Interview 1164 - Dan Sanchez on Elections as Power Ritual

04/27/20166 Comments

Elections are meaningless power rituals that only pit personas against each other in an establishment-endorsed Two Minutes Hate. So if these political wrestlemania matches don't change society, what does? Join us today for a fascinating conversation with Dan Sanchez about his recent article, "What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?"


Dan Sanchez at

What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?

Let’s Boycott Hate Season

Two Minutes Hate

Trump Will Make His Peace with the War Party

The Pretense of Nation-Building

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  1. totemynote says:

    Great interview!

    Dan’s statement about “policies over personas” was right on the mark and helped me understand the political campaigns in a way I had not really thought of before.

    I would really like to see people at rallies holding up signs about policies instead of the candidates. I wonder if they somehow exclude people who might do this? Say, organizations like Code Pink? They have done this at speeches like Cheney’s and been dragged out…

    Man Fails To Rip Banner Away From Dick Cheney Protester Half His Size:
    (video included in this link)

    …Anyway, principals above personalities would would

    • totemynote says:

      Last sentence… Would be good.

      And if anyone does look at the link, just scroll down to see a quick .gif video image. Priceless

  2. Bog_Digger says:

    Part 1/2

    If I may add my two cents. I hope we can all agree that governments are highly influenced by enterprise and that governmental decisions, or legislations, are made or shaped to suite enterprise. Many of these fine enterprises are selling garbage for money, or slavery, for your convenience. Direct contact between owner and customer is often avoided by disposable staff so that an awkward consumer question can be easily deflected. Blackmail, torture, (child) slavery, bribery and money laundering are common criminal elements of enterprise.
    If you want some examples just lookup on:
    Not how your burger is made but where it comes from. Check and see who made your clothes. Chocolate. Dairy. Bananas.
    Certainly you ask yourself questions, Like me, you become angry, and feel used. But… what can “I” do about it, right? Well we’ll come to that in a bit.
    Fact is that the management of these enterprises will get away with it and governmental bodies are not stepping up to these horror shows. (For those of you who are seemingly more awake than the general population it is not so hard to see links like food and pharmaceutical industry or pharmaceutical and medical industries or energy and weapon industries.)
    So just to be clear, the world knows about chocolate’s dark side, how animals are treated, how crops are grown, that sugar kills, that your clothes are made by slaves and that you and I are slaves too.
    All turn a blind eye. Even those governments who represent us.

  3. Bog_Digger says:

    Part 2/2

    Represent us….??? I have to admit that sounds wrong, but they should, shouldn’t they? Maybe if we look at them a bit differently we understand it better. Your government, my government there government, all governments seem to have a lot in common. Citizens hire these guys to look after them, but they don’t. They seem incompetent to their tasks but are very good in raising wealth for themselves and their circles and they are disconnected with their citizens. If we replace the disposable staff with a wall of bureaucracy and specially selected people, who seem unearthly, and then throw in some riot police and/or army we can be sure no citizen can ask an awkward question. Maybe government should wear the title enterprise.
    And what an enterprise it is. Its the enterprise of pushing people around and squeezing them until their juice comes out, invented around the time of Jesus or maybe longer.
    Not so much has changed since then. Scaremongering, and public executions like 911, or great stories like the moon or even Mars are as bizarre as in those times. Whole empires have been founded on these business-plans and are still very much the same today. Something has changed in the last ten years, the perception on how we look at governments. More and more comes to daylight through the internet, people discuss and give their opinion or express their feelings.
    To come back to the bit of doing something. I am utterly sick of talking, reading, listening or watching yet another documentary about it. I feel sorry for those people who are demonstrating in small or great numbers. Don’t get me wrong… I really appreciate what they are doing and offering to show the wrong to the world. I feel sorry for those documentary makers and great reporters and yes I feel sorry for James too. What I am trying to say is that my father would turn in his grave if he saw that nothing has changed. That history lessons don’t prevent war or inequality. That those families in power wont wake-up tomorrow and give their billions to the nations they have profited from. I say it will have to take a bit more effort to get rid of criminal governments than talking about it. They won’t leave because we want them to leave. They won’t change because we want them to change. Maybe a few of us have to go Rambo style to settle this or maybe we have to pray more. Its up to YOU and ME what happens next.

  4. neil says:

    If I understand Clint Richardson at Corporation Nation, the purpose of voting and that of Electing are two very separate things. The Electors actually officiate the choice of political party. Citizens vote. This vote is merely a legal Confirmation for the continuance of the current system in which we are enslaved, though, voluntarily.

  5. This is one of the worst video’s I have seen done from this site. I actually could only get half way through it.

    You realize that a vast number of elections, especially local elections have been settled by as few as a few thousand, to a few hundred and even in the single digits of votes. The whole basis of the interview on this one topic is laughable.

    The #StopTrumpMovement is not about the Trump persona. I have no clue on what planet that came from. It is to stop policies that Trump backs that the Republican Establishment does not.

    The anyone but Hillary campaign, that is about her persona… Are you kidding me. It is all about the dead bodies that Hillary has littered across the middle east and the opportunity she may get to cause even more death and mayhem.

    You have done some great work, this is not one of them.

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