Interview 1297 - James Corbett on the Innerverse Podcast

09/02/201722 Comments

In this wide-ranging conversation, James Corbett appears on the Innerverse podcasst to discuss his background in writing and literature, finding the signal in the noise of information overload, the drive to dig deeper rather than settle for consensus reality, how to share conspiracy facts with those around you, epistemological humility, pathocracy, and decentralization as the only way forward. Oh, and he also answers the question of life, the universe, and everything while he's at it.


How Big Oil Conquered the World

Dr. Bill Pepper on The Plot To Kill King

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

The Question Concerning Technology

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  1. Pablo de Boer says:

    Señor James first impression and thoughts on The 9/11 Commission Report around 2006

    Señor James later impression and thoughts on 9/11 Commission after self research

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really enjoyed this interview!
    I loved it!
    It was very uplifting.
    The personal perspectives, attitudes, deep seated beliefs and ideas…this type of communication… …this was better than sex. And I really like sex.

  3. doublek321 says:

    To the Innerverse guy – can I make a friendly suggestion that you put the advertising stuff at the end of the podcast? For people who don’t know you (I’m one of them), I’d rather hear your interview first before deciding if I want to donate, subscribe, rate 5*s, etc. I’m sure you’re going to be very good btw because I have a lot of faith in James Corbett but I still think the right move is to let people get a taste of your work before asking for loyalty.

    Also, I want to point out that James’ website is completely free (not the $1 per month you mentioned). I think the only difference is that only people who donate at least $1 per month are allowed to comment on his website. Also, for the record, you mispronounced James’ last name (it rhymes with “orbit”).

    • innerverse says:

      That’s not bad advice, I think at the stage of development I’m at, that makes a lot of sense actually. Thanks for checking out the show! And I’ll pronounce Corbett correctly from here on out 😀

  4. nosoapradio says:

    Um. It IS about YOU mister Corbett. It IS! It’s about YOU!! And it IS about ME too. And it’s about BuddahForce and Mkey, and HomeRemedySupply and WingsuitFreak and John O; and John K. and Pablo de Boer and Voltaic Dude and Mohawk man and Kirsten.r and Bart Houkes and doubleK321 and MINNIE and Alexander! and Erichard and Richard.m and OrendaReview and Mammique…and everyone else I’ve forgotten in my drunken stupor…

    It’s about each of us separately and all of us together (which is different from Individualism or collectivism.)

    (I’ll be passing the hat for a small donation after this)

    Seriously. There was a great robbery. Religion and original sin stole each person’s Self respect and self esteem and it’s the greatest hold up that’s ever occurred in the history of humanity. And my parents were TOTAL atheists but it’s utterly infused into our culture. And they were under its boot too…though they would certainly deny it…

    If we could just get that back… confidence and respect for our own essence, abilities, ideas, desires, projects… the quicker we could accord it to others… even to the guy who stole our parking spot…(preaching to the infinitely superior choir)

    So YEA! It IS about YOU Mister Corbett. And thank HEAVENS it is.

    By the way, I was wondering…

    Has your family looked at your work? Did they agree with it from the outset? Have you managed to convince anyone in your close entourage? Do any disagree? Just wondering.

    This site is SO valuable to me.

    Even if I have trouble finishing my translations on time…

    • nosoapradio says:


      Then again maybe original sin is just the cultural manifestation of something inherent to the human essence, The expression of some sort of essential unadulterated self-revulsion – the bipolar thing again where an oscillation between the primal forces of self-love and self-hate guarantee movement. and the trick is to harnass that movement towards Something constructive.


      I had a very dear friend who tried to explain to me one day in a very articulate and savant way that everything got screwed up for humanity some time before Plato…

      it went Something to the effect of: we went from a paradigm of Everything AND Nothing to a paradigm of Everything OR Nothing…

      Pearls before swine… I can’t remember what it was…

      I wish I could …remember who it was…the Pre-Plato philosopher…Parmenides?? or something like that…some time before Plato, human civilisation embarked down the wrong path…the path to self-destruction abandoning the path of self-fulfillment…

      My friend was by far the most creative and energetic person I ever knew – an Italian married to a German woman and their two gorgeous children spoke five languages easily before the age of 20, the leading expert today in the Commedia dell’arte, makes leather masks, writes plays, draws and paints, sews, builds things, can do saltos at age 70, reads history and philosophy voraciously…embraces humanity in its entirety, ferociously mocking and fervently honouring all men and women…

      Everybody was both Everything and Nothing…

      He had no religion. Except for Pasta.

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        Maybe not swine, I think you are at least a man-bear-pig! The original sin concept is perhaps better explained through the notion of dualism. The fruit eaten by Eve (those pesky women!) was of the knowledge of good and evil. We began to judge if things were good or bad. This is a continuous theme throughout the 66 books of the bible. 67 if you count Dante’s Inferno where all the christians get their hell. It is when we begin to judge that we suffer. When we feel we lack, we suffer. When we insist that others follow our own inadequate understandings of what is correct or incorrect. One of the big themes of the bible is that we started out happy, then we learned that certain things were bad (nudity), this loss of innocence led to all the crazy stuff in the rest of the old testament books. Then this guy came along and said, Just love each other, lay down your cross, stop judging others, and it’ll all be okay. So they killed him. This is a horrible explanation, but it can’t be explained anyway. It’s something that must be experienced. I’ve only had a few seconds of it in my own life, so I am hardly an expert. Sounds like you were lucky with having that friend.

        • nosoapradio says:

          A man-bear-pig!!?


          That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!!

          Yes. It’s when you start to judge that a sort of uncomfortable sensation starts creeping in…

          and Yes. Alberto is certainly the person who has had the most-longstanding spectacularly positive effect on me. I owe him a lot.

          Thank you again for your non-expert interest, insights and opinions.

          now that you mention it… maybe dualism was the problem Alberto was describing…whatever it was it pre-dated the great Pacifist by a few hundred years I believe…

          so many questions and no time for answers…

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            Why you’re welcome. I knew that episode of watching SouthPark would prove worthwhile one day. While I think we can credit the Hindus for the concept, as they believed dualism was formed at the instant of creation, I would like to offer you a little brain teaser along these lines from the pre-socratic greeks. The YouBoob channel “Academy of Ideas”, a philosophy channel, has an interesting video called “Introduction to Parminedes”. He addresses this dualism by rationalizing it does not exist. Sort of. It’s well worth the time spent. Sometimes I wish I had majored in Philosophy; though I have found nothing which serves me better than Stoicism to date.

            • nosoapradio says:

              I truly will look at it as soon as I’ve finished with the French National Assembly.

              I’m certain that it will effect a profound transformation in me

              and to celebrate my transcendence to this new future state

              I believe I will change my moniker abandoning


              to become the eminently enlightened


              (there are no copyright royalties involved???)

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Well, it was the name given to Al Gore in SouthPark. I think they were mocking global simmering. But, I think the name would choose you over him any day of the week. After all, what name would want to belong to that windbag? Even though he did invent the internet and global warming! Good luck with anything involved with French Government! I studied the French Revolution for one quarter and finished it knowing far less about France than before I started. It’s not just the cooking that gets complicated with them.

            • nosoapradio says:

              Brain fried from unfinished translation marathon, I decided to “relax” by listening to your 12-minute Parmenides link.

              Well I just finished and it’s very succinct and very clearly presented.

              Perhaps Parmenides’ theories of an unmoving, unchanging universe where there is one unified reality that has never begun and will never end and where nothingness cannot exist

              is not so antagonistic to the sensibilities of other ancient philosophers irritated by the fact that it contradicts the clearly observable facts of motion, birth, change and death

              if in fact he’s describing a fraction of a fraction of a nanosecond in time.

              Or Perhaps even Parmenides reasoned perfectly correctly but at a time when the notion of time had not been sufficiently developed. Perhaps with the notion of time factored out he’s right – there is no birth death or change beginning or end.

              anyhow, I hope I’ll actually take time to watch some of the other videos in this series.

              At least so I can confirm my suspicion that I’m in no way a stoic. Especially concerning excessively intense and extended periods of intellectual activity….

              take care and see ya ’round the campus as my dad used to say…

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                Glad you enjoyed it. I’m easing off a break myself. By the way, though not included in that channel, there is a video called “The Most Savage Philosopher of All Time”. It’s about this lovely chap named Diogenes. While I aspire to Marcus and his Stoicism, I have to admit I’m a lot closer to Diogenes. A really swell guy. By the way, love your new name.

              • manbearpig says:

                So, from the 12-minute Diogenes video:

                Diogenes’ precepts are exploitable to me insofar as I try to minimize the effects of external factors on my general mood: those external factors being the weather, the day of the week and the state of my bank account.

                I try to counter the powerful effects of the three above-mentioned external influences on my well-being (not always easy) by seeking gratifying inner stimulation and enjoying people’s company, my cats and nature.

                Otherwise, if my mood and mental well-being are dictated solely by external factors, I’ve relinquished my humanity.

                So owning my fate in that respect.

                However I have accepted to be socialized and must suffer the displeasures of such socializing (most notably monday mornings and paying taxes) which allows me by contrast to enjoy the warm sun and the cool water…

                Gotta run…Al Gore just showed up…

              • manbearpig says:

                Do you mean that stoicism has served you in the form of the principles described in the video linked below?


                Diogenes doesn’t sound like much fun. Well maybe he’s more fun than a self-immolating monk.

                Or maybe that’s my cognitive bias speaking as I much prefer to live with cats.

                except for Schrödinger’s cat…

                How ’bout Parmenides and Heisenberg in the same room?…talk about uncertainty…

              • wingsuitfreak says:

                They had a pretty good definition of stoicism in that video. Nearly the entirety of my stoic thought was born from the pages of Marcus’ Meditations. The George Long translation. I was introduced to it by one of my history professors in the mid-90s and still learn from it today. It’s one of my top 4 must have books and I’d hate to try and rank any of them over the others.
                I loved the video on Diogenes, it was as if I were watching a redneck version of Marcus. Which I can relate to actually being a lot easier than I could imagine being Marcus; though I do try to emulate Marcus. I just do a crappy job of it. Enjoy the weekend, Ive got to start cleaning up the place now that I’ve soaked up some air=conditioning! Jim, who slept right through yet another hurricane in Florida.

  5. wingsuitfreak says:

    Just a few scribbles of observation here. I don’t really see those people who didn’t see the chemtrail planes as being victims of cognitive dissonance in that instance. Really, planes are so common today that we don’t see them anymore than we see the billboards on the side of the road. I do agree that, barring a nuclear war, we are heading towards anarchy. I think that is why things seem to be speeding up so much lately. The old Hail Mary Pass is their only chance, and it’s a pretty slim one.
    I think that more people are aware than what we (myself included) give them credit for being. No one is surprised today that 9/11 was an inside job. They all pretty much know this, it was even part of prez chump’s selection rhetoric. The main problem is that it leaves most people with an indefinable enemy, one that they can’t really comprehend. After all, just what does this government guy look like? If I ever see him, I’ll tell you what! But I think we’ll get there. And sorry Mr. Corbett, though I truly enjoyed this podcast, sex is still better. But it was a lot closer to it than most things in my life.

  6. beadbud5000 says:

    Liking this interview. Eugenics is disturbing so I look forward to your project. Great discussion!

  7. scpat says:

    My two cents on the interview:

    – Chance has a sharp mind and is a deep thinker. I found the conversation to be mentally stimulating.

    – I recoiled a bit when he mentioned chem trails. Speculating blindly like that doesn’t look good for his credibility on other subjects. Planes circling around a large gathering of people on the day of a rare solar eclipse is not all that unusual. Seems more likely it was a media plane taking video footage for a news story.

  8. mgriffin says:

    Pessimist that I am, I am less inclined to believe in the inevitability of a peaceful, decentralized society. Even if the claims of magneto-neural thought control are ‘irrationally exuberant’ or planted misdirection, the simple ability of technology to produce a constant state of anger, apathy, excitement, etc. would be sufficient to destabilize any efforts or ‘natural’ inclinations in that direction.

  9. generalbottlewasher says:

    Dear Mr.Corbett, what a refreshing look behind the consciousness curtain. I hope for all this knowledge is that you don’t become the Cassandra of the post awaking world. Im completely worn down by the information you speak of, however I don’t flee from it as most people I’ve shared this kind of information with.Im flawed in believing too quickly and emotionally bias in checking and reading too slowly to validate. I have a book in que about Dorothy Parker who was the American Cassandra in the late 1920s. From the little I gained from bits and pieces I can see some similarities in her motivations to speak out about pre-WW2,Fascism and Euro-American relations and your motivations. Brave stuff in light of what can and did happen to the credible “flies” in the proverbial ointment. It may be no comparison at all and a total fluff piece. Maybe closer to the chicken little tale. Just can’t read fast enough, but however slow I am, I do know James Corbett is a brilliant wordsmith,diligent ethical researcher and capable communicator. When will we see that book you have sat on for far to long? Get cracked those kids need new shoes and we need to know how those sick eugenicists rule our everyday lives. Now Im going back to vacationing and watching the spraying of the south Michigan skies with milky pinkish vapor sheit .

  10. brian.s says:

    The self-definition from which we act or indeed react, is an implicit ‘father’, cause or source from which all else then proceeds. So the core beliefs and definitions as to who I am/we are/life is/reality is are not philosophical or metaphysical constructs of a conscious acceptance or articulation but are articulating and determining the nature of the consciousness or reality experience running IN PLACE OF conscious acceptance.

    Acceptance of true sourced cause or ‘father’ is alignment in unified or integrated wholeness – where the wish or a tempt to a PERSONAL ‘creation’ or meaning-agenda is inherently a conflicted usurpation in image and concept running as a matrix-mind-experience of subjectivity as if OVER life/reality and thus open to the experience of subjection under the ‘blowback’ or reaction to one’s own coercive distortions.

    Caring – can mean the extension and sharing in true worth – love’s recognition (Self – or Love of God as one with love of another as oneself). Caring can also mean personal investment; ‘skin in the game’ where identification of power or subjection in the perception of others offers reinforcement value/validation for our own personality construct/assertion.

    Psychopath seems to be gaining acceptance as legitimate and casual currency for ‘Them’ which relieves those who use it from opening or exploring the mind/definitions/beliefs or conditionings that are embodied in social engineering, mind-capture and the exchange of conscious acceptance of creation for an unconscious private gratification/hell. For self-inflation is the condition that sets up the ‘Fall’ – and the self that can be inflated is always imaged symbol and not the true of You – which remains available to your welcome and acceptance subject only to the release of giving priority to the false.
    Maintaining a ‘false’ sense of self and world is the nature of an agreement to divide and rule out (exclude) love’s awareness now – where love is undivided or indivisible being – and not the masking layer of manipulative disguise upon a focus within rejection and exclusion – a tempting to ‘create’ independently.
    Navigating within Life as discernment is not fear-driven agenda but is willingness to put aside or pause of any such itch or reaction so as to actually receive connection/communication rather than presume to own or control communication from a false sense of associations accepted as if actual connection – because it ticks our boxes (reinforces ongoing and often unconscious identification).

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