Interview 1294 - James Corbett on Declare Your Independence

08/24/20178 Comments

James joins Ernest Hancock on "Declare Your Independence" for their bi-monthly round-up of stories from across The Corbett Report universe. This time they discuss how everything old is new again as all the things James has been documenting for years finally starts to reach the public consciousness.

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It Begins: Canadian Gov Rolls Out Points To Reward Good Citizens

The Library of Babel – FLNWO #27

Purge Begins: Cloudflare Terminates Service to Cody Wilson’s GhostGunner Website

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  1. scpat says:

    This guy reminded me of a cartoon character, almost like something out of Alice in Wonderland. His style grew on me as the podcast went on though.

  2. nosoapradio says:

    silly midnight reflections on ernest hancock’s independence interview with Mr Corbett:

    In general, all the dystopian ideas: the gamification of society, mass surveillance in a world where people strive to exist by being on reality shows, voyeurism, brain/computer interfaces, driverless cars, the smart society are all being sold as dystopias in the perfect knowledge that, somewhere, somehow, the people want it. Predictive programming…

    We’ll be better people? Game theory and being gamed…A professional resumé: Carnegie Mellon, Bell, Walt Disney and Pennsylvania (Tavistock?) Jesse Schell’s a game designer: the gaming of society is an inevitability that is positive for him. He says it’s gotta come like Zuckerberg says privacy’s obsolete. It’s just a fact whether you like it or not… and why shouldn’t they like it?. Yea, he’s drunk the kool-aid…

    Reward points have arrived in my french town for the massive public transport system (along with Agenda 21). When is Mr Corbett coming to a town near me?

    In the Canadian Carrot Rewards app, that I show to my students regularly now, the flu shot is mentioned at least 6 times, visually and by audio before two-thirds of the video have passed. Except maybe for the word “points” or “rewards” nothing else is mentioned as often. Imagine “Gardasil” or the Hepatitus B shot being mentioned as often, and subliminally in such an app. For Rewards!

    The diluted intellectualism of an infinite Library that leads virtually nowhere…with only point winning trivia quiz games keeping it relevant in a world disenchanted with profoundly contextualized and understood knowledge…and IT jargon replacing what used to be real language used for real communication for ten pages…

    Ernest Hancock makes me think of Lionel…

    eeeeeeek no more time to sleep…

  3. wingsuitfreak says:

    While I know that is probably just Ernest’s radio personality, I spent the majority of my time listening laughing at the monumental differences in style. I could just see James cringing at some of what he was saying. Having said that, I liked Ernest’s style and felt that this really helped expand his and James’ market by introducing two completely different audiences to each other. It was a hoot as we tend to say down here in the warmer parts of the US of Anarchy. Jim

  4. jckays says:

    As for 1294 … so sorry James, I love your “style” but as for this other guy, forget it!

    I could only listen for a short while and was compelled to comment here and go elsewhere.

  5. wingsuitfreak says:

    Thought I’d post this little gem here. It has nothing to do with the subject, but for those of you interested in government not needing any stinkin’ warrants, you might find this interesting. Out of Activist Post:

  6. marvin says:

    Re: the Library of Babel
    a. thank you that was very informative
    b. the true guidepost, which anyone can access to sort out information overload is physical reality check. One way is to triangulate bits and pieces of personal experience to determine that information is a lie
    c. reality check comes at the small community level as each of us use our skills to create the life we want and generate the wealth we need. This is another reason why small self sufficient community development is the answer: we touch reality each day as a check on our work and generally dont need cell phones, googles, NSA, the internet of things, which instead are used to ensnare the city dwellers who live in vicarious reality.
    d. as a scientist I am kind of sad to see the end of science (the low hanging fruit was picked 50-100 years ago now just idiotically trivial relationships are “researched” as “science”). But the skills of a scientist-philosoph are needed more than ever in this new world. The last dark ages was exited via the scientific method and this new emerging dark age requires similar philosoph scientist-like mind to survive and prosper regarding the info overload.

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