Interview 1259 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

03/09/201712 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: CIA Can Hack Cars to Carry Out “Undetectable Assassinations” – Just Like Michael Hastings

Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings

“The Operators" pp. 64-65

Story #2: Why “More Than a Million Traders” Are Boycotting Coca-Cola, Pepsi In India

Interview With Max Keiser On Coke Boycott

NWNW Flashback: Indian Rapper “Overwhelmed” by Success of Unilever Protest Song (Aug. 14, 2015)

Story #3: 3D-Printed House Takes Less Than A Day To Build And Only Costs $10,000

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Sharing Is Fundamental

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James and James,
    Profound Aspect – The Changing of the Cultural Meme by Independent Alternative Media
    Actually, all of your stories this week highlight something very profound. It can not be overstated. There is a dynamic shift in the cultural meme of awareness and attitudes. I attribute the cause of this shift to the alternative independent media; certainly not the mainstream media nor the government nor the mega-corporations.
    VERIFICATION – Look at the dynamic difference of 2006 against 2017 in the cultural meme.

    EXAMPLE – WikiLeaks Vault 7 – A decade ago, even the mentioning a small aspect of 9/11 Truth came with being labeled “a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist”.
    EX – 2006 & 2016 comparison MEDIA – Look at the current huge quantity of independent researchers, blogs, YouTube channels, websites, etc. Look at the dying mainstreammedia. …and this is “an individual level”, a decentralization.
    EX – Look at how GMO’s are demonized and how the organic food & alternative health industries are expanding.
    EX – Look at how people take it upon themselves to make things happen, like bitcoin, open source solutions, etc.
    EX – Look at efforts to decentralize, like Brexit or the current US politics.

    The MAJOR FACTOR: Without a doubt, it was independent media like you guys along with each and every one of us who spread this awareness.

    The world is changing and we are a part of making that change.

  2. Hi, James.
    I myself did download the vault 7 release. And I have navigated around looking for something I can learn. Some data I can mine, and like you say, tons of code and stuff that I have no knowledge base in. The thing that stood out to me, it’s mostly text on a page, flowcharts and screencaps. I myself hesitate to call that a CIA Document. There will be more releases in this series, and I’m sure things will be clearer (maybe) as individuals that can interpret the data do so. That being said, isn’t it safe to point out that we truly don’t know that these are actual CIA documents?

    I obviously haven’t read/scanned over every page, so I’ll ask you… Have you found something that looks like a document? With a CIA seal and a date stamp and the criteria that would go along with being such?

    Thanks, James and James.

    • I stand corrected, kinda.

      I have been going through the file-types in the Vault 7 leak.
      Among the images are the following.

      lines of code
      industry jargon and the like

      angry monkey,
      archer (tv series)
      sassy cat (possibly originating from a brony role play forum)
      yo dawg
      Star Wars

      -Video game related content
      Umbrella corp from the Resident Evil series (biotech corp)
      Sarif Industries from Deus Ex (biotech comp)
      Black Mesa Research Facility from the Half Life series (a DARPA like agency)
      Aperture Laboratories from Half Life & Portal (Artificial Intelligence and Social engineering?)

      -What looks like Magic playing cards, or is that Magick?

      And a section called Faces Of The Internet. I’m not sure why that’s important for the CIA, unless they are active in internet forums and need to know who to blend in? (pure speculation)

      So that’s all strange.

      But, there IS possibly valuable .pdf’s that appear to be legitimately CIA.

      NOD Cryptographic Requirements v1.1 TOP SECRET
      Rain Maker v1.0 User Guide.doc
      Among others.

      Also, the properties of the root folder say there are 8,478 files in 16 folders. And that includes all the non-documents, like memes and whatnot.
      There are around 360 .pdf’s and a number of those are Wikipedia entries and news articles. Those obviously don’t source from the CIA. It isn’t close to the purported “8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina”

      All in all, it’s very strange.

      lol, welcome to Memerica in 2017.

  3. Shar says:

    This relates to your story on boycotts. As an oldie who was active and around in the civil rights/women’s rights movement days, we (me and my cohorts) found boycotting, news stories, word of mouth about the bad things happening, especially when tied to a specific corporation, is very scary to retailers and very easy to do.

    I also wrote tons of letters to congress people and CEOs, detailing my complaint or highlighting the good news. Plus nowadays you can post on Facebook where it’s out there in front of God and everyone (until they take it down). For letter-writing, good heart strings tugs for READERS to see are family safety, product makes you feel afraid/unsafe, product made your children ill, etc. The companies don’t particularly care, but it can make an impression on other readers, who vote and sometimes write to the company also.

    Another, less heart-stringy, approach is to highlight the financial costs of this information being put out there (the company loses money), and let them know clearly you will be quite vocal to family and friends about this issue. And, if it gets scary enough, they will cave (ie, the company risks going under).

    A lot of old people remember having rights, and I think we would do well to put the alarm call out to them, especially. The social security card they got said clearly on the front “NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION” because they were so resistant to having a number. They can write, they can talk about things (how ’bout internment of Japanese and Italian citizens? You don’t have to be liberal or conservative to feel nervous about that episode!)

    I really think in some cases the higher ups don’t ever get the details about what’s happening.

    Love ya, God bless ya, both Jameses, stay well and keep up the good works.

  4. dwayner says:

    Hey, James and James,

    I was really excited about the 3d printed house story when I first saw it on Zerohedge. I have a lot of experience with construction from foundations to chimneys, as well as alternative architecture with local materials. I loved that little prototype! Design-wise, it reminds me of a lot of traditional houses in Pueblo cultures, also in Africa, and the Arctic, and many others. The design is based on phi (the Golden Mean), which is a really refreshing and healthy shape to use for living structures, as snails discovered ages ago… Artists have intuitively used it in many great works of art, and it is the bases for fractal growth in nature and all through the Cosmos. In this particular application as a small and efficient living space, it would feel very comfortable and nourishing, psychologically.

    In response to people complaining about the square footage: Make a series of pods in a spiral configuration with a courtyard in the middle! Build a basement with furnace below and a second story centrally heated! Or program a second story like a tower… Those comment showed a really narrow mindedness… The design can easily be changed. The possibilities are endlessly exciting!

    I could also envision whole communities of these little units, like the old pueblos in New Mexico, stepped up into south facing hills, for solar advantage. The colour could easily be more earthy, like adobe, than that bright yellow they showed in the Moscow prototype. They could all be different, but complimentary colors. They could also be great for mural art.

    As for the systems complaints, it looks like the insulation, wiring and plumbing where all built in as the printing took place, very efficient. The roof was also very easy, as far as roofs go, and would be great for water collection which could go directly into holding tanks inside the house. The printer could also take surface irregularities into consideration (I saw on their website) so I can imagine building directly onto bedrock or some other natural foundation would be possible.

    The big catch is the locations of the machines at present. The houses could only be practical in Moscow, Itrutsk and San Francisco at this point. The company is trying to sell the printers and the cement/polymer formula to more investors, so it will take some time before anyone who wants one of these cuties in their own area will be able to just purchase one for “$10,000”. But this is truly a step forward, and AWAY from the toxic particle-board disposable crap passed off as houses in North America these days.

    Love your reports, both of you. Thank you!
    Teresa in The Interior of BC

  5. rueckl1b says:

    Hi all,
    on Minute 13:20 of the Video an interesting read come to my mind.
    It is about thinking about the the use and cost/benefit of using technology.
    “Shrinking the Technosphere” by Dmitry Orlov.
    Perhaps it is also worth an iterview.
    Check it out!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks! I will look into this more…“Shrinking the Technosphere” by Dmitry Orlov. YOUTUBE

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-Sufficiency and Freedom
        Dmitry Orlov makes many interesting points (some I agree with, some don’t align with my desires).
        BIG OIL directly connected to the TECHNOSPHERE – This is a very interesting aspect which Dmitry brings up. (Personally, I feel permaculture with its alcohol fuel production resolves Big Oil as a Solution.)
        Dmitry gives insight about society, its meme’s and culture and cities vs rural. He also has intimate insight about Russia.

  6. karen.l says:

    Best thing people can do for their health and life and humanity is to boycott every product made with GMO and glyphosate (roundup) contaminated food products. There are many products made with GMO ingredients and among them are Coke and Pepsi products. People should totally stay away or avoid as much as possible from all products made with corn, soybean, canola, wheat that are NOT organic. If you know how toxic these food products are, you would never put them into your body. It has been very hard for my to cut off Coke cold turkey (has been a Coke drinker all my life) but by remembering the huge tumors developed by rats that were fed GMO corn has helped me to stop drinking all soda and any GMO foods.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Obama bugging Trump
    Bill Still gives a few updates about this.
    3 minutes –

  8. Mohamed says:

    I am from the state of Tamil Nadu in India and I wanted to clarify a few things about this Coke/Pepsi boycott.

    This boycott was a result of a statewide movement opposing the proposed ban of a regional festival called Jallikattu, which involves bull taming as a part of it. (a huge topic by itself, PETA is desperately trying to ensure that the festival is banned for their agenda). This movement then spread into other issues that our state faces, one of which is acute water shortage.

    There are hundreds of farmers committing suicide every year as they are unable to repay loans to banks,etc, because their crops are failing. The major reason is lack of water. Tamil Nadu consistently has water shortage and this problem is made worse by the amount of water taken by these corporates.

    The majority of the public are either unaware and/or are apathetic to the problems that our farmers face due to water shortage every year.
    This boycott was initiated by the traders union (for whatever reasons, I am unsure, can be politically motivated also {opposition’s instigation} ). There is still enough supply in stores with people consuming this poison and the few who have been boycotting these products have only gone with the flow.

    Not sure how long this will last, for, masses are usually fickle.

    Public are still unaware of the poison that these products are, and don’t really care about the water shortage/ other issues that we face. Unless this changes, we will not see a solution.

    However, a lot of people have woken up now, hope that this a start for the better.

    Thank you guys for your work!

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    March 13 2017 – NEWS
    Android malware: 38 new phones and tablets found to be pre-installed with virus before being sold

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