Interview 1167 - Lies, Damned Lies and Chinese Statistics

04/30/20163 Comments

James joins Jim Goddard for his weekly appearance on radio. This week they discuss the Japanese spending voucher stimulus plan, the manipulated statistics behind the Chinese "recovery," and the future of the oil/energy markets.

Unusual quake cluster worries Japan

Why So Many Japan Quake Victims Have `Economy-Class' Syndrome

Japan government weighs shopping vouchers, promotions to boost consumption

China statistics bureau called out for profiting from data

China Economy News 2016: Debt Reaches Record High Amid Mounting Risk

China’s ‘Triple Bubble’ Economy Poised to Burst

China Launches Yuan Gold Fix

Paris climate deal to ignite a $90 trillion energy revolution

Saudi Aramco IPO Could Raise $106 Billion for Wealth Fund

This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money

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  1. phreedomphile says:

    Regarding Saudi Arabia, the economic transformation has included “Saudization”, a four stage plan in the works for > 13 years, gaining steam the last couple of years, now in full gear. The goal is to replace many or most of the 8 to 10 million foreign workers with Saudis – there are ~20 million Saudi nationals. (Parallel programs are underway in Oman, UAE, and Qatar).

    Evidence of a deliberate oil and market de-coupling? >> It appears the Saudis were tipped off that oil prices were going to plummet. End of Nov 2013, right before oil prices took a nosedive, the Saudis began feverishly rounding up one million foreign workers placing them in detention camps for deportation and were reportedly working on removing another million workers in subsequent months. The deportations were done abruptly, a news article described how the hasty removal of workers from a municipal plant led to a massive overflow of sewage lines in one large city. (Guardian UK article series)

    In the NWO scheme, China, with limited natural resources, may be in a tough position with 1.4 B mouths to feed and increasingly unemployed as the robotization of manufacturing begins to dominate production. (MIT Review)

  2. Sonex says:

    As more fuel-efficient technologies are developed and brought to market, my hope is that oil consumption will actually reverse its course and begin to decline. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Nevertheless, this latest drop in the price of oil has left many governments’ dependency on oil exposed. Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, and others are being brought to the realization that they must develop other industries if they want to survive.

    Here are two technologies I’m familiar with, hence my pseudonym.

  3. mik says:

    Japanese spending voucher stimulus plan??
    Smells like Guaranteed basic income experiment.

    Just read today on Zerohedge that Japan already made this kind of experiment and surprisingly (for me – maybe I just don’t understand Japanese people) it was fiasco.

    “… happened in Japan a few years back when that nation issued its citizens spending coupons with an expiration date on them. Regardless of the spend-by-date, the typical recipient still hoarded them!”

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