Interview 1173 - Tim Anderson Exposes the Dirty War on Syria

05/26/20169 Comments

Today we talk to Dr. Tim Anderson of the University of Sydney about his new book, “The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance.” From the Houla hoax to the chemical weapons false flag, Dr. Anderson rips the mask from the lies that have clouded the mainstream narrative of the Syrian war.

The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance (E-book)

The Dirty War on Syria (Excerpt)

From the Houla Hoax to Chemical Weapons – Deceptions in Syria (GRTV Backgrounder)

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  1. Mohawk Man says:

    The Golan Heights also has newly discovered oil, natural gas in mass quantities, lots of precious fresh water and of course, the Greater Israel Project is in full swing with our help. PNAC’s plan being fulfilled. The Palestinians have suffered under these animals and they must be stepped on and sent back to where they came from. Many are Bolsheviks from The Soviet Union and other Eastern European nations and of course, Brooklyn, NY USA, San Francisco and Los Angeles among many other places.

    I read some writings after doing some research from Menachem Begin (terrorist, murderer and PM in the 70’s) from 1943 or so and to paraphrase: ‘We will create a Totalitarian Communist State for the Jews in Palestine’. Looks like he succeeded but left out the police state portion from his writings and genocide (which was always the intent). Hebrew is not a religion. It was a people of some sort and of the Jewish faith. We now have a mostly atheistic, communistic (70% atheistic) “Jewish State”. The original UN resolution said they could start a Hebrew State, not a Jewish State (distinct difference) and the Palestinians would also have their own state. An Arab State for them was part of the deal. Never happened.

    In their words? I’ve heard about it before. It’s an open secret amongst them as in everybody knows but they don’t discuss it openly often.

    • alice88 says:

      Excellent comment. Beware of the media and academia of which Dr. Anderson is a member. He doesn’t seem to rip off enough of the mask, pussy footing around the Israeli/Zionist/Jewish agenda. Waste not your money on his book and look elsewhere for deeper insight. I recommend Christopher Bollyn’s website:
      There’s a recent article entitled Why is the U.S. Waging War in Syria?
      Relating to the media and Israel is also an article titled The Occupation of the American Minds: an Interview with Roger Waters. Media monopolized, says Dr. Anderson passively. The Jews control the major media. Do the research for yourself.

      It was not long ago that I asked a Canadian what he thought of Israel and he replied that he can’t speak out against Israel because he is Canadian. Canada has laws against such actions. So I can sort of see why Corbett has his blinders, intentional or not.
      BTW, here’s an excellent interview of Roger Waters in Montreal.

      For a split second, I thought Houla hoax was Holohoax. Such topic Corbett cannot broach. The hour is getting late. The Communists have already killed over 66 millions Russian Christians and starved over 100 million Chinese. They continue doing their evil deeds in the U.S. and the world over.

      • VoltaicDude says:

        Anderson’s presentation is helpful and level-headed.

        Most importantly Anderson states directly that the current conflict – even in all its complicated evolution, which he spells out in good detail – is NOT A CIVIL WAR.

        The current Syrian conflict is a war of aggression created by US-NATO powers.

        The Empire (as such powers express) has exploited domestic political factions in Syria (just like exist everywhere else) and also introduced foreign militias.

        To all these militias the Empire provides “material support” for their military operations against the internationally recognized sovereign country of Syria – in other words the Empire is engaged in “international terrorism.”

        America and Europe are swathed in disinformation by corporate mass-media, so the agenda of the in fact illegitimate war is rationalized publicly to hide its horrific malice and criminality.

        Israel and other regional powers such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia are all involved in the process of facilitating and providing proxy support for the Empire’s terrorist activity.

        All that said, why would any of us willingly submit our efforts in support of the powers-that-shouldn’t-be by falling into their facile and factionalist propaganda? That includes the thoughtless use of terminology that promotes their factionalizing schemes.

        Referring to “Jews” as an antagonistic group is always a mistake, just as any analogous use of labels such as “Blacks,” or “Whites” or “Latinos,” or “Hispanics,” or “Asians,” or “Germans,” or “Christians” would be a mistake.

        All these groups are far too broad and varied in their compositions and could never represent a singular political persuasion (or even the ridiculously oxymoronic bi-polar persuasion of “Communists and Bankers”).

        Many Jews are NOT Zionists, and even amongst Zionists rifts occur (- who killed Itzak Rabin and why? )

        And many Christians ARE Zionists!

        Zionism is the problem at issue, and promoting the idea that Jews and Zionists are indistinguishable promotes disinformation to everybody (including Jews) to the benefit of the elitist, factionalizing bankster-military-industrial establishment.

        Using sensible (accurate) terminology also ensures we can take the high-road on questioning everything – everything – because it ensures our good intensions are matched with the formidable wits necessary to confront the deeply deceptive lies we are all brain-washed with by corporate mass-media all the time from the cradle to the coffin.

        Censoring debate about the Holocaust is just one more tool in the Empire’s authoritarian toolbox.

        The degree to which the general public is genuinely brain-washed is clear in the video below:
        The Complete David Cole and Mark Weber on the Montel Williams Show

        The two brave presenters of alternative information on the NAZI concentration camps must contend with the audience’s deeply confused alliances – they totally dismiss fact and well-documented details as irrelevant!

        But that only represents how deeply and broadly they have been lied to – they can make no sense of trying to embed this “new” information into the greater pack of lies they were sold over decades.

        What purpose do these lies serve?

        • alice88 says:

          I recommend these links.

          Bill Still is right on about the banksters being the number one problem in the world:

          Evalion is right on at 9:28:

          Bob Chapman touches on secret society to which most doctorat professors belong. Unfortunately universities are infiltrated. Marx and Freud, both Jews, thrive there.

          This film is interesting enough–The Brotherhood of the Bell:

          Works of Juri Lina on communism/bolshevism/marxism. I consider them one and the same. One can add globalism and internationalism to that.

          Putin states that 80 to 85% of the bolchevik leaders were jews:

          Eustace Mullins is excellent. He wrote the seminal book on the Federal Reserve which Edward G Griffin later plagiarized:

          In the film, The Odessa File, a jew writes: “Peoples are not evil only individuals are evil.” So why are the Germans continually punished and have to keep paying reparation fees to Holohoax survivors and build submarines for Israel as reparation as so on.
          For research on the Holohoax, the biggest lie, in addition to the official narrative of 911 and JFK assassination and others, check out the work of Germar Rudolf, Fred Leuchter, Robert Flaurison, Mike King… so many excellent researchers on this topic.
          The truth about Germany — Rizoli

          One has to read Mein Kampf. It’s an eye opener. There are excellent audiophiles of the first volume of the book.

          The Protocol of the Elders of Zion is a shocking blueprint with everything stipulated in it coming to pass, Victor E. Marsden’s translation.
          Brother Nathaniel is also excellent:

          I love different races and love and cook foods of different ethnicities. I can’t stand fusion which mixes everything up. Different religions are just different spiritual expressions of different peoples. So why try to reduce it down to one? It’s like trying to reduce different cuisines down to one type.

          I’m currently studying Chinese. Here’s a pretty good teledrama; unfortunately the English subtitled version is no longer available on the Net. This film is social engineering the Chinese to drink more; to be more materialistic; to buy clothes, watches, face cleansers; to resort to cosmetic surgery for double eye lids and perky noses and so on. One can see masonic symbols and signs imbedded in it such as the horned hand sign, an owl-like figure which is not traditionally Chinese, western astrology specifically taurus which is translated as the golden cow or golden calf in Chinese. The Chinese already have their own astrology signs.

          I’m reading of Dr. Zhivago, a name alluding to life. My copy is a French translation bought at a local church thrift shop. Pasternak was a jew who became christian. On page 24, he writes: “What does it mean to be a jew? Why does this exist? What is one rewarded or justified in this disarmed challenge, which brings only grief.” So now I know why the Bolcheviks condemned this book. Here’s the quote in the beautiful Russian language. Что значит быть евреем? Для чего это существует? Чем вознаграждается или оправдывается этот безоружный вызов, ничего не приносящий, кроме горя?
          Two more jews worth mentioning: Norman Finkelstein and Bobby Fisher, wonderful individuals. I’ve witnessed a bris once; once is enough. It’s distressing to the mother and leaves the child traumatized for life. An Arab told me that muslims have adopted this practice which he decried having undergone it himself. How did that adoption happen?

  2. Gefaat says:

    Their methodology for conquest is “same, same… little different” from what they’re also applying in their most crucial & significant experiment in Latin America: the Venezuelan situation! -not mentioned in this interview, but clearly derived from the given context and patterns applied elsewhere.

  3. stevekelly911 says:

    I enjoyed this interview – especially because Tim is a fellow Australian – but was a left a little curious at the end when the ‘Why?’ question was asked, and then energy politics – mostly natural gas pipeline real estate – was not broached at all.

    I know it’s hard to cover everything, but it is kind of a red-light issue for most of the Middle East is it not? … especially when the GCC countries are involved so heavily in the opposition to Assad with blatant NATO backing.

    Personally I find the natural gas pipeline corridor that is blocked by a Shia holdout zone from the Mediterranean to the Zagros (Syria-Iraq-Iran), and which is land-locking Qatari and Saudi natural gas, and which is the only other viable source (by quantity) to phase out Russian Gazprom supply in the EU Energy Market, to be at least a cornerstone issue of the larger geopolitical (Russia vs NATO) chess match … what a mouthful 😛

    Libya is supplying extra cheap (stolen) natural gas supply up through Southern Europe since Qaddafi was whacked by armed NATO goons, and their oil is probably being pumped through London’s BRENT suppliers to mask the diminishing north sea supply which built the foundation for the Brent oil backed derivatives hub in London … so Syria is naturally the other half of the pincer movement in what seems to be a re-birthing of the old geographical Roman Empire (North Africa and the Near East was the other – richer in exploitable commodities! – half of the Roman Empire after-all).

    It is hard for most people to see why Syria is a flashpoint for such intense Russia vs NATO tensions … until of course energy pipelines and geography are brought into alignment.

    I hope the book does in fact mention energy politics, because otherwise it would kind of be like writing a book about the history of Christmas and leaving out Santa Claus or Jesus.

    Does the book touch on this topic, because I would probably order a copy, but not bother otherwise?


  4. nosoapradio says:

    Haven’t had time to explore this yet but seems somehow vital and revealing:

    Don’t see much of her, do we? Should say “hear much of her…” Wonder why…

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