Interview 1278 - James Corbett on Resistance Without Anger

05/30/201742 Comments

via Can we have resistance without anger and anarchy without chaos? With A.I. technology like Watson, even lawyers are about to be obsolete. How can we possibly know what we want to be when we grow up, if we don't know what is possible in our future?

While You Weren’t Looking the Globalists Just Passed A MAJOR Trade Deal

Trump Defiles the Sanctity of Government, and It Drives the Center-Left Mad

What Are You Going To Be When You Grow Up?

Adam Curtis documentary about central planning

P2P Solutions: An Open Source Investigation

Red Pill Expo

Open Mind Conference

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Many of Corbett’s episodes and articles tie in well to this road we are now upon. A profound favorite of mine is this 5 minute video Economics in One Image.

    I kid you not…
    I, Pencil is extremely enlightening and in a beautiful, aesthetic, high wavelength way.
    I recommend listening to the audio in order to capture the beautiful explanation of the miracle of the “invisible hand”.

    I, Pencil LINK –

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Solutions. I hear ya! Create and find communities.

    On my very, very small, poverty area, rental duplex parcel, I am growing all kinds of stuff… tomatoes, peppers, greens, turnip greens, collard greens, brussel sprouts, Stevia, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, horsetail, Black Seed, Mucuna Pruriens (L-dopa), Tulsi (Holy Basil), Ashwagandha, Peppermint, turmeric, ginger, peanuts, alfalfa, Flax, Chia, celery, bamboo, peach tree, apple tree, pomegranate tree, olive trees (for the leaves), Goji Berry, water melon, cantaloupe, cucumber, pumpkin, (cuttings for other or more trees such as apricot willow pomegranate apple), and a host of other plants such as morning glories, etc.

    Like I said, I live in a low end poverty rental area. My place even has concrete floors, except for the kitchen.
    Across the street, in a two bedroom duplex live a Hispanic family with an unknown number of kids because the quantity is so high. The adults do not speak English. ha!…the kids will sometimes play “La Migra” and ‘capture’ another kid and pretend to interrogate him like Immigration.
    Anyway, when I first moved in while working in the yard, I overheard one of the kids talking to his friends about “the pasty gringo viejo guero” in a prejudicial way. So, I went to the Dollar store and bought a dozen foam swords and some bubble-soap makers. Then one day, I walked over and rang the doorbell, telling Mama that these were left over from my grandson’s birthday party. Does she want them?
    5 minutes later about a dozen kids come pouring out of the house do the sword fight thing. The girls with the bubbles. The kids and I get along great now.

    Yesterday, I am in the yard and a guy is jogging in the heat was coming by. I said: “Man! Are you industrious!” He confided in me that he was trying to detox from Adderall because it turned him into jello. I fixed him up with some supplements & herbs and protocol.

    Yesterday, I ended up sending “How Big Oil Conquered the World” and Chemtrail links to my son and to my granddaughter who recently had friends asking about aspects of these.

    I like participating and interacting with people.

    • mkey says:

      Are you doing any hydroponics?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        No. No hydroponics (nor mosquito breeders). Just plain soil. But sometimes I amend it with compost, greensand, lava sand, molasses compost tea… and homemade bug sprays, etc. It depends upon what I am doing on how much effort I put into things. Celery – After I chop the butt off, I go out and stick it in moist ground. Then it grows.
        I have some books on organic gardening like Howard Garret, the Dirt Doctor, or Malcolm Beck. Did a lot of study on it. Went to trade shows for buyers. Howard Garrett’s newsletter is great. He helped in the Dallas Fluoride fight and it caused a big stir.

        Once, (2004) I almost got into being a self-employed entrepreneur “home delivery” business for organic gardening products, natural pest control, health stuff, and related…hence my name HomeRemedySupply. The two car garage was packed with inventory and I was just about to launch the website. My wife suddenly changed the rules about the garage and me working from home. So that venture died.
        (I am no longer married.)

        Actually, I don’t get too worried about gardening…plants may live or they may die. Plants can be grown again. It is fun to try stuff. This evening a family drove by as I was in the yard. They are doing guerilla gardening at their apartment complex. I told them that they could dig up certain plants of mine which they could use.

        My blackberries are fruiting. The rabbits and I ate the blueberries. (I finally hooked up an electric “fence’ for the bunnies.)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        My soil. They call it “Black Gumbo”, a sticky black clay. Actually, it is technically “Vertisol”. Over time the underlying white limestone (calcium carbonate) breaks down and the dark black vertisol soils are born. It holds nutrients and water very well. They used to grow cotton as a cash crop in these parts because of the soil.

        Greenville, TX (east of me about 50 miles)
        Until the early 60’s or late 50’s…
        Banner over Main Street read “Greenville Welcome – The Blackest Land – The Whitest People

        East Texas and West Texas are two different breeds.
        East Texas has the flavor of “To Kill a Mockingbird” storyline.
        West Texas is more Cowboy and rattlesnake round-ups (which are fun).
        I have lived in many areas of Texas.

        Deep East Texas – As a kid, before integration, I rode my bike downtown to watch the free Saturday early afternoon movies with a milk carton top. I had to go pee before the movie theatre opened. The courthouse on the square was there. The “Colored Restrooms” were outside the courthouse in kind of a basement level. I went in there, but was scared that the old white men sitting on a nearby bench might yell at me.

        • mkey says:

          I like sharing valuable stuff.

          You know, there are various flavors of hydroponics. One doesn’t need a pool of water to do it. I’d like to get into stuff like that, but staying in a building has its shortfalls.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I hear ya.
            We do what we can with the resources at hand.

            I would love to have the time and resources and space to do the permaculture David Blume type scenario.

            I feel like this pathway is one of the ultimate Voluntaryist solutions towards a freeman’s currency, a freeman’s energy source, a freeman’s method to grow organic food and pest control, a community economy or catallaxy, etc.
            AND it will help take down Big Oil.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            MOONSHINE – A freeman’s solution
            Alcohol can run your car.
            The cost per gallon can range from 40 cents to $1.50.
            Here is an average guy who made a still which produces about 100 gallons a day.

            An anecdote which is currently being done on a large and also a small scale:
            During the distillation process of alcohol production CO2 is given off. This can be fed into a greenhouse to accelerate the growth of plants and to also kill off the bugs. (Note: Greenhouses sometimes will purchase a CO2 machine for this purpose.) The mash left over from the alcohol production can be fed to fish, which in turn can be sold commercially. The fish poop can be used to fertilize the greenhouse plants.

            Corn may only get 250 gallons of MOONSHINE an acre, but cattails could get 10,000 gallons an acre.
            Watch 5 minutes.
            …and continued here…

            • mkey says:

              Lets also remember James talked about alcohol fuel in his seminal “How Big Oil Conquered the World” and the way the technology had been shut down at the time, even if it was economically viable and could be produced locally, something on which really can’t put a price tag.

              I wonder how would the world look like today had a different direction been taken at that crossroad.

            • mkey says:

              I liked many of the concepts Blume presented. He called it really well on the fracking business, even if I’ll hold some reservations over his political analysis of the oil industry.

              Either way, it’s insane how much possible progress is being held back.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            MOONSHINE is a viable, cheap energy solution which aligns extremely well…
            …with the philosophies of agorism/anarchism,
            …with facilitating alternative independent scrip currency,
            …with organic food production,
            …with increasing food production (plants, livestock, fish),
            …with destroying the oil industry and also destroying companies like Monsanto,
            …with cleaning up the air (it cleans pollutants out of the air when one drives their car) and also inhibits pollution of oceans/rivers,
            …with natural pest control,
            …and many more benefits.

            Here David Blume gives an agoristic/anarchist approach to ending the petro-dollar.

  3. @rvanstel says:

    Can we all remind James to post his content on and as well, please!

  4. dreadeutsch says:

    If lawyers had become obsolete two hundred years ago, we might have avoided all this trouble with government!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Reminds me of Shakespeare.
      We’ll get “Dick, the Butcher”.
      He will know what to do.
      “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

  5. pa.m says:

    Hi James,
    Your connected discussion with Freeman is just wonderfull. The way we have to unite trought similar topics, like bankers and exopolitics, i mean black special spatial programs, for exemple… 🙂
    Would Sibel E. agree to introduce also such references as E-T’s, bloodlines, black magic, and secret armies, darpa and C°?

  6. danmanultra says:

    Great interview! And thanks for the words about the Left losing their minds over Trump. It only makes sense: if your religion is government, then I guess you would be pretty upset when the “devil” takes over. Never mind the fact that devils were already in charge though…

  7. PeaceFroggs says:

    Enjoyed the interview, and I agree with the solution provided, which is being as self sufficient as humanly possible at the individual level, and reaching out to like minded people, but of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t nitpik a little, so here goes…

    As far as “what did you want to be when you grow up question”, it’s really just a question to get young people thinking about their future, the fact that most of us didn’t become what we aspired to when we were children proves that the system works, and it also proves it’s not about micromanaging our lives, because new technology bring about new opportunities. Life is in constant flux, organized chaos if you will, that’s life in a nut shell, and no “Watson Computer” can predict in what direction what new invention(s) may take us.

    Now, I like you James, so please don’t take this personally Ok, but I need to point to the fact that the Internet (which was a Pentagon government invention) coupled with Personal Computers Like IBM Bill Gates (corporations) led to the development of broadband connections (high speed telecom companies) which led to the evolution of video software (sites like YouTube) and commerce sites like pay-pal, were all stepping stones in the technological evolutionary process that helped you become the popular independent, listener-supported, alternative news person known as the Corbett

    Now, to be 100% clear, I do not trust government whatsoever and never will, I just so happen to believe that we (the populace), that it is our duty to be vigilant and fight every single injustices and point them out!

    For example, I have no doubt in my mind, that Monsanto’s ultimate goal is to prevent people from become self sufficient in regards to gardening, we need to expose them and stop them from limiting the seed supply, and use the legal system that we have in order to fight them in court if need be.

    We need to make sure that our food is properly labeled, I believe this is a human right, this way, people can make an educated choice when shopping for their food, and if people prefer GMO food, then so be it, guess I’ll just have to grow my own or pay more for non-GMO.

    Anyway, my point is that I believe we need government, free speech and the rule of law (courts) in order to right the wrongs, and yes I’m a socialist.

    • herrqlys says:

      Grow your own food. It’s like printing your own currency.

      • PeaceFroggs says:

        Hey herrqlys,

        I do have a small garden in the backyard. I live in the city, so needless to say its a fairly small garden (25′ x 15′). We do have a community garden nearby the public park, but I haven’t taken advantage of it yet.

        Given this is Canada, our growing season is a little short. Some of the food that is grown is canned or bottled for later, but most of the food is eaten before American Thanksgiving, but its a start I guess, until I can move in the countryside and grow a bigger garden. If big enough, I may just sell some of the food at the local farmers market, who knows.

  8. irene.b says:

    The human being is naturally sociable, so why do we become unsociable (or worse)?
    We learn as children from treatment by parents and schools.
    Schools actually prevent children from cooperating, conversing, etc, by repressing, forcing and imprisoning.
    There are schools that dont do this (have a look at Sudbury Valley School on Youtube). In spite of real freedom, the children all learn the 3Rs when they are ready, but they also learn confidence, social skills and to follow their own interests as well. Brilliant! Do have a look. Also see Prof. Peter Gray, and J.T.Gatto.

    • herrqlys says:

      Schooling for children is necessary to collate the blizzard of information available in the modern world. Whether it be public school, private school, or home school.

      The problem facing educators, as I see it, is that children learn at different rates, and do so under many different factors and stresses. Just as is displayed by the differences in physical development rates. A grouping by age (class year) does partially address the reality, but it’s still essentially a one-size fits-all approach. The damage to self-esteem for “slow” learners can last a lifetime.

      If education was really about getting children to be all they can be (thankfully, many teachers do try), instead of a factory curriculum to indoctrinate future workers/voters, then there would be many more alternative schooling methods than there are.

      My brother, almost too late in his education, was diagnosed as being dyslexic. He had failed to find school academically interesting in large part, and concentrated on sports where he could find personal success. Fortunately he later met a woman who believed in him, and they married. Given motivation and support he got a university degree in Education, and taught math (dyslexia didn’t extend to this mental faculty). He then got his Masters. He also became a member of Mensa. How many others weren’t as fortunate?

  9. Pablo de Boer says:

    Hola aloha herrqlys,

    This is an interesting podcast on schooling produced by señor James and broadcast in the end of world Mayan year 2012.

    Stay Out of School (video)

    Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
    — Albert Einstein —


    Pablo de Boer

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      American History Textbooks’ Lies: Everything Your Teacher Got Wrong – Myths, Education (1995).

      Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is a 1995 book by sociologist James W. Loewen.

      It critically examines twelve American history textbooks and concludes that textbook authors propagate factually false, Eurocentric, and mythologized views of history. In addition to critiquing the dominant historical themes presented in textbooks, Loewen presents a number of his own historical themes that he says are ignored by traditional history textbooks. A newly revised and updated hardcover edition was released on April 1, 2008. The New Press lists Lies My Teacher Told Me as its top all-time bestseller.

      In Lies My Teacher Told Me, Loewen criticizes modern American history textbooks for containing incorrect information about people and events such as Christopher Columbus, the lies and inaccuracies in the history books regarding the dealings between the Europeans and the Native Americans, and their often deceptive and inaccurate teachings told about America’s commerce in slavery. He further criticizes the texts for a tendency to avoid controversy and for their “bland” and simplistic style. He proposes that when American history textbooks elevate American historical figures to the status of heroes, they unintentionally give students the impression that these figures are superhumans who live in the irretrievable past. In other words, the history-as-myth method teaches students that America’s greatest days have already passed. Loewen asserts that the muting of past clashes and tragedies makes history boring to students, especially groups excluded from the positive histories.

    • danmanultra says:

      Thanks for the link, Pablo. As a homeschooler myself (very blessed for it) I am interested to here from more people about the evils of our school system.

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Con mucho gusto / from my heart dear danmanultra,

        Maybe this is also interesting to expand you knowledge about the brainwashing and dumbing down of children with governmental school as weapon

        Charlotte Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration.

        Ever since, she’s been exposing how educational systems throughout the world have been, gradually and by design, homogenized under UNESCO coordination. The purpose has always been to create a dumbed down, collectivized, easily manageable, global population. That population would easily be transitioned into a new form of government: a world governance system, run on a Soviet type system, for the benefit of the dominant global hierarchy of world bankers and ‘establishment’ families. A global, high-tech, slave plantation, if you will.

        Her book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” is a brilliantly documented exposé on this subject, comprising hundreds of original documents and official statements right from the horse’s mouth: the records of the big banking foundations, and government and UNESCO departments — the institutions that created the blueprint for the worldwide education system that is now in place.

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Eduard Griffin, and + others talking about

          Exposing the Global Road to Ruin Through Education (Part 1 of 3)

        • danmanultra says:

          Well I tell you every time I pass by a school I refer to it as “prison” or “the Indoctrination Station.” I was home schooled and I attend “tutorials” where we were given lessons and assignments once a week. I met plenty of wonderful people that. Of course there are some screwball parents, but I believe most of the families I met have raised intelligent and productive people.

          We did not escape all indoctrination though ( too much has sadly seeped into Christian circles), so I still had to have my “waking up” event, but I feel home schooling was a great foundation to allow that to occur at all. I was taught “how” to think, not “what” to think. True reason and logic are natural cures for the inconsistent tales we are told as children by government/media/corporations.

          Your links show me something that make me very happy: When some people actually look into the lies they are actually moved to uncover the truth for others. Not everyone just turns a blind eye and hides their face.

          • Pablo de Boer says:

            Hola aloha danmanultra,

            My thoughts about schools are the same as yours, principle because I consider them as a mind prison and as a sadistic military boot camp where underage fellow humans are being drilled and trained if they are dogs. I was not home schooled and I lived in Caracas – Venezuela when I went for the first time to the primary school. The name of the school (still) is The British school, founded by the pirates of the Royal Dutch Shell. At that school were only children from foreign parents, not Venezuelan, who worked for Shell or other big multinationals in Venezuela. And all boys had to wear the same clothes, a short and a t-shirt, and the girls also. I had nice classmates and also 2 nice teachers and my 2 teachers gave us lessons in 3 different languages, Spanish, English and also Dutch.

            Later I moved with my parents to Holland and their I attended the VWO (Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs / preuniversity secondary education). I hated the VWO, because a lot of the teachers were not friendly and they taught us, that the pupils at the VWO are better and more intelligent than other children who are not being educated at the VWO. The VWO was for me a kind of educational NWO. A lot of my schoolmates behaved also arrogant just like our teachers. There were also schoolmates who were bullying and tyrannizing other defenseless schoolmates. I found it a truly sickening sight to experience how schoolmates treated other mates in such barbaric manner. Some adults said about this behavior, that’s a part of growing up….. Myself had not such problems , because I always have been a tall person, played rugby, and once somebody tried to bully me, but I untaught him his behavior and I did that in a NWOtic physical manner, so he would never have to repeat this kind of NWOtic behavior against me, otherwise I would teach him the same NWOtic lesson. And these days I would react in the same manner but with one big difference, I will do it now in a Non-violent manner. And most classes except the technical classes, where full of brainwashing mental diarrhea
            After 4 years I had enough of this educational form of stupidity and obedience and my person left the NOWtic VWO and I went to a technical school. There I had a lot of fun, only there were not so much female classmates, only 2 and all the teachers were male adults. One luck with technical classes is, they can’t lie to you, otherwise the construction you design and built will collapse or not work or explode. That’s why I think, that we have to get rid of the pyramid structured system where we now in live and we have to design and built voluntarily a whole new system which supports and feeds us all, where we all are free, where we collaborate voluntarily with each other and without a government and where we all not are obligated to serve the worst, least qualified and most unscrupulous citizens. I self will never ban this kind of fellow humans, the members of the kakistocracy, and I also will never forbid them anything. But I will never help them or support them with accomplishing their goals.

            That’s why I liked at public school more technical lessons than history lessons, because history classes were and still are full of BS . But it is a pity that the power that shouldn’t govern uses the technical progress to kill others, to achieve their selfish goals and to benefit only themselves.

            School Is a Prison For Your Mind

            Saludos y abrazos,

            Pablo de Boer

            • danmanultra says:

              “brainwashing mental diarrhea” is quite a mental image!

              I agree with you on technical training. When I became a high schooler I was lured into going to public school for a year, all thanks to media exposure. TV shows had shown me that it was normal and even fun. Very, very wrong. The only class I can definitively say I learned something was Algebra, because it is a training that explicitly requires the ability to arrive at the correct answer. The rest of my classes were mind-numbing baby sitting sessions.

              After that year I vowed to never return to high school nor advocate for anyone else to attend.

              I believe trade schools and technical schools would be much better and more helpful to people. They are also voluntary as well, which is much better for a human mind. You could choose what you want to learn, and have skills that can transfer into everyday life as well as work.

  10. wattscroft says:

    I come from a long line of dirt farmers and we know how to grow our vegetables. We also know enough history to realize gardening know-how isn’t the half of it. A fractional view: On Sunday 1st April, 1649, Winstanley, William Everard, and a small group of about 30 or 40 men and women started digging and sowing vegetables on the wasteland of St George’s Hill in the parish of Walton. They were mainly labouring men and their families, and they confidently hoped that five thousand others would join them. (90) They sowed the ground with parsnips, carrots, and beans. They also stated that they “intended to plough up the ground and sow it with seed corn”. (91) Research shows that new people joined the community over the next few months. Most of these were local inhabitants. (92)
    Local landowners were very disturbed by these developments. According to one historian, John F. Harrison: “They were repeatedly attacked and beaten; their crops were uprooted, their tools destroyed, and their rough houses.” (93) Oliver Cromwell condemned the actions of the Diggers: “What is the purport of the levelling principle but to make the tenant as liberal a fortune as the landlord. I was by birth a gentleman. You must cut these people in pieces or they will cut you in pieces.” (94)
    Instructions were given for the Diggers to be beaten up and for their houses, crops and tools to be destroyed. These tactics were successful and within a year all the Digger communities in England had been wiped out. A number of Diggers were indicted at the Surrey quarter sessions and five were imprisoned for just over a month in the White Lion prison in Southwark. (95)

    • danmanultra says:

      The fight for freedom is clearly as old as humanity. Thanks for sharing this.

      • wattscroft says:

        Yes, but point being – the Diggers (and the Ranters and the Levellers) made the often-fatal mistake of assuming normal humanity on the parts of the psychopaths in control (the Normans/Khazars/Phonicians) and thought they could resume their pre-feudal pre-Norman overclass lifestyles of fending for and governing themselves. This in spite of knowing the absolute ruthlessness of Cromwell’s methods, as we are just as aware now of our Cromwells. If they had used their spades and pitchforks to better use at that juncture the ruling classes were changing between Charles and Cromwell, things may have turned out a lot different. An end of era like that only happens once in a very long while – like now. The psychopaths learned ages ago not to let us reasonably assume we can get along on our own. Growing vegetables and networking to help our communities are signs not lost on the elites. They count on our inability to imagine the evil they are capable of. Effective resistance doesn’t mean we will be like them. But we have to intelligently process what they are capable of.

        • danmanultra says:

          I believe in today’s world labels are a reason for our general inability to actual measure the actions of individuals, in particular the ruling elite. If Obama had not had a “Democrat” label, then people may have seen him and his regime for what they were. If “Pope” and “Priest” were removed as titles, we would see them for the reprehensible scoundrels they are. We need to see past labels and really pay attention to every person’s/organization’s actions.

  11. nosoapradio says:

    As a wonderful musician by the name of Hubert Mounier once sang:

    “Il n’a plus de drapeau,

    Le Capitaine
    Il n’est plus de ce monde
    Il vit sous les mers les mers
    Il a quitté la ronde
    Il était trop fier trop fier
    Depuis qu’il est parti
    Il défie les rois les rois
    Car l’océan est seul à dicter sa loi sa loi

    Il danse au milieu des vagues
    Le coeur en joie d’avoir jetté les armes
    Et loin des cris et du tonnerre de la guerre
    Le capitaine chante aux fonds des mers
    Il n’a plus de drapeaux
    Que la vie coule à flots

    Quand il a de la peine
    Et besoin d’amour
    Il attend les sirènes
    Et leur fait la cour
    Il a envie de vivre
    Entre leurs bras
    Entre la Mer de Chine et l’île de Java

    Il danse au milieu des vagues
    Le coeur en joie d’avoir jetté les armes
    Et loin des cris et du tonnerre de la guerre
    Le capitaine chante aux fonds des mers
    Il n’a plus de drapeaux
    Que la vie coule à flots

    Les galons en or
    Qu’il a jeté par dessus bord
    N’étaient pour lui que des remords
    De tristes coups d’épées dans l’eau

    Plus rien ne lui fait peur
    Il sait ce qui est beau
    Ses goûts sont ses couleurs
    Il marche sur l’eau
    Même au milieu des tempêtes
    Il n’a pas baissé les bras
    Il se moque bien des fous qui vivent ici-bas

    Il danse au milieu des vagues
    le coeur en joie d’avoir jetté les armes
    Et loin des cris et du tonnerre de la guerre
    Le capitaine chante aux fonds des mers
    Le capitaine chante aux fonds des mers

    -L’Affaire Louis Trio

  12. VoltaicDude says:

    Trump or Hillary? (2016)

    W or Kerry? (2004)

    W or Gore? (2000)

    Seems like either choice in any of these cases would have worked fine for the “powers that shouldn’t be.”

    But: “how can (when should) we insure a ‘stacked’ SCOTUS to better service our central plans?”

    “The Trump Presidency is delegitimizing the government!” – Yes, cultivating cynicism is highly profitable for those in power.
    – SCOTUS – Citizens United decision
    – Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize at beginning of 1st term
    – Rigged Democratic primaries: Sanders loses; Hillary wins (what can she say now?)
    – Saudi Arabia elected to the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission
    – Saudi Arabia heads U.N. Human Rights Commission

    Our “economy” exists. It’s a centrally controlled command economy run by banksters. The macro-level (globalist) “free-market” is entirely a delusional concept. At that level “capitalism” is undifferentiated from “socialism.”

    We currently have only inadequate language to deal with these obscurities, just as in physics unified field theory has not been developed or discovered – same for political economy (frustrating, but I think true, so unfortunate to deny).

    Both are true:
    – Taxation is theft
    – Property is theft

    If analyzed closely Smith’s-Austrian/Chicago School economics (brilliant as they may be in certain ways) are fallacious “technocracies.”

    Likewise, Marxist theory (brilliant as it may be in certain ways) is a type of fallacious technocracy.

    Both make valid observations but are equally susceptible to corruption leading to totalitarianism.

    Meanwhile life goes on – and direct local communities and economies are valid and important goals – succumbing to cynicism, alienation, atomization and partisanship are types suicide.

    Unfortunately, if only pink toothbrushes were all we had to worry about! I’d settle for that.

    But friendship and community is a much better (and more valid) note on which to end.

  13. Pablo de Boer says:

    Wash Your Brain – Hollywood Mind Control (Made by Freeman)

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