Interview 1210 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

09/15/201616 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: Bayer-Monsanto Deal Makes New Ag Monstrosity
#MorningMonarchy: Bayer Eats Monsanto, We Get Sick
“Monsanto” Story Archive on Media Monarchy, 2007-Present
NWNW Flashback: Why Are Monsanto Insiders Now Appointed to Protect Food Safety?
The Codex, Fluoride, Auschwitz, Monsanto Connection
Ford Shifting All U.S. Small-Car Production to Mexico

Story #2: J.P. Morgan Chase Chief Says He’d “Love to Be President”
EU Launches Ethics Probe Into Barroso Over Goldman Job

Story #3: Juncker Proposes EU Military Headquarters
Brussels to Push for Closer EU Military Unity Post-Brexit
New Calls for EU Army In Wake of Paris Terror

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Drumming Out Depression, Creative Sarcasm, Nature Therapy

Previous Episode: No, The UN Is Not Taking Over "The Internet"

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    “The rigours of running are too great…”

    Well, couldn’t these sudden outbursts of sincerety on the part of the elite bankers simply be a way of solliciting sympathy for poor, devoted overworked Hillary?

    She’s not well because running for president is just too grueling an exercise?

    Until now, only ruddy strapping old men have been put through this laundry-wringer

    imagine a fragile old lady squeezed and hung out to dry…

    A sort of side-spoken tweet reinforcing the “She’s just tired” rhetoric…?

    Or am I beating a dead dog and kicking in open doors as usual…?

  2. mik says:

    Bayer Monsanto. GMO crap will now be subsidized by Aspirin. Bayer is also better entrenched in EU. Looks like we won’t get GMO with TTIP, but it will come through back door. Nicely washed up with Bayer soap.

    Mergers & Acquisitions that are so common in the last years were accurately predicted more then a century ago.
    Who made a prediction? Did he got a Nobel prize?

    Marx did it and no Nobels for outcasts.

  3. rltmlt says:

    Story #3, EU Military Headquarters ?
    Is NATO going away ? The 40 year long Cold War ended a quarter of a century ago, it’s about time !

  4. nosoapradio says:

    “Is NATO going away …?” No rltmlt

    Not going away. Just morphing.

    Same job. Same managers. Different name. Different boogeyman…

    shapeshifting with every step towards universally legitimized and accepted world government…

    or so it seems…

  5. whaugen says:

    My guess on the proposed EU army is that NATO will eventually be transformed into this proposed EU army rather than dissolve itself after the U.S. pulls out of NATO at some future time. The whole EU thing just needs to go away in my opinion and restore the national sovereignty of the European nation state members.

    If Henry Ford was alive today heads would be rolling at Ford and the new management team would already have been announced.

    The Corbett Report/Media Monarchy New World Next Week series is my favorite, any chance of taking it to four stories each week? I have watched every single program of this series, including the referenced show number 2, although that was many months ago and I still can’t get enough!

    • peace.froggs says:

      Henry Ford would have embraced globalism, this is the guy that wanted to pay his workers a living wage so they could buy his cars. So obviously, he would have loved to export that concept world wide so every individuals quality of life would be elevated, not just for Americans.

      You do realize Mexico has a population of around 120 million people that also buys and drives cars right?

      Furthermore, Ford CEO Mark Fields said: “Zero jobs are being exported from Michigan. Ford is retooling its Michigan Assembly Plant to focus exclusively on large, profitable trucks and SUVs, while reallocating production of less profitable small cars to Mexico…”

      • whaugen says:

        I’m not really in a position to debate this but I will comment on a couple of items. Building a factory in another country is not paying a living wage for U.S. workers and I do believe Henry Ford was a patriot in that sense but I am not an expert on him as I do know he had operations all over the world during his lifetime.

        Ford is a U.S. corporation; cars can be made in the U.S. and shipped to Mexico. Presumably Ford thinks it can ship cars made in Mexico back to the U.S. and was able to arrange the financing presumably from large U.S. or Mexican fractional reserve banks. Henry Ford did not like international bankers, I do know that for a fact and I do not think he would have been as supportive of this deal as you seem to think.

        As for the Ford CEO claiming no U.S. jobs will be lost, you can believe that if you want to but I am not in that camp and never will be. Not building a new plant in Michigan means new or replacement jobs are being lost no matter what the Ford CEO says.

        For the first 120 years of the U.S. the primary source of federal government revenue was tariffs, there was no income tax. If it were up to me the federal income tax would go away and a tariff on internationally manufactured goods would be re-instituted to finance the federal government. Ford may be looking at a tariff at some point in the future that could make this look like a very bad business decision.

        • peace.froggs says:

          Implementing tariffs isn’t the answer…why you say? Because Mexico will replace Ford manufacturing jobs with that of other companies like Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Renault etc…so in essence Trump would force Ford to shut itself out of a market of 120 million people.

          I live in Canada, and there are car manufacturing jobs here from all over the world, and we’re only about 40 million people, yet car companies decided to set up shop, not only to export but also to supply our market, improving our GDP and that’s globalism in a nutshell.

          What’s gonna happen if Trump wins, he’ll implement tariffs, use that revenue to build a stupid wall, and Ford will be forced to move back all of its operations back to the US, however other foreign car companies will not only fill that void in Mexico, they’ll uproot from America and resettle elsewhere.

          In other words, Trump is an isolationist, an imperialist, a fascist. He isn’t gonna make America great again, he’s gonna make US corporate shareholders poor again, and pave the way towards WW3.

  6. Octium says:

    I thought the Bayer-Monsanto merger was actually good news. It means that Monsanto will be officially Nazis now.

    They are not merely “just like” or “as bad as” Nazis – they ARE Nazis!

    It means that those protesting against Monsanto and its products can’t be accused of invoking Godwin’s law.

  7. phreedomphile says:

    Regarding the global takeover of the food supply:

    Another big agrochemical merger on par with Monsanto and Bayer is ChemChina’s purchase of Syngenta. ChemChina being in the Global 500 for revenue at $41.8 B with Syngenta’s revenue last year $13.4 billion; compared to Monsanto at $2.9 B and Bayer at $51.7 B. Syngenta is as active developing its GMO business model as Monsanto. “Syngenta earns $4 billion on its Bt corn, vegetable and flower seeds, which are grown in 90 countries.” ChemChina purchased other agro and chemical corporations, including two based in France and one in Israel.

    On Sept 3 2016, Dr. Mercola published an article describing how Syngenta hired a UC Berkeley professor to study the effects of its top selling pesticide Atrazine and when the studies showed it was an endocrine disruptor and linked to deformities, cancer, and birth defects Syngenta blocked the publication of Dr. Hayes’ research.

  8. m.clare says:

    The plan:

    – paint all national governments as corrupt and incompetent.
    – the people will gradually become thoroughly outraged and demand systemic change.
    – the UN will have no choice but to step in and run the show, giving the people “what they asked for”.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    • m.clare says:

      Of course, David Icke has successfully associated the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” strategy with bat$hit crazy lizard aliens so that few people dare to discuss it.

  9. rltmlt says:

    September 16, 2016, MarketWatch: “Johnson & Johnson to buy Abbott Labs medical-optics subsidiary for $4.3 billion”

    As the New World Order evolves, the number of International Corporate Giants dwindles down to a few large monopolies !

  10. okgardener says:

    Much of these articles could be tied together if the US was somehow destroyed. Ford will have it’s facilities out of harms way, Monsanto will have it’s management outside of the US, and the Oligarchs would have their replacement for US military. So if you believe the Bible, and that the US is “Babylon the Great” and the “Daughter of Babylon”, you will see that it says the US is destroyed.

  11. tony.p says:


    Not sure if everyone has seen this one or not. It’s from 2013. It even mentions Lockerbie which was another appalling atrocity.

    “Susan Lindauer has written a self-published book about her experience, Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover-Ups of 9/11”

    It answers a lot of questions. There are one or minor points that need clearing up but the whole 911 story is exposed.

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