the internet intelligently, i.e. to learn. They rely on MSM

  4. mkey says:

    Never a bad time to revisit this interview.

    KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Mkey. Thanks for the Russian perspective! I know it must be dated by how young G.Edward Griffin appears. And that brown 1980 leasure suit.
      I agree wholeheartedly , revisit this information anytime .
      The comparisons of the two American radio celebrates to the more polished Canadian from Japan is telling. Its telling an American tragedy of style and substance. Jeez is this the best that there is to offer. I know how I landed on The Corbett Report for my go to fixations on world analysis. Listening to these two for more than a minute would have been( and is ) difficult. That would explain why no one I know,and I have told them all to follow Corbett but don’t . I should be touting these two knobs, my friends would probably eat this crap up and ask for seconds. Im beginning to think my freids are all nuts. Some have degrees in communication and could appreciate fine art. Im afraid it will take a jackboot to their ass before any changes occur in their mass hypnotous, as suggested by Yuri Bezmenov( thanks to Mkey).
      Again,James you have certainly raised a bar too high for the common American to grasp (understand) who, what, when, where and why of what your work is trying to communicate. I wish these radio hosts the very best of success in waking the sleeping sheeple. My friends, heaven help us.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good find!
      I hope James Corbett links this one under one of his articles.

      “…The process of demoralization is complete and irreversible … Exposure to true information does not matter anymore….”

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