Interview 1268 - Derrick Broze on The Theory and Practice of Agorism

04/17/201729 Comments

Derrick Broze of joins us once again to discuss his latest book, co-authored with John Vibes, Manifesto of the Free Humans. From the theory and practice of agorism and the importance of language in shaping our thought and action to the immigration debate and the creation of a new intentional community centered on conscious agorism, Broze outlines the world of free humanity in 2017.

Manifesto of the Free Humans (free download)

Manifesto of the Free Humans (purchase)

Interview 1103 – Derrick Broze on Agorism and Counter-economics

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  1. Corbett says:

    Please excuse Derrick’s audio in the first couple of minutes. We had some technical issues and had to use a backup. It gets better after that.

  2. Mohawk Man says:

    James, you invite a passionate young man on your show but I’m quite skeptical about his ability to establish the much needed change much less deliver an effective message. Firstly, labels are sometimes just labels but at some level I would prefer to use as Identifiers. You must know your enemy or you’ve already been defeated. Derrick seemed to suggest that the Antifa and I assume some Trump supporters “just beating each other up”. Non-sense——I watched and witnessed these PAID (didn’t discuss that) agitators, Antifa, beating the shit out of the “conservatives” and witnessed HUNDREDS of Police literally just standing there while these people took a pounding. Did some fight back? Yes. It’s called self defense when the Blue Wall of statist police sit back smirking and dreaming of their enormous pensions (which they will likely never receive–California is bankrupt and CaLPERS is $1 Trillion short in funding their pensions). At that point the police had committed TREASON and should all be arrested because they swore an oath on the Constitution to “Serve and Protect”. They did no such thing and need to face the consequences.

    Point two is that Derrick seems quite flaccid on the idea of a nations borders. Cultural, societal and economic suicide. From a purely economic and accounting stand point lets break down what that implies. Today we have roughly 100,000,000 Americans out of the labor force. John Williams ( correctly points out that the actual unemployment rate is hovering around 23% and inflation at between 8-11% not including the explosive increase in rent and residential real estate which is more on the order of 30-100% over the last 8 years. It is therefore IMMORAL to allow this invasion to continue. They must be removed and stopped as well.

    From a cultural and societal standpoint The People (who are NOT the government) have not given consent to this invasion because thats what it is–a planned invasion. Flying in under cover of darkness into a primarily Christian nation—millions of 3rd world Muslims is not acceptable. Islam IS a totalitarian forced way of living–no one could make a reasonable argument to counter my OBSERVATION—not argument or opinion. If you doubt my claim take a good look at Sweden, France and Germany, U.K. today and even Ireland among European nations.

    Back to labels–These Antifa useful idiots are COMMUNISTS and FASCISTS which is why they are there in the first place–to usher in Agenda 21–Agenda 2030 which it’s openly stated goal of Global Communism which in turn means Global Totalitarianism under the U.N.. Common Core is another example of this “Transformation”.

    What is government from an economic standpoint? G&A–PERIOD (General and Admistrative costs for the non-financially schooled.). They are all -Fed, State and Local OUT OF CONTROL and mad with power and greed being used and they will surely be dismissed once this transformation takes place.

    Who is responsible for this? Primarily and rabidly Zionists which are atheistic Jews along with their non Jewish Zionist supporters who again, will be “dealt with” once this transformation has taken place. Cooperating fully with The Muslim Brotherhood to destroy a sovereign nation. It is genocidal and driven by a people who have seized the reins of money (Central banks) and the enforcement mechanism there of–namely the IRS with direct connections to The City of London and Brussels and Washington D.C. of course.

    The government did not have the consent of The People to borrow any of this money or enter into an agreement with a private bank to enslave them. One solution is to Repudiate this debt publicly and send armed forces to extract the hundreds of trillions of $$ that have been stolen from the People of this nation and that of others.

    They want violence (gov) and are itching for it to install a fascists dictatorship. If you doubt that look into the background of William Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dorhn-both openly violent Communist Revolutionaries and also both Bolsheviks. Both vowed they would need to eliminate (read kill) MILLIONS of resisters (they estimated 25 million eliminated when we had half the population we have today–so make that 50-100 million people killed). Both instrumental in bringing us Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro who is and always has been a Communist Revolutionary and likely a CIA/Mossad/MI6 construct.

    So go then and plan your community farms and spin cloth from a wheel as this continues to spiral out of control. I would suggest you first identify the virus that has infected our lands and destroy it once and for all or your gardens and spinning wheels will be for naught. This is murder on a global scale and no form of intellectual elegance and continued discussions in the abstract is going to change the outcome unless you are prepared to rid this earth of this damnable scourge once and for all. Take back the money which its their primary weapon and damn them to Hell and then remove the Statists who are their enforcement arm. I’ve had about enough of this shit.

    The Mohawk

      • Mohawk Man says:

        Thank you sir. May I expand my thanks and explanation?

        The U.S. Government has only TWO—OBLIGATIONS–TWO! only two. 2
        1.-Secure OUR border from infiltration and attack—FAIL (they have actively encouraged infiltration and attack and subsidized such–the nerve of these eunuchs)
        2. Secure it’s citizens-The Bosses-to protect us from attacks against the Constitutional attacks and secure OUR Civil Rights/rights not granted by men but by God Almighty–FAIL (They have actively encouraged attacks on our Civil Rights–Not Civil Wants/Desires–Rights from God Almighty. For atheists—For Men–Us-We–Humanity)

        They have failed and must be removed. Forcibly if need be. It appears that is what must occur.

        I would encourage 47 minutes with Katherine Austin Fitts-some good stuff although a statist at some level.

        Thank you once again–it’s cold out here. Not many out here and the fire is going out.

        The Mohawk

        • mkey says:

          That’s an interesting video even though I didn’t get all that about the “other” civilization. I see these money siphoning tactics as a means to its own end, I don’t see they actually need these funds. These guys are printing “money” what the hell would they need taxes for?

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Hola aloha señor Mohawk Man,

          All borders are fake just like the fake news of MSM as FOX and their news anchor Bill O’Reilly. For me as a Free Human each border is imaginary, because national borders only occur and exist in the minds of patriots and on maps (peace of paper or digital), that’s why borders are all artificial and FAKE. My homeland is Pacha Mama / Planet Earth and I’m not a globalist.

          The Founding Fathers of the United States suffered heavily from NPD (Narcissistic Political Disorder) just like each politician, who thinks he /she may lead, govern other humans and write on peaces of paper how to govern them… And the founding fathers were Illuminati Free masons just like Zionists and John Kerry.

          Episode 268 – Meet John Kerry, Skull and Bones Ambassador

          When I look at old paintings of the founding fathers of the US and I observe how they pose and see the expression on their face, than I’ m sure that they are narcissistic just as each monarch and dictator or modern people who make selfies of them self. In Greek mythology there is a hunter called Narcissus and he had the same behavior as the Founding of the US, Donald Trump and modern selfie-humans. See for your self

          The US constitution is written in such manner by the Founding fathers, that it gives each US president / dictator until today the right to behave as an evil emperor.

          “We the People” is the opening phrase of the Preamble to the United States Constitution, but I think it should be: WE THE SHEEPLE & OUR PRESELECTED PRESIDENTS / DICTATORS.

          And when I would thought and behave like the statist founding fathers and all other patriots, than the founding father were descendants of illegal European immigrants and they had no rights..

          And other fellow humans consider Christopher Columbus as a damn blasted liar.

          Christopher Columbus

          And last but not least, what was George Carlin a wise man and he knew a lot about his fellow mind-controlled countrymen

          George Carlin – Dumb Americans

          Most Americans think that they are free, because they ain’t aware about the fact that the Deep State governs them since the founding of their Fake Nation

          • mkey says:

            Brother Pablo, we’ll always have borders, even if they are just cultural or natural borders. I’m personally not against borders but against falsely claimed authority and sovereignty.

            As far as founding fathers go, these stories can be taken differently. We’re all illegal aliens, when you think about it. Even if you “legally” emigrated somewhere, you’re still an illegal alien since the “authority” which claims everything is legal and by the books is illegal.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Hola alola dear fellow human being mkey,

              I’m talking about national borders and these I consider as artificial and fake. Natural borders such as those between land and sea are for me geological transitions and natural. With national borders I do not have any relationship or commitment. I haven’t lively feelings at all with national borders, because I experience national border as something very limiting and even as lifeless and as mind-dying, that’s why they don’t expand my consciousness and also not my happiness.

              And about cultural borders I want to share some experiences with you. I traveled in the early eighties through California and the most people in San Diego lived and behaved totally different than the most people in San Francisco, but both cities are located in the same state and nation. I live now in the Netherlands, one of smallest countries in the world and the people who are living here in the big cities behave completely different than the people who are living in villages and in the countryside. Those same differences I also observe in the US between the Hill Billie’s from the Midwest and the Yankees from NY / East-coast or am I’m wrong dear fellow human mkey?

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                I was born and raised in South America, Colombia and Venezuela, and after that I moved to Holland, because my parents (RIP) were Dutch. Due to all of these life experiences and the many travels, I have never built an intimate bond with any country or culture. I have two passports and both are for me only travel papers, because I don’t identify myself with a imaginarily nation and a piece of paper (passport).

                Patriots have the tendency to behave, think and act compartmentalized and narrow minded. They also have very …. rituals. Just like George Carlin mentioned:

                “I don’t get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I consider them to be symbols and I leave symbols to the symbol minded..”

                Or listen to what this wise man has to tell

                The Most Dangerous Superstition Larken Rose

                That’s why dear fellow human being mkey I consider you as an Earthling and together with 7 billion other Earthlings we travel and explore on this planet.

                Saludos anarquista / anarchistische groetjes (Dutch)


              • mkey says:

                I can’t but agree that the surrounding determines (to a large extent) one’s behavior, that’s certain. I’m sure the same is true everywhere in the world.

                I currently don’t see the “7 billion earthlings” thing working due to major usually artificially imposed disparity. “Violations” of other people’s space is very dangerous in our current social paradigm, exactly the reason “multiculturalism” is being imposed on western countries by zionists, which may be skewing the importance of what you’re saying there, by assimilating it’s meaning. Borders in this regard are just a tool.

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              Dear fellow Earthling mkey,

              People have to be totally free in what they do and they have do it also voluntarily or like what happened with me. In my youth I was raised with Latino-Spanish, Dutch and even a little bit of English in South America. I was very happy that I learned Latino-Spanish, because that’s why I could communicate and play with the children in my neighborhood. As I already told you, my parents were from Holland, so I learned from them to talk Dutch and I was very happy with that, because my Dutch family in Holland, didn’t speak Spanish. I also visited a few years in Caracas, Venezuela, the British School and there I learned English. In Holland I also learned German and a petit peut francais. And it were not Zionist who imposed that on me, but my own parents and my own life experiences…..

              When I was thirty years old I went voluntarily to Campinas / Brazil and lived there a few months so I could marry there my beloved Latina Señorita. But she isn’t a Brazilian Lady, because she is born in Lima / Peru and at that moment I met her she lived and studied in Brazil. We married in Brazil, because that was the easiest manner for us and for her to get a Dutch Visa (a piece of stupid paper). And after our marriage we moved to Holland. She lives now a lot of years in Holland and last year in Germany and at the beginning of this year she told me that she isn’t feeling like a Peruvian anymore, but she also doesn’t feel if she is Dutch or German and I have those same feelings too. When I met her first, she said to me that I’m Dutch because of my parents. But I told her I never felt I’m Dutch and also not a Latino. But she couldn’t understand and feel that at that time. But now she experienced self to live in different countries and how that affects you way of thinking and feeling. And she (we) travel a lot to Peru. Her family also said to her, that the noticed how she changed…

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                And America is one big melting pot of cultures. You have in America the Irish People, Welsh People, English People and they are all from the British Empire, but with their own habits. You have also a lot of descendants of Eastern-European countries. Also from Holland, Germany French, Italy, Spain, etc went a lot of people to the USA and most of their descendants still life there. Most of them behave as citizen of the EU (hi hi hi just kidding).
                And people also from Asia and from Africa (most not voluntarily) arrived in the US and their descendants still life in the USA.

                As in each country the biggest enemy of the American people live in and between their own (imaginary) borders and these are the real (Financial) Terrorist. The American middle class, most European Americans, thought that they had a good life in the past century, because they were not aware that they were abused by the elite / the powers that shouldn’t be. But the elite don’t need them any anymore and treat them now as a throw away article. Just like the elitists always did with other earthlings. Because of these experiences, the suicide rates at the middle class are on the rise in the US. But among other groups also, just as before…

                So dear fellow Earthling mkey, now I’m going outside, because I learn the most about humans, when I’m with other earthlings and here in Amsterdam there are a lot of tourists from around the whole world and from the countryside in Holland…. And a lot of those tourists have the same behaviors as walking and behaving like an Iphone-Zombie, because they watch only that little screen on their mobile phone instead of observing the canals…. And lot of them, especially from Asia, make selfies with a selfie-stick…… Ai ai ai caramba and they do it all voluntarily and in their own free time… But I don’t care a shit, because it is their own free (narcissistic) choice…. And for my person it is very funny and hilarious to observe their behavior…


                Pablo (real nickname in my street-life) or Pieter-Jan de Boer (The name my parents gave me)

              • mkey says:

                I see your life experience is very layered and colorful, however for most people it isn’t like that. I don’t think most people on this planet could ever get a chance to experience something like that. Even these multiple cultures in US and elsewhere are usually very segregated.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha mkey,

                yes i know most people on earth can’t experience life just like I did / do. And sometimes government make it not easy for others. Because at beginning of this year a Peruvian nephew came to Holland for vacation. But first he had to arrange a lot of paper (visa, etc) and we had to show the Dutch government how our financial situation is, that was for me ridiculous, but we showed it to the Dutch government because we didn’t want to spoil the vacation of my nephew. We even had to buy for my nephew a health insurance (Dutch Obama Care) for the period he stayed in Holland… When I travel to South America I don’t need to arrange such papers and a health insurance.

                Here in Holland the banks behave also as gangsters and Holland has a long tradition with this criminal financial behavior. Last a Dutch straw man and insider of the financial elite blew the whistle and here is an interview with him. Watch for your self and you will notice that the banksters all around the world behave the same….

                Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)

              • mkey says:

                It’s difficult to imagine that not so long ago people didn’t need any papers to travel, you could just go anywhere without reporting to anyone.

                I deem the lack of generational transmission of information as a very large issue. People get normalized to new concepts way too quickly.

  3. iamajewel says:

    This guy thinks the following groups:
    Blacks for Trump
    Latinos for Trump
    Gays for Trump
    Pro 2A
    War Vets
    Women for Trump
    are alt-right?

  4. mariedarragh says:

    Great interview- we were lucky enough to hang out with Derrick last Friday at the unschooling nature co-op he mentioned at minute 34. We are already putting Agoristic practices to good use and were highly motivated by his visit.

  5. alanfhayes says:

    You might also be interested in the ideas outlined in the following book
    The Daharma Manifesto – A New Vision for Global Transformation
    by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya.
    The premise is to use ancient Vedic knowledge to design society based on Natural Law.

  6. An “Agorist Church” might be able to claim tax exemption.

    Naturally you’d have to lay down the rules, like don’t make money off your patrons, etc.

    A “Truther Church” would also be a good idea for people who believe their governments and media are evil liars who manipulate, exploit, dominate, and enslave the planet.

    • bakedinbend says:

      I have thought of a food church before, even had a small group meeting every other Sunday for a year. Our rituals were eating and drinking together, and not eating crappy processed foods. The peak of it was 13 people eating a 6 course Italian dinner. You can literally make a church out of anything…. We called it “The Church of the Divine Swine”, because we all loved pork so much.

  7. bakedinbend says:

    I really appreciate a perspective on practical solutions for moving forward. I have never found it productive standing in public and shouting at people or waving signs. Even when I was a youth I figured if it were effective at all it would certainly be made illegal. Violence is what the state and authoritarian structures feed on, and I say that as I sit with my .45 strapped to my waist as I type in the comfort of my living room. I am no pacifist but violence will most likely be counter-productive. However great success or wealth creation is often met with violence so self defense is pertinent.
    I have been lucky enough to find myself with some savings, an ability to attract investors, and a partner with similar values to start some kind of new endeavor. I have some ideas on what I would like to do but I am still indecisive. I greatly value Derricks perspective as well as Mohawk man’s, mine is somewhere in the middle. I have the option of starting a mainstream business or going totally unconventional.

    I often think about community organizations such as the Elks Lodges and The Grange. They filled a role in their time as community gathering places for exchanges of ideas, doing business, and keeping up with your neighbors. In many localities private clubs are exempt from alcohol and food regulations to one extant or totally. Serving “illegal” farm killed animals, raw dairy, wild harvested foods and “unlicensed” or “untaxed” home brew and homegrown produce is all fair game if each person involved is a private member and acknowledges the “risk” involved when consuming sustenance provided by people not paying government bribes(known as fees, taxes, and licenses). Agricultural workers, processors, and cooks are all at the bottom of the current socioeconomic order and finding talented ones to look at new ways of organizing their enterprises is realistic.
    I would like to establish this type of organization and would love any input from members whom see good functioning examples and have ideas or whom want to blast me as being fool hardy and idealistic.

    • mkey says:

      Well, I assume you know all about that urban farmer guy on youtube? I’m not sure what are you exactly aiming for.

      He’s a Canadian, I think, and makes solid money by manufacturing produce in people’s gardens. Of course, depending on geography, mileage may vary. For instance, doing what he does in my country would probably have you bankrupted shortly, if you planned to go fully “legal.”

  8. m.clare says:

    Having watched the N. Korean 105 celebration extravaganza…. and…. as the helicopter circles my neighborhood for the 5th time today … several thoughts come to mind:

    – I don’t have a helicopter
    – I don’t have a MOAB
    – I don’t have an aircraft carrier
    – If anybody really wanted to stop Kim Jong-un, could they have dropped a MOAB on the parade?
    – Does the Jong-un display justify / motivate investment in NATO?
    – How did he obtain the firecrackers and the German Mercedes vehicles to display them in?
    – Would Jesus have been crucified if he failed to become popular?

    Although I’m genuinely very impressed with the courage and intellect of Derrick and James, I can’t shake the image of them paddling a rubber dingy into Pearl Harbor to face the American Pacific Fleet armed with peashooters. At the moment we are a tiny fringe group. Even were we to rapidly / spontaneously become the overwhelming majority, TPTSB would respond by switching their game plan from the Huxley drug and entertainment model to the Orwellian MOAB / helicopter / armored vehicle / aircraft carrier / etc. / ad nauseum

    – Somebody built the pyramids
    – Curiosity killed the cat?
    – Ignorance is bliss?
    – Don’t poke the sleeping bear?
    – Be careful what you wish for?
    – Waco happened

    Talk is cheap and I’m ashamed of my fear. Your courageous work is inspiring…. Keep it up.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I always enjoy Derrick Broze.
    Decentralize Your Life is a viable solution towards not being a victim of the system and its memes.

    I really have to admire the guy. Extremely productive, an activist, and an excellent journalist. His heart is right.

  10. NES says:

    Interesting that many of the posts here stay inside the same ol’ language using it to promote the continuation of conditioned responses and divisions while denying the same in the name of intellectual thought and critical thinking. Both intellectual thinking and the dissection skills of critical thought are necessary in all things. However, when they create adverse sides, sides, sides they are misused. THERE ARE NO SIDES. We all have one question to ask ourselves. Only one.

    Is what I’m believing, stating and by extension promoting–Does it advance the good of humanity or does it divide humanity? If we cannot answer with a resounding ‘yes’ that it advances us all, then a language change is necessary.

  11. Pablo de Boer says:

    Ricardo Semler’s Employee Empowerment Strategies at Semco

    Antonio Curt Semler founded Semco in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1953. The company was primarily into the production of marine machinery. After his son, Ricardo Semler, became the Chief Executive Officer, Semco diversified into other businesses like banking, environmental services and e-business. Ricardo desired to change Semco into a democratic organisation for which he adopted the philosophy of employee empowerment. Ricardo was against the autocratic style of management, and was for participative management. Under Ricardo, Semco’s revenues rose from $35 million in 1990 to $160 million in 2003. Semco soon came to be known as the ‘unusual kind of workplace’.

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Managing Without Managers

      Pyramids and Circles

      The organizational pyramid is the cause of much corporate evil because the tip is too far from the base. Pyramids emphasize power, promote insecurity, distort communications, hobble interaction, and make it very difficult for the people who plan and the people who execute to move in the same direction. So Semco designed an organizational circle. Its greatest advantage is to reduce management levels to three—one corporate level and two operating levels at the manufacturing units.

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