Interview 1257 – Murtaza Hussain on the Latest Phony FBI Terror Bust

03/03/201713 Comments

The FBI has "saved the day" yet again, by setting up, equipping and busting another troubled malcontent without the means or opportunity to do anything himself. Murtaza Hussain joins us today to discuss his recent article, "Trump’s First Terror Arrest: A Broke Stoner the FBI Threatened at Knifepoint."

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  1. michael.b says:

    It was hard to understand a lot of what he said James…terrible connection.

  2. Will this be a Corbett Report Extra?

    ” Trump’s FBI Continues the Phony War of Terror
    28 minutes ago220 views

    Was on YouTube but…
    ” This video has been removed by the user.
    Sorry about that. ”

    Or just the audio?

  3. pbirdstheword says:

    So this was started several months ago? Obama or Trump anyway it is the FBI.

  4. Ryan.C says:

    Had to pause that intro, laughed for a minute straight. ‘A Bush behind every Jihadi,’ classic, and hopefully insightful for some.

  5. I’m surprised James didn’t delve further into the ramifications of the knife threat. This may or may not be theorizing or president but it is astounding the government admitted the threat – to what end?

    1) Was it only a knife, as “they” say?

    2) “Only” a knife, as a small threat, shaped like a wedge, later larger threats will follow.

    3) If a knife is okay, next time they’ll bring a gun, and get away with it. Before you know it, entrapment under threat becomes legal and commonplace.

    This is far more alarming than anyone realizes.

    The “War On Terror” is becoming the “War OF Terror”.

    That’s not a knife, this is your life!

  6. nigel.m says:

    Its got all the hallmarks of an Entrapment this one, James.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Motive” or “intent” or “character” or the aberrations of an individual or group play such a role in these kind of events.
    ~ The victim was easily manipulated, hardly an aware self-determined individual.
    ~ The motives for the FBI with “career” brownie points, the government’s self-glory PR, the informant’s incentives to make this cruel con work…and other self-gain motives.
    These “character flaws”, the lack of virtue and integrity, are the fundamentals which we battle.

    On the flip side…
    LOOK at the clean intent of James Corbett

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    September 2009 plot (via FBI) to blow up a Dallas skyscraper.

    Yet, despite video facial recognition, the Dallas FBI did not catch the culprits who broke into the office of an attorney representing Dallas government whistleblowers. (2011) …could had embarrassed Hillary…

  9. Greg Bacon says:

    Does that include giving the patsy that amphibian-looking ear?

    Remember when the San Bernadino False Flag first hit, and how the only pics they showed of the male patsy had him smiling? Those pics were soon blurred and another, more sinister looking pic was trotted out for consumption.

    Or back to the Mother of all False Flags, 9/11. Although proclaiming that they had no idea that could happen, within an hour or so, Bin Laden Inc was on the screen, with mug shots and full CV’s to give Americans, shocked and PO, someone to hate and the desire to get revenge on and we’ve been murdering our way to Hell ever since.

    • danmanultra says:

      I suppose just having ‘the guilty party’ so readily available after 9/11 should be enough to make people think about what happened there and how.

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