Interview 1183 - James Corbett Enters The Buzzsaw With Sean Stone

06/25/201616 Comments

James joins Sean Stone on Enter The Buzzsaw to discuss central banking, the stock market bubble, cryptocurrencies, the China SWIFT alternative, the New World Order and more.

Enter The Buzzsaw

Princes of the Yen

Global Public Investors - the new force in markets

Central banks inflating 'elevated' asset prices - BIS

Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse

Chinaโ€™s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Hot Dogs!
    Great interaction!
    Very important topic.

    Both Sean Stone and James Corbett are not afraid to ask deep questions and share ideas.
    I often watch “Enter The Buzzsaw” and “glean out” what information I find valuable. We all possess some aspects of higher order critical thinking skills, and so these skills play an important role in sorting out viable data.
    Video List

    – Important –
    I like Sean Stone’s personal philosophy as stated in this short clip.

  2. Mohawk Man says:

    Excellent presentation James and guest–well, you were the guest so thank you. I would like to address a couple of points in this discussion and possibly shed some light on some open questions. To begin with, if you don’t think this is not a well coordinated attack on sovereignty by use of financial warfare/terrorism, I’d reconsider that thesis. That and the coordinated asset stripping of these same nations to destabilize the target and at the same time enrich the controllers and associated beneficiaries of the loose monetary policies. The poor and middle income and additionally, the small/medium businesses, did not participate in this generous largess given to these very same institutional’s and individuals in many cases (see Greek Islands purchases among other things). Misallocation of capital (otherwise known as open theft) was now in play on the concentrated basis and continues (see Tesla and rockets among others).

    To understand why we have not witnessed hyperinflation Weimar style at this point, one must look at to whom and by what means these “stimuli” were doled out. Going back to the QE stress test model under Greenspan,Bernanke, Geithner, Summers and Yellen, reserve requirements were increased for these large private banks such as JP Morgan-Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo, to name a few. For the first time, at this level, these banks were being paid a higher return for these reserves and had little incentive to lend it out except to their well heeled and well connected clients thus the enormous increase in the DOW, NASDAQ and real estate was well as fine art et al. It’s fascinating to also observe that many beneficiaries of QE/bailouts were indeed not banks until weeks or short months before the bailouts began. Goldman Sachs, GE Capital, American Express among others were not banks in a traditional sense until a short time before bailouts were announced….fascinating as well as criminal as I observed this phenonenom at the time.

    If the CB’s really intended to stimulate the economy money would have been made available via lower interest rates and other methods to go directly to the backbone of the economy the small and medium business and the individual consumer. This was not done, never the intention to actually assist them in any way other than to leave untouched the usurious credit rates imposed on consumers which was never lowered even as these banks and multi-nationals were borrowing at almost 0% interest. Asset stripping, standard of living attack, once again.

    With the move to crypto currencies (of which I am not a fan of) you will also note that the physical cash withdrawn today tend to be older and well used in most cases now. New printing of additional physical currencies on even a replacement basis was never undertaken, to a large extent. Additionally, many of this new “stimuli” is in digital form and can be released physically when they feel necessary to accomplish their “goal”. That is my fear.

    On the Net-Web control and discussed licensing, this is, as you know to control dissent and to track those undesirable dissenters. Do you believe this is not already occurring? Because it certainly is and has been occurring. Take comment sections on most forums. The leader is “Disqust” owned and operated by Google and it is reported that Trumps emails have been going into their G-Mail users spam folder. How long has that been going on? F-Book–same deal. Everything is controlled ala STASI style monitoring. (Merkel was a member of STASI and recently met with the t-shirted young man who “started and owns” F-Book and he agreed to censor things. Hot mike caught him although anyone who’s been paying attention didn’t require a hot mike to know this already.

    Keep an eye these foundations too. These well endowed tax avoidance schemes have been doing yohman’s work in helping with this societal reconfiguring. These are just another arsenal in the elites/Frankfort school who’s logo was (and may still be) literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “By Way of Deception, We Shall Bring War”. Thats another famous institutions translated motto. I’ll let you guess.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  3. Mohawk Man says:

    James, I also wanted to thank you for making probably the most salient argument in your whole discussion. The issue surrounding all of these events is Individual Sovereignty. This is their biggest obstacle and barrier and the indoctrination process has been focused on the “collective” and not the individual to erase such notions.

    Whether the story holds any relevance to you and whether it actually occurred is irrelevant in this example. My example is that of the story of Jesus Christ. Jesus, unlike those before him, emphasized The Individual, their sovereign rights and obligations of the individual to act in an ethical and moral manner. This was an absolutely revolutionary idea given the times as the social order of the day were groups of ethnicities, religious groups and such. For the first time, the whore, the adulterer, the leper and the tax collector as well as the ordinary man were seen as individuals and not as a category of people or “the collective”. He was hated for this and is hated to this day by many from the same group today or believe or lie they were from the same group (which is unlikely historically speaking). They are quite open about their hatred for and delight in his suffering and death. It is still spoken about today with a glee that I have rarely witnessed. A fire like hatred that is most insufferable for those of faith and cruel at that. This hatred is again transposed upon the followers of this man as actions taken against them are viewed with pride and honor as they partake in their open plunder and subjugation of other’s through war, plunder and terrorism.

    The similar was attempted in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence where the individual was endowed inherent rights by nature or natures God. These rights were never to be taken away because man had no right or power to do so as they were viewed as inherent rights. Sovereign rights by the nature of simply being a human being. This did not and does not sit well with the current crop of Progressive and Frankfort School adherents thus, under attack on a constant basis and are being swiftly eroded away by corrupt men who view the individual and his rights as a danger to their quest for ultimate power.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • tgmolitor says:

      Would you say “individual sovereignty” was taught in the same way by Muhammad and the Quran?

      • Mohawk Man says:

        No. He,(muhammad) believed in a totalitarian system (which Islam is) which then excludes the individual and thus their inherent rights or sovereignty. His subjugation process was to utilize those he propheletized to in order to conquer others for his own design. An entirely different thought process completely. Liberty was not a part of the discussion nor would it be allowed to be. In my considered opinion, of course, after studying the subject. As for the totalitarian quotient, there is little debate on the subject for those who have studied it.

        The Mohawk

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hi Mohawk Man,

          I might be the last person to defend religion, but I certainly had the opportunity to study all major religions, and can have an opinion on them…

          All major religions are based on individual accountability, including Islam, and hence when Islam was introduced, it gave equal rights to slaves, and improved the rights of woman. So, the notion that Islam was a totalitarian system came about 100 years after Islam was introduced as powerful governments at the time tried to ride the Islam wave, and use it to control the masses.

          But in short, all monolithic religions are facsimile of each other (some are out right cut and paste, like Islam sharing the same prophets and history of Christianity and Judaism). In Short, all religions are the same, and they have both good and evil built into them, as different (powerful) people tried to take advantage of them. That’s why you have such notions as Thou shalt not kill, but if you don’t follow what I say, you are dead man ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Jesus did preach non-violence to an extent but did he actually practice such? No. He did not. In fact, Jesus physically attacked the bankers of the day. The “Money Changers” who charged usury rates (like today) and cheated others out of their assets, land and alike (like today). He did this in the temple (synagogue) where they conducted business to the unsuspecting public like today (public banks and “gov” owned FED and associated businesses).

      It is recounted that he destroyed all of their merchandise, physically assaulted them violently and let their stolen assets free and gave them back to the people. He was Pissed and let all of them know. “You have turned my temple into a den of thieves. You are a den of vipers!”.

      I have always wonder if those who recount such tales would actually report such if they were of such a people and tell us? I think not. I always considered Jesus as the first moral/ethical Libertarian (who probably didn’t get high but said if you want to be out of your head, well, …if you have children and if you have an issue….think of them sorts) Love was his message and action he did not dismiss as unwarranted. Thow Shall Not Murder..if translated correctly. Self defense is not murder nor is a BDS.

      Hated to this day if you look at the Powers That Should Not Be closely. They brag about it. TO THIS DAY. I kid you not. Today!!!! Not 2000 years ago. It’s a personal hatred, not a religious hatred. For a reason.

      The Collective–Bolshevism-proven fact
      The Bankers–Bolshevism–proven fact
      Globalism By The Bankers=Collectivism By The Bankers/(and associated partners, of course..Dot Inc, Dot Gov), collectively—-This be it.

      Love One Another—INDIVIDUALLY. (and act collectively as a Tribe to defeat–this is the only useful basis of a collective..on a temporary basis–then go back to your Tribe and love others)

      The Mohawk

  4. bladtheimpailer says:

    Japan did well because of its industrialization that could sell into the rest of the world’s ponzi bubbles and create a massive balance of trade surplus. Now that this has ended Japan and the rest of the world are now all in the same “stagnation” boat. Some will now do better than others.

    As an aside that may prove of interest the 99 year charter of the Russian Central Bank, a member of the BIS system, ends this October. This opens a window of opportunity for the Russian Federation to get it right and nationalize her CB and begin creating debt free credit for her productive economy (in the correct QUANTITY). The Russian economy has been plagued with a dearth of reasonably priced money for investment into her economy, often having to rely on western financial institutions for investment funds. This could all be changed come October if the Russians have any monetary sense. This might also be a casus belli for the west should Russia discover the positive effects of creating her own debt free money.

    Also this : Keen I believe holds a PHD in both mathematics and economics, of the unorthodox variety.

  5. Mohawk Man says:

    Beware of Darkness–for it is coming

    Be a Light around all as it occurs–don’t fall. Protect them. Love them.

    Succumb not to opportunity for it will present itself to you. It is a test.

    No is thine answer. Love is their cursed answer. It shall be mocked. You will be mocked. Take it. Live it. Love shall prevail. This, I promise.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  6. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I really enjoyed watching that interview… it is “comfortable” to watch…

    But on this topic of “NWO”, I am struggling to put the pieces together, mainly “cui bono” for the major players..

    I understand corporatocracy would benefit from a NWO, and they would end up with more power and control. But what would the “individual” country government benefit from a NWO. in fact, they would lose big time…

    for example, let us take a country like Pakistan, just as an example… Today the local government is one of the most corrupt governments in this part of the world, and many “war lords” and powerful people enrich themselves by raping the country.. once NWO is enforced, someone else would be in charge of raping the country and enslaving people… So, why would they sign up to this??

    I might be missing something, but I am hoping someone here would help me see it..

    • Lance says:

      For the UK, the incentive to trade-in national power seems to have been more money and less transparency. That is, to put it bluntly, EU officials earn more than UK Gov ones and are subject to relatively, substantially less visibility. So, moving to a Euro-bloc job is both better paid and more secure than a Britcorp one.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      You make an EXTREMELY important point.
      I would like to see Corbett devote an Episode on this topic

      Here is my take (in brief form):

      We live within a multi-dimensional chessboard composed of games within games.

      FACT – Some power players are more powerful than other power players.
      FACT – Different power players have different agendas.
      FACT – There are many power players, but these power players are at a certain echelon of influence (a certain level).

      I have been making a list of power players in order to gain insight on one tiny game currently being played. The issue of the 28 pages. (Who wants them to be released and why. Who does not want them to be released and why. Who doesn’t care one way or the other, because they can win either way?)

      So, as an example: The FBI and the CIA on a public relations level do not want to see the release (however, perhaps rogue elements or factions within these organizations might want to see their release).
      But the FBI and CIA are minor players.
      Big Oil is a big player. And it has a tie to the Federal Reserve. I have watched The Federal Reserve deliberately make non-sequitur comments in order to make oil prices rise and thus try to salvage the massive oil-industry debt about to fall off a cliff.
      Of course, big oil is tied to Saudi and the 28 pages.
      And then there are minor oil players like Aubrey Mclendon or T Boone Pickens or Bush.

      So, in summation, I think we could compile a list, a very long list of “Who benefits?” and “Who doesn’t benefit?” and “Who wins either way?” in whatever specifically named game being played. And there are lots of games.

      I think if we define the specific game being watched and start listing players of influence and benefit, we will gain better insights.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi @HomeRemedySupply,

        I have enjoyed reading your post, and my head is still spinning :-).

        You are off course right, and if we compile this list, we will be able to decipher some of the code being thrown at us. Below is my effort from my region.

        I think with regards to the 28 pages, you will see that issue being killed for the time being until further notice.. here is why I think this will happen. (just my own reading into this…)

        Recently, the crown prince of Saudi prince M.bin Salman(who is also minister of war [oppss,] i mean minister of defense, have been camping in Washington DC (USA) while the war in Yemen is still going on (unusual during war time). He was basically trying to convince the USA leadership that he should be the next Saudi King, and not his cousin prince M.bin Naif who was favored by the USA.

        Recently, you might have seen president Obama accepted to meet with crown prince M.bin Salman, followed directly by UN cheif ban ki moon, which would not have happened had his request been denied.

        Therefore, there is “currently” no reason for the USA to apply pressure on their ally Saudi Arabia, as the internal Saudi politics have been resolved, with USA supporting crown prince M.bin Salman as the next Saudi King. (Old employee gets fired or dies soon, and new employee replaces him… I also hear the current king is in bad health.)

        So, 28 pages will be shelved until further notice… I believe…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Always nice to see you on the board.

          I think you are right. …and spot on about the Coup with MbSalman taking the reins instead of his cousin.

          Oil is one example which has long lists of who would benefit when prices stay lower for longer, and vice versa.
          There are so many players and categories of players from mega big ones like globalists to nations to central banks to lending banks to Wall Street to Investment Funds to regular Oklahoma oil companies to speculators.
          During the past 18 months, major global changes have taken place as a result of oil prices. Some nations have been almost utterly destroyed economically, while certain corporations are buying up assets cheaply. Same ole’ Rockefeller game.
          But I have noticed that oil price trends can somewhat be predicted by following those who have vested interests & agendas and then how they influence or react in the marketplace.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            This may not interest anyone, but I thought it an interesting story about an oilman which probably won’t be covered in the alternative media because he wasn’t a reporter exposing a conspiracy nor a Doctor murdered because of research on GcMAF.

            Would a multi-millionaire murder another multi-millionaire to gain more wealth and to keep from going to prison?

            Aubrey McClendon was an internationally famous, influential and very rich oil man in Oklahoma City.
            He (but not others) was indicted by a Grand Jury for manipulating oil prices and land purchases, but less than 24 hours later he had “an accident” in his modern computerized vehicle.
            (3 minutes) –

            The accident was almost an exact copy of Michael Hastings’ accident.

            Richard Clark (former head of National Security) points out how easy it is to remotely hijack a car. It can be difficult to determine if there was a “remotely controlled hijacking” if the computer modules were destroyed in a fire.

            The Federal Security Agencies have been aware of this easily available “car hijacking” technology for years.
            See this 2013 Huffington Post interview with Richard Clark about a fiery car crash with almost the exact same circumstances. Michael Hastings “accident”.

            (There are great links in this Huffington Post article… Example: Mark Dice shows that the technology was widely known about even in early 2011. )

            DARPA – “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” – circa 2013
            (3 1/2 minutes)

            Aubrey McClendon – Official Police Announcement on FACEBOOK
            If you read the Facebook comments, you will notice that many of his close associates do not think this was a suicide.
            There are other videos out there that substantiate that he was not stressed enough to do a “suicide car crash”, despite his indictment.

            Would someone else want Aubrey dead? (After all, dead men can’t “make a deal with the Prosecutor’s office”, dead men can’ talk.)
            Who knows?…maybe this ex-partner, Tom Ward …

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hello @HomeRemedySupply,

            I can assure you the feeling is mutual… Human interaction is a wonderful thing especially across cultures and in this case thousands of miles… ๐Ÿ™‚

            OK.. I don’t know enough about OIL prices, but since the 1970, i remember it being used as a weapon, which can carry a heavy price on the nation that is using it as weapon and more so on the nation on the receiving end.

            I also understand it is a simple supply and demand…

            I also know it is two or three major blocks that determine OIL prices.. 1)OPEC countries 2)Non-OPEC countries 3)the bigwigs mainly in USA.

            OPEC countries will mainly follow the directions bigwigs “suggests”.

            So, what i know is… since IRAN Deal, and Russia/Ukraine “conflict” and Venezuela Maduro plummeting ratings, OIL Prices have taken a dive, and normally, OPEC countries will meet and “regulate” production to keep prices reasonable for all, however, this time, OPEC is refusing to “regulate” prices, and instead, keeps increasing production, which naturally means we have more supply than demand.

            For the untrained people, like myself, it appears like OIL is being used as a weapon to bring three countries to their knees.. IRAN, Russia and Venezuela… (in the process, we will have some collateral damage)

            So, I guess it is war by other means… and War is really politics by other means….

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