Interview 1168 - Brent DeBoer Discusses Truth, Music and Art

05/01/20166 Comments

Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols and Immigrant Union joins us to discuss music, truth and art. DeBoer shares his experience waking up to the political charade and turning on to alternative media, and talks about the lack of big-name artists tackling politics and protest in an era of sanitized corporate music.

The Dandy Warhols

Immigrant Union

"War is Peace" by Immigrant Union

"You Are Killing Me" by The Dandy Warhols

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  1. VoltaicDude says:

    Yeay – the Dandy Warhols!

    Brent DeBoer – not a bore, no boar at all,

    but a sower of real good.

    Feel like a whole human being again,

    and not just a worn out

    peace activist robot piece again.

  2. candideschmyles says:

    Brent you can sleep with a clean conscience for giving the world the ” War is peace ” video alone. Gutted that Glasgow Art School is sold out.. But you could send me a pass! I’ll get you each the Glasgow delicacy the Deep Fried Mars Bar in return!

    But seriously, you are great band I often put on the jukebox on a Saturday night. Great to see you in this context and hope I can get a ticket because now I really want to see you.

  3. bladtheimpailer says:

    Nice interview. The question of why musical artists are not writing protest songs was only touched on though; and art being the perfect tool for protest remains largely unsung in the popular music of today. Sad really but foreseeable considering the many reasons that would shut it down. Perhaps in a garage somewhere a band is putting their stuff together or a single performer is ready to take to the stage and tell it like it is instead of the usual platitudes on brotherly love.

    I came of age in the late sixties early seventies and revolution was in the air ….before we all sold out. I drummed for a “top 40s” cover group but the Barry Mcquire, Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, when we had a female vocalist who could manage, and others of the same sort of stuff was in our repertoire, besides the usual. Or why I’m fairly deaf today with a Fender Bandmaster sitting just off my right ear on too many an occasion….

  4. everready says:

    Nice interview. Being a musician myself i realized first hand a long time ago that i couldn’t make a living with music if i chose to not compromise on the lyrical content. I now work with a stall on the adriatic coast that meantime feeds my family while keeping the music honest,genuine and independent. I can say what i want to say as i answer only to myself. A taste. Keep up the good work James.

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