Interview 1314 – Derrick Broze on Holistic Anarchism

10/31/201710 Comments

Today we’re joined by Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance network to discuss holistic anarchism, self-assessment, conspiritainment vs. activism, the Manifesto of the Free Humans, the Decentralize Your Life Tour and much more.

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  1. Pablo de Boer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hola aloha señor James,

    Maravilloso your dialogue with Derrick.
    And I have a question for you on:

    Can you be more specific and share your thoughts on life, creation, …..?

    Saludos y abrazos,


  2. cat ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Derrick spreads such a great message. He is clearly an inspiring leader for worldwide resistance.

    Thus, I was surprised and disappointed to see in May 2017 he spoke in Israel. For someone as deeply involved with indigenous peoples, how could he not know there is a worldwide boycott against the Apartheid State of Israel for their brutal occupation of the native Palestinian people?

    On Sept 11, 2017, Derrick spoke with Christopher Bollyn. I would like to think Bollyn set him straight on the central role in 911 of Israeli Likud Zionists and their US neocon brethren.

  3. Briar Fox ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Always enjoy these conversations with Derrick. Much appreciation for you, your allies and others going around spreading action based items for folks to try in this seemingly disempowered culture.

    Out in my neck of the woods we have recently started a Men’s Circle, gathering or whatever you want to call it. All of us come from different backgrounds, but range in age from late 20s to late 30s. Even if we don’t see eye to eye on particular issues, we all have parallels running through our lives, in the past or in the present. It has been extremely formative to establish these connections and acknowledge that we are not alone, to be vulnerable and ask for help. We meet every full moon, but plan on meeting more often because it has been a pool of strength for folks to get them through the month at the peak of their being.

    One of the action items we have done as a community was to build an oven out of cob at a fellows house and in the past at the local public elementary school (which they are firing up for a pizza party tomorrow). I am soon building a house and many of the guys have already volunteered themselves to give my partner and I a hand. I made a friend a backpack, he made me a tool box. On Friday some brothers and I are chopping wood to heat the homes of some elderly folks who are no longer up for the task. There are countless amounts of stories of exchange and the currency keeps building and I think I can speak for all in saying that the accountability and ability to be there for each other, share our skills and knowledge makes life feel incredibly whole.

    Keep on keeping on brothers and sisters out there! Be there for each other and we can change things and without permission to do so.

  4. mkey ( User Karma: 17 ) says:

    Derrick is really a great conversationalist, I don’t think there is anyone other than him and Larken among your guests whom I have enjoyed listening as much. Also, many podcast/interview hosts could take a cue from you James when it comes to talking to their guests and actually letting what they have to say.

    1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

      mkey says:
      Also, many podcast/interview hosts could take a cue from you James when it comes to talking to their guests and actually letting talk and listen to what they have to say.

      I really like Derrick Broze too.
      And of course, he lives in Texas. 😉

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