Interview 1251 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/03/201731 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Speculation Grows Assad "Suffered A Stroke" As Syria Slams Trump's "Safe Zone" Proposal

Obama Killed 16-Year-Old American In Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister.

Who's Trying to 'Kill' Syrian President Bashar Assad?

Story #2: Austrian Hotel’s Keycards Repeatedly Hacked, Forced To Pay Bitcoin Ransom

Update: Bitcoin Hotel Hack Victim Speaks Out

Flashback: The Hacker Who Cracked Four Million Hotel Rooms (Nov. 28, 2012)

NBA 2K Game Wins Right to Store Your Biometrics 👾🕹

NYC Plans New Facial Recognition Cameras At Bridges, Tunnels (& Here's How To Dodge Them)

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy For The FBI To Spy On Journalists

Reporters' Spy Saga Gives Glimpse of UK Surveillance Culture

Story #3: Introducing Pig-Human Embryos For “Lab Grown Organs”

PDF: “Interspecies Chimerism with Mammalian Pluripotent Stem Cells”

When They Took Away Your Incandescent Lightbulbs, They Didn’t Tell You The Alternatives Would Ruin Your Eyes

#GoodNewsNextWeek: And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Picture of human pig with corporate slogan.

  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    James and James,

    “The World Next Week” is the segment that takes the “edge” of all the bad news in the world. You two are great at making it all sugar and spice. Keep up the good work and don’t make us wait too long for it.

    Thanks guys.

  3. ralphodavis says:

    So maybe I’m just delirious for spring on groundhog day since seeing my shadow after crawling out, but I could swear that I heard the most fleeting reference/dismissal by inference from James P of the apparently untouchable ‘Where’s Eric Braverman’ open-source tuber exposé by the actually unmentioned nom de tuber ‘George Webb’.

    For any uninitiated; it begins with #53 extending now to #102 in story-board detailing of the most egregious crimes of the powerful against the most vulnerable of humans in a global setting focused in Haiti and CIA centric.

    I’ll risk a link to the start of the latest iteration beginning at #100:

    So, given the associated documentation, citations provided by roughly 100 contributors, there’s been not a mention nor reply to my emails about this gut wrenching look into the depths of depraved indifference to everything decent.

    I’m hopeful that someone can dispel what I’ve derived as valid, but so far, barely a mention. Stunned, at this point, how it’s avoided like something fictitious. Lucky if it is, but the documentation of facts is damning.

    What’s your view, James, or anyone familiar?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      ralph, I have listened to some of George Webb and looked through his slides and his cited references.

      He does have many references or topics which have well been covered by Corbett or Newsbud or others.

      However, for me personally, my own preference, I find his videos too dispersing and broad. If he wrote up a well written, thoroughly detailed script which enforces ideas and builds towards logical revelations all backed by specific references, it would be more appealing to me. (i.e. wearing a more journalistic hat.)

      Example: LYBIA should include a detailed account of whistleblowers JoAnne and James Moriarty which would be at least an entire George Webb episode.

      • ralphodavis says:

        Thanks for the reply, HRS.

        I’m on the other end of exposure to George’s project, having stumbled on to it early back into the #30’s episodes which were summarily deleted by YT at the point that they were then reconstructed in summary and resumed at #53, the earliest edition now available.

        I understand the cognitive disadvantage of trying to contextualize the running complexity, and I’m afraid many are put off by the demand for background to make it cohesive.

        His storyboard method is necessitated, as is all actual detective work, by the very thing that vexes anyone casually approaching this: the diverse sourcing of vetted information within the breadth of context.

        Almost like someone walking into a room observing the board of a 3D chess game. If you’re not privy to process, context is difficult to grasp. So, maybe you’ve answered a nagging question as to why so few seem unmoved by what he’s assembled.

        More a fault of ambition, perhaps, but more likely just the nature of the beast being so complex even before the intelligence institutions apply the myriad disinfo and diversion interference which discourages many potential participants this far along.

        Suffice it to say that the capacities required to do this justice are taxing to the extreme. Just allowing some of the more inhuman behaviors and circumstances to register fully is a challenge in itself.

        I appreciate your insight very much, it implicitly answers a lot that’s bothered me why there aren’t more attentive minds to this. This is process we’re observing, not so much product. The body of open source contributors is large, so connection all the dots coherently is herculean while trying to keep your shit together when you confront the worst of the reality.

        Hope that you and other’s with capacity find their way to attend and even further clarity. This is must comprehend stuff in my own estimation. It’s breathtaking in its scope of implication to our current political and societal dilemmas. Thanks again.


    • mkey says:

      I wasn’t aware of those, I’ll have a look, even though it does seem to require quite a time investment.

    • mkey says:

      I watched about a dozen videos yesterday, his style is original, I’ll give him that. Nice amalgamate of the old school (I can only assume) detective and “new” technologies.

      At any rate, he’s quite a bit all over the place but he’s giving the viewer enough time for the information to sink in. He doesn’t look suicidal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d accidentally blow his head off while shaving.

      • ralphodavis says:

        What accounts for ‘style’ in large part is the sheer breadth of some 100 contributors feeding source citations into the mix.

        So, pretty intensive organizing and composition task, but also his background knowledge, much of it apparently first hand, is truly impressive and lends well to context as the info unfolds.

        He’s gaining a fairly substantial audience which can go some way to protect him from accidental razor explosions. The creeps like to isolate targets as much as possible, the glare of light spooks them since they’re basically secondary psychopathic cowards ‘just following orders’.

        George is a family man so he’s got much on the line. I wish there were more with his contacts and courage, but he’s still with us.
        This exposé, bar none, is like nothing else present on the web in my experience; little conjecture and massive documentation of the true subterranean nature of the beast while naming names.

        You’re exactly right about the ‘old school’ detective story-board construction. This is as much process as product by a very brave and bright guy wholly original for the medium, as you note.

        • mkey says:

          I have to caution anyone watching Webb’s channel, direct quote of his

          I am a Zionist, so I admit I protect Israel in the story. Israel supports the ISIS Oil rat line (75% of Israeli gas is from the pipeline I believe). But I don’t believe they are involved in the sex trafficking, etc. My big focus is to get all the emails, not to shame Israel. The emails are the key to the investigation IMO.

          This doesn’t change facts, but this guy is extremely biased. After he stated for a few times that UAE did 9/11 I had to go nosy up a bit and this pretty much killed his analysis for me.

          Among other things that nagged me quite a bit was that he’s very easy on Obama and kind of pushes the hype about all of them changes Trump’s going to introduce.

          Viewer caution advised.

          • ralphodavis says:

            Well of course caution is advised no matter where one lands for information these days. Here is no exception.

            What you don’t attempt to address are the facts of the matter that are independently garnered and reported. Those documented facts pertaining to the Gladio lineage, the ‘brownstone’ methodology for ‘target’ compromising that spans all counterintelligence agencies everywhere, the total lack of accounting for many tens and even hundreds of billions of Clinton Foundation money laundering, the detailing of the private invasion of Libya, the ‘rat lining’ of sarin gas weapons to Syria, etc, yet your takeaway is mere advice to ‘caution’?

            George Webb is conducting a ground breaking open sourced investigation exposing the worst of effects of covert crimes against humanity and there’s virtually no discussion here.

            Even when there’s modest response like yours it doesn’t yield even the most basic acknowledgment of both the risk incurred by GW given the adversaries, nor the invaluable insight into a matrix of monstrous crimes.

            I can’t even get James to comment here or by email. Sure we’re all busy, but Webb will be killed for what he reveals and few will even give a damn because they’re consumed with over-caution of what we all purport to be most morally opposed and moved to resist in whatever way possible.

            Caution won cut it, I’m afraid. Neither will indifference. Viewer caution? How about viewer interest, discernment and discussion of facts that should concern us all? You qualify GW as an admitted Jew and Zionist? Ok, but deal with the facts that openly admitted Jew makes, eh?

            We’re amid a true global crisis, and Webb’s detailing in true investigative fashion of some of the most egregious crimes and perps is being ignored by presumably natural allies.

            It’s sad, disgusting and shameful, in my opinion.

            • mkey says:


              Are you at all familiar with the concept of “fruits from a poisonous tree”?

              Full version:

              I do not feel the need to summarize data spun and reiterated over dozens of videos. The mere fact I didn’t summarize it (especially for issuing this viewer caution) stands as a testament to the fact I don’t have several weeks at hand to go over his videos, document everything, recap, root out the bias and summarize it for purposes of making a single comment here. If that leaves you disgusted, the issue is with you, friend.

              To further support my stance, I’ll restate my first sentence after the quote above:
              “This doesn’t change facts, but this guy is extremely biased.”
              You may have missed it the fist time around.

              I do not need to “acknowledge” jack shit, friend. Nor will I stand in awe of a person towing the official narrative line, restating several times how UEA did 9/11. His personal security is an issue of his own, just as anyone elses’. I’m not his bodyguard, his mother nor his friend. I obviously do not wish any harm to this man, but I won’t be beholden to him, either; even if were the embodiment of universal truth.

              I’ll end the first part of this reply by referencing some of the condescending projections you’re making there. Which I haven’t taken to heart, but I’d like to caution you against them as, well, you may come of as a condescending person.

              “Caution won cut it, I’m afraid. Neither will indifference.”
              Where have I called for indifference? I have advised caution against a biased source of information. That’s all. You may try making that into much more, but there’s nothing there behind your construct. If you are disappointed over lack of interest for what Webb is doing, you’ll have to grind that axe elsewhere.

              “Viewer caution? How about viewer interest, discernment and discussion of facts that should concern us all?”
              Yes, that’s why I was cautioning viewers because non facts were being layed out, along many, possibly biased, facts.

              “You qualify GW as an admitted Jew and Zionist? Ok, but deal with the facts that openly admitted Jew makes, eh?”
              He qualified himself as a Zionist. Nowhere did he (in this quote, at least) state that he’s a Jew, but a Zionist. I have nothing against Jews, couldn’t say as much about Zionists. My issue with Webb is not whether or not he’s a Jew, obviously.
              I’m not qualifying him as anything but an obviously biased person. The fact he’s admitting his bias, is not in any way making him less biased. Try not to read into stuff that isn’t there, eh?

            • mkey says:

              For the second part of my answer:

              Zionism plays such a magnificent central role in this matter that it is impossible, I’ll repeat, IMPOSSIBLE to divulge deep into this issue without dedicating time and effort to dissect the Zionist background of this most crucial matter of our time.

              Hillary Clinton alone does not cut it. I don’t need Webb to tell me she’s a deranged bitch from hell, she’s potentially the most psychopathic, most powerful, best connected woman; woman with the highest body count score that has ever lived on this planet. Building a case against her in my opinion won’t cut it either, good luck finding a court which will be prepared to put her to trial. This is not to say this investigation is pointless, of course, I obviously welcome any action which may raise awareness. Or at least a massive stampede involving pitchforks and torches.

              Two giant mega lies in the past 70 years which have brought untold misery upon the peoples of this planet, in which Zionists have played central, pivotal roles and George Webb has the audacity to state he must “protect Israel in the story”? Does this incredible admission exonerate him from this bias? I think not. Hillary herself has admitted a lot of shit that she participated in, in my eyes those admissions don’t exonerate her, either (for those who may read to much into things, I’m not equating Webb and Hillary on any plane of existence.)

              Did UAE do 9/11? Obviously not. Queen bitch has taken a lot of advantage of that situation, but did she pull it on her own? Would it behoove any rational investigator to check their facts (of which George is apparently very fond, unless they go against his Zionist bias) before making such atrocious claims and furthering the narrative?

              George Webb is a biased investigator whom may be risking his life (even though, I personally don’t think he is if not for any other reason but due to a perceptibly small audience) by exposing facts which, due to his bias, may become skewed. So yes, I personally advise viewer caution which goes beyond the standard “viewer caution” because the presenter in this case is 100% beyond any doubt biased and possibly prepared to bend the truth and lye to cover his bias.

              • ralphodavis says:

                ‘I do not need to “acknowledge” jack shit, friend.’

                Haha, that’s the spirit, ..but clearly that’s all it is.

                Just like the rest of your adrenaline driven and defensively irrational rant which, again, attempts to slant facts by sheer innuendo.

                Why not just imply total worthlessness to a large body of independently derived and documented evidence of some 100 contributors of varying discipline and profession on the basis of differing viewpoint on an unrelated matter?

                So I, too, would argue with George on his 9/11 views as well as the merits of Zionism. But, he has stated his Jewish faith, and I realize that the concept of Zion means different things to different people, and I may disagree, but that won’t color my judgement or discernment of documented fact and/or the context of their presentation if it stands on its merits.

                My reply to your ‘caution’ was not an attack, per se, but expression of exasperation of an obviously engaged person dismissing work for very bad reasons and trying to defend it.

                So, I’m condescending? Then make a fact based and rational argument rather that being a pot calling a very much more productive journalist who’s actually exposing the worst dregs on the planet, like him or not, black.

                You’re doing a gross injustice by your petty slurs to someone making a great personal sacrifice to expose with verifiable fact what you irrationally choose completely ignore in argument but degrade nonetheless

                Shame on you.

              • mkey says:

                Pretty much like you, I have nothing new to add to this exchange.

                My time will not be wasted on your projections and baseless accusations. Feel free to continue waving the flag. Regards.

              • ralphodavis says:

                What I did was to invite discussion of the facts as presented by link. I also express my concern that this timely and open source investigation has found no traction here.

                That’s unfortunate, in my view. I appreciate interest and argument, but I’m intolerant of the type of bullshit you attempted to impose detracting from substance of merit.

                That’s a sad result of something other than open and honest interest and discussion. Nobody wins.

                C’est la vie.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            mkey QUOTE: After he stated for a few times that UAE (ARABS) did 9/11…this pretty much killed his analysis for me.
            So true mkey!
            9/11 Truth is the litmus test
            15 minute Ed Asner –

            And good news! Corbett’s famous 5 minute video, 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory, is getting closer to 3 million views!!!

            • ralphodavis says:

              Cognitive dissonance on an issue like 9/11 doesn’t necessarily apply as you suggest. Both issues have their own unique set of emotional vulnerabilities to denial, HRS.

              Each bias issue is overcome only by rational discernment of documented validity of fact, citations amply provided by George Webb.

              Wherever he speculates he always prefaces his statements as such. The investigative environment is dynamic, fluidly constant in developing context and unusual in alt-media as such.

              To use 9/11 conceptual understanding as a ‘litmus test’ does nothing but conflate chemistry with something else entirely. George invites constant criticism and contribution from all interested and informed parties. It’s open source throughout.

              So, it’s a false ‘litmus’ argument that side-steps all facts of the matter presented and in fact mimics the very CG syndrome that you seem to agree nullifies everything else, in another domain, in one fell swoop.

              Convenient, as for those refusing the evidence of 9/11 that forfeit their own prospect of understanding by precluding actual evaluation or discussion of factual evidence by preemptive fallacy.

              Your agreement with preemptive bias is irrational and unobjective in itself, wouldn’t you say?

              Biblically analogous to not being able to see the mote in one’s own eye while pointing it out in another, ..however passive aggressively.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                To each his own standards. You can have your standards. I am fine with that. We are free men.

                For me, for my standard, 9/11 Truth is foundational. “9/11 Truth’ is a simple, self-evident, easy-to-see observable truth. Its importance can not be overstated.
                (90 seconds by my Hero)

              • ralphodavis says:

                Certainly, HRS, everyone’s entitled to their opinion about anything. But my point isn’t ‘my’ standard. If I understand correctly to what you refer, relating to what I’ve said, and what you suggest here.

                From what you’re saying about 9/11 Truth, with capital T, mind you, truth explicitly becomes dogma. It may be a principle, but far from truth.

                So, I submit that truth can’t be dogmatized. Whatever attempt that’s made to do so destroys it by default. Compound rather than element, if you will.

                Truth about 9/11 is a different animal than ‘9/11 Truth’ in the way that you use it as subjective benchmark qualifier to something completely unrelated. It’s intellectual dishonesty to do that.

                That’s not just my opinion or standard, that’s logical reality by definition of what truth can and cannot be and what constitutes dogma.

                For example: I may believe that it’s true that Dick Cheney is a lying sack of shit fundamentally about his role and testimony on 9/11.

                That seems a pretty safe thing to believe as true especially since much of his role within PNAC would support that as extremely likely along with timeline contradictions of his 9/11 statements.

                I can insist that is truth but, truthfully, it’s circumstantial and yet to be proven, at least until he’s tried, convicted and executed under law of treason, it’s just what I believe. Not absolute truth. Not my standard. Just what’s real.

                My entire motive for posting about George Webb is that despite disagreeable items of perspective and opinion, the research and documentation involved is unparalleled in scope and content of anything currently being produced on the web.

                I’ve followed his reportage from the outset and no one journalistic entity can compare to the insight of detail and overview perspective of the criminal class that’s overtaken America and continues to pose a most real and present danger to us all.

                The ghoulish reality of the dominant psychopathy is requisite for any hope, however remote, that we will ever free those oppressed innocents, as well as ourselves, from the nightmarish consequences of our failure to do so.

                Ignorance is no more salvation than dogma truth. And there are no heroes but one, I begin to think.

            • mkey says:

              I understand this stance may appear radical or inappropriate to some, but things should not be read into too much nor taken wildly out of context. There are some things people don’t expect to hear from their news sources and that’s just how the cookie crumbles. In this regard, I very much appreciate James because he hasn’t managed to disappoint me, yet.

              I’ll name some examples of people I used to follow and the reasons as to why the following was interrupted (either gradually or after a simple cutoff)

              – Micheal Rivero. I very much appreciate this gentleman for his commentary and original content, like “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars” article/video. At the time it boggled my mind. He made excellent stuff, but he bit hook, line and sinker on the Trump MAGA thing. It wasn’t that much disappointment I felt, but it became apparent it was time to move on.

              – Young Turks. I followed these guys for a decent long while, until I found Uygur lead a heated debate FOR a preemptive strike on Russia, with the nucular option and all that. That was sometime before the Ukraine fiasco, around the time several red lines have been drawn around Syria, I think. Drawn by Obama I might add, the same person Webb apparently holds in high regard.
              Suffice to say I didn’t watch one minute of their content after that explosive brain diarrhea of an opinion. Was that “fair” of me to do, I do not know, but for me it was necessary.

              The very reason sites like this one exist is so that people can escape from the single mindedness of the everyday life. I also very much appreciate James for his apparent zero censorship approach. I would like to see a full fledged forum feature on this site, though, which could lead to more fruitful discussions. Things are rather easy to be missed with “threads” organized this way. With a standard board affair it would be easy for members to have some content of theirs hosted and maintained on this site as well and with each article having it’s own thread etc.

          • mkey says:

            I honestly doubt that counter is 100% honest. Youtube likes to fudge figures. I alone watched it several thousands of times at least.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    ha!… Soros News
    New Report Exposes 6 TOP Republicans on Soros payroll

  5. Neo says:

    Hurry up and get in the line, Donald!

  6. Octium says:

    I think we are correct to be automatically suspicious of any story related to cyberterrosim and cybercrime.

    In the Hotel case, surely after the second ransom attack any reasonable manager would hire an IT person to install an automatic backup system, making the paying of a ransom to recover your data unnecessary.

    Also, it is not hard to physically isolate the security system network from the other network, the old 19th century door locks are not particularly secure when someone copies or looses a key.

    Some ideas here on how to keep networks separate going back to the 1960s.

  7. wall says:

    The only way to fix this is to take this whole surveillance system and turn it against them. IMPOVERISH, IMPRISON, SURVEIL. I.I.S. (pronouced ice). All politicians and gov employees should be IIS’ed. No more kick backs, revolving doors and high paying jobs after leaving gov, inside stock tips etc. Soon as you enter the gov you give up all income for life, are forced to live on a special impoverished colony, and are surveiled 24/7 for life. That would fix this whole problem.

    All we need is a public interface with the surveillance grid. How would such an interface be made? How can we more toward this goal?

    • mkey says:

      All we need is for the people to stop paying taxes on a massive level, that would put things back in line.

    • ralphodavis says:

      We have to first understand that the underlying, undermining covert shadow system works to infiltrate and usurp any and all ‘legit’ function of essential criticism throughout government and media.

      Just as the NSA has used terrorist pretense created by partner agencies to surveil the public for purposes of control ala Huxley’s blueprint, the entire ‘system’ is literally utter corruption itself. It depends on a matrix of diversion that laces nearly all information. The ‘fake news’ syndrome is merely the easily exposed heavy-handed variety.

      In current iteration the only hope left is that a critical mass can somehow find it’s way through the mind-control maze by sheer persistence to expose the sordid underbelly that’s now fully institutionalized under covert authority, and our chances are not looking too good.

      There’s never existed the scope of propaganda unleashed on a people like today with electronics. Our ‘reality’ is complete bastardization and distortion, so we’re like rats trying to work through a nearly impossible, ever expansive maze. It changes course in real-time to impede what progress we make.

      That’s why they need to surveil to control. Even most of the best of us appeared fooled or co-opted, always steps behind and under constant, harassing, and malevolent threat. The closer we may get, the harder it becomes due to their literal license to kill.

  8. NES says:

    Bio-metric key entry? Like the evolution of the Dollar is the history of counterfeiting, the bitcoin hackers will simply learn how to steal finger prints, facial recognition details and/or eye scans. Future uses? Identity theft would be easier as the world populations are pushed further into bio-metric identity technology.

    Things are getting creepier with the Chimera research. What to call it?


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