Interview 1220 - From Anthrax to Iraq with Robbie Martin

10/19/201613 Comments

Robbie Martin of joins us to talk about his research into the anthrax attacks of 2001. We discuss how false information claiming an Iraqi link to the attacks was sowed via the mainstream media and how the story largely disappeared when the anthrax traced back to the US government's own bioweapons labs. We also update the case and talk about some of the legitimate suspects in the attacks.

A Very Heavy Agenda

American Anthrax

Interview 1212 – From Anthrax to Iraq with Graeme MacQueen

The unresolved story of ABC News’ false Saddam-anthrax reports

The Pentagon’s “Operation Dark Winter”: June 2001 Bioterror Exercise Foreshadowed 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks

Abby Martin interviews Lawrence Wilkerson

HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

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  1. whateverittakes2 says:

    I watched the Wilkerson interview with Abby Martin for the second time. I don’t see/didn’t see the sudden change in attitude on the part of Wilkerson as described in Corbett Report 1220. In fact, I think the interview ends with some very sound and prescient advice from Wilkerson to the American people re what they must do if they want to end the unending nightmare being perpetrated by an empire that benefits less than 1% of the population. (And is supported monetarily-and bodily-by the rest of us.)

    We are headed toward sure armageddon with the upcoming elections. Hillary is another Genghis Khan with apologies to the latter. (We can assume that Genghis probably told the truth at least 50% of the time.) What the Donald might do is up for grabs, but one thing is certain:

    The legacy of the Bush family (and David Rockefeller) and all who have fallen in line with the dastardly charade called 9/11 is certain dissolution of this country and everything it has stood for — everything good, that is. (We have certainly stood for a lot of the other, as well). However, the moment is surely near where the American people must make a decision about where to draw their own line in the sand.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Well worded and powerful statement.

    • bob_fergus says:

      I didn’t notice any change in Wilkerson and found him totally believable.

      The American Empire is making a grab for the whole show, their political, legal, social systems are so corrupted and co-opted by the .0001% that the ppl have no power to stop this push for a global hegemon.

      If the American citizens fail to stop these Neocons then they will be the first to suffer, but certainly not the last. The whole world is waiting for the Hollywood style, true blue, hero to expose it all and bring them to justice.

      Well they have been exposed, the result?
      What do you expect when they own the system from the police,FBI,NSA,CIA,DoJ,etc
      Law, justice and moral integrity are absent from the American system, bought out in a hostile takeover by corporate interests.

      The once shining example of freedom and enerprise, America is now reviled as “the Evil Empire”throughout the world.

      Ave America

    • m.clare says:


      Nice post. I agree with all you say…except the following….

      I maintain that the election was scripted from the beginning. Trump is doing a job. Phase 1 involved raising valid and difficult questions to win the support of those who were utterly fed up with the status quo. Phase 2 was to slowly scuttle his own ship…. and take all of those “negative, fearful, paranoid, racist, wall building, crotch groping, official 9/11 theory doubting conspiracy theorists” down with the S.S. Donald Trump.

      It is theatre. Propaganda. Peer pressure. Shaming. Smoke and mirrors distraction. Divide and conquer. The selection of the next scapegoat spokesmodel is a complete waste of time. It takes time for this harsh truth to sink in. I’m still grappling with it.

      The way things are going they’ll have to run Satan himself in the next election to ensure the outcome.

      BTW…I don’t blame the citizens of the United States for the actions of the criminals who are so thoroughly washing their brains. I’d like to say it’s different in Canada; it is not.

      • M says:

        It certainly seems to be so. I mean the stuff about Trump and women does not come up until now? It is obvious they waited until it was just him and Hillary left. They managed to get a candidate who is able to gather protest votes and get the people who are fed up to get a feeling of possible change and when it gets closer to voting day these videos surface and he is against what will be the first female president of the United States.

        Still it is possible that he managed to suprise them off guard, while he is no saint for sure. Anyway even though it is just bread and circuses, I am following it with certain interest. In wishfull thinking Trump is a billionare, who actually wants to make a mark as person who has really improved the lives of people as he probably has enough money already and might really try to do his best as the President. In real polling no matter what the mockingbird media is telling:

      • whateverittakes2 says:

        I must admit I’ve not paid close attention to what either one of these buffoons – criminal buffoons (Hillary moreso than the Donald) have been saying. I do believe the primaries were rigged to help Shillary rise to the top, that she is the sure choice of the Deep State (as was BO and the Shrub before him). I don’t believe there’s anything left of so called “democracy” in America — if 85% of the American people voted for Jill Stein (which is what I intend to do), Shillary would win. She’s a liar and a warmonger and that’s exactly the kind of person they want. She also knows the ropes and knows exactly what is expected of her.

        Her medical issues have given me hope… (which is a terrible thing to say, but hey, it’s Hillary so I’ll throw karma in there, too. But if she really is as disabled as some of the alt media suggest — I posted here earlier that I worked for five years at the Neurosciences Institute in L.A. Her freeze episode on 9/11 sure looked like Parkinsonism to me. (And that would be late stage… so it seems she’s had this problem, and been hiding it, for a rather long time.) The fact that her team has viciously gone after anyone who dares suggest that she may be very disabled and physically (and mentally) unfit to be President of the US, those reactions and over reactions would seem to suggest that there’s something rather serious going on.

        But if they don’t get us with Hillary, they’ll get us with a major devaluation of the currency, and the hope they can foist their NWO on us this way, if not the other.

        What confounds me is how many people have been co-opted into this NWO idea — all the members of the CFR, etc., and seem to see nothing wrong with it… What are they getting out of it?

        • m.clare says:

          This is what Propaganda looks like:

          Screaming, adoring fans. Looks like Beatlemania. These are the faces of the thoroughly brainwashed.

          “Vote. It matters. You have a voice. Hillary is brilliant. Trump is Hitler. Keep playing the game. Faith in democracy, hope, belief, warm fuzzy dreams, teary eyes and puppy dogs all around”


          Who will play Darth Vader in the next election? It’s probably a good paying gig. Maybe they’ll get Charles Manson out of prison to run against the chosen one next time. That would get good ratings.

          • whateverittakes2 says:

            But this “Beatlemania”… Do you not think this is just a very thin veneer, that the MSM has become so corrupt that what little they do present is made up from the get-go. Televised rallies where the audience is photo-shopped in? I just heard Bill Holter, an economic forecaster who is always on the dark side (probably why I listen to him…) but he maintains that Trump is so far ahead of Shillary that the masses will revolt if the PTB tries to force Clinton on the people… A part of me believes that large numbers of the American people clearly read the writing on the wall; I tend to be less convinced of the malleability of the American psyche, of its susceptibility to so much brainwashing. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but the MSM is almost dead. And when people like Paul Krugman who seemed perfectly respectable not so long ago go off the deep end, then even those educated people who still give their allegiance to the NYT begin to realize that something is truly rotten in Denmark.

            Bill Holter’s take is that the TRUTH re 9/11 is coming out all over the place. (the ruling that victims of 9/11 can sue Saudia Arabia — who in the course of defending itself will spill the beans…) With these revelations will be the outing of the colossally corrupt DC establishment. (Another take on Shillary is that she, too, is privy to all sorts of ugly insider information and is using it to threaten for place, position and more power).

            So war, probably a world war, and probably nuclear, is on the horizon because the crooks and traitors who’ve been running this country for the past half century would rather see the country blown up and the entire planet blown to smithereens than have their own cover blown — and their iniquities laid bare for the world to see. There are many sick players in this drama, many far sicker than the average man on the street here in good old USA — which may not be for much longer.

    • John says:

      I concur. And to add to this point (about Wilkerson’s responses) there are some rather poor video edits at 16m32s and again at 16m40s. Whose edit is this? Lets shed some light on this..

  2. Greg Bacon says:

    When the anthrax letters had the “Death to America, Death to Israel” threat on the letter, it started getting obvious that the whole 9/11 charade was a False Flag, designed to perpetuate endless wars–the US is now officially in Somalia–set up a police state and give cover to those TBTF Wall Street casinos who were undergoing a ‘controlled demolition’ also on 9/11, busting up because of all the toxic bad debt.

    15 years later, there’s no end in sight to these wars against the Muslims world, we’re living under a tyrannical government that listens to and watches our every step and those TBTF casinos are about to implode again, and this time it will be nasty.

    Any thoughts of finding out who really sent those anthrax letters was destroyed along with the batches of the American made Ames anthrax that the FBI destroyed to cover up the crime.

    Americans are under siege from a corrupt, out-of-control rogue government that has nothing but disdain for We the People, who people like Hillary view as ‘useless eaters.’

    We’re in for a helluva ride and it’s up to us where the ride ends; in a total police state or freedom.

  3. M says:

    It is great that the Anthrax-letters are getting attention. I personally believe there should be a similar campaign about the Anthrax-letters as there was about WTC 7. I think it was meant to be sold as the second wave of attacks and should not be considered separate when it comes to 9/11 Truth.

    What I think is that something went wrong with the false flagging, perhaps some good people at the FBI? Anyway I think it is possible that Bruce E. Ivins was one the perpetrators as an operator in the conspiracy as he was also inserted into the FBI investigation perhaps to make sure everything goes as planned but something went wrong and after the Hatfill fiasco was sacrificed.

    I personally believe that there could be a real Kosher Nostra which is basically one the most influental groups if not the ruling group among the ruling elite. That is why I find this quote in a letter by Ivins very interesting:

    “By blood and faith, Jews are God’s chosen, and have no need for ‘dialogue’ with any gentile.”

    Benjamin Freedman talked about Jews and their co-religionists. He also said he liked JFK who was according to him well informed through his father and was playing with the enemy like you have to play when trying to catch a fish. After that we all know what happened to both JFK and RFK.

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Thank you James for excellent interview, and for always introducing me to new faces that fight the “Evil Empire”, and what is striking is, they all seem to be connected one way or another… for example, i was introduced to Abbey Martin on RT News, but then discovering that Robbie Martin is her brother, just fills me with hope that all is not lost yet.

    On the topic of “Evil Empire”… I have first used this term in 2013, when i first started waking up after listening to the Iranian Supreme leader rabbit-on about United States of American being the “Big Evil”, and off course i am a Star Wars Fan, and the two came together… I am sure i am not the only one that made that connection.

    I think we need to move this into the next level. We should commission an artist to come up with some kind of T-Shirt Art with the image or wording of “The Evil Empire”, which can be produced in China, and sold via AliExpress, with the benefit going to the artists and all the Alternative media out there that will promote it….

    It is just an idea, and if it takes off, i will be one of the first placing an order for at least 25 t-shirts for me and my friends.

  5. whateverittakes2 says:

    I watched all three parts of A Very Heavy Agenda… maybe seven hours?? It is worth every minute of your time. An excellent documentary. Highly recommend it to all you Corbett readers who demand top of the line information, deserve it and here at Corbett Report, get it.

    Thanks, James. Thanks, Robbie.

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