Interview 1242 - James Corbett on Living Outside The Box

01/07/20176 Comments

James Corbett joins Lance Bowman of the Living Outside the Box podcast to discuss the outlook for Japan and the world in 2017. We talk about the economic, cultural and societal mindset in Japan and preparedness (or lack thereof) for the changes that are coming across the globe.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I loved this Interview 1242!!! Lance Bowman did a good job of guiding the interview and sliding through a diversity of topics. Pleasant voice.

    It widened my universe to find out some of the cultural viewpoints in Japan. Thanks for going there! Perspectives of other cultures are important in understanding the international stage and I think many of us have a strong curiosity about other cultures.

    “Communities of Interest and Ideas”, “New Versions of Community”.
    I liked seeing this topic addressed with easy to comprehend concepts and non-labels.

    Being an old fart, the “kindergarten” explanation of ICAAN really helps when trying to grasp larger concepts such as “.bit” and “” and correlating things towards decentralization and peer to peer solutions.
    I appreciate it.
    Also, episodes like this with very simple explanations become vitally important when disseminating to the broad public.

    I totally and emphatically agree with Corbett:
    We are in a war against manufactured ignorance of the fact that there exist peer to peer, open source solutions.
    Corbett QUOTE:
    …But I would rather that the default be that people understand and look for “…Is there a decentralized solution?…” …if people JUST GET TO THAT MINDSET…then the status quo itself will change….
    Bowman QUOTE:
    …You hit the nail on the head….
    QUEUED VIDEO: (1 minute)

    In my opinion:
    “Just being aware that alternatives exist”…if we can just change society’s meme to this fact, then it deflates the manipulations by the powers elite.
    Awareness of the fact is the key point. An individual would not necessarily have to use something like bitcoin or .bit or Tor. They just need to be aware that alternatives exist.
    Awareness is the key.
    And spreading that awareness is something which we can do as free individuals.

  2. tgmolitor says:

    Japanese 10-year bonds have crashed since the Bank of Japan now holds over a third of the entire nation’s marketable government debt. By comparison, the Federal Reserve holds less than 20 percent of all US Treasuries, and this entire quantitative easing (QE) effort since 2007 to support the economy has utterly failed. The capital markets are demonstrating that the BOJ’s holdings of government debt threaten the world’s third-largest economy. This entire QE effort for these past 8.6 years is coming to an end. The JGBs have crashed and the Bank of Japan has suspended its buying for just now. This will indict the fate of interest rates moving forward.

  3. GW says:

    James, Can you explain how to open at this point a .bit domain name? Searches only bring up links to GoDaddy, etc.

    • Corbett says:

      Yes, please see this:

      Broc will be making a video of this interview for the Extras channel to refresh everyone’s memory about dot bit and DNS and namecoin, etc, I will be writing/talking more about this, and I’m hoping to get Michael Dean back for another conversation about this in the near future.

      • Yay for more.

        After seeing your September video and after a longer story, I have 4 .bit domain names that I’ve yet to do anything with.

        JasonCarswell.bit – blank (my name for my new junk)
        WickedSunshine.bit – blank (to repost my old website 2000-2010 content, now someone else’s domain)
        Truther.bit – blank
        Antiestablishment.bit – blank

        I wanted “Truther” .bit to discuss the pros and cons of “trutherism” for better and worse, not necessarily about “fact” details, the psychology, group think, the different kinds of groups and truths, ways to quantify and qualify types, styles, people, groups, etc. if possible, in order to help people navigate concepts, right, wrong, or fuzzy.

        I was going to have Antiestablishment.bit as a mirror/redirect to Truther.bit or perhaps branch it out later.

        So far I’ve nothing but the guilt of just sitting on them. (I’m distracted by my compulsive addiction to alt-news.)

        I’ll give/donate/transfer/share/fill Truther.bit and/or Antiestablishment.bit to whomever, James Corbett or other members, if someone with content is willing to develop them, with or without me. Please feel free to share this as you see fit, and contact MJasonCarswell if serious.

        I have the name domains in a Namecoin wallet but have not proceeded to learning how to host them, nor have I money to do so beyond the 0.255 Namecoin gifted to me to do so. (Shame on me for procrastinating.)

  4. candlesnstones says:

    good afternoon everyone. i stopped in here to show mr corbett the cool word cluster i found but ended up listening to this again for some reason. at approx 5:00 i began to feel irritated by the choice of words used to describe china. i will paraphrase ‘china is an economic threat and a military threat’ i believe a more accurate and objective description might say ‘china is an economic POWER and a military POWER’ … and did the host, mr bowman say to prepare for a chinese invasion of japan?? i dont know about that one. anyway… i wanted to share this site with the swirling words in case nobody has seen it. place your curser in the word cluster under ‘popular topics’🙃 …

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