Interview 1163 - Spiro Skouras Explains the Agenda 2030 Ocean Takeover

04/25/20167 Comments

Spiro Skouras joins us today to discuss his recent expose on the UN's Agenda 2030 global goals, its oiligarch and billionaire backers, and the attempt to take over the world's oceans. From "no go zones" and hydrocarbon rights to the shady characters and groups that are funding this resource grab, you won't want to miss this informative interview.

Spiro's YouTube channel

UN 2030 Agenda Continues: The Plan To Take Over 1/2 Of The World With 1 Move

The UN starts toward new control over the world's oceans

UN Resolution 69/292

Information on the Natural Resources Defense Council

Information on the Pew Charitable Trusts

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  1. asavetmd says:

    Good show. I don’t know if you have looked at the Meeting at Iron Mountain but in the discussion about how to control the population during peacetime but #2 on the list is “climate catastrophe”. That is why “Global Warming”/”Climate Change” is the driving force. Maurice Strong was probably at or behind that meeting.

  2. sjb says:

    Well this explains a lot.

    I was suspicious when Pew Institute, I think they called themselves, started collecting signatures for “no commercial fishing” zones in Cairns, Queensland, several years ago. Commercial fishing is one of the larger industries after tourism.

    These zones have morphed into “No go” ones. They are still collecting signatures.

    There will be plenty of weapons to enforce closure of certain parts of the oceans. Reading recently of all the military hardware going all over the planet I was wondering what they would use it all for….to stop wandering seafarers, read yachties & other peoples that make a living & enjoy pottering about on the Oceans.

    Freedom of movement comes to mind.

    Judging by the map in Spiro’s video all the proposed “no go” areas limit access to many countries & continents.

    The Pew Institute are very influential in Australia, they do a lot of polling, going heading full steam ahead to create no go zones.

    Cheers Sandie

  3. mike.t says:

    I’ve watched Disney’s Cars 2 about a dozen times with my kids, and I couldn’t help but think of the opening sequence in that movie when you described the “no go” zones. Exactly what is depicted in the movie. An area in the open ocean where no one is allowed to go, and lo and behold what do we find when we get there? Hundreds of oil rigs.

    Funny how the entertainment industry can predict the future.

  4. VoltaicDude says:

    James: “…the idea here, that is given to the general public, is that these types of U.N. General Assembly Resolutions are being administered by angels descended from heaven to rule over the world benevolently…!”

    So many intelligent people buy that, and at the same time think they are too sophisticated to be duped like that. It’s a type of self-protection, psychologically, socially. But it’s based on disengaging from what’s actually going on, and ultimately ends in dangerous delusions.

    Pew – stinks pretty bad, don’t it! Yet many (PBS-minded) people also have warm fuzzy feelings for this “charitable” leviathan.

    James: “The agenda here is so large it’s difficult for people to get their head around it. It really is about control of the…entire planet…piece by piece, methodically so…”

    The deceptive force of all corporate media is behind this effect, along with the engineered, entrapping lifestyle of the average “worker” (slave).

    Spiro: “They say…we’re going to stop over-fishing…do all these wonderful things that sound reasonable…something that most reasonable people would endorse, But then…” !

    Elizabeth Wilson – this kind of person fascinates me. How do they do it? When they’re looking in the mirror, what do they think they’re looking at? Does she think, “Just doing my job?” !

    Spiro: “I’m not here to argue whether global warming is real or not. That’s not the issue right now for this conversation here. The issue is they’re going to use the fear and the threat of these crises to implement full, total domination, and control every aspect of our lives.”

    Thank you both!

  5. nosoapradio says:

    Just as a passing remark, I don’t see how anyone who’s seen what the UN has done in Haiti can ever doubt their nefarious, murderous, self-serving plans devoid of any respect or compassion for human life or for that misleading “D” word, “Democracy”.

    If you have any doubts, take a look at this documentary by Kevin Pina and take a good hard look at the close-range work done by blue-helmeted “peace-keepers” at 58 minutes into the doc.

    The UN “peace-keeping” mission hatefully known as “MINUSTAH” if you dare believe it…

  6. André says:

    Spiro’s channel has been censored.

    Here’s a copy of his video:

  7. Ukdavec says:

    Sustainable Ocean Economy
    Charting a Prosperous Blue Future from Risk to Resilience

    Citi lays out the bankster case for the Agenda 2030 Ocean Takeover

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