Interview 1226 - Financial Survival: The Day After the (s)Election

11/10/201611 Comments

The touchscreen voting machines have spoken: Donald J. Trump is now Lord Emperor of the American Empire. So what now? Join James and Alfred Adask for their weekly conversation on Financial Survival where they discuss the aftermath of the (s)election circus and where the world is heading now.

It’s Worse Than You Think (

5 Times Donald Trump Praised Socialized Healthcare

5 Shot, 2 Life-Threatening Injuries During Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle

Donald Trump wants the death penalty for those who kill police officers

Trump Promises to Be a Dictator If Elected

Trump Called Edward Snowden a Traitor, Implied He Should Be Executed

Notes on Nationalism

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  1. rayvahey says:

    Hi James, there is a mention of an interview with George Soros. Do you know if that is online? Or where I might find it?

  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Bread and Circuses

    A phrase used by a Roman writer to deplore the declining heroism of Romans after the Roman Republic ceased to exist and the Roman Empire began: “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.” The government kept the Roman populace happy by distributing free food and staging huge spectacles.

    So, (S)election is part of the Circuses… You should worry when the Free food distribution increases.

  3. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the laugh following your proclaimed disgust with the fact that Russia has been moving its borders so close to our NATO bases… It brought to mind this editorial I copied from the NYT today precisely because of one remark proceeding from speculation that Trump’s election might mean the end of the West as we know it. The guy says:

    “Russia is barking at our borders.” !!! His exact words. Time is precious and I stopped there. If I had commenting privileges at the NYT I would have asked, not being as quick-witted as you, where this person studied geography … But if Trump’s election means all sorts of other and very scary things, the prophesied end of the MSM cannot be anything but good. These errant fools have led the sheeple elite into a black hole… Poor things! And now they’re clueless re which end is up or even if there is such a thing as an “end.”

    Thanks, as always, James.

  4. whateverittakes2 says:

    I have fallen into my own regime of “bread and circuses” — falling asleep at night with YouTube piped into my head through ear phones — NO WIFI! I have this to report: — that the second Comey email investigation was cover for a coup/counter-coup in DC (the latter reported by Steve Pieczenik) that certain governmental agencies had become so disgusted with the Pedophilia scandal forming around Epstein and his Lolita Express, news that not just Bill, but even Shillary and PODESTA were involved, that they refused to go forward with their planned rigging of the election. True/False? Likely? Unlikely?

    It seems believable to me — that you can go just a few steps too far and even borderline shady people will back off…

    In sum, the second Comey intervention was a covert announcement that the elections would not be tampered with.

  5. ben7 says:

    Re ‘hate’ and the election, this from Charles Eisenstein is a worthwhile read:

  6. VoltaicDude says:

    Love IS the answer. I really admire Ringo Starr for his devotion to that meme virtually every time I hear him speak. It’s easy to make fun of that sort of rhetoric and find it hokey (and maybe easy to exploit that rhetoric as well – hence some defensiveness in the form of cynicism about it is understandable), but I admire anyone who takes on the great task of applying it consistently and in earnest.

    None-the-less, the following quote (while I would argue the absolutist “dead wrong” part to be an over-reaching two-dimensional critique based in semantics), also provides an insightful twist:

    “When you’re in a fever, only your own body is burning, and when you’re wounded, you bleed by yourself. Each man is alone inside his skin, that foolproof insulator that separates even twins and lovers.

    “Yet love is the only magic that can break the spell of solitude, just as life is the only magic to break the spell of death. Miracles are strictly temporary, but they do happen.

    “The Beatles song ‘All You Need is Love’ is dead wrong. It’s the other way around: all love needs is you. Love is courage, the daring to accept foredoomed happiness.”

    – Stephen Vizinczey (The Rules of Chaos, 1969, McCall Pub. Co.)


    “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

    – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Trump (just as did the fascist democratic Mayor Ed Koch) back in 1989, called for the death-penalty for the Central Park Five – five black and Latino youth who were incarcerated after being railroaded and forced to confess by the NYPD which used torture-like intimidation techniques on them. Years later, after each of the innocent youth having been incarcerated for years, they were 100% exonerated and the real police misconduct (understatement if there ever was one) was finally exposed.

    Trump has never apologized. He never has discussed what should happen to police officers that engage in the most egregious offense against society – the abuse of the power entrusted to them. There are laws that stipulate 3x the usual penalty for offenses against police officers. Perhaps 5x the usual penalty would be appropriate to officers that act like criminals- the ultimate betrayal of society and “law and order.”

    The emperor president?
    Nixon: when the president does it, it’s not illegal
    Obama: trust me, I wouldn’t use my secret, extra-judicial powers [by definition constitutionally illegal] illegally

    Our team v. their team?
    In the world of corporate-culture works on the same fascist team mentality is par for the course: the competitor brand is our enemy, we need to be team-players

    A populist movement?
    The Trump (reality-show star) phenomenon is a populist movement like “Hope and Change” was a populist movement – totally promoted and controlled by deceptive powers. Maybe it will be another award-winning PR-advertising campaign.

  7. VoltaicDude says:

    A series of clips that raise more questions than answers:

    The Alex Jones Channel

    The Next News Network

    “The Making of Donald Trump”: David Cay Johnston on Trump’s Ties to the Mob & Drug Traffickers
    Democracy Now!

    Clinton and Trump Best Friends

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