Interview 1317 - The Hagmann Report on Big Oil

11/08/20179 Comments

Today James appears as a guest on The Hagmann Report to discuss How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World. Topics covered include the real aims of the oiligarchy, the technocratic "solution" to the death of the petrodollar, and the (engineered) rise of China and the coming (engineered) conflict.

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Google's Ray Kurzweil compares the effect AI will have on humanity to World War II - but says we'll survive

Interview 1272 – William Pepper Reveals Who Really Killed MLK


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  1. danmanultra says:

    No links to your interviewer?

  2. nellemaxey says:

    Speaking of eugenics–New paper (Oct 27,2017) on the Kenya tetanus/birth control vaccine scandal of 2014/15:
    HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James brings up “the new social credit system in China” at 24:16

    James and James discussed this topic on “Big Brother in Little China” New World Next Week, where paul823 says: …episode of The Orville (ep 7).. The story was EXACTLY the same as the China story in this episode of New World Next Week.

    paul823 is absolutely correct by using the word EXACTLY.
    I finally watched it: The Orville Episode 7 “Majority Rule”.
    Whoever wrote the script on this episode was superb in relaying the message.
    The episode hits a lot of aspects… why democracy sucks, how ‘science’ is validated by popularity, etc.
    A few clips…
    2 minute summary of the show here (stop listening after 2 minutes)

  4. danmanultra says:

    After viewing Hangmann’s website I was a bit disappointed to see more of the same “Trump this Trump that” and more Dems vs Republicans. Why is it only Mr Corbett can seem to dig deeper below the surface? Is it the fact he lives in a completely different country that allows him to be impartial towards the surface level fake-right vs fake-left paradigm?

  5. LenZoo says:

    Hi James,
    Going back to MLK, I find it strange, the fact that a verdict by court ruled the murder of MLK by a conspiracy in 1999 is kept so silent up to date. I wish more people knew this fact.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I agree. It bumfuddles me. A lot of Black folks I run into have never heard about it. Our group has been in many MLK parades, and while many folks know the government played a role, they just “know” because the government always plays a role in killing good men.

      Here is a video of our actions at an MLK Parade in Dallas.
      Huge crowd!!!

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