Interview 1258 – James Corbett on The Ripple Effect

03/09/201727 Comments

James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas once again on The Ripple Effect podcast. This time around they discuss parenting, party politics, collectivism and other fun topics!

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  1. mkey says:

    James, the link on the front page below the video for this podcast links to your Ron Paul video

  2. Mohawk Man says:

    Good interview James. Interesting you brought up Milo. He’d been the darling writer for Breitbart (I knew Andrew and my brother was one of his best friends) but I never liked him, um-Milo. Suspicious at his first introduction but a good writer.(I have good instincts) I didn’t like his ostentatious assertions of his open homosexuality and his writings included intimate details of his “conquests” (a conservative? Really?). At one point someone proclaimed him a “white nationalists and a racist” for supporting President Trump. Then went on to detail, and I quote-“If they knew how many black c$cks had been in my mouth, I’d say they’d think otherwise”. Another James Madison–clearly.

    Lots of money behind this pretty boy–lots O money. City of London (Tel Aviv) is what I have to assume. Central Bank money. That, I guarantee. (you could do a whole show on this SOB). Same as that other SOB who did that movie–I forget his name–the City of London J$w who mocked being president of a non-existent country–same game–fag too—attacking us internally. Everybody laughed.

    I’d assert Milo—“When my driver picked me up at at my Beverly Hills home (read mansion) I would preen my hair and put on some rouge”—-(a driver? at what 28?a mansion in Beverly Hills?)-Was a Tel Aviv agent sent in to attack and discredit the “alt right” or conservatives or libertarianism which was
    beginning to emerge and strenghthen. They were scared. Shitting their pants. Change your diapers assholes–it’s about to become much, much worse.

    Milo wore dual and identical gold Crucifixes side by side—just not done by a real Catholics, considered an insult towards our Lord (which I was, Catholic-but I love My Lord–they are corrupt–The Church)– and claimed to be a Catholic. Fascinating, because (and I already knew–quite obvious) Milo is a J$w and always has been. Two interviews were on Youtube (might be gone now)–and I quote–“Why would a queer J$w be doing this”?–Why indeed. A Queer “right wing” J$w. Yes Milo– I would like to know more. Where’d you get all the money? and a pedophile to boot.

    I think I know–Fear. The college campuses have become indoctrination centers although they are anti-IsraHELLand know about The Fed and are speaking out against it. Now most are kooks and that saddens me but they know who owns us and are PISSED OFF. Sites like yours can begin to diminish this stupidity and let them learn–knowledge, not ideology. They are generally statists-increasingly so.

    I assert the Bolshevik influence–aka J$ws are at the heart of their indoctrination. I have warned many times on this site that we are are entering The Bolshevik Revolution part two. It’s about to get bloody and these idiots best wake up. Shit–The Bolsheviks have been running this nation for decades—REPUDIATE THE DEBT.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • Mohawk Man says:

      This is he.üno
      Sacha Baron Cohen

      I suggest you watch that film—-You’ll understand todays homo society, transgenderism,—et al. A real learning experience. Fascinating. Watch them and learn. You’ll get whats been going on.–and who did it. Actually, it’s quite important to watch this “film”. Kinda like another Milo infiltration from the same place. I wonder if he’s “Catholic” too. Cohen? Sounds Irish to me. 2009–sounds about right. Well before that but that was the Intensive Care start.

      The Mohawk

    • Nevertheless says:

      For the most part right on the money. Milo and Cohen are total anti social mechanisms. Just like Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, Sarah Silvermen, Bill Maher, and so many others are tools to reach the youth of America. How may times have I seen them demonize Christianity, stand against Britex, demonize white small town Americans, Russia and Putin, and Syria..They help control the narrative.

      And when you look across the media universe you see the SAME narrative again and again. Even on the web, the Zionists spend millions: InfoWars, Drudge Report…Even bloggers are often paid trolls, to push the Zionist like.

      We are inundated with lies from the Zionists who have used banking money to buy the media and entertainment industries. They can make anyone a start, and the starts know this, so if you want to work, you MUST parrot their lies, if you don’t, you don’t work. You will note how small the entertainment world really is, because they have to keep their pawns close, and well controlled. Beyonce, Medona, Taylor Swift…and a good many more, all to corrupt America’s youth, demonize Western society and plant the seeds of our own destruction: Multiculturalism.

  3. Drazen says:

    Ricky is confusing Truth with facts and information. Facts and information are externalities; Truth is an inner state of being. Truth is what’s left when delusion is gone and nothing burns away delusion like intensity.

  4. craig.j says:

    Regarding Larry Silverstein and 9/11
    I’ve been trying to figure out a link from Larry Silverstein to the Bushes or Cheney.
    The closest I can get is Larry’s part of the Delta Partnership, a development consortium led by New York developer William Zeckendorf who built the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center under the Bush Sr administration. “Chief proponent” of the project Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y.
    Anyone know of any more solid links?

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Stripping humans from their Humanity.

    The last 100 years, saw a planned exercise of stripping Humanity out of humans, There are many examples to list, but here is one we can all relate to.

    During WWII – Germans (large section of the population) and some other European nations, lost their humanity when they believed the piped propaganda and started treating Jewish people as subhumans, or unwanted vermin.

    As a direct result, the Jews (large section of the population of Israel) lost their humanity and started treating the Palestinian Arabs as subhumans or vermin.

    Also notice, the German population (majority) never got their humanity back as the whole world still treats them with suspicion.

    It appears when you treat Humans inhumanly, the end result is you strip any humanity from them, and they become less humane.

    Now, if you go back and read history for the last 100 years, you will see this happening all over the globe, and majority of it is by design, and yet, we are surprised why we live in an evil world.

    I guess what i am saying is, Humanity is being “re-engineered” in the interest of few people, following “a big plan” of some sort, and this plan is working well! (i wounder who would benefit from such a plan??)

    Request for James… If i was able to “write”, i would write an article about this topic, and where it will lead (civil war and another holocaust for sure), but since I can barely string two sentences together, I would hope that you might take this up. I would certainly help with the research or any other time saving task to help you write it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Very good point about “efforts in re-engineering man’s Humanity”.
      We certainly see this effect with comment sections on some YouTube channels.

    • mkey says:

      During WWII – Germans (large section of the population) and some other European nations, lost their humanity when they believed the piped propaganda and started treating Jewish people as subhumans, or unwanted vermin.

      As a direct result, the Jews (large section of the population of Israel) lost their humanity and started treating the Palestinian Arabs as subhumans or vermin.

      Please do not spread this nonsense. There’s so much ignorance and misunderstanding in these few sentences they managed to bring my brain to a halt, albeit briefly. Respect the cause and effect, sir.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello mkey,

        Which particular part of these sentences that you find nonsense?? I though it was general knowledge. Please explain so i can learn from you.

        • mkey says:

          Your implication that Jews somehow started treating Palestinians as vermin because Germans treated them as vermin is 100% logical fallacy and historically incongruent.

          Before Germans started “treating Jews as vermin” (another point which could be discussed at length and one which I also find incorrect) there were several critical events that took place. Like the war declared on Germany by the international (and very influential) Jews in 1933. Or the mere fact that Zionists played a major role in destruction of Germany post WWI.

          Also, whatever plans Jews had for Palestinians, that plan was hatched well before Germans “started treating Jews as vermin,” even before WWI. Some finer points were probably touched on at a later date, when the actual invasion took place, but I’d say it’s pretty self evident that people who came up with the plan knew that Palestinians will have to be removed, one way or the other. Much like already mentioned vermin.

          In other words, even if Holocaust did happen as advertised, there would be ZERO, absolutely no excuse for Zionists/Israelis/Jews to treat Palestinians the way they treat them. Following this same logic, Nazis would have been in the clear to wipe out 6 million Jews because some Jews caused their dismay. Simply does not follow.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hello mkey,

            I don’t follow your point above, However, I think we are in agreement without realizing it.

            I am not questioning the reason why WWII started, or the motives behind it.

            I am saying that German Propaganda (check out the voice Radio) made the average German speaking person believes that the Jewish people are lesser humans, and as result it was OK to put them in ghettos and labor camps and treat them like vermin. (so they used this tactics as a weapon of war!)

            Today, the Palestinian Arabs is placed in ghettos, and treated like vermin (for example, if an Arab does a mistakes, Israelis exterminate their entire family and demolish their house – you only treat vermin this way).

            So, why are the Israelis doing this (and since Israel is a democracy with Jewish people voting), then the question goes, why does the Jewish people, who some of which still have numbers tattooed on their arms allow this??

            The answer is in psychology. People(majority, but not all), and in this case Jewish People have lost their humanity and became no different than the average German during WWII.

            That Said, I agree with you. Both the idea of Israel and the World Wars I and II are creation of the world Bankers and Zionists. It has nothing to do with the Jewish faith just because few Jews are Zionist. Just like ISIS has nothing to do with Islam just because they claim to be Muslims. (There are strict rules to being Jewish or Muslim, and if you don’t follow those rules, then you are not – Not killing innocent people on top of this list.)

            So, in summary.. What I am saying is, the same people who started Israel and WW 1 and 2 are planning to steal our humanity and turn us into animals so we eat each other, and let the stronger survive.

            If you are really interested in this topic, check out evil characters like Herbert Spencer 1820-1903 or Julian Huxley 1887-1975 and you will understand better what the Bankers/Zionist want to achieve (a bit like breading horses)

    • Nevertheless says:

      I don’t think Jews ever needed help treating other people as vermin. Behind much of the evil that affects America and the west is Zionist based, often “Jewish” though I believe some aspects of the “tribe” only use Judaism as a cover. But it is indisputable that Washington, Hollywood, Wall Street, the MSM and more are influenced by Jewish persons, vastly disproportionate to their populations.

      This influence is seen woven through everything, anti Christian, anti white male, anti small town, attacking the foundations of western society and creating entire classes of “victims”. Bill Clinton was likely the first fully Zionist owned piece of human filth, everything he did was to help the tribe gain control over the masses: Deregulation of wall Street and the media, welfare, crime, and pushing identity politics to the fore.

      They have great disdain for us/the west as they do for Muslims. They demonize Russia and Muslims, and sit back and watch us spend our money and our lives fighting them, for NOTHING!

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Nevertheless,

        I agree with you that a “cabal” is trying to hijack humanity, and they appear to be Zionists.

        I disagree with you with regards to insinuating that the Jewish faith is behind this. I know many Jewish people, and they are very nice, warm people, and just like you and me, but they follow a different religion, and some of them are actually “white”.

        Don’t fall for the trap @ Nevertheless… It is humanity (Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Bhuddists, etc) against the cabal of people i mention above. They believe that only the “fit” (translates to a person who can steal, kill and lie for money) should survive, and the rest of the cattle (ie. us) should be sent to the glue factory.

  6. doublek321 says:

    James mentioned Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “Between Two Ages” (in the discussion at around the 40 min mark about how the society we have now was engineered).

    For those interested, below is a link to read that book for free:

  7. doublek321 says:

    James I love that you brought up how you were one of those who thought people who questioned 9/11 seemed crazy and disrespectful (so was I btw and it took me almost a decade before my eyes were opened). IMO, it shows a level of honesty (you changed your views) and maybe even introspection (trying to analyze why you were so rigid on that point back then).

    Also your “globalism” vs “collectivism” point was subtle but very important (and is another reason I love this podcast). I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from you about this topic.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Puppet Theatre – What an excellent term!

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Good point about “the level of discourse” and how it has deteriorated over the decades. Being old, I have noticed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Level of Discourse – a deterioration of literacy and skills
      More than 150 students took the time-telling survey, which featured 15 questions. Only 31 students passed. Only 15 earned perfect scores. …”they don’t have to look at a clock very often that’s analog.”

      “Study: 4-in-5 Oklahoma City students can’t read clocks”

      • mkey says:

        It’s a bit bizarre, but we need to be realistic and understand that times are changing quite quickly. Similar issue would occur if Velcro shoes become the norm – how many would still know how to tie laces?

        One issue which worries the hell out of me would be the reading skills which, perfectly fitting to cronies needs, is probably going the way of the dodo as multimedia content becomes the norm.

  10. Renaldo Moon says:

    14:52 – should be “cops and good guys”

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