Interview 1211 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/23/20168 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Cops Accidentally Record Themselves Fabricating Charges Against Protester
Police Use TEN Different Types Of Checkpoints, With More On The Way
NYPD Admits Accounting For Its Civil-Forfeiture Seizures Is Hopeless

Story #2: After Rate Hike Fake Out, Yellen Responds To Trump
Clinton Tells Trump to Shut Up on Federal Reserve
How the Fed Can Swing the Election
Video: Greenspan Admitted Fed Above Law, Congress and President

Story #3: Government Must Stop Little Free Libraries for the Sake of the Nation
Dead Drops: For When Cybercom Pulls the Plug? (Nov. 18, 2010)

#GoodNewsNextWeek: #CatsNotAds In The London Underground =^. .^=

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Pharma-Hackers Show How To Make EpiPen
#AmericasNextTopPresident: Kennedy Says Bush Is Voting For Clinton

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  1. Mohawk Man says:

    Just a word of caution boys. Be very careful about the police stories (see Charlotte, NC) and make sure the entire story is told. I am referring to Strong Cities Initiative i.e. a Global Police Force which will matriculate from a National Police Force which is being called for by the usual statist suspects. Just be careful is all I’m saying and the message is received. Blue Helmets is not my idea of Liberty and it’s probably closer than you can imagine.

    On education, home schooling is wonderful (damn shame if you have a full time job as does your spouse) but the Corporatists have already jumped on that wagon. Ron Paul has a system which I have not looked at but he’s okay with me, generally..but I would still want to review the material and costs associated with it. I’d rather see it localized into small communities rather than having to teach your children when most simply cannot afford to (that is quit your job and stay at home with them–wonderful if you have the $$–well maybe–many dumb asses out there myself included).

    Local anecdote to illustrate our problem. My best friend happens to be a Black man (and don’t refer to him as “African American” or he’ll get pissed off or myself as a “Native American”–same response. I have a name.) Anyway, the Charlotte situation came up and I pointed out that the cop was a Black man. His response was alarming. “My Brother, you don’t understand. Even Black cops are White”. I thought, WTF? Tried to tell him please don’t fall into their trap. The organized chaos is being fomented color aside. You are being used. Sad but true story from yesterday. He was not referring to “statists” BTW but was focused on skin color only. He’s still my friend and I love him dearly but his comment left me confused and alarmed. BTW-he refers to me as “High Yellow” if skin color comes up. I had never heard the term before. I’m still not sure what it means but he assured me it was a compliment. Okay.

    The Mohawk

  2. phreedomphile says:

    Not sure this is very “newsworthy”, but, in some ways, it’s kind of funny.

    The mention of Greenspan reminded me this past week he gave a talk that skirted over into the history of populism in politics in America to include William Jennings Bryan (circa ~1900 Jennings Bryan implored Democrats to fight the money trusts i.e. big banks and big corporations). Greenspan went on to say the US was facing grave political and economic danger from “the crazies”, inferring the populists.

    The timing of Greenspan’s remarks coincided with the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, releasing an angry condemnation of the rise of populism around the world. He lashed out at Trump, Farage, Le Pen, Orban, and esp. Wilders as “demagogues”. Al Hussein attempted to link populism with racism. Overall, being ironic that Jordan limits free speech and free assembly and is an authoritarian form of government. The pols mentioned could all be controlled opposition yet they reflect a growing frustration.

  3. russell.m says:

    Well I my opinion the election is a question of which criminal will you choose to lead you into economic slavery and make the America the greatest gulag ever.

  4. peace.froggs says:

    This “selection cycle” …haha!

  5. Sonex says:

    This “selection cycle” has got to be the most entertaining I have ever witnessed primarily thanks to the Donald. It’s obvious that the hidden establishment wants him defeated. Here’s a recent eye-opening article to that effect:

    The real question is what will the Donald actually do if he happens to get the power of the White House? Will he expose so much of the corruption (i.e. the Clinton Foundation’s pay for play, Obama’s dubious background, the real culprits of 911, etc.), or will he just play along with the establishment and end up catering to them? One thing is obvious: he is certainly stirring up the mud and making a lot of people shutter. Given the problems the country faces, maybe someone like that is exactly what is needed?

  6. gepay says:

    unfortunately, if one looks at who Donald picked for VP, Pence, it shows that he is not serious at upsetting the system. If he was, he would have picked someone “they” would dislike even more. Even so, “they” would just threaten his children – Trump does seem to genuinely care about them. Remember how when 3rd party candidate Perot was gaining, he suddenly dropped out, just after his daughter’s wedding. Then he came back in, just in time to get B. Clinton, elected, even though Perot didn’t have a chance after his dropout. Review how Clinton’s bimbo eruptions didn’t stop him from getting elected contrasted to what happened to Gary Hart who was not the deep state’s anointed. I don’t think Trump will be a modern day Andrew Jackson and take on the banksters. Trump’s other advisors are no outsiders. Unfortunately he is just another cheek on the ass of the 1%. “If voting actually mattered, ‘they’ wouldn’t let you do it.”

  7. sloeffel says:

    Mr Corbett, it is not true that no party in the selection is in favor of altering the Fed. Please read the Green Party platform. They mention nationalizing the Fed, and creating national money to finance jobs and infrastructure repair. This is part of the NEED Act written by American Monetary Institute. The Act was endorsed by the Green Party some years ago.

    • Sam says:

      No difference between the government printing money and the Fed doing so. It’s still debt money, printed to make the owner of the press richer at the expense of those who don’t have access to it’s output.

      If we are ever to have our freedom back, the first step must be elimination of debt money.

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