Interview 1246 - James Corbett on the Hagmann Report

01/25/20172 Comments

James joins The Hagmann Report to discuss the President Trump transition as viewed from Asia, the emergence of the new new world order from the same old chaos, and how the inauguration of Donald Trump will influence US/China relations. They also discuss the biometric and cashless payment system currently being fashioned for India's 1.25 billion citizens.

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  1. marvinsannes says:

    It’s almost laughable: The whining on the street of America. Pax Americana has murdered a guesstimate of 40 to 70 million since WWII and now the rape of the 3rd world is coming home and the fat, illiterate, democratic public employed and unemployed who have now aligned with the neo-cons and are willing to ignore these America wars as long as their simple quite drunk and loaded life is not upset. Nothing could represent this wasted, spoiled, ignorant place better than Trump. At the least, his administration is a gigantic improvement from the last 16 yrs. of myth and murder. The silver lining: We know we now are going to face who we are. Killers, cannibals, addicts, ignorant.

  2. taxpayer says:

    Corbett says “A free trade policy could be written on the back of a cocktail napkin: You don’t put tariffs on our goods, we won’t put tariffs on yours.”

    If I may suggest, a free trade policy can be simpler: “We will not impose tariffs or other restrictions on what people may purchase.”

    This can be done without any need for international negotiations. As for what restrictions other nations impose on their people, that is really not our business.

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