Interview 1274 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

05/04/201758 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Russia’s Mir Payment Cards To Give Visa, MasterCard a Run For Their Money
China and Russia Creating Alternate Banking System
China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar
NWNW Flashback: Russia, China In Talks to Make SWIFT Alternative

Story #2: German Soldier Posed As Syrian Refugee In False Flag Terror Plot
Background story: Germany investigating how a soldier falsely registered as a refugee to try and commit a #FalseFlag terror attack
Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

Story #3: Austria Wants To Tax Tweeting, Searching, Liking On The Internet
Indian Government Says Citizens Don't Have Absolute Right Over Their Bodies
13.5 crore Aadhaar accounts compromised
Hundreds Suffer as City Shuts Down Church for Helping the Homeless
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Being In Nature Naturally Makes You Feel Better

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    In reaction to your good news about so many unregistered births in “developing countries” I’m posting a comment I left on Mr Corbett’s Biometric grid open source investigation page. Indeed the well-known fact of so many unregistered births is precisely a prime pretext for instituting biometric birth registration:

    August 9, 2016

    “…Today, in sub-Saharan Africa alone, more than 40 percent of births are unregistered, which means that those people effectively have no access to health, education or other benefits of citizenship…

    …To address the problem, iCivil has developed a comprehensive system to register newborns by way of a unique, personalized identification tag and an accompanying Android-based mobile application…

    …Under the system at birth, a newborn receives from a nurse or a midwife a bracelet which incorporates a patented unique “bubble seal”, accompanied by a QR code, a 2-D barcode that can store digital information, and a serial number.
    Once the bracelet is assigned, the nurse or a midwife can use an Android-based mobile application from iCivil to fill out a questionnaire, which records vital data, including the names of parents and the child, along with the gender of child and other important details…”

    Welcome to Gattaca.

    I’ve always been an incorrigible party pooper.

  2. LenZoo says:

    Concerning the False-Flag-German-Soldier-posing-as-a-Refugee: It is an incredible story, and it is not the first concerning Nazi allegations in the (post WW2) german army. Of course the government is “looking into the matter” and “consequences will follow”, yet every couple of years a new leak or “scandal” shakes the german press for a while until it happens again.
    One thing that also bothers me with this story is… are we being watched in airport restrooms?

  3. LenZoo says:

    I would like to add in connection to False-Flag / False-facts from Germany: The alleged Islamic BVB bombers from 11 April 2017 was supposedly a Russian-German electrician. He bought put options on BVB stocks from the same hotel where the soccer team was staying and where he was staying at the time of the explosions.

    Islamists did it:

    The Russian-German did it:

    The accused denies accusations:

  4. Richard Ran says:

    Hi J&J

    It’s so great that the MSM are somehow pressed to come out with these false flag stories and it would be even greater if both of your shows played a part in that. And I do believe that “the heat is on” for the lamestreamists, but.. there might be something wrong with this particular story. It’s only a hunch, so bare with me for just a second.

    First off, the take home message from this story doesn’t actually stray that far from the usual MSM discourse about refugees (at least in Europe), which is that “only far right racist nut jobs have some grudge against these people.”

    Secondly, isn’t it a tad bit convenient that this German soldier comes gift-wrapped with impeccable Nazi paraphernalia, like this swastika found carved on his gun? One is reminded here of the 9/11 pristine passport story.

    Thirdly, with this kind of thing appearing in the MSM, the normal response would be to distrust this “too good to be true” unveiling of the truth. Why does neither of you express any doubt? Yes, it could be because of alt-media pressure, but it could also be that this story suits the MSM conventional narrative quite nicely, while adding some truth-telling street cred as a bonus.

    So I guess what I’m proposing here, is that some caution might be warranted in this particular case. And trust me when I say that I sincerely hope to be proven absolutely 100% wrong, but this thing seems like a false flag operation (indeed!) in desperate need of being “exposed” by the MSM.

    So a false flag, agreed, but something seems off. Kind of like a “false” false flag or “fake” false flag. Perhaps some gladius of a different kind, I don’t know. In the words of Peter, our friend from Denmark, “does this make any sense to you?”

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

    • mkey says:

      Yes, this seems to fit the typical “shooter” pattern, just the title is a bit different. I’ll get to this a bit later in the day, looks very interesting.

    • LenZoo says:

      Hi Richard,
      I think the term “False Flag” here has a different meaning for the MSM. The way I see it, J&J point to the possibility that the soldier story is linked in the direction of Gladio. The way the MSM sees it, the soldier wanted to stage a terrorist act as a refugee when in reality he is a “Neo-nazi”. These are two different levels of perspeption using the same expression.
      It is the same with the expresssion “fake-news”. MSMs’ view of fake news are sites like these. And “we” see the MSM as fake news.
      It seems the MSM is picking up on the ‘lingo’ trying to be hip.

      • mkey says:

        100% correct.

      • Richard Ran says:

        Hi LenZoo,

        J&J mention Gladio and I agree. I also agree with most of what you say. But it’s the interpretation that might be the issue here. As far as I can tell, the story is presented by J&J as a genuine MSM uncovering (albeit under pressure from the alternative media) of a genuine false flag operation that was originally designed to make the public fear refugees and fall for the US versus THEM clash of civilizations scheme. Perhaps I’m wrong in my perception here, but that’s how it comes across.

        My point is that there are indications that this German false flag might have been destined for démasquée from the get go. And in my book, a false flag op that seeks to be outed is not at all a false flag, but just another form of MSM propaganda. They just upgraded the thing to include staged uncoverings of fake false flag operations.

        However, I can’t really speak for James & James and perhaps my take on their interpretation is just plain wrong, because like I said, it’s just a hunch.

        • LenZoo says:

          Hey Richard,
          I think we mean the same thing. The MSM probably just used that label to confuse us all again. Lol
          Yet, I assume the MSM might be playing an other game all along. Since when do they uncover False Flag operations? Maybe it was a “mistake” after all and they did uncover this by chance. Yet the depth or intention of the false flag are different to “our” definition.

          • Richard Ran says:

            “Since when do they uncover False Flag operations?”

            Why am I posing these long-winded comments in awkwardly Dutch flavoured English, when this is the heart of the matter?

            Yours is the obvious question that I missed in J&J’s covering of this event.

            Kind regs from Amsterdam,

            • nosoapradio says:

              The first impression I get when reading the title of this article is the antagonistic juxtaposition of “neo-nazi” and “refugee”; with “neo-nazi” as calculating BAD GUY and “refugee” as victimized GOOD GUY;

              Moreover, the German people are once again being associated with “neo-nazis”.

              Indeed, the title gives the ominous impression that there’s this growing and invisible neo-nazi army network (within the context of Trump’s election and Marine Le Pen’s perhaps imminent election)…

              And yes, you could go as fas as sensing an underlying assumption that “either you sympathize with (Syrian) refugees and agree with their massive immigration into your country OR you’re a post-adolescent hate-driven neo-nazi German soldier. (or as you put it: “only far right racist nut jobs have some grudge against these people.”)

              What IS a genuinely ominous sign to me is the demonizing of the German people (not to be confused with the German government) which, if I’m not mistaken, is what took place before the two world wars of the 20th century…(demonization of both the German people and the government).

              However I was somewhat lost concerning the MSM reiteration of Islam as a RoP?? Would certainly be a highly confusing and contradictory message with the ubiquitous images of veiled women suicide bombers… ??? But doublespeak is the backbone of the MSM…

              Anyhow, just impressions…

              • mkey says:

                Demonization of the Germans started when they proved remarkably resilient to subversion. The fight keeps going on to this day.

              • nosoapradio says:

                errrr… just to conclude: this fear mongering of the purported invisible explosion of extreme right-wing “neo-nazi” mentalities would be fertile terrain for popularizing and instituting collectivist global Agenda 2030 ideals…

                I’m as xenophile as they come but I agree that everything is transformed into a WMD by certain elites, including large-scale immigration and much touted and perhaps engineered “diversity”, the politically correct meme du jour.

                In this case under the pretext of aging demographics?

                anyhow… interesting moment here in France as we await the imminent coronation of our new “thug-in-chief”.

                Whatever happens, young people and conspiracy theorists will be bitterly blamed for not voting.

              • Richard Ran says:

                “However I was somewhat lost concerning the MSM reiteration of Islam as a RoP?? Would certainly be a highly confusing and contradictory message with the ubiquitous images of veiled women suicide bombers… ??? But doublespeak is the backbone of the MSM…”

                Hi nosoapradio,

                The globalist message: be very afraid of “terrorists”, but don’t you dare ask any questions about Islam (or you’ll be shunned by the rest of humanity, because you’re probably a neo-nazi).

                Your comments are spot on, btw.

                Cheers et salut from Amsterdam,

              • nosoapradio says:

                Thanks muchly for your clarification.

                I’m sorry if I’m being obtuse but, Is there something I should know about Islam? I mean, besides the fact that like most, if not all religions, it’s like a virus that fundamentally seeks to multiply and spread?

    • mkey says:

      The right wing angle is very obvious and at the center of this story, I’d say.

      The proof on him is rather weak, these pictures don’t really sell the story. The whole place should have looked more like a crime scene, who took these pictures? Doesn’t look it was the police.

      Also, an obvious question sprung: if this was Gladio B then why bother with the fake setup, fingerprints and fake identity? When does the media people investigate when a hot false flag is served? These people can’t wait to get in pole position for boot licking. They don’t question the narrative and accept gospel as the truth, even if it comes in form of indestructible passports. Blow up stuff, get some “witnesses” to hear someone shouting “Free Syria” and “Allahu Akbar” and you’re set. Maybe lift a fingerprint from a charred corpse, but that’s just icing on the cake.

      This doesn’t look like Gladio B to me, really.

      • Richard Ran says:

        Hi mkey,

        My comment to you didn’t make it. It was way too long and a clumsy attempt to clarify my position.

        I’m trying again, now by breaking it up into smaller pieces, hope those will make it. Here goes:

        Yes, that’s how the sordid thing works and I agree with you and with J&J when they talk about the divide & conquer scare tactics and the desire of the powers that shouldn’t be to pit one man against his neighbour. Yet, two excercises in mass conditioning tend to get mixed up here and both come with their own MSM rhetoric.

        Let me explain why this might be important in the light of this particular situation.

        On the one hand there’s this ghastly “War on Terror” meme, and in that respect Corbett is right to point to the whole Clash of Civ. propaganda scheme. The MSM truth as expounded by luminaries like Bush & Blair, is that the terror “has nothing to do with Islam, which is a religion of peace”. This MSM narrative has been drilled into so many heads since these paragons of wisdom and truth first presented it, that most people understand the initials RoP with regards to Islam. At least in Europe, this is and has been the situation for more than two decades now.

        (to be continued..)

      • Richard Ran says:

        (continued from the 05/05/2017 at 2:55 am post)

        Ok, now the order might be wrong, but I hope you’ll get the message anyway.

        On the other hand (almost quite literally, since it’s the same globalists handing it out, so to speak) there’s the “Muslim Migration” meme, which in real life is more of an issue in European countries than in the US, let alone Japan. In the US it’s made to be an issue because of some tweets by Washington thug in chief du jour. The MSM narrative in Europe, surrounding the migration and integration of Muslims in European countries, is overwhelmingly and aggressively US-style multiculturalist in outlook and if anything, the exact opposite of the “Clash of Civ” propaganda.
        No one in his right mind — dixit our EU MSM — could ever oppose Muslim immigration on rational grounds. That’s the bottom line over here and it’s on this point that both the political left and right unite (that’s a huge red flag right there for anyone paying attention). Those who still have reservations about Muslim migration are automatically relegated to the political fringe of society. See how this narrative is perfectly in sync with the German “nazi” gladio-provocateur who was outed by the MSM before launching a terror-attack? Again, the intended take home message here: only nazi nut jobs oppose the cultural enrichment brought to you by your European Union superiors.

        Now for the bigger picture.

        I submit to J&J that both the neo-con dominated “War of Terror” and the forced mass migration of Muslims into non-Muslim countries in Europe, are orchestrated by the very same powers that shouldn’t be.

        (to be continued.. just one more comment, hang on!)

      • Richard Ran says:

        (continued from the 05/05/2017 at 3:06 am post)

        Last bit, you made it! I see that the order is in order, so last part.. 😉

        The WoT ploy is relatively easy to see through, except for those statist “USA, USA”-chanting islamophobes who expect their corrupt government to keep these scary Muslims at bay (think of

        Jihad-Watch types here). The other part of the same globalist story might be a bit harder to discern, especially for those who have no interest in religion in general and sometimes even pride themselves for having precious little knowledge about the doctrines of Bush’s RoP in particular. What’s all too easy to miss from this perspective, is what our globalist overlords know all too well. And that is that “weapons of mass migration”, especially when Muslims are used, will effect the chaos they seek to unleash upon the unruly masses of Europe.

        What will undoubtedly be obvious to anyone devoting as much attention to mass psychology and conditioning as J&J do, is the extremely powerful combination of so-called “flooding” and “response prevention”, household terms in the behaviourist cookbook. What better way is there for the globalists to display dominance and control than to flood Europe with Muslim migrants while preventing through their MSM lackeys any reasoned response in opposition to the politically correct, multiculturalist narrative? Forced mass migration has always been a favoured tool of those in power, as the totalitarian systems of the 20th century have amply shown.

        So there it is, in plain Dutch, the reason why this false flag outing is indeed part of a bigger picture. The interpretation depends on one’s frame of reference of course, and I presented mine as clear as I could. For what it’s worth.

        Cheers from Amsterdam,

        • mkey says:

          There’s no doubt same people cause wars and migration. The two are naturally bound since war and destruction will cause refugee crisis, however what we have seen with these Syrian refugees is not consistent with what one would expect. For one, a lot of them are not Syrians. Secondly, there are no children, women nor elderly among them, mostly young males.

          Based on stories I heard from cops working on the borders when the last surge occurred, these guys were equipped with quite a bit of pocket money. It’s to be expected many of these “refugees” were handed a wad of cash and kicked out of prisons in the general direction of Europe.

          When I think of multiculturalism image of Barbara Spectre comes up, so I take this issue very seriously. Along with the hypocrisy of Zionist nature of this devil spawn woman.

          • Richard Ran says:

            In september of last year, young men from Morocco and Algeria topped the “refugees”-list in the Netherlands (and that’s even according to govt stats). Not exactly war-zones.

            Enough said on that part. Let’s all be grateful that the MSM were forced to unmask this quintessential nazi agitator and prevent him from further tarnishing the good name of these NWO-sponsored cultural enrichers 😉

            Thank you for your replies,

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          9/11’s Lee Hamilton & immigration / migration
          Around 2008, I went to hear Lee Hamilton talk at the University of North Texas. Other panelists were there, including a senior economist and policy advisor for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Lee Hamilton strongly advocated immigration.

          I well remember thinking something was nefarious with Lee Hamilton’s agenda in promoting immigration, but I couldn’t place my finger on “why”. It was just because he was Lee Hamilton of 9/11 fame.

          A friend who was with me confronted Lee Hamilton about the 9/11 cover-up.

          • Richard Ran says:

            Hi HRS,

            Interesting info. Sometimes things start with just the feeling that something isn’t quite right.

            Curious to hear about Mr Hamilton’s response to your friend’s challenge.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Lee Hamilton just ignored the 9/11 confrontation.

              Crafty guy that Lee.
              Often publicly he comes across rather dull and slow, but make no mistake – the guy is mentally extremely quick & sharp with a very high IQ.

  5. mkey says:

    This “no file body” explanation makes no sense. AV software scans memory as well as storage for suspicious (known) byte sequences and does its thing one way or another.

    Stating that a virus can’t not be detected/removed because it’s loaded into memory is far from truth. Now, if there was some EPROM chip or a subsystem to which AV software doesn’t have access to one could have an argument, but still that explanation sounds like something that came out of a typical Hollywood hacking movie, with floor to ceiling LCD wallpaper et al.

    Back in the DOS days AV programs actually monitored what was going on with the system, today it’s just scanning basically. With much higher chance AV companies are making viruses and whatnot on the side.

    • herrqlys says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have the link at my fingertips for convenient presentation here, but it has been suggested that the external network routers for the ATMs could be a the real culprit, or at least a co-culprit.

      The idea being that otherwise arcane code in ATM memory, code of a non-active type that doesn’t create AV suspicions, is activated in tandem with more obviously infected ATM network routers.

      In response to specific keypad input at the ATM, the router echoes back an instruction that either activates directly, or conjoins with the ATM code string, to indicate which cash tray is to empty. This would be a sophisticated form of using entirely normal processes to conduct irregular business.

      Stated another way, the “no file body” code permanently stored in ATM memory triggers, or is supplemented by, a body of code from the infected network router(s).

  6. PeaceFroggs says:

    Haven’t listened to Alex Jones in quite awhile, he’s too hyper and right wing for me and pushes his products way too much for my liking, however lets give credit where credit is due, and AJ should be thanked for making the term “false flag” mainstream.

    • herrqlys says:

      I share your distaste for the Alex Jones flavour. Some of his rants contain interesting ideas, but the hubris in his delivery turns me away from even those.

      When he went all mushy and sycophantic in a remote interview with Donald Trump last year, sometime before the selection, I saw his journalistic detachment, such as it was, fly out the window.

      Now, when I see, or inadvertently open, a video that starts with the Infowars logo I just end it. Period.

      However, I must admit to having watched another anchor and co-host take the same Infowars microphone and do well modulated, balanced reports. Can the real mindset of Alex Jones, perhaps in some other format, possibly step forward and be re-discovered? Or ultimately discarded.

      Further muddying the waters, I have really enjoyed many of Joe Rogan’s YouTube podcasts. His choice of subject matter combined with his thoughts and observations, including some (but not all) very interesting guests, can be very incisive (and entertaining). Yet he is an avowed friend of Alex Jones. Go figure.

      • When Alex Jones was most recently on Joe Rogan’s show he checked his bombastic rants and was actually someone I’d prefer to see than his “performance”.

        Even before he sold out I didn’t much like listening to him rant but still did to hear him shit on Bush, Obama, and the NWO. Now he kisses Trump’s ass and I can’t stomach watching that, (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  7. Pablo de Boer says:

    Russia’s Largest Bank Sberbank meanwhile is doing big bankster businesses with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and other global bansketrs in emerging markets, blockchain-powered financial services, Russian Gold, etc.

    Russia’s largest bank Sberbank expects to join the international consortium R3 alongside Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, among others, to develop blockchain-powered financial services, according to But while the technology can make the bank’s operations more efficient, it may also help reduce dependency on the internal SWIFT network in light of the economic sanctions imposed on the country.

    Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Sberbank to run IPO for Russia’s Detsky Mir kids retailer

    Russia’s largest gold producer Polyus has chosen Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Sberbank CIB and VTB Capital as bookrunners for a secondary share placement, three financial market sources told Reuters.

    • phreedomphile says:

      Great share on the links Pablo de Boer, thank you! I’m going to use them and pass the info along.

      Here’s one for you. It’s a brief description of the Russian firm Qiwi, which is involved with instant payments and cryptocurrency, partnering up with Tavrida Electric, a global player in smart grid projects. They intended to combine smart grid and blockchain technology to “track energy transactions” (energy credits at some point?). This would directly tie into global Technocracy, as Patrick Wood has been elucidating (technocracy . news).

      https:// www . cryptocoinsnews . com/qiwi-blockchain-crimea-energy-project/

      Qiwi (or Kiwi) is also mentioned here:

      https: //www . cryptocoinsnews . com/r3s-denial-russias-sberbank-principles-blockchain/

      I’m wondering how all of these pieces of the puzzle might be coming together and believe ultimately this is what SWIFT is all about, a global transformation of banking into the energy credit paradigm.

      Thanks again.

  8. Pablo de Boer says:

    VTB Bank is one of the leading universal banks of Russia and they are also bankster buddies / comrades with Goldman Sachs, Citi, JP Morgan and with US allies in the middles east

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and VTB Capital bought a 50 percent stake in Russian Fitness Group for an undisclosed amount to invest in the country’s growing enthusiasm for working out.

    U.S. banks Citi and JP Morgan along with Russia’s Sberbank CIB and VTB Capital are among arrangers of an initial public offering for En+ Group, two financial market sources told Reuters.

    En+, a holding company of Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska’s business, owns assets in metals and mining as well as energy and coal sectors, including a 48 percent stake in Rusal, a Hong Kong-listed Russian aluminium producer.

    VTB Armenia Bank became a member of the international VTB group (Russian) in 2004. ArmInfo. VTB Bank (Armenia) offers its MasterCard and Maestro cardholder clients an option to implement money transfers from Russia to 16 countries of the world including Armenia, through “VK” and “Odnoklassniki” social resources.

    VTB Capital has helped arrange a $500 million sukuk for UAE based property developer Damac (NR/BB/NR).

  9. Pablo de Boer says:

    What Sanctions? JP Morgan And Goldman Sachs Become Top Three Investment Banks In Russia – APR 25, 2017

    Someone forgot to tell you that Russia is capitalist now, and we live in a global economy where money has all sorts of ways of moving around. The big bad Russian capital market is back, not as wild and woolly as before, but it is luring American firms again, this time propelling J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs subsidiaries into the top two and three dealmakers in the country. They’ve collected more broker and underwriter fees this year so far than they did last year.

    And ALWAYS look on the memberlist of BIS (Bank for International Settlements), because The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is also member of BIS just like the FED and other central banksters

    Some notes of the banksters history, because BIS has a long dark fascist history in the bankster business

    Hitler’s Bank: The Unknown Story of the Bank for International Settlements—Introduction—by Mark Arnold

    Patrick Wood on the Bank for International Settlements

    The Bank for International Settlements – Patrick Carmack on Economics 101 – Corbettreport

  10. herrqlys says:

    While I continue to hold some hope that the octopus choke-hold of world finance held by the Anglo-Zionist banking cartel can be broken, possibly by Chinese and/or Russian projects, I am obliged to inject some pragmatism into my thinking. Instead of labelling something as hypocrisy, I can often transform the motivations through the application of pragmatic reasoning.

    In the same way that a cardiac surgical team creates a parallel system of life support functions for the patient, while temporarily deactivating the heart itself for whatever reason, I see a similar analogy for sovereign nations trying to avoid the embrace of the A-Z beast.

    Functionality must continue. Parallel systems need to be developed and tested. Often times you must hold your nose in the interim. Sovereign nations are always beset by a plethora of problems on many internal and external fronts and, depressingly for the government involved, often all at the same time.

    As examples:
    I just wonder how many years the vicious proxy war in Syria has taken off Bashar al-Assad’s life. Was Hugo Chavez’s vigourous life in trying to obtain Venezuelan sovereignty and social betterment curtailed by design?

    In Russia, there is the messy, sticky problem of Atlanticists cultivated within the Russian system, using their connections in ways that are at odds with the Putin government and Russian sovereign objectives. The long decade of western looting of the Russian economy during the 1990s created systemic flaws, many of which are still extant and connected to some still in the hierarchy.

    Then there is the undeniable existence of opportunists within the strict Chinese economy, given the spectacular growth of wealth from the relatively rapid opening up of China to western corporations and markets. Some of these personal betrayals will take time to fumigate. The internal treason complicates the gargantuan administrative job of coordinating both a global trade network, and controlling one of the world’s most populous nations. Rashly excising key players in the capitalist part of the economy, or in the government structure itself, would only produce more turmoil.

    Anything involving human nature becomes convoluted and unwieldy when the personal ambitions of people in power can usurp a structure that may have been, idealistically, initially designed for the common good. You must plan well, and put some things into the care of time. That is pragmatism, not hypocrisy.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oh no! There was a value exchange with my wife and I when we had sex. Oh no! 30 years of back taxes!
    I wonder if there is a value exchange between my right hand and me.
    If so, I am in deep tax trouble.

  12. herrqlys says:

    To Richard Rann and LenZoo:

    “Since when do they [MSM] uncover False Flag operations?”

    I chose to comment separately to your thread, because as the thread lengthens the comment lines shorten 🙂

    Richard you wrote an extremely well-written and well-constructed argument for plausible motivations. While LenZoo possibly benefitted from your clarity, his pithy contribution was absolutely spot on.

    I can’t provide enough warning about the level of psychological sophistication being used against us. Since Edward Bernays introduced psychological manipulation into corporate and government institutions during the 1920s, the subject of human psychology has been intensively researched.

    Most of the findings, however, and I especially refer to the really potent stuff, has been withheld from the public domain. It has been retained by the more powerful sponsors of the research, to be used for profit by the corporatocracy, and weaponized by the secret services and military.

    Efforts to confuse our natural inquisitiveness, and to tranquilize normal critical thinking, are clearly on display all around us. But to observe the processes in action, you must have some modicum of awareness. “Welcome to The Corbett Report…”

    We must learn to be something other than a flock of sheep, and more like a “herd” of cats.

  13. = RESALES TAX =

    Not only is internet tax as stupid as other taxes, but what about “RESALES TAX”? (Is that a term?)

    Vintage Stores, Thrift Shops, Antiques, Comics, Vinyl, Clunkers, Garage Sales, etc.

    When the original people already paid tax when it was new, they get you again, just for the privilege of buying something previously bought.

    It’s not damaged, it’s just bruised by life. Like my wallet. 🙁

  14. = NECK TIES =

    “James Corbett, take off that tie.” ~ Ronyld Raygun

    Neck ties are a noose or leash to announce that you are servants of the status quo establishment systems of blah blah blah.

    If you must wear neck ties, allow us the opportunity to gift them to you. Please announce this idea and provide your address or allow us to donate to you with the provision you order it online.

    I’d rather see you in a “Dark Side Of The Money” T-shirt that I first saw on Cory Doctorow. (Please interview Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow about copyleft, net neutrality, and whatever else he’s doing lately.)

    “Dark Side Of The Money”

    I’d be happy to give your bitcoin back for edgier ties and tees. 🙂

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am fine with ties. T-shirts are fine too. Variety is always nice. A Samurai outfit would be interesting.

      JOKE – Pat Morita Samurai

      • Fantastic! I’d love to see Corbett as a samurai, ninja, Zen monk, Daruma doll, Badtz-Maru, furry, a smashed pumpkin, or anything else funderful.

        But I’d settle for more conservative wackiness, like Bill Nye’s bow ties or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s cosmic vests.

        If it’s interactive (we give the ties and tees to him) it’s all the more fun. Maybe he can collect them then eventually auction them off to raise funds for his favourite cause, or a cause we nominate.

  15. flynngrrd says:

    Jmaes Would you ever consider doing a biopic on Peter Sutherland Vatican bankster EU puppet master, UN immigrant pusher, Bilderberger vampire squid who has his hand in everything


    The famous Uncle Sam image without text was one of the most popular images downloaded from my site (r.i.p. 2001-2010). From the original image (large at the time), likely from Wikipedia, I PhotoShopped out the “I Want You” for anyone to use for their own purposes good or bad.



    We’ve all seen his stand up specials. This time it’s political!

    “George Carlin – National Press Club [complete]” [C-SPAN2] (2013-02-05):

  18. Richard Ran says:

    More doubt about the German “false flag” in the YT comments:

    “I would say it is more likely that the Nazi cell in the German Army is being groomed, funded and handled by some member of the German government or George Soros or somebody like that who plan this whole thing only to expose it to create a hysterical fear about Nazis. What do you call that, a double false flag??”

    Don’t know about “hysterical fear”, but an interesting point nonetheless.

    • herrqlys says:

      Fear in and of itself, hysterical or not, completely overrides rationality and leads to pre-wired emotional response.

      The normal survival responses embedded in our DNA kick in before anything conscious can be conceived, but other pre-wired responses, can of course, be introduced and conditioned through relentless programming.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Just discovered your comment here. Exactly what I was trying to articulate.

      Sigh…I really should study all the existing comments before posting…

      Yes, this YT comment in my opinion is an interesting point indeed.

  19. mkey says:

    Putin-Proofing the Balkans: A How-To Guide

    Watch this space, shitstorms on the way.

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