Interview 1303 - Financial Survival in the China World Order

09/29/201711 Comments

James Corbett joins Alfred Adask for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. They discuss James' presentation on "Echoes of WWI" and how the Chinese-led "alternative" infrastructure is part and parcel of the predetermined globalist "solution" to the coming crisis.

Echoes of WWI: China, the US and the Next "Great" War

Echoes of WWI: Q&A

Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?

China Conducts First Ever Live Fire Military Drill In Its First Overseas Military Base In Africa

Kissinger Urges US To Bow To China, Boost Cooperation With Beijing On OBOR

China’s New World Order: Gold-backed oil benchmark on the way

Mao Was a Yalie


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  1. weilunion says:

    I agree that the US is a dying Empire and that the new world order, a term I am not fond of (I prefer the words corporate capitalism or transnational capitalism).

    The ideology of the New World Order is not owed to an ideology of collectivism’; it is owed to the ideology of capitalism, global capitalism.

    And if the argument is that capitalism is an ideology of collectivism, sure it is. collectivism of the ruling elite. The ruling class in the world is now the most powerful and organized working class in world history. Beyond the Pharoahs.

    WWIII, if it happens, will be due not to natioanalities, but the failure of global capitalism.

    The sad part is that in the US, for example, the people, those who fuel production and consumption have been so manipulated mentally, that the real question is can the people, those in the majority who labor and who suffer from no labor, survive?

    Or better yet, can the human species, as an organized intelligent primate, even survive?”

    As to debt, yes, in America, North Amwrica the US, private debt from business, personal is 68 trillion.

    In a debt peonage economy, such as that which is now late state,or terminal capitalism, the death of the currency is the leukemia of the system. Blood cancer.

    • weilunion says:

      My mistake:

      And if the argument is that capitalism is an ideology of collectivism, sure it is. collectivism of the ruling elite. The ruling class in the world is now the most powerful and organized working class in world history. Beyond the Pharoahs.”

      I meant to say:

      And if the argument is that capitalism is an ideology of collectivism, sure it is. collectivism of the ruling elite. The ruling class in the world is now the most powerful and organized RULING class in world history. Beyond the Pharoahs.

  2. weilunion says:

    One last thing: The definitive moment is when gradualism turns into transformation. Dialectics.

    Take water: boil it and slowly it becomes to roil then it turns to steam. What was the definitive moment when it turned into steam? The answer is a simple cliche: the straw the broke the camel’s back. It was transformed into steam when the dialectic, the anti-thesis of non-boiled water, gradually reached a turning point, steam.

    The same can be said for societies. The analysis is called historical materialism.

  3. manbearpig says:

    Trying to understand the fundamental drive behind the force sealing humanity’s fate… A force comprised of vying forces? Primarily led by Ego? Morality? Logic? A quest for Beauty? Nihilism? Perversity born of longstanding interbreeding? Hereditary terror from millenia of surviving murderous courtly intrigue?

    Hard to imagine how morality or the quest for beauty could’ve allowed or instrumentalized the most spectacularly violent and perverse collective killings of human beings in human history…

    If not morality then…Which Ego can concoct the most logical destiny for humanity? Which Ego can create the most egotistically gratifying destiny for humanity? Those with the fewest scrupules and nothing to lose (the nihilists) win? Humanity is in the hands of kamikazes without a cause?

    It’s always a pleasure to listen to Adask/Corbett conversations that seem to contain profoundly complimentary elements that like litmus paper bring out the essential…

    such as (paraphrasing) “Could the U.S. fall without the collusion of insiders? And 19:13 into the video: “how big is the clique?…can it be ferreted out? stopped? controlled?…?”

    can’t wait for the next epic Corbett documentary…

    hope the future of humanity is not a…chimera…

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      Well, if it’s a quest for beauty they need look no further; here I am! I really enjoyed this interview. I felt that it was a meeting of equals. Two well-informed minds getting together and I got to be the fly on the wall. A rather dashing fly, in my wingsuit and all, but still invisible…. like those NSA snoopers living in my laptop. Good thing I’ve got tinfoil wrapped around it! Hah! They can’t get past me!
      I’m behind in my videos, so I still haven’t watched the one about how it all looks a lot like WW1 yet, but I’m also hesitant to do so anyway. WW1 marked an important turn of events for the geography I live in with it’s invisible lines telling me I live in a place called ‘murica! It does sound best with a can of Steel Reserve in your hand (please don’t drink it, I never have, but just looking at those who have tells me it can’t possibly be good for you).
      Still haven’t gotten straightened out from this whole hurricane business yet. At least fluorida and FEMA are catching a lot of well-deserved flak about it on the internet. Blood sucking vampires I say, one and all! With just a hint of vulture in their lineage as well. But, my food stocks are mostly there, just got some food for the wild chickens that have made me one of their minions that feed them in the morning, and I’d better NOT be late or they’ll give me the evil eye. So, I can’t really complain that much.
      And can the clique be stopped? But of course my dear manbearpigAlGore who invented the internet AND global warming. They ARE being defeated. It’s just not being televised. People are unplugging every day. They are fed up with it down around here. The government trolls are out in force, and it’s so much fun to root them out. People are starting to figure out that they’ve been lied to by everyone they trusted. They are angry, and justifiably so. But I don’t see violence happening. I see people just making their own way, one that isn’t controlled by the minions of the darkness.
      These rulers have always been wrong in their assumptions. One thing I’ve noticed about history is that most of those geniuses they laud were actually idiots. Though it’s true the people weren’t that much better. But I think this time, the people over-all are just a little bit smarter than those inbreds in charge. All that eugenic breeding for superiority has produced too many crazies for them to really maintain any semblance of control. At any rate, what else have we got to do with our time that could possibly be better spent than by spending it on our own little paths towards personal liberty? All it takes is for one of them to hit the bullseye. Or a bunch of them to hit the outer rings. The emperor not only hasn’t any clothes, but the weather’s chilly and the shrinkage is great; and that shade of blue on it can’t possibly be healthy. The internet is a double-edged sword and I think they grabbed the wrong end of it. Of course, I could be wrong. But I don’t think so. I think they’re scared of us more than their buddies and rivals.

      • manbearpig says:

        Have you seen Interstellar by Christopher Nolan? Watched it once distractedly (was trying to do a translation at the same time) and at the time I was struck by how irritating mathew mcconaughey’s character is in that film (I’d liked his persona in the feel-good propaganda piece the Dallas Buyer’s Club) and also by how stupid the ending with his daughter and the rest was.

        But, as it turns out, that was because I wasn’t paying attention and with Nolan you have to really pay attention.

        there’s perhaps an NDE dimension to it that changes everything…

        and actually, the same goes for Inception; I was so busy trying to keep track of the various levels of consciousness that I missed the forest for the trees – maybe Cotillard’s character was not at all what she appears to be…?

        cinemascope, lifescapes… I miss so much… so hard to get the panoramic picture in 5D… through the wire bars of the hamsterwheel…

        Oh, and poultry can be so peremptory…so good luck with that…

        • wingsuitfreak says:

          I confess I have seen none of those movies. I’m even further behind in movies than I am in my video list! Though my next movie purchase (I never go to theaters nor do I own a tv) is the classic Toxic Avenger Box DVD set. Melvin is the ultimate superhero! But I have wanted to see Inception. The problem has been that there is a series of religious movies with similar titles and I got confused on the titles.
          And on the movie themes, I confess I usually watch them for the acting and plot. So many times I’ve completely missed their more sophisticated meanings that I feel quite stupid in this regard. I usually don’t have the same problem with books, but then again, I grew up as a voracious reader. Though I have to admit I rarely read anymore for pleasure. So little time, so much to do! And only this moment in time to experience it all. Death is such a great inspiration to get things done. I have always wondered why people view it as such a negative thing. Without it, we would never do anything at all.
          And I’m getting ready to face the chickens now. Hopefully, my sacrifice of the seed will appease them. One never knows what will provoke the evil eye from a game cock. 🙂

  4. Truth seeker says:

    I think there are many reasons they want NWO:
    1. Power
    2. Reserve currencies only last 80 to 110 years so by doing a one world currency they wont have to constanly worry about it failing.

    3. Need to go totalitarian since there are more alternative to debt based fiat currency i.e. blockchain
    4. As India, Russia, Brazil, China, members of Brics, emerge economically they will require more resources so NWO will be needed to provide resources i.e taking land by perhaps using geo engineering to take land or using vaccines to thin out the population.Currently US is 5 percent of population, but uses around one fourth of the worlds resources. How can that continue with rising Brics?
    5. China or asia is viewed as better workers since they dont have unions and workers rights. They are viewed as more obedient workers. Hence, the globalists are trying to destroy europe and west through massive immigration, but maasive immigration isnt happening in asia. They dont need to destroy asia because culturally asians respect authority more.
    6. They probably view that countries will fight for limited resources, but with NWO, they will cooperate for resources.
    7. As robots and AI take more and more jobs, totalitarian will be used to control unemployed masses.Perhaps this is why they want to go trans humanism so people can compete in a world of AI and robots.
    Not looking forward to NWO……….

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Close to the 3 minute mark

    James Corbett says: “What kind of conflict would World War 3 look like and are we living through it already?”

    • manbearpig says:

      Yup he did.

      And we are of course.

      The eugenistic social sifting through corporate globalism,

      genocide through what appears to be problems of distribution leading to famine disease, desertification etc.,

      poisoning of the environment: endocrine disruptors, geo-engineering, gmos,

      the media assault poisoning the minds, the normalization of fear, rape, murder, violence,

      the putrification of flesh, the sublimization of cold metal

      and of course, the monolithic rumbling so faint and omnipresent that it seems drowned in the screeching cacophony of chaos: the agonizing groan of the planetary paradigm shift to a single transparent ambiant connected and controlled entity:

      the WWWOMB:

      the World Wide Web of Minds in Blockchain.

      (what l’Engle called IT).

      Or maybe I’m just technophobic.

      D’ya think there are hamsterwheels on the dark side of the moon?

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