Interview 1196 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

07/28/20169 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

STORY #1: Over 100 Tor Nodes Found Designed to Spy On Deep Web Users
Can you trust Tor’s exit nodes?
No Conspiracy Theory Needed: Tor Created for U.S. Gov't Spying
Breaking Tor: US government funded Carnegie Mellon research to locate Silk Road suspect

STORY #2: Serious Security Flaws Found In Osram Smart Bulbs
Planned Obsolescence (Phoebus cartel)
The Story of Byron the Bulb

STORY #3: Police 3D-Print Murder Victim's Finger to Unlock His Phone

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Japan Plans Stimulus Package of More Than 28 Trillion Yen
Canada Ditches Boeing After Lockheed Threatens 10,000 Jobs
German "Officials" Call to Change Constitution After Munich Shooting
Did The U.S. Just Release A New Homeland Security Advisory System For Cyber?

Previous Episode: Killer Cop Robot Kills Cop Killer

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  1. grahamaskey says:

    Mythbusters beat them to it on copying fingerprints 5 years ago without needing 3D printing

  2. dreadeutsch says:

    In Dan Brown’s 2003 novel “Angels and Demons,” a “terrorist” cuts out someone’s eye to use it to get through an iris-scanning security device.

  3. I can’t wait for the app that picks my jaw up off the floor.

    Strange times my friends.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    My Nephew is a “White Hat Hacker” who travels the globe to help with security issues for companies.
    He always has a gleam in his eyes, full of life, and very aware of “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”, 9/11, globalism, the corporatocracy, etc.
    With a grin when we converse, his favorite statement is “We are doomed.”

    He tests the security for entities.

    ~ He once hacked into the power grid for Canada to sort out its vulnerabilities.
    ~ Sitting in a bank parking lot for a day with a laptop, he was able to get the bank records.
    ~ He has sat in briefing rooms with NSA guys (trying to lean over their shoulders).
    He is cocky. Very courteous, but “it is his way or the highway”.
    ~ The United States Postal Service asked for his Social Security Number before testing their system. He refused and rebuffed them. They had no choice but to abide by his terms.
    ~ Once in Europe at a company which worked with planes and flight simulators, he was being given a tour of the facility by a supervisor. He told the supervisor “You need to let me fly your simulator” (because he just wanted to have fun). The supervisor said, “No way.” Evidently, the owner of the company had his personal email account hacked that evening. There must had been a message. Because when the white hat hacker came in the next day, the supervisor told him: “Sir, you are welcome to fly the simulator if you like.”

    To me these anecdotal stories are heartening.
    A lot of people are aware.
    A lot of folks are sane.
    A lot of folks wear White Hats.

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — TOR — CorbettReport
    Corbett Report Interview 989 Pearse Redmond Peels the TOR Onion

    Actually, I ran across this on “Porkins Policy Radio” ( ) when looking at Tom Secker’s videos (His YouTube Account is being bashed by YouTube)

    Tom Secker –
    Vimeo Tom Secker –

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      — BCCI Bank of Credit and Commerce International —
      — “The Infiltrator” Movie —
      After seeing “The Infiltrator” the other day, I was prompted to go to Tom Secker.
      Much of the film revolves around BCCI, but the film only has a few tidbits about BCCI’s CIA roots.

  6. totemynote says:

    I have a iphone with the fingerprint unlocking “feature”. It’s not mandatory that you use the fingerprint way of unlocking it. But I decided to try it just now. Instead of my fingerprint I used my big toe print. It works.

    I’ve never heard of toe prints being taken. I’m actually kind of wondering if it matters. Probably not. Somehow, for this moment it seems to make it less Orwellian to me. I can’t decide which way I feel concerning the creepiness factor.

  7. pieter says:

    shieldtent’s are quite famous among target individuals.
    as protection against all tracking device and electromagnetic weapons in and around your home. it can also keep you safe from the radiation of cell towers so as to protect you DNA at the place where you spend the most time; your bed.

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